Bezos thanks Amazon workers and customers for his vast wealth, prompting backlash.

Bezos thanks Amazon workers and customers for his vast wealth, prompting backlash.


Well, don’t worry, the backlash will go nowhere and have zero effect.


People here love to hate on bezos, but still have Prime Video and order nearly everything off Amazon. He’s not wrong when he says they paid for it.




Because every other point in history didn't have modern automatic, chemical, biological, or cyber weapons. We're fucked. We literally do not have the fire power or resources to force change unless the elite do something so heinous it forces the vast majority of citizens to rise up. As long as they can pit enough groups of citizens against each other they wont ever have to face a large enough group capable of physically over throwing them.


I was expecting this to be paraphrased in a way that puts him in a bad light, but... > “I also want to thank every Amazon employee and every Amazon customer because you guys paid for all of this,” Bruh. Edit: yes yes, it’s not wrong. It’s just an extraordinarily tactless way of saying what he seems to have meant to say, which was “thank you to everyone who made this possible.”




I heard one about a CEO that gave a employees mousepads with a picture of his yacht, to show them what hard work could buy.




I work in a city, laws have been passed by the voters to have more rent control, to have better wages, etc. Including a emergency wage in the pandemic. The Chamber of Commerce goes to court every time a bill is passed and has the law slapped down. For the safety of jobs and businesses, of course, the small businesses and jobs wouldn’t survive a dollar extra for employees. While the owners are just raking in the cash and landlords evict you while charging double than other cities in the area.


This sounds like a tactic that Amway uses to keep people involved and engaged. I got invited to one of their "partner" conventions in the mid-90's because I was considering joining. One of the things they did was invite groups up to the suite of the head of your chain for a meet and greet. While up there they would pass around jewelry to touch and inspect, there would be expensive art on display, pictures of yachts, planes, buses, houses, and property, pictures of the top guy with famous people. It was absolutely disgusting hero worshipping. Luckily I was not naive enough to swallow that Kool Aid.


> Luckily I was not naive enough to swallow that Kool Aid. When I was younger I thankfully didn't fall for MLM's but I remember as the internet rose I literally thought "Oh good these MLM things will die as it will be easier for people to lookup how these things are scams." Well crap... it seems like MLM's are bigger than ever somehow and more people fall for them now than ever before... wtf?


It became easier to research these things but it also became much easier to reach a vastly larger demographic so it favors the scammers.


Couple that with Facebook ads where you can pick someone’s age, gender, geographic location, salary, and interests and you’ve got yourself an easy way to find a victim for MLM companies


And that is what created Betsy Devos and Eric Prince.


I worked for a company for a few years that would have a mass layoff every February so the executives could make performance measures before the end of the fiscal year and haul in a huge performance bonus for "cutting expenses". The CFO of the company would use part of his bonus every year to buy a new McLaren to add to his collection. A different color one every year, just so people didn't mistake it for one of the ones he already owned. He would literally drive a different color McLaren every day.


I worked for a small company where they laid off 2/3 of the staff and made salary employees from the office work 12 hour shifts in the shop. The next week, the boss rolls in with a brand new bright yellow corvette. This was right after the financial crisis, and they knew people wouldn't be able to quit. It was infuriating.


That it didn't end up with syrup on the gas tank is proof people are losing the will to fight.


Because they know that they will be found and possibly have their life ruined as the individual who perpetrated the act. People will JOIN a fight, but most won't attempt to shoulder one.


I need to keep hearing stories like this to convince me that this regular work grind is pointless and I’m better off living in a small cabin in the wilderness or living in a van and travelling the world.


Just become rich. It makes life sooooooooo much easier.


Oh that reminds me. I need to quit being poor and just go take money out of the bank like Wilbur Ross suggested.


Hey, before Starlink was a thing, I thought the cabin thing was a pipe dream....but now it's closer to being a reality.


A billionaire with an electric car company as well as a rocket company will be responsible for enabling your reality. That’s ironic.


Not ideal, but at least it’s competition for ISPs. Getting into a who’s worse of isp vs billionaire egoist isn’t a fun exercise.


It's just frustrating. Everybody owns a router, and many routers in a neighbourhood are within blinking distance of each other. The potential for a large-scale mesh network that would be completely free is *immense*, and we've had the software to do this for *decades* already. But no, instead, everyone pays their dues to a a few central authorities or some eccentric billionaire, who meter it out at a rate controlled by them


> The potential for a large-scale mesh network that would be completely free is immense This is a security NIGHTMARE. If people never used technology for evil this would be great. Meshes basically only work when you can treat the underlying network as a cable, the need to route traffic from point to point on that network just creates so many awful situations.


Would using a VPN within that mesh protect your data?


If municipal broadband existed or the ISPs actually made it relatively easy to get good internet everywhere, that would be better. But for now, Starlink it is.


the fun part is over the last, 30ish the government has dumped something like 400+ billions of dollars into broadband providers in order to upgrade the network to world-leading speeds, whom promptly pocketed it and did the bare minimum. so the US is already dumping money into millionaire and billionaire pockets, in the case of starlink maybe someone who wouldn't have internet otherwise would get it now


Youre not kidding. The last 8 years rural internet expansion has been everywhere on grants.gov Like every 5th grant is for it


Try $400 Billion. As of 2014. https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_5839394


Time for the government to nationalize that critical infrastructure since we paid for it anyway.


Doesn't the new bill do the opposite? Going to sell even more infrastructure to private companies?


We have paid for it many times over and yet there's no accountability. If our government actually worked for us, they would have clawed back those funds and likely siezed multiple isps. Or they actual action would have kept them honest and everyone would have reliable, high speed internet. Instead people are being asked to pay back unemployment they received during a worldwide pandemic.


Thing is, the internet backbone and infrastructure in the US is almost entirely paid for by tax dollars. Not to mention the government gave isps like 100 billion in the late 90s early 2000s to lay a fiber network... Shockingly that didn't happen and the money disappeared. Meanwhile isps still make 80-90% profit margins on internet in the US and charge massive rates for something that is essential in today's world. God dammit I really hope net neutrality comes back... Internet needs to be treated as a utility in today's world. It is not realistic to just not have it anymore.


IIRC they laid the fiber network then correctly pointed out that the contracts said "lay the network" not "lay the network then hook up customers".


I used to clean houses. I cleaned a local millionaires second hunting/vacation home. There were TVs in every room and along all the hallways (never miss a play of your favorite game!) the counters were made of marble slabs that totaled $30,000 each. The guys in the family originally wanted to put a trailer out there to go hunting but the mom said “nuh uh uh! I’ll take care of it!” And then spent $3.5 mil to make it hospitable for them 😂 In their regular home on the lake, she has filled her own and now branched out to the other closets. My boss would unpack purchases for her from her lunch trips to NY (that she spent a quick $10k+ to charter a jet to, on a whim) so she could have lunch at this restaurant she remembered eating at awhile back. While she’s there, she might as well do a little shopping. A little shopping to this rich lady is finding a $125 pair of shoes she likes and buying them in every color, only to leave the majority of them in one of her closets never to be worn. Or $200 jeans in every shade and cut she likes, that my boss would fold up and put away with tags still on because she knew they’d never get worn. Shit just make me sick. Like I know I’d be into nice clothes if I ever got rich. But please someone slap tf out of me if I’m spending some people’s years earnings on one or two lunches/shopping trips for things I’ll never wear.


> My boss would unpack purchases for her from her lunch trips to NY (that she spent a quick $10k+ to charter a jet to, on a whim) so she could have lunch at this restaurant she remembered eating at awhile back. Planeflight for lunch, 10,000$ Tip on lunch: $7.00, rounded down from 15% so it's a nice round number.


The CEO of my company's take home pay has doubled since 2019. From 2019 to now, there's been a wage freeze for rank and file employees. In December they reported a record quarter and yet the wage freeze is still ongoing.


If you don't like it quit and find another job. I don't need you and actually prefer if you quit so I can just replace you with cheaper labor and I'll get more bonuses for cutting costs. Once all good employees eventually leave and the company as a whole takes a dump and goes bankrupt. I'll just jump out of the building with my golden parachute and resign. I'll then become CEO of the company across the street.


This past September our company was forced into part time unemployment and raises, etc were put on hold “because of covid”… Suddenly the owner has a brand new truck he uses to tow his also brand new full size camper and people still haven’t got their raises.


The company "my friend" works for announced in March 2020 that annual raises/bonuses were being paused for all of 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic. That company never hit a downturn financially and operations were fully back to normal before the end of 2020...They made sure to double down and remind all employees towards the beginning of 2021 that bonuses/raises were still paused for all of 2021 regardless. Fun guys and gals, those corporate decisionmakers! EDIT: And by "paused", there was no chance that the company would play catch up in 2022, they made it clear that bonuses and raises just weren't going to be a thing for 2 years.


One of the directors where I work (relatively small company) managed to upgrade to a Tesla during the pandemic. 90% of the 100-person hourly staff was forced into partial unemployment or full furlough for a year, along with a wage freeze for those who were "essential", but the top 6-8 directors were untouched. Now, there's a Tesla in the employee lot surrounded by $5000 used vehicles. And they wonder why people have been quitting left and right for the past 5 months.


> He would literally drive a different color McLaren every day. He thinks he deserves it, too.


Well, he sends emails to his team (which consists of some 25-30 year olds who are brilliant) to make two changes to the pivot table a day, that's a lot of work fam


Behold, ladies and gentlemen, the “Job Creators”.


> He would literally drive a different color McLaren every day. At least he supports pride month


Black, white and grey because he only turns up 3 days a week


Like most corporate overlords, he supports it during the month, and not a moment more.


Director at a games studio I worked at turned up one day in his new helicopter then made half the studio redundant a week later.


Our CEO retired with a letter to the whole company basically just boasting his wealth. It was bizzare.


It’s a sickness. They’re sick. Mentally sick.


And I bet his contribution to the game quality was indispensable.


Sounds like something Bobby Kotick would (allegedly) do.


Ah no this was a much much smaller studio. Only around 30 staff in the first place. We mainly did small simulation games and dev for hire work.


Only 30 people working there, and the Director could afford a helicopter!? Damn...


Yeah he'd been in the games industry for a long long time. The company has been going for a long long time (since the 80s) and has scaled up and down over many years. Also it existed long before the current indie boom where if you wanted to get your game seen then you needed a publisher. The chopper was only an R22 so nothing luxurious but, still a new helicopter.


A quick search shows that you can get a used R22 for $100,000 - so it actually isn't as bad as I imagined. Even if he's just making an extra $20-30k/year compared to his employees (which would make him a saint compared to most bosses), that's just a few years of saving up. (Though I suppose you'd have to factor in flight lessons, insurance, etc. too). I guess it's mostly the optics of it that come off bad: "You peasants are stuck to the ground in your commute, while I'm able to fly to work!"


In college, I worked at a company where you would get rated down to numbers for your performance i.e. books packed per minute. All of the supplies were kept in a mini storage space off the side of the production floor, and we had to go there a few times a shift to stock up. The board and all the execs kept all of their pet cars in that same warehouse. Almost two dozen Ferraris, Porsches, etc. It was unreal.


My ex would literally park his supercar around the corner @ work… I guess even as a narcissist he was smart enough to not rub it in his employees’ faces. But Bezos flew out of the atmosphere and had the audacity to thank people 🤣


If you continue to pee in bottles and work yourselves to death for shit pay, rich people will continue to be able to go to space! You made it possibleeeeeee!!!!! I think Bezos might end up getting eaten by an angry mob one day. It's a non-zero chance. He is legit out of his mind.


We can only hope.


Honestly I think Jeff is probably getting the idea he is one of the most hated men in the world and I really doubt he'll ever be near a group of normal people for the rest of his life.


>But Bezos flew into the atmosphere and had the audacity to thank people 🤣 A lot of these guys surround themselves with sycophantic arseholes who spend all day telling them the world loves them so probably thinks everyone would be delighted for him.


Obligatory Simpsons reference: “They’re yelling Boo-URNS sir!”


My ex-boss, ceo, would park his giant 4x4 custom truck in front of the main entrance. Not straight mind you, but slightly angled. Such a Douche bag.


Mine showed up in a new Jag at a time it was common knowledge the company was really struggling (people took pay cuts, no overtime pay etc). We went under 6 months later but he went in as a director at another company within a week as over 100 employees went unemployed.


Bojack Horseman was right. “It turns out once you’ve been an executive it’s really easy to stay an executive.”


Heh, I have manager in my title and they wanted to move me to something else and I told them I was fine. The new title, without manager so I told them "I'll move, but I want to keep my title". So now I have 3 years experience in Management instead of 1.5.


Old owner showed up in a helicopter and made us move the cars at the dealership so he could land. Lmao


Steve Jobs used to do stuff like this.


he was known for parking his BMW across 2 handicap spaces


And trading it in every 6 months so he didn't have to put a plate on it, so no one would know it was his car. "Yeah, silver BMW with no plate? Who could that be??"


I work at shared offices and someone used to do this with his special magic Jaguar. Every now and again he would, however, pick spaces with a bit of room next to them which was *just enough* for someone to park their unwashed 2001 Honda there, meaning he couldn't get near the driver's side and had to get in through the passenger side door. Happened at least three times always with the same Honda, and he never learned.


Our VPs have the company buy their cars and gas to drive back and forth to work. I have no idea what their personal vehicles look like.


In a parallel Rickiverse, there's a bezos that didn't thank anyone, and everyone still hates him just as much


If anything, people hate the Bezos less than Bezos Prime here.


“To all the warehouse workers who wore diapers to make quota, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


And his flight was so short he didn't even wear a diaper like a *real astronaut*.


Yeah and pissed in bottles on account of fear to ask for bathroom. This guys a bag of shit.




“You’re welcome Jeff! It was an honor to work our asses off for shit pay and shit benefits so you could play with your vast wealth!”


“It was an honor to pee at water bottle during my 5 min lunch break so you can throw skittles to your brother in 0 gravity”


Wasn’t there an Amazon worker who had a heart attack and died in the warehouse he worked? I guess that guy paid with his life. Congrats, Jeff, you earned it. /s Edit: [Right here.](https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2019/oct/17/amazon-warehouse-worker-deaths)


Some of you will die, but that's a risk I'm prepared to take.


Not one, multiple Amazon fatalities per year across the company. \-Source, I was safety at Amazon.


And that isn't even touching on the fact that we lead the entire fucking industry in *reported* work injuries by a good margin. With plenty more left unreported to avoid trouble with management or to avoid dealing with the black hole that is corporate level HR. Source: current Amazon employee who has survived the black hole


Just put biofreeze on it, make sure to do your stretches at stand up!


Damn, stand up is a thing I almost forgot about. We still aren't doing them in my facility, they're being slow rolling back the COVID changes (rightly!!) because of continued cases in the building. Always a comfort to see only three different notices of positive results come in after the end of testing announcement! /s I bet if we had stand-ups they'd be saying to go to AmCare to put biofreeze on the COVID though.


My old company absolutely required reporting of all injuries. In fact not just injuries, but near misses, and even safety concerns. There was actually a metric for a number of safety concerns we had to report per week!


So does Amazon, on paper. I've jammed my finger or gotten a cardboard cut I just slapped a bandaid on so many times without reporting it I've lost count though. It isn't worth the TOT, the potential write ups about 'being unsafe' or firing over them. I've heard of far worse things that went unreported too.


Just because there is a metric for it or it is a requirement does not mean it always gets done.




I hurt by back one day at work. It was my fault for lifting wrong one time. It had nothing to do with working 60 hour weeks for months on end in 90+ degree heat and humidity.


If I remember correctly, there was an article a few yet back that mentioned some of the Amazon warehouses had ambulances on standby during a heatwave because so many employees dropped from heat exhaustion.


When you think you're being magnanimous, but come across as a bigger dick than your wang spaceship. Clearly he's free to do with his money as he sees fit, there's just no way to be inspirational when you remind everyone their hard work made his joyride a reality


Well there’s something to be said and learned from this. Stop giving him your fucking money by ordering from Amazon


It’s too late. He’s already got it.




The people who work on AWS make significantly more than the warehouse workers though. I'm talking 6 figures right out of undergrad.


Amazon is actually known for treating its engineers really poorly as well, and also has high turnover in that area (not to the extent that their warehouses have but like, a lot higher than other big tech companies). The pay is decent but it's not better than any other big tech company.


Yeah thats just a fraction of the revenue, most of the money comes from AWS, and good luck switching a third of the entire fucking internet to other cloud providers


Sounds bad for him to say but it's also true lol


I mean yeah, but this definitely did not come off the way he probably intended.


He just laughed and put his cigar out on your face.


Nah. He never ever ever publicly commenta on anything. I think he's just that out of touch with reality and stupid.


he clearly understands the level of wage theft involved in his fortune. he is flaunting it and laughing


Remember when Joker thanked all the little people before gassing them in Batman '89? That's what I immediately thought of here.


[what I thought of](https://i.imgur.com/ylpzkl2.png) fits perfectly since it's even an Amazon production


Look, I'm not saying Jeff Bezos is Lex Luthor, but the fact that Prime Video has two shows where the gimmick is, "See? Superman is really the bad guy!" is kind of sus.


Also bald dickhead rich guy


If Bezos reveals a exo-skeleton next, keep calm and call Batman.


Hubba hubba hubba, money money money, WHO DO YOU TRUST?


Tell me who do you trust?




Never rub another mans rhubarb!


And *where*....is the *Batman??* HE'S AT HOME! H'WASHIN' HIS TIGHTS!!!


but, the Joker was giving out free money. And where was the Bezos man? Hes at home washing his Space Tights.


Jeff Bezos needs an enema! *noisemaker*


He stole my Balloons. Why didn't somebody tell me he had one of those...things? Branson! Gun!.


Hubba hubba hubba, money money money, WHO DO YOU TRUST?


That hat…that fucking hat…


You know Elon is looking at his identical hat saying " welp, I can't wear this now"


It's just so bizzare. He's not known to wear the hat, the hat has nothing to do with space, no one else is wearing one, hez not got anything to do with being a cowboy. Why Jeffrey, why?


Space Cowboy was my assumption. Also Texas, but mostly space cowboy




If there's one thing Texans love, it's dudes from the coasts showing up and cosplaying a cowboy


All hat and no cattle? Fits right in.


Needs to be living in a 500sq feet apt in Uptown Dallas while driving a lifted Ford F-150.


If you watch the full video of when he gets out after landing a bunch of people who greet him are also wearing the stupid hats. Still incredibly dumb, and I have no idea who decided that was a good idea, but technically other people were wearing them when he landed.


My guess was because of Texas? But still.


This is like his "thing" now. Like how people give themselves nicknames.


“I told you never to wear that shit kicker hat in here”


Customers wear hats.


I’m glad someone got the reference…




"That's a nice spaceship you got there, boss!" "Thanks! If you're determined, set goals, work really hard, and put in long hours...I'll be able to get a better one next year!"


Joke's on him, everybody knows Blue Origin is incapable of producing a better one because they staffed themselves with a bunch of ex-Boeing employees.


CEO Entrepreneur born in 1964...Jeffrey, Jeffrey Bezos.


Zuckerberg and Gates and Buffett. Amateurs, can fucking suck it.


Fuck their wives, drink their blood! Come on, Jeff, get 'em!


*awsome keyboard solo*


\*\*Death Wail\*\*


Congratulations! You did it! 🎉🥂


This was in my head on a loop all day yesterday


Jeffrey Bezos! Jeffrey Bezos! Jeffrey Bezos! You did it! Jeffrey Bezos! Jeffrey Bezos! Jeffrey Bezos! Congratulations!


You did it!


What is this from


Bo Burnham's new special on Netflix, *Inside*. It's so good.


I play "Shit" every morning. No song better encapsulates 2020.


Probably he was trying to sound humble


"I also want to thank every Amazon employee and every Amazon customer because this wouldn't have been possible without you" - Humble "I also want to thank every Amazon employee and every Amazon customer because you guys paid for all of this" - Awkward


He hasn’t had a real moment in ages


Let’s be honest. It doesn’t matter how he would have said it. No one here would interpret anything he says as humble.


"I haven't forgotten you all waay down there, I appreciate you enough to say thank you but not pay thank you."


He thanked them by installing crying booths


That'll cost money. They'll have to bring their own crying tissue (bought from amazon, of-course).


He knew what he did. The scary thing is that he probably, genuinely, thinks he was being humble.


He was trying to come across as “look what we did together to achieve this special moment” The lack of awareness came from him not realizing that seeing him blast off into space is not that special of a moment for the rest of humanity that he thinks it is


He’s truly a lizard.


You can't be a normal person and a billionaire. The guilt would get to any normal person.


It was special in that the memes about not letting him back in or his employees now being able to use the bathroom made me happy.


Scarier thing is He 100% doesn't care about backlash.


Absolutely. His version of "let them eat cake". Class A Asshole.


I feel as if that is two conflicting statements.


Lol I thought the same. "He knew what he did" implies "Bezos said this knowing full well it'd come across has horribly condescending, he's just fucking with them" To then say he probably thinks he is being genuinely humble makes no sense.


"Backlash" as in internet comments. No real backlash will be felt.


You know, it's crazy, but that's always the backlash now. Yet people freak out and change their behavior on it. Sposers dropped, apologizes issued. Sometimes it's good, but now thinking about it, internet comments are easily manipulated and completely virtual. Why do people freak out about them? Jeff has f you money, but I suppose others are afraid of losing fans


The most successful people and evil people in the world have figured out the solution to this problem. If the internet gets mad, you just ignore it. Wait for the next big news story (tomorrow - maybe 3 days at most). Then just keep doing what you we're doing before. What going to happen if the internet finds out you didn't get shamed and stop? Nothing again.


And counterintuitively simply ignoring it is the best strategy. Don't say anything, don't do anything that might perpetuate the story, no, that will only make it stay in the public eye longer. Simply ignore it and within a very short period of time the media will throw up the next thing for people to be outraged over (what is it this week, facebook censorship?) and all is forgotten. Sigh, as a whole, us humans are kinda dumb :(


Guy on Twitter upset at something, more at 11.


What backlash? Employees aren't gonna quit and customers aren't gonna stop buying...


What backlash? A couple of mean tweets and editorials? Everyone continues to use Amazon and AWS. Bezos isn't wrong, we continue to pay him.


>Everyone continues to use Amazon and AWS. Besoz isn't wrong, we continue to pay him. My problem with this is I like the product but would like to see their employees paid well. AWS is everywhere, and if you basically have a phone at all or use the internet, you're supporting AWS and Google. I wish there was a way to say "we don't want your business to fail, next day delivery is great but, pay your fucking people and hire enough they don't burn out. Let them take breaks, offer benefits. What these people provide, the fact that you can order stuff and get next day delivery, especially say when you have kids in diapers, is great. Pay your fucking people."


And then everybody kept ordering shit from Amazon anyway


Lol what can a bald megalomaniac say these days


“Here are those benefits and raises I’ve been owing you all for years.”


I dropped the money into space Go get it yourselves


Can you achieve escape velocity via bootstraps?


That is poetic.


he's pretty much just lex luthor at this point


Hey now, Lex at least wants to save the planet. Don’t insult him by comparing Luthor to bezo, bezos is absolutely Dr. Evil tho, big dick space shit too


Bezos is like a less useful Lex Luthor


Amazon brand Lex Luthor


Less Luthor


Thank you for your blood, sweat, tears, and death. Your exploitation is my cash-ola. - Jeff 'Dracula' Bezos


"Feed me your S̞͈̱̳͓͈͔OU҉͎̫̘Ĺ͇̠̤S̨̱̮̳̳" \-Jeffy B


From the article: ​ >He said he had introduced legislation he called the Securing Protections Against Carbon Emissions (SPACE) Tax Act, aiming to make passengers on such flights pay a tax to offset their pollution impact. ​ So... paying a tax to the government will somehow mitigate the pollution caused by these very unnecessary flights?


We know how committed Bezos is to tax avoidance.


Stop shopping at Amazon. Unless you are disabled or need to because of finances you should take your money elsewhere. Nothing is going to change if we keep giving him our money. I used to pay for Amazon prime and shop there. My Amazon account was hacked and they didn’t do a damn thing. They don’t care about you, why give them your money? I got rid of my prime and my quality of life hasn’t changed at all, if anything I spend less because I don’t by every whim with a one click.




I’m convinced you have to be a sociopath to get to even modest levels of success in corporate America. Everyone at higher levels could give a rat’s ass about anyone but themselves. The lack of empathy for your people is seen as a strength.


Imagine taking 99.999999999% of other peoples work and saying lol thanks guys!


My disgusted daughter sent me the perect text: "last time wealth was this flaunted the guillotine was invented. just saying."


Start buying from stores directly. Amazon is a disease and it will only get worse.


ps. why the fuck is he wearing a cowboy hat and cowboy shoes.


So I guess in his mind Blue Origin is a crowning achievement that everybody's glad exists and was looking forward to this day. I think it would've went over better if it wasn't him himself that went and it was Blue Origin employees testing the system. Along with Wally Funk of course.


For 10 minutes, bezos gets to spend all the benefits and raises people were waiting for