Absolutely raging our lodge won't get to premiere our new banner this year

Absolutely raging our lodge won't get to premiere our new banner this year


So is this Tiger King any craic? On the look out for decent shows atm.


You really have to watch it to truly appreciate how fucking mental the story is. It’s got everything: drugs, paid hitmen, cults, sexual slavery, animal cruelty, three-way marriages to name but a few.


AND....Carole Fuckin Baskin.


I hate her so much. I cannot believe she wasn’t even charged for her husband’s ‘disappearance’.


Where the fuck did her husband disappear to? 🐯


into a vat of sardine oil


He was eatin by tigers.....FACT!!


I reckon Carol Baskins husband just left and went into some type of witness protection scheme because he was fed up getting pegged by some mad bitch dressed up like a giant cat.


You've sold it to me, cheers.


It’s just like your standard weekend in Larne tbh.


I mean, the hitman plot is probably the least interesting thing in the show.


Every time something happens that makes you go “What the fuck” you think it has peaked... but it just keeps getting crazier and more mind boggling.


They've had a few life that: Kidnapped In Plain Sight, Evil Genius and Don't Fuck With Cats is a bit crazy as well.


To put it in perspective. There's an ex drug dealer Cuban mafioso guy that they say was the inspiration for Scarface - and he's the least interesting one of the animal keepers. These people are batshit crazy.


Ive watched a documentary about the Nazis, this documentary has more terrible people than the Nazi 1


If Carole fuckin baskin is one of ussuns I'm joining themmuns


Too funny. Well done, actually thought it was serious at first!


Carole Baskin hating on a guy for keeping tigers in cages while she keeps tigers in cages. Bitch is mental


But that’s not the reason she is hating. She is opposed to breeding big cats for cute cubs, dragging those cubs off their mum the minute they are born, then make money off and use for photos and then discard whenever they are no longer cute or making money by selling them off or by other means. These cats then end up at her sanctuary down the road when new owners can’t look after them or abuse them. ​ i just went on to the website and they state they don’t want any big animals in cages. But the animals they take in can’t go to the wild and only other alternative would be to put them down. Don’t forget you weren’t watching a factual documentary - it’s pure entertainment and it’s edited it the way to be most entertaining possible


What about all that video evidence of her doing exactly the thing she claimed to be against in the 1990s? She also says she doesn’t want people to profit from these animals as entertainment but from what I could see she was charging admission for people to see them in her sanctuary so how is that different?


What she did back in the 90’s was wrong and it even said in the documentary that as she grew up she started disagreeing with it and that’s what lead to the arguments with her husband because that’s what he wanted to keep doing. She admitted it was wrong and is now working to fix that. And she charges in for same reasons that zoos charge admission. Those things are expensive to run and feed the tigers. But it’s run different than the other ones in that you don’t get to get up close with the animals. Is it perfect? Nope not even close but they aren’t comparable.


She’s a grade A hypocrite. She loves being the cat lady at can’t stand that others have a look in. It’s very suspicious what happened to her husband and what she did to his former family? Truly despicable.


You went to her website and read the part about not wanting to have animals in cages ? Because what she’s saying and doing are two different things . And yes I was not agreeing that it’s ok to just breed to have cute pet able cubs for profit.


Wow... might be worth trying to do a little more reading about this mate lol


How appropriate https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-52177586


Had to Google who she was


Damn that's really good.


Ha! Brilliant