Republican calls on Oklahoma to ban Ben & Jerry's

Republican calls on Oklahoma to ban Ben & Jerry's


So they want to use the power of government against a private business for political reasons?


Some would call it "cancel culture", conservatives were told by Fox news that its actually a "boycott" which is different because its not....


See also DeSantis going after cruise lines (except Disney) for requiring vaccine passports


I don't think Disney was exempted from that. Disney WAS exempted from the unconstitutional law he signed allowing politicians to go after social media companies. And thankfully, its already been struck down in court.


I've heard they want to ensure Israel exists to trigger the apocalypse. Unfortunately no one told them the U.S. interpretation of the Book of Revelations is a totally incorrect modern interpretation, and apocalyptic literature was how you criticized the Roman empire without getting crucified.


Yeah the whole I tell you this generation shall not pass from the earth before these things come to pass verse kind of blows the whole thing out of the water.




No one in Oklahoma eats anything other than Braum’s ice cream anyway.




They are on sale pretty frequently where I live. Can usually get then for $2.50-$3. That said, I'd like some $1.50 pints please.




Correct. (Please send me some)


I'm sorry, but it's illegal to transport it out of a certain mile radius of their dairy. Any farther than the farthest Braum's store, and regardless of state, Oklahoma highway patrol shows up. When I lived in hillsboro, texas, home of what I believe is the southernmost Braum's store, I tried to transport some just south to friends in Waco. Didn't make it 5 miles before I got pulled over and ticketed for unlawful transportation of the sacred ice creams.


This joke... but cops wasting resources and ignoring real crime sounds about right for this age


It's freezy if you try.


No cherry Garcia, no chubby hubby too!


You may say I'm a creamer. But I'm not the only one.


Someday you'll join us, and the world can have a cone.


Republicans are trying to take away your Americone Dream!


Conservatives tried to cancel the Dixie Chicks, France (~~french~~ freedom fries), Starbucks, Kaepernick, Nike, Keurig, NFL, and the NBA, so why not ice cream, too? Fucking hypocrites.


For a country that is not even your own country. Think about that.


Republicans and their cancel culture again.


Their anti-business, pro-communist cancel culture agenda


Small government at its best! All Americans have the right to be free … from ice cream!


Sno-cone flakes


Might actually help tackle the obesity epidemic.


Whilst also bitching about cancel culture. Republicans are hypocritical garbage.


Snowflakes wanting to ban ice cream


Then ban Hostess too because they're not selling Ho-Hos in Germany.


Ho-Ho-Hold the fuck up. You'll pry their Twinkies from their cold, dead hands. Besides, Twinkie the Kid is a cowboy. What's more 'murican than that?


I tried Twinkies when I visited the US. I can't believe that it's considered food. The worst part is that I would still eat some again despite that.


Nobody considers it food. We have a joke that after a nuclear war two things will survive, cockroaches, and twinkies.


>after a nuclear war two things will survive, cockroaches, and twinkies. You forgot Cher.


you forgot **Betty White** — FTFY


and Keith Richards


Spam is considered trashmeat in the USA but considered a delicacy in other countries. Midwesterners in the USA are raised on corn. My Dutch friend is disgusted and says corn is only for livestock. Bring back ho-hos


spam has saved more lives in humanitarian aid than anything else. I find it amusing that they consider it a delicacy, like that we give other countries gourmet food to feed the starving.


They used to be a lot better. Nothing great, but a decent snack cake for when you wanted something cheap and easy. But you know how corporations are, once the brand name is established they start lowering quality to cut costs. Got even worse after the original company went bankrupt. All that being said, if you want some cheap, sweet snacks there have always been better alternatives, usually less unhealthy too.


Oh there are definitely better alternative. Honestly I just wanted to try because of Zombieland. I needed to know why Woody Harrelson wanted it so bad.


It isn’t food. It is barely edible junk food. It was okay 40 years ago as a junk food but has been cost engineered to death.


Since there are also Gauchos in Argentina, i'd go with obese people in the ammunition section at a Wal Mart.


>there are also Gauchos in Argentina The difference is the fancy pants.


Does it get fancier than “Juicy” written in glitter on the back of cotton sweatpants with 400 pounds of flesh constantly testing the tensile strength of the fabric?


Maybe with a couple inches of butt crack sticking out of the top?


“Couple inches”… amateur.


Couple or six


You can more or less see the anus.


And the other has fancy diabeetus.


Hell, professional rodeo is nearly dominated by Brazilians these days.


Funny you say that, I just went to the Bulverde rodeo here in Texas last weekend and about a quarter of the riders were Brazilian, it was pretty cool to see


Real hipsters eat zingers


>Ho-Hos in Germany milka produces something named "milka tender" which is basicly the same "cacao cake roll, cream and chocolate ganache"-type desert. it comes also with some berries or citrus and mint in the summer.


I know Milka Tender and i know Yes. But i want Ho-Hos! BAN EM! Damn, to discuss like a conservative is really nice and easy.


“To be clear this is a ban which is totally different from ‘cancel culture’. Except when liberals boycott companies that donate to Republican officials that peddle lies about the national election, that’s cancel culture and is very different and the worst thing in the world right now” - Conservatives


It's nice going day to day forgetting Oklahoma exists.


7 billion in federal funds a year. They didn’t forget about you.


Bet they did, they take that shit for granted


I wish I could forget Oklahoma exists. I live here.








A guy I worked with was quitting and moving back to his home state of Oklahoma. It was his last day when he announced this to the rest of the team. I went to chat a bit and said, "Gonna go back to being an Oklahomo?" He laughed and said he was. I did not know that this would be the last time I'd see him since he decided to leave early and didn't tell anyone. I know if I had a choice, I wouldn't have had that be the last thing I ever said to him. But man am I glad it was.


I try but I'm trapped here


As a Texan, this is a foreign sentiment to me. Its always sitting up there... just waiting to attack at any moment. The wall is being built on the wrong border!


I thought Republicans were for free market trade and against government regulation...


Only when it benefits them.


Or upsets their Zionist backers.


They just want government so small it fits inside a vagina.


This barely scratches the surface of how much hypocrisy is going on here.


They also harbor people who hate Jews yet they will call anyone that criticizes Israel anti-Semitic. They don’t need to be logical, consistent or rational. In fact, those things work against them. They just have to keep people mad.


And against big government, but support a strong militarized police force...


You thought wrong. Republicans hate cancel culture, because they are bad at it, and Democrats have used it effectively. Thats the only reason.


It’s ironic that they’re against cancel culture, yet their response to combatting cancel culture is…cancel culture.


Its almost like they are trying to equate not accepting terrible behavior with yelling about ice cream and starbucks cups


Also...Israel. Like the Lannisters


> Republicans hate ~~cancel culture~~ consequences. ftfy


Not true, they love bringing up a black person's personal history as justification for why cops shot them 10 years later.


They hate being powerless. And I don't mean in the helpless to affect change kind of way, I mean they hate being disrespected and not having absolute control over everyone else's lives.


Don't forget decrying cancel culture as a tool of the left to enforce their own personal beliefs which have no right to interfere with the free market. Hypocrites. The lot of em


Laughs in South Dakota marijuana lawsuit...


Sounds like they're trying to cancel B&J.


They hate cancel culture too apparently. Or so they say.


Logic has no room in the GOP. Take your sensibilities elsewhere.


Weren't they just throwing a tantrum about that thing they made up where Biden was gonna ban steaks? Lol


Also against cancel culture!


That's why I REALLY want this to pass, then everyone can point out another example of these lies VS pretending it's the fringe.


I also thought they were "America First."


Ban it in America, First. Then, other countries /s


And hated cancel culture.


I thought they hated cancel culture too




We must cancel cancel culture by… cancelling.


https://twitter.com/ConSelfOwns/status/1417195554988306438?s=20 L o l


Conservatives don't actually give a fuck about cancel culture. They're mad they're not in control of it.


True, tho they also love it cuz it’s an easy way to stir up their easily enraged base.


They're mad because they love to push the narrative that they're a silent majority, when time and time again, failed attempts for them to cancel things show that they are in fact an extreme minority, only kept in power through gerrymandering and weighing their votes far heavier than their opponents.


trying to apply logic/reason to anything the republican party does these days is a fool's gambit


Republicans: Cancel culture is destroying this country Republicans: Cancel Ben and Jerrys!


Same people who boycotted Full House back in the 80s for being too immoral.


Ben and Jerry's should make Full House versions of Ice Cream. Like, Cut-it-out! Caramel and cookies How Rude! Raspberry


Gibbler Grape?


Full house is blander than the chicken they cook.


Wait wtf? I remember seeing reruns and it seemed like an extremely vanilla white-fence-American type of sitcom. What did they take issue with??


I couldn't find anything online, there's nothing on the Wikipedia page but during the '80s-90s there was always somebody salty about the fact that things we now consider *incredibly* innocuous existed on television. I mean, Murphy Brown was "controversial" because she was a single mother!


This was back when G movies could actually be scary.


NYPD Blue was super controversial because it showed Dennis Franz's bare butt once


It was largely at the instigation of this group. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Family_Association


I remember them getting cranky about the general notion of 3 unmarried men living together and raising kids because anything that wasn’t a traditional nuclear family was anathema. Ignore the fact that the whole premise was that Danny was a widower. Additionally in one early episode Jesse (Jessie? Don’t know or care.) told Stephanie a bedtime story they felt was inappropriate, again because it “challenged” traditional family arrangements.


How dare they show anything that isn't leave it to beaver!


And attempted to boycott Pokemon because they couldn't make a distinction between real evolution and a fictional make-believe cartoon evolution. Game Freak and Nintendo reeeaaally suffered from that one.


I wonder if Ben & Jerry's did this on purpose knowing all the headlines about the fallout would be hilarious


>If a company doesn't want to bake a cake for a gay couple, then they should not have to. It is their right as a private company. Boycotting them is cancel culture for Liberal snowflakes. -Republicans >A company founded by a Jewish man thinks he knows more about Jeruselum than Isreal does? Ban them! They are a private company and must fall in line with our beliefs or face the consequences. -Also Republicans.


GOP: Weaponizing the government "for the greater good" since Ronald Reagan.


"I smell a dirty hippie". No, Ronny, you smell a witch that can see the future, she's currently telling your wife what to whisper in your easily manipulated Alzheimer's brain.


bUt SoCiAliSm WiLl EnD FrEeDoM


Yeah, I don't want to hear them screech about small government or free market capitalism ever again after this farce.


You’re gonna need some mighty effective earplugs, then.


Reagan? Let me tell you about a guy named Richard Nixon and little conflict called Vietnam.


Maybe that was the *gate*way (pun intended), but that conflict was external and for some ulterior reason (Money? Resources? Position?). I'm referring more to how during Reagan, the GOP turned the government squarely on its own people with things like the War on Drugs and the Southern Strategy, both things that we're still trying to fix.


Before he was president, Nixon artificially extended the US involvement with the war so he could come in and "fix" things. Also, the War on Drugs started with him trying to find ways around criminalizing being black and/or a hippie. Reagan was a continuation of a lot of stuff Nixon messed up. You're right that he's something of a tipping point though; he's where you can clearly see things going too far and starting to tear the country apart.


Wait, Ronald Reagan the California Governor who signed into law the first major gun control legislation? Anti-gun Ronald Reagan? That guy?


Yea, the guy who was then followed by a guy who raised taxes when they claim they're against taxes, then a guy who started 2 decades-long wars and pushed a homophobic agenda when they now claim they're not against gay people and are against wars, and then elected a trust fund New York millionaire who was friends with the Clintons when they claimed they were voting for an outsider. It's almost like they don't stand for anything other than an R next to the name.


You mean the guy who signed a bill designed to disarm the Black Panthers when they exhibited the same rights as white citizens? That guy?


Just going to ignore that Nixon existed?


$64,000 question: Does this GOP moron not know that [OK's anti-boycott laws only apply to government contracts](https://palestinelegal.org/oklahoma)? Or does he know and he's just lying for the headline? [Disclaimer: Anti-boycott laws are still awful and [unConstitutional](https://www.aclu.org/blog/free-speech/congress-laws-suppressing-boycotts-israel-are-unconstitutional-sincerely-three) even with that more limited scope]


Oklahoma has an anti-boycott Israel law? Is there a reason the US is so supportive of Israel?


Conservative Christians in the US are extremely supportive of a single-state Israel, much more so than actual US Jews. Many "End Times" Christian beliefs point to all of the Jews going to Israel, and then Israel getting destroyed, in order to fulfill some biblical prophesy. There are Christian organizations that actually pay Jews to relocate to Israel. I know two people who each did that, lived there for a few years, and then moved back to the US.


CC's in the US support Israel because they believe the world will end at a final battle Armageddon and that will precipitate the second coming of Christ. Or something like that. Too lazy to Google!


Texas does too apparently. They are also trying to cancel ben and jerrys


Colorado does as well. Spearheaded and implemented by our now democrat senator, then governor. This is a bipartisan problem.


Its all about them moneys. Whi else will buy rocketa to bomb schools?


They bitch about cancel culture and then engage in cancel culture to protest cancel culture. Poor misguided fools.


They started cancel culture when they got christians to boycott Disney for providing healthcare to “immoral” people.


Yep, an Pokémon, and Dungeons and Dragons, and Rock and Roll music, and Harry Potter, etc etc etc.


Oh ot was long before that.


Republican Calls on Oklahoma to ~~Ban~~ Cancel Ben & Jerry's FTFY


More Republican grandstanding. Ain’t nobody in obese Oklahoma gonna give up their Ben & Jerry’s.


This is actually the best defense on this thread lol. I've lived in Ohio for 5 years, and while we're very slightly more liberal than OK, it's still really close. Nobody here will ever give up their junk foods; the amount of obesity here is absolutely insane!!




Obeseklahoma, where the diabeetus comes sweeping down the plain!


Freedom of speech for me, but not for thee!


People arriving an hour and a half before the DMV opens and still not able to take a driving test but yeah, let's give this bullshit our attention


Waiting for B&J to release a new salted caramel flavor called Republican Tears.


Imagine your a private business and you decide to pull out of a market based off your personal belief structure. Now clowns are going to penalize you for doing so lol. What makes it funnier is they are the party of cancel culture is bad.


This happens socially. Look at Chick-fil-A. Lots of people won't eat there because of their leaders' views on homosexuality. However, the difference is that Dems don't care what Chick-fil-A does and respects their autonomy (not like they have legal standing to order them around anyway). This is just more virtue signaling brought to you by the power-hungry politicians in the GOP.


My guess is that Ben and Jerrys' are gonna start selling a lot more ice cream


Lankford knows he can’t do this, but also knows his voters have the intellect of a pinto bean, so he can grandstand. Besides Ben and Jerry’s probably isn’t selling much there. Oklahomans need the one gallon tubs of processed shit for $3.99 to keep them in diabetes.


>Lankford knows he can’t do this, but also knows his voters have the intellect of a pinto bean, so he can grandstand. It's conservative virtue signalling, plain and simple.


You are correct that Oklahomans probably are not buying a lot of Ben and Jerry's, but for the wrong reason. One of the largest ice cream makers in Oklahoma is Braum's. Braum's runs their own dairy farm, restaurant chain, and grocery stores inside their restaurants. They are the only major ice cream maker in the country to source milk from their own cows. All of their businesses are within 300 miles of their dairy farm, so the dairy is always fresh, from the cow to the dairy product within 36 hours. I still prefer Ben and Jerry's though, it's just so darn creamy!


Goya beans, but yeah.


That’s an insult to pinto beans


Again, if your party has spent decades wailing about how bad the government works the last thing you want to do is govern. So how do you get noticed if you are a politician who doesn’t govern? You yell about issues of no importance. The media needs to fill space between advertisements so they cover this foolishness.


It would make me rock hard if Ben and Jerry's called this bluff and were like, "Fine, we won't ship anything to Oklahoma, we're a private business, that's cool." I feel like politicians could do some REALLY nasty shit but step on some small 'American item' that people like and people go up in arms. Politician A rapes baby penguins, Politician B wants to ban Coca-Cola in schools....Politician A is probably getting elected.


Snowflakes and their cancel culture.


The only thing Oklahoma is known for is tring to ban Ben & Jerry's.


Wait, what happened to letting the free market decide?


Wait, I thought Republicans hated "cancel culture"?




Posting this all over the thread to highlight how accurate your statement is: https://twitter.com/ConSelfOwns/status/1417195554988306438?s=20 It’s a grift. They don’t believe in anything. No ideals, no concrete views on free speech that crosses party lines… everything is a grift.


You can have my Phish Food when you pry it from my cold dead fingers!


It’s DOA and he knows that. Wasting money to rile up the base in the culture wars


And now Republicans are canceling ice cream.


How is this real life? I had a few beers last night and was telling someone about this, I didn't even believe myself.


Republicans are so easily offended lmao


For a political group who's followers literally chanted "Jews will not replace us", they sure do like Israel.


This is not how you win the culture war guys. B&J has a 100% approval rating as far as ice cream goes.


Blimey some on the right have too much time on their hands.


These woke republicans are always censoring things.


Hey, *this* is actual government censorship, and *this* is actually freedom of speech that’s protected by our first amendment rights. I can’t wait to see republicans justifying this!


Cancel culture strikes again.


I like Ice Cream, sometimes I buy Ben and Jerry's. I truly could not give a fuck if they decide to sell ice cream in Israel or not. I just, do not care. Its like the last thing on my list of cares. I DO care that a guy who has billions of dollars pays less in taxes than me, thats pretty fucked up. I DO care that we spend over 700 billion dollars on defense every year but we can't figure out medical care for all, when almost every industrialized nation has one for their citizens? I mean these people are fuckin morons.


CaNcEl CuLtUrE /s


Can we ban Oklahomans?


As an Oklahoman, I concur.


Well... I still get Ben and Jerry's. So I'm happy.


Nothing says "opposing cancel culture" quite like trying to cancel anyone who offends you. How very Republican of them.


How is an anti Israeli boycot law even constitutional? It's illegal for a company to boycot doing their own business in a certain geographic area?


Republicans: "Ice cream is the devil's work"




Fucking seditious idiots. Is there anything that they won’t get in the middle of and try to destroy? Apparently nothing is off limits for them to try to use as a bigger wedge against any possibility of the nation coming together. They are well aware a nation divided cannot stand. They also know that they can’t win on their platform so to hell with the country as far as they are concerned. They intend to stay in power no matter what.


>Oklahoma has an anti-boycott of Israel law in place The Fuck? Businesses: "Hey I personally dont want any product from Israel, nor do I want to sell my product there" "Free Market" Republicans: "Thats illegal! You BETTER buy and sell with Israel OR ELSE!"


It's like telling people they deserve to make less than living wage if they work retail or food service because "no one is forcing you to work there, if you want more money get a better job!" But then when the employees said "OK" and quit to look for higher paying work, republicans cried that "no one wants to work anymore" and literally tried to cancel unemployment in order to *force* people back into those jobs. And if selling to Israel lines a pocket, they absolutely 100% believe they should be able to force you to sell to Israel. You don't need a choice, you're just a pawn. Republicans don't, and never have, wanted a free market in any sense. They just want *their* market.


Of course no one hates Americans or actual freedom more than the gop.


Sounds like free advertising!


They boycotted basic hygiene years ago.


I am like, 95% sure Israel is in on this sudden interest in banning Ben & Jerry’s.


*In recent years, we have promoted laws in most US states, which determine that strong action is to be taken against whoever tries to boycott Israel.* -- [PM of Israel](https://twitter.com/IsraeliPM/status/1227660066700042242?s=20)


Good more for me


Aren’t Republicans the ones who constantly cry about “cancel culture”?


They want Oklahoma to take jobs out of Oklahoma?


GOP has their priorities straight.


This is a good way to see who's got shady deals with Israel.


Staying on top of the important issues.


That doesn't sound like a capitalist mindset


Ah yes, that is what conservatism is all about.


What happened to the GOP being against cancel culture? Don't cancel Dr. Seuss or Mr. Potato Head, but Ben and Jerry's? They've got to go.


Cancel culture strikes again