Curbing chocolate cravings with mangos. Good or bad idea?

Curbing chocolate cravings with mangos. Good or bad idea?


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I love dried mangos. But if im craving chocolate and eat mangos instead… then im still going to be craving chocolate until I get it. So then I’ve eaten mangos and chocolate. Haha. Dark Chocolate is not bad for you. It’s a rich source of antioxidants and minerals. It also mimics serotonin and releases endorphins. If you’re craving chocolate, having 1-2oz of good dark chocolate is fine.


Dried mangos are WAY worse than fresh mango


No, it depends on how they are prepared. The dried mangoes you are thinking of are the ones in the trail mix bags. Those have added sugar. If you make any dried fruit at home with 0 added sugar it will have the same calories as it's hydrated version.


Oh yah… I agree. Never eat that sulfured added sugar mango. I don’t even like the taste of those. Yuck. I only eat the dried, unsulfured, unsweetened kind. All natural. Great on a hike.


I think the main problem is that it concentrates all the sugar and everything into a smaller piece of food, so you can eat more, a dried mango is like half the size, thus less filling, than a fresh mango, even without added sugar, it's all the sugar of a mango in a smaller package


The caloric density is different.


Of course they are higher in sugar… but that’s why they’re a treat, like chocolate. Not a daily habit.


Yeah but if someone has a binging habit with chocolate, then just switches to binging on dried mango, that's still a bad habit, a fresh mango is more filling and hydrating, you can eat less and feel fuller, one or two pieces of fresh fruit often replace meals for me, if I ate enough dried mango to replace a meal I'd be stacking on pounds


Also, dark chocolate comes in various ratios of cocoa:sugar. The higher the percentage says on the container, the less sugar it has. Of course, it will be less sweet as well, so you will have to ween yourself off slowly before the darkest ones taste good.


I refuse to believe 95% dark chocolate tastes good 😂😂


I love 95% dark chocolate! Granted, I also like to add straight cacao powder to plain oatmeal (or oatmeal with either cauli-rice or shredded zucchini).... Best way for me to crush chocolate cravings is a big bowl of unsweetened chocolate oatmeal. Chocolate nice cream (frozen bananas in the blender with some cacao powder) is a reasonably healthy chocolate treat that my children enjoy, though. We do that pretty regularly...


I mean.. it can be considered healthier, but still mangoes contain a lot of sugar! Why not try very dark chocolate? 86% and up is usually very low in sugar and that way you’d satisfy your craving!


i can do like 70% without gagging lol


Then it’s not the chocolate you want, its the sugar.


I think sweetness yeah. I did order some choc zero tho and it’s good af!


Be careful with artificial sweeteners as they can act as a laxative. Works great if you are backed up. They also make you gassy. But never fart unless sitting on the toilet or you can have a mess to clean up.


As someone who likes chocolate and sweet things eating mangoes is not gonna stop it. Wish i cluld help but im.addicted to sugar and thats ok. I have bugger issues then sugar intake atm lol


70% isn't bad.


Have you tried eating Cacao Nibs? It’s unprocessed chocolate that’s bitter, very healthy and it helped me with my chocolate cravings. Now I find chocolate too sweet and I only want Cacao.


>Cacao Nibs very interesting. the nibs are basically (not quite, but close) nutritionally speaking - nuts. almost the same macro profile. slightly more saturated fat than nuts, but otherwise, that's basically how they line up at a high level.


also, chocolate = saturated fat. no matter how you slice it, you're getting fat and a fairly high % saturated fat, and possibly sugar, but you can minimize the sugar by eating the nibs or super high % dark like someone else mentioned Tazo wicked dark at 95%. at 70%+, i think the saturated fat is really the thing to watch for, rather than the sugar, honestly.


They’re good because of vitamins and fibre. Buuuut, if you’re craving chocolate try switching to a 95% or higher. I love Taza brand ‘wicked dark’ (but I pronounce it with a Boston accent- so whicked dawk’. Cacao also has some really great nutrients and flavonoids, so try getting some without added sugar. I pair mine with frozen blueberries and a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg, so it adds some sweetness without a lot of sugar.


I've tried the 95% cocoa and...it's too much for me lol. I can do like 70% at most honestly


Real dark chocolate is totally an acquired taste and one you do really need to build up slowly. But I’ve found that once you get used to it, it’s hard to go back. I grew up on white and milk chocolates but started eating more and more dark chocolate because my siblings didn’t steal those from me… I haven’t bothered with anything above 85% because I feel that’s good enough to make me feel good about my specific chocolate cravings, and now even 60% is too sweet and lacks complexity lol


Agree that dark chocolate is an acquired taste, so try switching over slowly! I used to be a milk chocolate Hershey's bar kind of person and over time my partner has gotten me into 85%


OT but as someone from New England, I appreciate they call it Wicked Dark as opposed to spelling it as we would pronounce it. I cringe every time I look at a menu in a restaurant that calls it "chowdah" instead of chowder.


My favorite chocolate craving snack is having a small amount of 85% dark chocolate chips, diced fruit like strawberries, and greek yogurt with dash of stevia. You actually hit the chocolate craving (and cocoa is good for you! It does have nutrients and antioxidants!), get some extra fiber and other nutrients from fruit, and protein!


Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Cacao Powder in protein shakes 👍🏻 Can’t go wrong with it as it has like no calories, sugars, etc..


It's certainly much more healthy than chocolate. Most fruits contain a battery of vitamins and minerals - and fibre - all of which chocolates are lacking. As long as you count your calories, I'm guessing some sweeter fruits should be absolutely fine, as long as you are not overdoing it. Educate yourself, go to nutrition websites and see how many calories you're actually eating (a food-scale is helpful for this, since carb or sugar content for fruits are many times given per unit of weight). And also, why not try to replace with carrots, cucumber, or some nuts? Once again, all of these contain some calories, but would be much healthier than chocolate (and less sugary than a mango).


I understand what you're saying but the idea of replacing dark chocolate with cucumber slices is just... sooooo depressing.


Guess it depends how many mangoes you’re eating. But reaching for fruit is always better than reaching for chocolate and candy. Some berries might be good too, if you like them


Lol I always eat 3 from the 6pk meant to last a week... I gave up 🤫


Are you talking dried mangoes? I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure those have added sugars? I’d stick with fresh fruit if you can.


Oh no I mean the 6 pack mangoes from Costco lol I usually put half of one with curds for breakfast. But these Philippine mangos are so yum that I just can’t lol I do stay away from the dried ones, I definitely binge the crap out of that lol Now it’s just strawberries and blueberries for me. 🤤


Oh haha okay I getcha! And yea mango are delicious, like candy 😋 your body will start to adjust and then eventually won’t crave the bad sugars so often anymore… coming from a former Oreo addict 😉


Have you tried a higher cocoa content? I eat 70-85% dark chocolate and I don’t end up craving it. I simply enjoy it. For me, when I eat fruit, it’s like a free for all.


you know, i'm thinking I should go back to doing the 70% chocolate again.


I also LOVE chocolate, any kind, obsessively. FWIW, fresh black cherries are the one fruit that satiates my chocolate craving better than any other fruit. Doesn’t answer your question but just chimin’ in.


No I love cherries too! Maybe they’re better than mango


I was just about to write another comment suggesting blueberries (or other berries)! The tannins in berries might satisfy some of the flavor profile you're looking for. That's also why I suggested tea, but that will only work when you're not actually hungry.


If you’re craving chocolate it’s probably because you have a magnesium deficiency.. most people do. It’s a highly used mineral in the body. Get yourself a couple different forms of magnesium. I really like Calm, it’s a powdered magnesium drink, take it before bed and it’ll help you sleep. I also really like magnesium L-threonate… I think the name brand is called neuro-mag


You know I do take magnesium because I get migraines from my GERD meds. If I take too much I get stomach cramping. Still get the cravings though :( I'm thinking it's because I'm on Amitriptyline for migraine prevention. omg it makes you crave sweets soooo baaadddd


Fellow migraine sufferer/choco-holic here! I started incorporating chocolate protein shakes as breakfast or a snack, and some healthier versions of chocolate treats like low sugar brownies made with pumpkin purée. These have helped me satisfy the craving without going too overboard. Also, I gained sooo much weight while taking amitriptyline. Switched to aimovig and was able to wean off all other meds. It’s been much more effective for me and with no side effects, I’d highly recommend trying it if you can!


Holdddd up! Sorry to highjack this! I've been on amitriptyline for about 9 months (previous to that a different nerve med) because I have PHN (a type of shingles that doesn't go away) and I have been **craving** sweets non stop. Is this why?! I'm take a boatload of magnesium throughout the day everyday to help with the shingles but still crave sweets since I've gotten sick like nobody's business. I could literally eat an entire chocolate cake 3x a day, and not be satiated, obviously I don't, but it's not joke.


Track your calories, you may end up fitting the chocolate in after all


I think it’s great to replace chocolate with fruit, however if you’re anything like me, nothing can replace the flavor of chocolate lol. I actually drink a lot of hot chocolate now to satisfy my chocolate craving. You can have a large cup of hot cocoa for less calories (and probably less sugar depending on brand) than a few pieces of dove chocolate!


Of were talking fresh mangos, then go for it. Water, fiber, vitamins and minerals. As someone else mentioned, go for the high quality higher percentage chocolate. Dairy free and low sugars. One bite packs a punch that is satisfying for a while.


Strawberry’s have less sugar


Great idea nutritionally rich replacement


My choccy cravings dry up when I remember to take my magnesium supplements. Come back it I forget for a few days.


I realize I’m in the wrong sub, but just eat the chocolate boo. You’re beautiful as you are and there is no substitute for chocolate.


aw you called me boo! That...hit me real hard. My friend that just died used to call me that. Weird coincidence. But ty for it I enjoyed it.


I’m sorry for your loss <3 Congrats on your wedding!


Ty sweetie!


Natural sugar from fruit is better than whatever sugar they put in chocolate, so you're definitely picking the better option by opting for fruit instead. Fructose (natural fruit sugar) won't spike your blood glucose levels unlike candy, plus fruit has many essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Obviously everything should be eaten in moderation, fruit included, but replacing chocolate cravings with fruit is a good tactic. Just keep in mind that most store bought fruit juices and dried fruits contain added sugars!


>Natural sugar from fruit is better than whatever sugar they put in chocolate Chocolate generally uses sucrose, which is a 50/50 mix of glucose and fructose. Mangos have roughly a 59/41 mix of glucose and fructose, though it varies depending on how long they are stored ([reference](https://sci-hub.st/https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/jsfa.2740360707)). Not much difference.


The glycemic index of the chocolate will still be lower because of the fat. I finally looked it up out of curiosity, and mangos have a fairly high glycemic index.


Oh totally! Yeah i just do 1 small mango fresh!


In the long run it will be easier if you went with raw peppers or carrots.


Sugars are sugars but unless you have a condition like diabetes then the only thing you should really pay attention is the added sugars like the ones that are present in chocolate. Sugars naturally present in whole foods like fruits are usually accompanied by other nutrients that are good for you. That being said there shouldn't be anything wrong with a piece of chocolate either, moderation is key here. If you decide to have a piece of chocolate then maybe skip something else that would blow your daily budget of added sugars. As far as weight loss goes it's all about the deficit, remember to keep your proteins and try to burn more rather than just consume less. Best of luck in your journey!


Do you think diabetes can be caused by too much fruit? I haven't heard of it but I'm not sure..


Most people will tell you no, but the sugar in fruit isn't categorically different than the refined sugar.


Coco nibs or baking chocolate can be 100% sugar free and pretty heathy.


Gets easier if u quit cold turkey on all that sugar stuff three mangos seem like a lot 😂


If you’re replacing candy with fresh fruit, that is 100% the better choice. Good job. 👏 If you’re wondering if fruit has calories, that it does! And does have a decent amount of sugar especially if you blend / juice / dry it. But it’s pretty hard to eat massive amounts of fresh whole fruit. So id give yourself a pass on that if you’re eating fresh whole fruits. Strawberries are pretty low calorie if you’re looking for a fruit / berry you can really volume eat!


the fiber should help slow the digestion of those natural sugars and won't cause that spike and crash. much better than the added sugar in chocolate


Calories are calories to your body. If you need less, it doesn’t matter where you’re getting it from


if you want something as indulgent as chocolate, why not have a protein bar instead! these days there are lots of different companies that makes and sells healthier and less processed bars


Have you tried dark chocolate hummus? Bought the Sabra brand the other day & had to check the container to make sure it was hummus. Sooooooo good! Serving size is 2 tbsp for 80 calories. I put 1 tbsp in 1/2 cup 4% milk-fat cottage cheese, drizzled a small amount of dark chocolate sauce, and it was like chocolate cheesecake. Def curbed the chocolate craving and was a tasty little ~150 kcal dessert.


Maybe slowly go down on sugar intake and keep it low once you get there. That seems to work for me. You could slowly replace the chocolate with fruit and maybe eat the fruit first. There is caffeine in chocolate too so that's part of the addiction.


I grew up eating all kinds of fruits dipped in chocolate. Mango, bananas, and watermelon were my favorites. 😋


Eat the chocolate, if you eat mangoes, you’re still gonna want the chocolate and you might fight it at first but eventually you’ll end up eating both chocolate and mangoes


Very quick reply from my phone. As others have stated, there is a lot of sugar and mangoes. I think you have the right idea of eliminating processed candy and chocolate with replacement of fruit. With that said, there are probably healthier fruit choices than mangoes, perhaps one every so often is not a big deal but one daily or more than one daily can potentially lead to problems. You didn’t provide us with any information about yourself, if you are healthy and a normal weight without high blood pressure or insulin resistance, you’re probably fine. If you are overweight or have high blood pressure, I probably would minimize mango consumption 1-3 weekly perhaps. People will argue with me on this one, however, I have seen diabetes mellitus type 2 significantly worsen in people eating excessive amounts of very sweet fruits like mango, pineapple, etc. Raspberry, strawberry, and blackberry are very good alternative fruit choices that may satiate your sweet desire and be better choices than mango, for example.


Great info! My blood pressure is great and I don't have diabetes. I'm within about normal bmi range but need to lose a few pounds as I've started a new desk job. I did a low carb diet over the COVID quarantine and lost 15 pounds but couldn't keep up with it because i can't get as much exercise not working from home. I also may have lost weight, but it looks like I was missing out on A LOT of iron, b vitamins and other nutritious vitamins that my body needs. So I'd like to teach myself a long term plan but also lose a little weight.


I would recommend avoiding processed foods. If you’re trying to lose weight, only eat carbs from naturally occurring sources (vegetables, fruit, beans, lentils, quinoa, etc) and consider limiting yourself to 100g per day. Drive lower as tolerated or as weight loss is desired. If you’re eating naturally occurring foods (whole foods) to meet your caloric needs, you will not be deficient in vitamins unless you have a gastrointestinal or malabsorption issue.


I don't have diabetes, but I experience postprandial syndrome (unconfirmed reactive hypoglycemia). If I eat mangos without some protein and fat to balance it, I definitely feel it later, so this tracks.


I I lost an exceptional amount of weight from eating only fruits and vegetables and also cleared my head space I recommend.


God I fucking love mangoes mate, I do the same thing. Frozen bananas too.


Frozen bananas are amazing!


Oh for sure! they're so damn good!


I thought you were asking whether Chocolate covered mangos were good. Lol


Coffee, add cocoa powder


Another idea would be dark chocolate. 80% or higher and just have a 20-30g. Try adding cacao nibs to oatmeal to make a chocolatey treat or chocolate flavoured protein powder.


I do it with Walmart’s coco roasted almonds


Instead of replacing sugar with sugar, try replacing it with savory like Doritos. Then eventually you will just crave regular food. This allowed me to quit sugar and I don’t even want it anymore.


Ever looked at how much saturated fat is in chocolate? I LOVE chocolate, but since I saw that, I just can't binge on it without imagining my arteries clogging lol. ANY fruit is healthier than chocolate


I'm never giving up chocolate, lol. I only eat a few pieces at a time, though, and I eat plenty of fruit as well.


I'm sure someone else has said this already, but cacao nibs will satisfy the craving. They also boost your libido if you want to crave something sweet with 0 calories


Buy vegan, raw or really expensive Belgian chocolate. It's like rice. If it costs a lot, you only buy and cook/eat the right amount. If I buy a family pack of ice cream I start wanting to change the law so one person is considered a family.


Artichoke hearts kill my sweet cravings. Some people say dill.pickles do 2. Hi sugar fruits r not good if trying 2 lose weight. Some diabetics have 2 limit fruits & can't eat hi sugar fruits


It's good damm


Why not just eat dark chocolate sweetened with monkfruit?


If losing weight is your main goal, focus on your calorie deficit, not where your carbs are coming from. You can mitigate a lot of the negative effects of simple sugars with exercise as well so if you want to have the chocolate, you can.


i eat 3 quarter - sized dark chocolate nonpareils every day. it’s enough to control my cravings. have you tried taking magnesium at all ? not a lot, but some might push off your cravings a bit.


it is difficult to eat too much fruit. it certainly \_is\_ possible, and if, calorie for calorie, you end up eating a lot more calories because of your new mango addiction, well, that's a problem. On the other hand, if you even trade the calories one for one, you've added about 10x the bulk stomach fill factor, probably increased the fiber depending on what kind of chocolate you are replacing, and increased your water intake, all at the same time. It's pretty much a win/win/win on balance. If you dig into the macros, bananas and mangos that you call "high sugar" are considered "low glycemic index foods", and \_very\_ low compared to most chocolate. the bottom line is that whole, fresh fruit has water, fiber, and bulk wrapped around the fructose, which all effects the stomach and liver vastly differently than the equivalent amount of raw sugar in a tablespoon or something. Dieticians generally want you to eat a bunch of fruits and vegetables during the day, and they aren't making a huge distinction between apples/mangos/bananas/i can't even think of what would be a "low sugar fruit" - they're just all considered part of a healthy diet. chow down. crowd out other, bad calories. on the other hand, in small portions, high quality dark chocolate has a lot of studied health benefits, so make your chocolate better and reduce consumption to a small amount per day or week, and you'll be fine there, too.


Mangos have a glycemic index similar to orange juice. Dark chocolate has a lower glycemic index than mangos because of the fat. Mangos are 51-56 on the GI (low). Dark chocolate is about 23 on the GI (very low).


Dove chocolate isn't real chocolate IIRC. Get Lindt or something like that more expensive but it curves my craving better. Funny cause I LOVE chocolate and just bought 2 mangoes yesterday.


Id go watermelon over mango everyday in the week if i have cravings. 15g sugars of 100g mango or 9g sugars from the same amount of watermelon an the rest is water , so you can have 200 grams of watermelon for nearly 100 grams of mango.


I find that really nice Medjool dates are more satisfying than chocolate can ever be. One or two per day (not at one sitting, though) is enough for me.


Hmm, yea apples have high sugar content but the fibre is excellent, the skin of the apples is where all the dietary fibre is, the cell wall aka cellulose. They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away.


Try Lindt 95 percent dark chocolate 🍫


I've taken to honey for the sugar craving. That's worked extremely well. And 90% cocoa for the chocolate cravings. It's not sweet, it's bitter, but that's irrelevant when what you're craving is the dopaminergic effects of chocolate itself. I've found sugar substitutes cause GI issues, including stomach aches.


Mangos are always good!!!!


Just have a very small amount of chocolate to satisfy the craving.


eat the chocolate. you don’t gain weight from eating a piece of chocolate. fit some hershey’s kisses into your daily nutrition goals. it won’t kill you. if you eat a little bit of chocolate when you want it, and you’re not consuming an excess amount of calories above your total daily energy expenditure, you are not going to gain weight. if you have constant chocolate cravings and you are trying to lose weight by replacing dessert foods with fruits, i can almost guarantee you, after your wedding, you will go and binge on chocolate and other crap you were avoiding. just eat mindfully. the longer you avoid a craving, the more frustrating it will get. if you are craving chocolate, eat a piece, and move on. also, why do you feel the need to be smaller for your wedding? did you buy a dress that’s too tight? if you did, that’s an interesting financial choice. if you haven’t bought it yet, then great! buy a dress that fits you and incorporate the chocolate that you love into your regular healthy lifestyle. a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean never eating food you enjoy. for example, everyone in my family has a healthy lifestyle. we all exercise several times a week, eat balanced, nutritious meals, and look after our health. i still have desert every day and my dad and i go out for ice cream once a week. you can have unhealthy things in moderation, it does not decrease your health. also, are you currently experiencing health issues or societal issues due to your weight? if you are, then i wish you the best of luck on your weight loss journey. if not, you might benefit from re-assessing your internalized fatphobia, and considering why you feel the need to lose weight for your wedding. your wedding is about the loving relationship between you and your spouse! it’s not about how many fat cells your body contains. i know this is a nutrition subreddit, and it’s truly awesome that you’re thinking about your health, but i hope that your happiness is not being sacrificed for weight loss, especially if it is not medically necessary. this is not criticism at all btw! it has just occurred to me recently that diet culture is really heavily ingrained into the minds of a lot of adults (i am 17) and they don’t even realize that it is taking up a ton of space in their mind. plus, a few pounds (like 3-5) doesn’t really look too much different. if you feel like it’s a struggle to stop eating chocolate, you don’t have to stop eating chocolate. i understand that it can be difficult once you start, but control and moderation can be learned and practiced over time. i hope that you can accomplish your health goals while gaining the confidence and self-appreciation to love your body just how it is! and congrats on your wedding, that must be exciting! tldr, chocolate can absolutely fit into a healthy lifestyle. cravings are not easily ignored, so go for it, and they’ll start to ease up.


Why don’t make a hot chocolate with almond milk, stevia and cacao powder


I personally don't mind if I overconsume natural sugars from fruit (not processed white sugar). Not all carbs/sugars are created equally. We can't compare processed carbs as in a chocolate bar with i.e fruits which are real, whole foods. Excessive sugar is bad, but its effects depend on the context. Fructose, the main type of sugar found in fruit, is only harmful in large amounts, and unless you drink fruit juice it’s difficult to get excessive amounts of fructose from fruit. Eating whole fruit, it is almost impossible to consume enough fructose to cause harm. Fruits are loaded with fiber, water and have significant chewing resistance. For this reason, most fruits (like apples) take a while to eat and digest, meaning that the fructose hits the liver slowly. Plus, fruit is incredibly filling. Most people will feel satisfied after eating one large apple, which contains 23 grams of sugar, 13 of which are fructose. Compare that to a 16-ounce bottle of Coke, which contains 52 grams of sugar, 30 of which are fructose, and has no nutritional value. A single apple would make you feel quite full and less inclined to eat more food. Conversely, a bottle of soda has remarkably poor satiety and people don’t compensate for the sugar by eating less food. When fructose hits your liver fast and in large amounts, as is the case when you drink soda, it can have adverse health effects over time. However, when it hits your liver slowly and in small amounts, as is the case when you eat an apple, your body is well adapted to easily metabolize the fructose. While eating large amounts of added sugar is harmful to most people, the same does not apply to fruit.


All nuts are good for this if you are not allergic.


Fruit is rarely a bad idea, but it depends on some other factors as well. Dark chocolate will likely keep you full longer than the fruit because of all the fat in it. That may cause you to eat less with the chocolate than the mangos if the mangos make you hungry later when your sugar drops. That said, I'm not sure where mangos fall on the glycemic index, and if they're digested slowly, it might not be so bad. You could also always add yogurt and/or nuts to make a more balanced snack and just watch the portion size. Less likely to be hungry later that way. Lastly, sometimes when I'm crying chocolate, I find that tea helps.


I heard that if you eat chocolate in the morning, it can actually help you lose weight.


Well if it hits ur chocolate craving then it’s better if not just have the chocolate, mango has fructose which is a better sugar than glucose


fructose is not really a better sugar than glucose...glucose can be metabolized in ANY of your cells where fructose can ONLY be metabolized in your liver. Too much fructose stresses the liver and can cause non-alcoholic fatty liver