What game is a lot of fun but has a terrible community / player interaction?

What game is a lot of fun but has a terrible community / player interaction?


Pretty much any big multiplayer game. Most of the time when I'm playing COD I end up turning the voice chat off because it's it's mostly just players trying to insult each other (and not in a clever way) or 12 year olds whining about campers or people using weapons they don't like. And then there's those people who have their microphone too close to their face or are playing music in the background or something. I wish Sony and Microsoft would add dedicated push to talk buttons to their controllers. COD has a feature where you can hear a few seconds of someone's microphone when you kill them, which is often hilarious, so I do sometimes wish I could leave that on without having to leave voice chat on in general. Old school RuneScape is another one. I find in-game interactions are usually not too bad, but if you stray into online communities for the game it can be pretty toxic. There are subreddits that exist for the sole purpose of making fun of players who aren't using perfectly min-maxed gear for what they're doing.


OSRS is a giant sandbox with so many activities and options yet the community has no problem berating you if you're doing suboptimal or inefficient content just for the fun of it. Or hell, even if you're doing the meta content, god forbid you're doing it with inefficient gear. I'm always floored by the sheer confusion when I mention that I prefer to play a certain way because it's more fun to me.


Yeah, there are a lot of meta activities and gear that I just won't do because I don't find them fun. My melee setup currently uses an Obsidian Platebody because I really hate doing Barbarian Assault, so I'd rather just use Obsidian until I can afford Bandos.


That's a prime example. One of the top things players get heckled for is not having fighter torso. As someone who DOES have one... I dont blame anyone for not getting one. Barbarian Assault is ass.


That and not having a fire cape. I completely understand why someone would not want to do or delay getting one. A long tedious endurance challenge combined with a boss that requires using mechanics most mid level players haven't had to use much of yet (quick prayer switching), plus relatively expensive supplies for each attempt isn't exactly an example of fun content. I'm not saying it shouldn't be in the game or anything, it made great sense when it came out as end game content, but making fun of players who can't or don't want to get it doesn't make the game any better.


I've stopped playing either RS but one thing that turned me off a lot of the minigames is no one *played* them anymore. Sure you could get into teams but that ended up being people afking to farm whatever incentive Jagex put in (mainly an RS3 thing) or metagaming them so hard and expecting everything else to equally metagame them so all the fun was squeezed out. Long gone are the days of just playing Castle Wars or Pest Control or whatever for a fun diversion.


This is a big reason why I don't play games online with strangers.


Wait there is a whole subreddit you make fun of non min maxed players in OSRS?! Wtf


It's not super active but r/slaycringe. For those not familiar with it, Old School RuneScape is a re-release of RuneScape as it was in 2007. This happened back in 2013, but it became so popular that it got a dedicated development team to create new content for it that fit in with the the game as it was at that time. Because information about the game and how to play it efficiently is more easily accessible now than it was back in the earlier days of RuneScape, players tend to only play content and use gear that is the most efficient for XP gain, most profitable, or most AFK (meaning requiring minimal interaction with the game). All subject to their stats and skill level of course. While this isn't all players, it is pretty common. Slayer is a RuneScape skill that consists of being given tasks to kill a specific number of a specific monster and then reporting back, giving special rewards and unlocking new, often very profitable monsters that they player wouldn't normally be able to kill.


Toxic or not. Some of those posts are pretty funny. At least they don't show the account names. Well almost all of them.


I've had a few people over the years be a bit baffled because I almost always immediately mute anyone in any online game. Maybe the glory days of Xbox 360 lobbies were different, but in almost any circumstance they're just filled with a bunch of jackasses




That was my first thought too. In some ways I really like the harshness of it, and I really love the idea of your character appearance just being random and permanent, but holy shit that game was stressful to play. Also not just the players but the mods/admins if you play on certain servers. I had one where I was just chilling in my shitty caveman hut and some admin spawns right into my house in like full riot gear and starts going through all my stuff because of some infraction I'd apparently committed that I still don't understand lol.


I agree about rust but it’s also kind of why I love it so toxic.


GTA Online, holy shit why did I waste so much time in such a garbage online experience.




Rockstar encourages the shittiest and most vile online interactions in any game I've played, it is truly terrible and toxic.


Rainbow Six Siege


My first three games I got TK'd instantly as soon as the round started. Allchat was a toxic mess. Seriously turned me off to ever playing the game again.


What game mode? I usually stick to quick play and it gets pretty memey in the chat, I kinda love it though. I can't speak for ranked.


It wasn't ranked. I figured ranked would be more toxic and it was my first time playing.


Ranked in my personal experience is less toxic. Since people care about winning the shit talk is still there, but TK and trolls are less. At least in the higher ranks.


Weirdly it works the other way in my experience


Unranked is the best place. None of the memeing of QuickMatch and most people there are there to play, not troll others because it's a long time dedication. Also doesn't have any of the rage of true Ranked because nothing is at stake. It's a good balance and it's all I've played for the past two seasons.




The community is just... more often than not, all four of your *professional* teammates die within thirty seconds, and so it’s a one v five. When you don’t just magically kill all five of the other team, it’s people like that. ‘YOU LOST THE GAME FOR US! YOU’RE SO TRASH! I COULD HAVE EASILY WON THAT!’ Yeah? So why’d you get killed within thirty seconds?????


Used to love this game, but its gotten to the point where the community is filled with elitist who get mad that you aren't playing like a pro, or just want to have fun


It’s especially infuriating when you’re on casual. It’s just for fun, why are you screaming at me for not winning a one v five in the last twenty seconds? I’m not a pro, I play for *fun*.


It's mostly populated by sweaty tryhards who are afraid of rank and sees casual as an easy win, my friends who still plays it suggest to play unrank as casual is not fun anyway.


and the pay to win monetisation model sure does not help


Outside of the extension to the Operator Exclusivity period (Which I agree is bullshit), how is it Pay to Win?


I think he's refering to the cosmetics that allows you to blend in with the environment, check out Ember Rise skin for context.


the credit cost of new operators being so high for casual players is my biggest issue with that game want to play the new guy who calls for air strikes every 5 seconds? you better play 6 hours/ day if you want to unlock it


You don't need every operator in the game. Trust me, I unlocked all of them for free myself, *before* they had the slowly reducing price system they have now. You can afford to save renown and wait for the next release once you have a few you like. I legitimately play like 5 operators on each side at most, some of the rest I haven't touched in a full year at this point. And outside of Ela and Lion, we haven't had a *mega* OP operator in a while now. And both were out long enough that anyone could have made use of them while they was in that state: It certainly wasn't biased towards the early access buyers. It's grindy, and I'm still mad they removed Daily Challenges (Those were one of my main soruces for renown. There's also Weekly Challenges in the Ubisoft overlay if you don't know about those. The awful UI update buried them but they're there), but it's not P2W.


All of them


the real answer


FF14 is proving to be downright friendly, I haven’t played an MMO in over 10 years and I have yet to have a negative experience with another player. Super helpful abs friendly. It’s also solo friendly so my interactions have been limited and I learned long ago to avoid community boards.


FFXIV community can be nice, but it also has it's issues. A lot of the community don't like criticism being levelled at the game.


Some games just have the worst reporting systems!


Reporting systems? What's that. Here in mordhau we have to make a video where we show the abuse and the ID of the abuser and then send it to a moderator in Discord.


Maybe people would actually get punished in league if we did this lol 😂


League of legends


This is the game that gave me the idea to post!


Dota2 and CoD. I really enjoy both games. Any games with that big of online communities are going to be messed up though. Whatever


League's community is such a fucking joke. I will never understand the mindset of "I'm going to purposely tank this game by feeding the enemy", because you're still stuck in the game, and that can't actually be fun.


It's the mindset of "if I can't enjoy myself, I'll at least take comfort in knowing that *nobody* enjoys themselves". It's a pretty pathetic and childish mentality - but that's a big chunk of League's population.


Unfortunately so. And sure, you can report them, but it’s still so frustrating that that’s your only response


It's one of these two: 1) "I'm mad because i suck, and i can't stop sucking at this game, so i will lean into sucking and say i'm doing it on purpose." 2) "You guys on my team are being such needless dicks that i have no desire to work with you now and every desire to piss on your fun."


It has been such a weird thing for me to explain to friends. I just tell them I play the game a lot and will keep playing but don't recommend they play it to avoid sharing the same misery.


OP asked for games which are a lot of fun.


Everquest private servers. The people on there have been playing the game continuously, often as their only game, for 20+ years, and feed on dysfunction. (MANY ARE JOBLESS & PLAYING THE GAME FULL TIME.) Some common occurrences: - Think nothing of playing for 72-96 hours consecutively without sleep in order to camp a rare spawn and get an item with a 0.0001% drop rate, or to monopolize it in order to skew the economy - Rotate accounts with others also doing 96 hour sessions to effectively lock anyone else out. 300 drops of some legendary tier item in a row? No problem! - Cheats/ESP/greasing GM's fingers with kickbacks. Think about that. Cheating in a 20 year old game - Griefing other guilds by training mobs on them mid raid - Going to extreme lengths to bot/multibox and hide it. Literally botting to afk farm worthless trash loot - Camp a single trash mob for 12 hours a day over a 3 month period in order to spawn a 0.000000001% chance rare mob that drops no loot, just for "bragging rights" - Constantly looking for new exploits and ways to cheese high level encounters by spamming mobs with thousands of one-shot unresistable items etc. Top guilds try to maintain a lockdown on content by using increasingly more sketchy methods, playing a cat-and-mouse game with GMs until the problem gets so out of control that they have to nerf it for PR purposes. (They'll keep it in as long as possible because the top guilds are whales and donate) - Half the players will ignore/stonewall you and actively avoid communicating. The other half are finding new ways to creep you out with bizarre messages and actively looking for free counseling/therapy - Disputing every pixel. This is my mob, my camp, my item, I had dibs on this, I was here first (so what if I'm afk botting), I saw that rat first, gaslighting other players, will sabotage you so you die and they can take your camp, fibbing about anything really - When not playing the game and arguing with each other, they go on forums to argue more about the game. Most posts take the form of a) disputing bans b) smearing other players c) insane rants d) "This server is not 100% accurate to the original code, please reinstate feature a/b/c. It would give me in particular a hugely unfair advantage, but I promise you it was originally a feature in the game" This toxicity doesn't hit you in the face when you first start playing and log in for the firs time. I was curious to try it and had no idea of the insanity that awaited me. Wow, great, a vintage MMO, those were the days! But soon it starts to creep into you like a miasma. Basically everyone who plays turns into a vile goblin. You spend all of your time bitching about the other players, the GMs, and the laundry list of things standing in your way of having a good time. Then, you go back and do it all again the next day. Misery loves company, I guess. It definitely says something about the compelling design of the game that people treat it like heroin, but it's a Pandora's box. Some of the territorial disputes are in the nature of a game without instances, but it's a pure spiral to hell. Warning: do not play this game on a private server! A journey of insanity awaits you


wow, thats completely insane. when i was thinking about toxic games i thought competitive games: LoL, Dota 2, Cs:GO, (isolated competitive games). but nothing scuffs close to what you're describing, holy shit man.


I’ve always wanted to try P99 but stuff like this has kept me well away.


Here’s my honest review: if you play it for the fun, for social interactions, and below max level, it’s great. One of my favorite experiences in gaming. The slow gameplay lends itself to chatting, and with lower level content people are chill, friendly, and helpful. Certain players will bend over backwards to help a newbie with their time, money, and knowledge. There’s a lot of content levels 1-59, it took me ~2 years of very casual play to get there. Once you get to the endgame raid scene though, all bets are off. Some people love the competition and more power to them.


There is so much mental illness in gaming.


I think it's more the mentally ill who can't work find themselves will lot of time at home, and thus end up playing games. I don't think it has ever been proven that gaming is a direct cause of mental illness, though if gaming becomes an addiction it could as any addiction is a physical + mental illness.


Yeesh. That sounds like a nightmare. I have a deep love of video games, but even I can't play for more than a few hours consecutively before needing to take a break.


Oh don't get me started on older ,yet still relatively active games and their niche community. It suckers you in because at the end of the day they do want newer players to be active and keep the game going,but once you hop over the initial learning curve then all gloves are off and you're cannon fodder to frustrated boomers who want relive their childhood favorites and who probably don't play anything else. Its a race to the bottom and like you said it sucks you right in it.


Roughly how many people play on the private servers?


A few thousands: http://www.eqemulator.org/index.php?pageid=serverlist


You described it perfectly. I was a P99 player for over a year, the amount of toxicity and outright server corruption was too much. Between the obvious cheating, the intentional grieving and paid off server admins and GMs I will never touch a emulated MMO ever again.


Bro, I used to play Everquest and wasn't this pretty much the endgame experience even at it's heyday lol?


Roughly how many people play on private servers?


So, runescape? Yeah. Runescape sounds about right.


Dead by Daylight.


Absolutely this game.


Mordhau. I witnessed two grown men screaming at each other over blocking techniques and skill for almost an hour and haven’t played since.


I don’t see anyone actually argue but banter.


The racism in Mordhau was (and still might be) out of control. Although last time I got into it a few months ago, it seemed to have calmed down a little. On top of that, it's a pretty high skill-ceiling game, so there will always be tension between casuals like me and 1000+ hour sweats.


the racism has died down a ton at least on duel servers. there’s 5-6 populated per region that have decent admins that don’t tolerate that shit. public matches most of the time are able to vote kick the offender. but when it comes to casuals and sweats, i promise we aren’t trying to be mean, if you ask someone who’s beating on you, 9/10 times they’ll show you tips or even invite you to a training discord with resources to learn.


Last time I played it didn't seem that bad. Just people memeing around and having fun. I used to use MIDI files on loot bot to play songs on the game as a bard and I would get wholesome people protecting me and chilling out. I've seen people spam hilarious voice lines, smack people around with frying pans, lead people into bear traps and throwing rocks at people. Maybe it was bad at launch but I never played it at that time. I haven't really had any negative experiences with the Mordhau community.


pretty much every big multiplayer game. BF, COD, CS, DOTA..


I think BF has a better community than the others, but yes, I remember there weren't so many slurs in chat a few years back for example..


BF also had community servers for a long while which really helped.


Yep. _Overwatch_ gives you 3 "Avoid as Teammate" slots which prevents someone from queueing with you for 7 days. I wish I had about 20x that many and the ability to make them permanent.


Battlefield? Eh dunno about that. It's not a competitive game and the games are yuge. I can't remember the last time I felt any type of way towards anybody in a match


Battlefield has a great community.


Most competitive games. Old MMORPGs where the community is still active, the more elitist members tend to be among the ones to stay the longest. Keep in mind these are still not immune to good interactions, or immune to bad interactions early on in their lives. But "new" tends to be a huge factor in the amount of positive interactions.




It's less that ppl are toxic.. more like they just want to play league of legends in dota2.. /s Jokes aside, dota solo queue at 10k behavior score is 85% of the time genuinely fun and enjoyable. The tip of the bell curve provides the absolute pinnacle of rewarding, strategic gaming when players are chill, both teams are extremely well synced, plays are on point and the game could go either way find some folks who play to win but don't care about mistakes and you'll have yourself a great time regardless of outcome.. this applies to all competitive games which u want to play as a casual


I've had 10k behavior score for as long as I can remember, I never was in low priority, and I don't share your 75% sentiment. 75% of the time I have to mute at least one of my teammates so to not get distracted by flaming at me or at other teammates, sometimes even enemies. I'm used to it at this point, but this isn't OK to be that way.


There are millions of players, so my anecdotal experience isn't the norm..


Rust 1000% That’s why I play on actively moderated PVE servers




Dota is one of the best multiplayer games I have ever played, if not the absolutely best. If all the players were decent human being, I would have played the game h24. Luckily the playerbase is garbage so I managed to put the game down and get my medical degree. Thank you dota community, you saved my career


There's a mute all feature isn't there? Or they take that out .


Defending your base for 45 minutes to get the final reverse sweep and final win is definitely one of the best feelings ever....but god damn are they rare. Otherwise playing LoL/Dota only in a 3+ squad is definitely the adviced way to play.


Ever since developers killed private servers and server browsers in favor of "progression" systems, and selling skins and loot boxes... I would say they're All toxic.


Op, your mission is to make another thread tomorrow asking which game is a lot of fun and has a great community.


Sea of Thieves and Deep Rock Galactic are two of them!


Rocket League.


* What a save! * Wow! * Wow! * Wow! * What a save! * Wow! * Wow! * What a save! Alternatively: * Nice shot! * Nice shot! * Nice shot! * Wow! * Nice shot! Reminds me of Hi-Rez's games with "you rock, cancel that" spam.


In Smite it is: Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks After they run in 4 v 1 and get themselves killed like a potato.


Haha that's Smite


**Rainbow Six Siege**\- Game had a great community at first, but slowly got more toxic as more Ops got released. Didn't help that Goobisoft went full send in the Made-For-Proleague-and-Streamers development direction., then when that started killing player base they went full send in the opposite direction and made it so noob friendly that they lost all their Vet players. **GTA V-** Literally pay-2-win. If you weren't spending your entire paycheck or maxing out mommy and daddy's credit cards on the game, then you were forced into the most toxic, anti-player friendly game environment, second only to CS:GO.


Damn GTA sounds like a shitty mobile game lol


yes, GTA V is full of ppl that want to kill you. You will not make friends playing this game, only enemies.


Max Payne 3 multiplayer. Has soft lock aim and free aim. Players on SL are just tryharders. Otherwise I play only on FA


Wait you can choose to get aim assist or not? Why would anybody not use it?


Why dafuq would I want to use aim assist? If I wanna shit on someone it's cuz I did it and not some game logic which fixed my aim for me.


Wait, you can still find games for MP3 multiplayer!? I loved that game when it came out. Bought it again but could never find games.


Play at afternoons. Most active base players.


TF2. 12 yo Russian edgelords who think nazism is hilarious, cheaters, furries moaning in the mic or both(s).


>furries moaning in the mic wat


wat else


Aussie servers were always an awesome place. Havent played for years though


Team based competitive games are usually the worst. But the worst of the worst are specifically the team based competitive games where a single player not doing their role well, can negatively effect their teammates effectiveness and chance of winning. Basically any MoBA or Overwatch from what i've experienced.


I've experienced toxicity in Dota 2 and Rainbow Siege. In fact, I never played Rainbow Siege after playing just one game as a beginner. I like playing Dota but it is just rampant with toxic people and their motto is to just put the blame on others while cursing and cussing. One game I've not experienced toxicity is Apex Legends; maybe I haven't played much of it but I have close to 500 hours in it. The world would be better if these big multiplayer games had a good community but sadly that is just a pipedream and people are only getting worse and worse.


World of warcraft was like that at times. There have been lows, but during the good expansions the only major negative was interacting with the armies of doucebags in their community.


I tried to take Overwatch seriously a few times, but the people are unbelievably toxic. This is coming from someone with 4000+ hours in Dota 2.


Left 4 Dead 2 versus with rando


Day of Defeat. Awesome game but filled to the brim with neonazis now


Probably not still this way, but Ultima Online back at the beginning probably fits this bill. The devs designed the game to be very open and there wasn't the concept of PvP back then so just about anything was allowed. The first time you ever signed in with your pets murdered and house burned down was certainly a sight to see.


Apex legend


Fall guys


Mordhau is FULL of racists.


OSRS has a relatively large god awful part of their community, so much so that there was an actual in game riot for a gay pride event that was running in game. Jagex attempted to cover up for the toxic playerbase by claiming they weren't RS players, despite them all being fairly high level.. definitely not new accounts created by 4Chan or whatever anonymous boogeyman supposedly planned it. MOBAs are all toxic but that's mostly because the design of the game is incredibly toxic. You're asking people to spend possibly an hour of their free-time in a game that wasn't fun after the first ten minutes and you'll be punished if you leave, this is only going to end one way. It feels like there's nothing else to do in "those" games than get more and more annoyed, particularly since two people flaming each other will become an issue for the entire team. Sure you can mute them but they're still going to be doing the infamous thing I like to call the "typed my own death."


>MOBAs are all toxic but that's mostly because the design of the game is incredibly toxic. You're asking people to spend possibly an hour of their free-time in a game that wasn't fun after the first ten minutes and you'll be punished if you leave, this is only going to end one way. This is basically why I play SP games only nowadays. The only MP game I find myself playing is Rocket League, because at most, having a bad time in a match is naturally limited to 5-7mins. Time commitment + risk/reward equations on basically every other MP experience don't pass in my books.


Rocket League. Pretty much just have to turn chat and voice off from the start, just keep quick chats on.


So that was 100% my plan when I went to play league of legends I declared a champion and then someone on my team banned the champion I wanted and I was like “yup that’s enough league of legends”


Overwatch used to be a lot of fun but had a very toxic community. Game's dead now anyways.


Overwatch is not dead lmao.




Not even close at all.


Not my personal experience, but I experienced it through my wife - The Sims. That community is by far the most toxic, passive aggressive, and entitled group of players I have ever encountered in my life. My wife was driven to tears at times because she didn't set up her Sims world "the right way" and was scolded by the community when she shared it online.


Any competitive multiplayer game, not being cynical, it's just the nature of these types of games.


No it's the nature of competitive self absorbed people who feel entitled to be the "best" and keep blaming All factors besides their own skill People and their reaction to pressured situations is to blame more than the game itself


Surprised nobody has said Dead by Daylight


Ark, Ark a thousand times over. spend hundreds of hours building taming enjoying the game progressing making bonds with your dinos. You log in one day and everything is gone not a stone left of your base or tames. Hello from the other players on the server and the Alpha tirbe. Every single time you try and play outside of singleplayer.


Escape from Tarkov


Dark Souls. Any advice is "git gud scrub" Also MGS5. How do I do x, y, z? "You should have played MGS1-4 and you would know." I'm not really into multiplayer so I'm not sure about 1-on-1 interaction.


I disagree with both of those - MGSV was my first MGS, and I got into Dark Souls semi-recently (within the past couple years) and I've found both of those communities to generally be very helpful and nice.


YMMV I guess. I'm going to try MSGV again after watching some YouTube videos because it's pretty complex and overwhelming with all you have to learn. The amount of stuff you can order from the base is so huge, it would be nice to gradually introduce it because I find it confusing knowing what to requisition.


What makes it "complex and overwhelming" for you? This was my first and (for now my only) Metal Gear game and I didn't find it hard to approach tbh, so I'm curious as to what might give that impression to other people.




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Dark Souls super fans weird me out haha


The Dark Souls community is weird (as someone who likes the games and hangs around in these communities a bit). You make a post about how you're struggling and ask for help, you get a mile-long line of people with suggestions, offers to help you in co-op, etc. You complain at all about the game, especially anything related to difficulty, and you'll probably get death threats.


Yeah I'm probably more the complaining type of ask-for-helper than somebody who asks for help genuinely.


> more the complaining type I mean if you're throwing negativity out into the ether expecting fanfare you're probably not going to find anything but negativity and shitposts in return.


Although everyone who can write a complain post can although google and I think all of the DS wikis have a pretty indepth start guide for most bosses. Although summoning is the easiest way to get help.


I see roughly the same amount in every competitive game.


I loved for honor until I realized it was the only game that ever made me rage from how toxic players were


Every online community has its group of foul players. I’ve always tried to get into Rocket League but even the small salty quick chat responses didn’t help much… Messed up a save? Soon enough everyone will just be spamming “What a save!”…


modern warfare


anything made by bethesda


What? TES has one of the best communities when it comes to big franchises. You get people who argue over which game is better but it rarely ever gets toxic and is all for love of the games. The lore side of the community in particular is fantastic.


Yeah... that's not been my experience


Classic WoW.






Dark Souls 1-3. Really good action RPG but the forced player interaction is horrible.


League of Legends. Love that game but stopped playing because of how rude, immature, aggressive, offensive, just basically toxic the players are. Such a shame.


SMITE is pretty much the only MOBA I play because of the unique perspective and the awesome roster but the community is atrocious. Maybe not as bad as as LoL but it's still pretty horrible. You get the odd wholesome player and a decent amount of people who mind their own buisness but I've lost count of how many douchebags I've come across in that game. Even the sub reddit is garbage because all of the toxic people who used to frequent the forum moved to Reddit when the forum got shut down. Oh, and I'm not sure if it counts since it's not technically a game but one of the most toxic communities I have ever come across is the Movie Battles 2 mod for Jedi Academy. I'm kinda used to it since I have played it quite a lot but if you're coming from another game then it's quite shocking. Team killing is rampant and it is completely uncensored. Chat spam, racism and pure hatred is just another Sunday morning on Movie Battles 2. It might even be worse than LoL.


Pretty much any big, first person shooter! Everytime I launch Call of Duty the first thing I turn off is voice chat because half the time its players chatting shit to each other, or 12 year olds whining. It takes the fun out of the game.


Riot Games in my experience. It's not the toxic behaviour, that exist in nearly all games, but the defeatist attidue this company has fostered. When I play a 30min game (or 45/60), than I expect to give it all for the time and see who wins. People wanting to give up after 10 minutes are so annoying. It does not increase the quality of the game at all. Winning is less fun and losing is more annoying with theses people. They although don't learn anything. You can't comeback tactics, off-positions, mental change, momentum and all the fun things of competition. I can kind of understand surrendering in endless games of Mobas, but Valorant does not need this. Just think about what sports would look like if people "just give up" all the time.


I'll tell you the opposite, the worst game with the best community: warframe


Ok I dig it! What makes it the worst game and what makes it the best community


Siege. Game is great but it's all fucking AIDs. Ranked games are the best experience I have in Siege. Second place might be GTAO. In RDO everyone is chill and the griefers kinda feel at place in the setting. In GTAO I can barely spawn in without getting rocketed within 5 minutes. Also Valorant. I really liked Valorant. I play a lot of competitive shooters and at this point in my life, as much as I liked Valorant, I just couldn't stand the community.


Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. Something about that game just brings in the most overtly racist, homophobic, and misogynist crowd that I have ever seen in an online game.


FFXIV They start crying and sweating at the tiniest of critique even though you're just trying to improve the run a bit.


Rainbow Six Siege and Dark Souls 3, learning curve is big to new players and the veterans bully newcomers to the game for their own amusement.




Destiny 2. You can play with friends, but that's not the nature of OP's question, so let's say you only play with randoms: The game encourages you to do things via bounties that are almost never good for the team. The main activities have you on a team with randoms, and you can expect them all to play very selfishly to satisfy their bounty requirements. Many rounds of Gambit will be lost because of the solo nature of bounty requirements, when Bungie could have made them team based. Many kills will be poached during Strikes because a team member needs 25 kills with a certain weapon for a bounty. The game forces you into teams, does nothing to encourage teamwork, and instead actually encourages you to do your own thing.