Activision Blizzard executives can't decide whether allegations of abuse are 'disturbing' or 'meritless'

Activision Blizzard executives can't decide whether allegations of abuse are 'disturbing' or 'meritless'


Stupid website, why does a video have to follow you as you scroll down? Asshole design


It is pcgamer.


Say no more! People still visit that trash site? Even their coverage of pc components is somehow worse than ign. Pcgamer is a bad as the verge. Those two have got to be the worst tech “journalists” on the web.


Websites nowadays are actually worse than in the 2000s


Blame smartphones, used to be a lot less traffic. The Internet is the definition of a double edged sword. All the information is at your fingertips and it’s also perfect for advertisements and tripe as well.


When I learned webdesign in school it was ALL about mobile friendly websites, while in reality they meant desktop unfriendly


I miss when websites actually took advantage of a 16:9 display


The golden age of the internet was after developers learned how to use JavaScript to make pages dynamic and interactive without actually needing to load a whole new page with each click or form submission, but before social/tracking/ads switched the web from users being customers of a service to users being metrics to be monetized. I'd say around 2006-2012 or so.


I agree, but I'd still take the basic HTML websites over the mess we have today.


Well, part of what I loved about that 2006-2012 era was the technology facilitated a transition from read-only websites to user-submitted content. And democratizing the voices on the internet was really magical at first, with the jokes and meaningful discussion and early internet art/music/video/images and the ability to find like minded individuals. You know, before it all went to shit with bots/trolls/spam/scams.


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Yes, you can install it as an addon in Firefox.


Works with Firefox on Android


There are a lot of browsers with adblock on Android. Opera, Samsung Internet, Brave... The list goes on


I personally use Bromite. I think Brave Browser and AdGuard works fine too. Firefox+uBlock is a possibility, but a bit slower.


Does bromite have an article reader?


Not sure what you mean by that. Bromite is exactly the same as Chrome but with an adocker installed.


It's so they can lie to investors and quite "x number of avg views per video". The videos that stalk you down the page are never related to what you are reading on pcgamer, trash site.


Exactly, closed the page immediately when that happened. I have ublock origin though, strange. Usually it blocks all bullshit like these.


Same.. I think it's because it's an AMP link? I was just trying to figure out why ublock didn't block that vid.


I got the impression that their stance was "disturbing if true, but not true, so. . ." Is that not accurate?


maybe it's disturbingly meritless?


"I find your lack of faith disturbingly meritless..."


Also a possibility.


Or meritlessly disturbing.. No, definitely not that.


Probably just more of an annoying reality.


Meritlessly disturbing if true?


They put out [two separate, competing statements.](https://twitter.com/jasonschreier/status/1418619091515068421) Just, fuck this company.


Two separate people sent internal emails. One was the Blizzard CEO and the other was someone who joined Activision Blizzard in March. They contradict because person #2 has no idea what is going on.


JABs email reads like PR damage control that says nothing because admittance now would be a slam dunk in the legal case. The whole “revered saint” thing is fucking hilarious and downright out of touch. Fuck JAB, fuck old school blizzard big names that feel like they can get away with this shit, and fuck activision.


Not denying it is basically admitting it's at least partially true.




>Their fiduciary duty to the corporation/shareholders means they cannot act in a way that will harm the company There's a lot of interpretation in "must act in the best interests of the company". They'd struggle to act so poorly they'd be liable, unless they were clearly enriching themselves at the expense of the company. There's a solid argument for action along the lines of "we're fucked already; apologize now, act contrite and try to look like we're reforming as much as possible" rather than "deny all allegations". You might lose your job over it if you upset the board, but that's not the same as violating fiduciary duty.


Yeah people will bend over backwards to rationalize why companies act like x, y, z, but it's so often just downright daft. No, companies don't have to act like this to be in compliance with their duties. Not even remotely. There are more options for statements that offer sympathy and remorse that events have turned out like this, but instead they're doing... this. This fuckfest is entirely their own making. Nobody forced them to write these stupid statements. Instead of being like "We're very sorry to hear people felt like this," it's been a long string of these bullshit messagings demonstrating that they're every bit as bad as the allegations proclaim them to be.


They are just surprised they are getting sued as they have been ass fucking consumers non stop with no issues


So why even process the garbage they spew? Give us the trial testimonies already! Lol


I do hope they have more evidence than just testimonies, otherwise we could see Blizzard basically get off without punishment.


Even if they do get punished, it won't matter unless a finger is kept on the pressure point. By all reports nothing changed at Riot or Ubisoft and their allegations have all but been forgotten. Bit different here with a state suing and a suicide reported to be due to related abuse, but still. The fact that large corporations are and have been getting slaps on the wrist is a major discussion these days, but not enough that much changes. Corps continue to happily right checks for fees that are a mere percentage of profits or a CEO's bonuses, executives are allowed to retire or say they are willingly leaving without being fired and/or condemned, their bonuses, separation packages intact, and at worst have to deal with the horror of staining their trove of thousand dollar bills with tears as they walk lonely through their fourth mansion while yelling at their servants that they just doesn't understand the pain. Until there are real consequences, that will keep happening.


hopefully 3 years of investigation means much stronger evidence or else i would have preferred if they just kept on investigating


There were two VERY different emails sent out by two different executives. It wasn't a single statement with a confusing tone.


Aren't they being sued? Like the government has the *evidence*


you can sue someone without evidence, problem is then you'll just lose


2 years of investigation doesn't end in lawsuit if there isn't enough in there.


> 2 years of investigation doesn’t end in lawsuit if there isn’t enough in there. It absolutely can. The standard they use during their investigations is probable/reasonable cause to believe that the employer violated the law. That’s a low bar; it’s basically the same standard that the police are required to meet to arrest someone. So keep in mind that the DFEH filing a lawsuit means about as much as the police charging someone criminally.


....I mean in an ideal world but a lot of the time the people involved need to justify what they just spent to years doing.


A state government doesn't sue people just because they feel like it. Innocent before guilty and lal that but if the state of California is suing its because they already gathered sufficient evidence.


Or you can keep them in court until they go financially bankrupt


Unfortunately, in the US, that's not always enough. And I mean, even if things lead to a successful guilty verdict, it won't matter if the sentence is basically a slap on the wrist and a gentle thud on the forehead. There are a frightening amount of examples of that, and sometimes systematically so.


Wasnt their Internal letter that its disturbing but also hail feminism by praising a feminism figure in the same letter or something ? atleast i heard correct me if iam wrong. ​ Kinda weird but please correct me didnt had time yet to follow up in that entire mess.




They are simply disturbed by this coming out because it affects them. THEN they call it meritless.


This company's all fucked up.


I heard on Tom Henderson's twitter that several video gaming news outlets/ events will stop featuring blizzard activision games and that company itself.


Let's see how long that lasts


till the next call of duty


Optimistic. It's until the next news announcement from activision blizzard. So long as they have nothing to feature they solemnly swear to not feature anything by them.


>till the next call of duty you mean next season at most? Least a major enough patch or new gun being added.


About as long as it did for Ubisoft.


But happily continue advertising Ubisoft games I assume?


> Several gaming outlets including Prima Games, TheGamer, Switch Player, [lock-on], and more will no longer be covering Activision Blizzard titles following the allegations of discrimination & abuse against women. The only one on that list I've ever heard about is Prima Games, beyond that these all seem like super small outlets trying to gain clicks.


I don't think it's fair to say they're trying to gain clicks just because you haven't heard of them. A small outfit can still take a moral stance.


I'd say in some sort of way it's easier for them to do so since they don't have many people who rely on them edit : grammar


It is a unsubstantiated assumption that how easy it is for them factors in to their decision to boycott. There is no reason to default to a negative view on the smaller organisations making these decisions.


But muh virtue signaling 😭😭😭 People are so cynical, no idea why.


The other two are garbage clickbait sites.


I'm not saying any of these companies are blameless but TheGamer gobble things like this up. I really don't follow the outlet religiously but from what the stuff that I have read, I think they'll uphold their end. Their editorials are Polygon-like in both negative and positive sense depending on where you land.


Yep, just a PR stunt by smaller outlets and within 6 months they will be covering them again as the keywords bring clicks to their sites.


Yeah but that hearthstone streamer I've never heard about also refused to do a card reveal. Worked out great for those streamers and news outlets that stopped blizzard reporting in protest over hong kong.


Don't you guys have lawsuits????


Not that hard when they don't make anything new :P


"We won't feature them until we need early access to their next game instead of actively speaking out and being blacklisted" The absolute state of video games journalism


Oh, that's cause there isn't anything to cover for a while according to blizzard. It's not actually a real thing they're doing. They know nothing is coming out very soon so they're safe to just say 'we won't cover them'. Everyone will forget by the time there is news.


Likely a bunch of indie sites with no viewership. The big boys (IGN, Gamespot) would never give up the advertising money.


I don’t see how that’s reasonable. The incidents they’ve been accused of happened at the corporate level but the smaller studios they’ve bought up have nothing to do with that.


Shit rolls downhill


I don't see how supporting this massive shitstain of a company is reasonable.


The secret ingredient is money. It's a video game's market out there. You blacklist a big studio with massive yearly releases? Your revenue takes a massive hit. There are 10,000 news outlets and 1,000,000 youtube channels who will cover it and get your clicks. Only the small side hustle gaming channels can afford it because they are not the person's source of income.


So, "Too big to fail"?


that doesn't matter, they're still under the umbrella and for all we know they might have much smaller but similar incidents to some degree. the news outlets and events not supporting actiblizz is so that the company feels genuine pressure to take care of the problems people have with them, rather than trying to bank on a major game release of theirs to hide behind and eventually have the events be forgotten


Oh no. It's not like the industry is known for poaching and hiring talent from other companies. Shame that doesn't happen. Guess we'll just have to defend one of the worst publishers out there Big /s fuck Activision, fuck blizzard


Thing is, we already know they don't care about human rights since they banned Blitzchung. But they forget there were actual real women that quit because of their shit. Can't for this to blow up in their greedy faces


According to the California lawsuit, one woman *killed herself* due to the harassment. So. Yeah. A little more serious than someone quitting.


she killed herself while on a work retreat with other coworkers. Think that distinction should also be pointed out.


Specifically, the available information claims she had a relationship with the coworker, who I believe was above her in terms of the job ladder. She had already been harassed for things, including this. On this business trip, it was noted he had butt plugs and lube. If this was alegit relationship then these things aren't worrisome at all. However, dating those lower than you in the workplace isn't right, especially if they are your employee. The biggest wtf was that just before she killed herself, coworkers were passing around photos of her vagina in the workplace. As far as I care to blame, Blizzard is respnsible for this woman's death entirely.


From what I've heard (take with grain of salt, or check the actual sources), passing around of said photos didn't end when she died.


2 years ago* lets make sure we say that so someone cant respond that it did happen long ago and Blizzard is no longer the same as then. You can get a lot done in 2 years but it had to have been REAL BAD for a girl to kill herself. Also, you fuck up our belived IPs and get greedy as fuck? You are going to be tar and feathered if you fuck up bad once. This is that fuck up


I don't get it- disturbing and meritless aren't mutually exclusive.


I've never worked for a gaming company but I have worked for a company with a toxic work culture and I've experienced the exact same thing. What I think happens is there are toxic people high up the chain that has a ripple effect throughout the rest of the company. Allot of the times when someone gets up to that level in the company they have equity into the company or have so many friendships that it makes it impossible to get rid of them. Just think for all this stuff to happen HR basically would have been complicit with the complains and accusations. HR obviously is designed to have the best interest in the company in mind but that shouldn't mean protecting the toxic people in charge at the expensive of the average worker. I think there is a good argument for companies to start having an external company handle their HR needs or coordinate with internal HR to make sure stuff like this is handled appropriately.


You're right that it starts at the top, but I have to disagree about parts of the HR side. Here is from someone who has worked in HR; they have zero power and authority. In my company (one of FAANG) they can make suggestions, though those are most often simply ignored. You cannot, without the business support, fire an employee. I can't even transfer you to another team to protect you from a shitty leader without sign off from the business. It gets worse when you consider the power differential between HR and their business client group. Your HR Partner for a VP tends about 2-3 levels "lower" in terms of status. It is rarely VP to VP. The business leader will always assume that they know how to run their organization better than you, know the people better than you, and consider you (HR) just as much the enemy as the population does. Literally, in HR, everyone hates you. The employees. The business. Even HR itself. If your VP is a womanizing scumbag, do you really think they'll fire the womanizing scumbag developer that costs half a mil a year to retain? Nah, they'll just push more women onto the team instead. It's also fair to say that most HR support tends to be female - in FAANG at least. So if the VP is already a sexist asshole, do you really think they'll take the "suggestion" of that HR woman that is 2-3 levels lower than them? Here is the better part - when these types of accusations start to happen, suddenly emails start getting marked as Privileged and Confidential to keep everything to lawyers only. I guess my point is that HR has zero power to do anything except read from a script. An external HR company would be even more powerless. You would have to completely change the dynamic in a company where HR is the team that makes decisions to fire employees, but I don't see that happening anytime soon. HR is simply the hollow-eyed reflection of people who once thought they might be able to help and were crushed beneath the realization that they were the tool used by the business to do all the dirty work. It's got some horrific irony that HR, often the most diverse organization in a company, is used as a way to inflict harm upon diverse groups within the business. Rant over, it's been a long Friday.


I just want to come in and say that this is my experience as well. HR doesnt exist to protect anyone, and often is completely powerless when there are entrenched executives.


That's why you need unions to serve as an independent voice of the employees. In my company, we got the CEO fired for slamming tables, abusing his secretary and PA, and making racist comments. He was in less than a year, and he made a push to renew some footpaths. He got one done with an admittedly nice green area next to it. We now jokingly call it the Memorial Garden.


Good rant and that is a very unpopular take on reddit where HR is the defacto enemy no questions asked they aren't human.


> I guess my point is that HR has zero power to do anything except read from a script. An external HR company would be even more powerless. You would have to completely change the dynamic in a company where HR is the team that makes decisions to fire employees, but I don't see that happening anytime soon. HR is simply the hollow-eyed reflection of people who once thought they might be able to help and were crushed beneath the realization that they were the tool used by the business to do all the dirty work. It's got some horrific irony that HR, often the most diverse organization in a company, is used as a way to inflict harm upon diverse groups within the business. > > Rant over, it's been a long Friday. Thank you for the perspective, that was really eye opening.


Thanks for the long write-up and making me even more depressed about corporate politics =/


Perfectly described. Thank you!


> HR obviously is designed to have the best interest in the company in mind but that shouldn't mean protecting the toxic people in charge at the expensive of the average worker. What? That’s exactly what HR is for.


You don’t seem to understand that HR is not really on the side of any associated. Hr is there to protect the company. Why do you think it’s such a terrible outcome and career/life destroying event when someone whistle-blows and outs wrong doing?


> You don’t seem to understand that HR is not really on the side of any associated. Hr is there to protect the company. That's literally what I said...


Protecting the company is not what HR of Blizzard have been doing very properly.


> but that shouldn't mean protecting the toxic people in charge at the expensive of the average worker. It should, actually. Workers are dime a dozen. Actually reprimending a higher up could cost the company a lot of money.


They shouldn't employ such liabilities in high positions to begin with.


Its so bad that its honestly hard to believe. With that said tho this is a case filed by the state, they would not waste their time without hard evidence.


And on Monday we will have a pizza party to commemorate all employees hard work.


If they treat there employees like they treat there customers then I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s allot of staff slowly realising they are suffering a form of Stockholm syndrome.


I already uninstalled bnet and overwatch. this situation is fucking VILE and if i hear about Blizzard again it will be too soon. A company and the people working for it **K I L L E D** A HUMAN BEING.


Wait what? Really? Can I get a link on that I hadn't heard about this. Or I suppressed it because I already have cancelled everything a while back Nvm, I found it. Jesus fuck


Just gonna throw it here for anyone else, >One female employee had even killed herself, "due to a sexual relationship with her male supervisor", the DFEH claimed, "a tragic example of the harassment that defendants allowed to fester" - an allegation Activision strongly denies. >She had gone on a company trip with him, before which, another employee alleged, male co-workers had "passed around" intimate photos of her at a party. (https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-57929543)


It was photos of her vagina. How humiliating


Better delete every game that tencent gain from too (good luck with that)! Unless you're willing to support the CCP?


For real. No one here has the real facts and are acting as if the CEO personally told all his employees to rape women or something? There are thousands of people on the payroll. - Typed from my iPhone created in suicide net factories while eating my Nestle baby killer snack.


Spoken like someone who hasn't read his email


Not to mention, how does deleting and not playing a game you already paid for hurt them? They got their money and with less people playing won't have to spend as much to maintain servers, sounds pretty win-win for the company to me. Especially since the only way they will stop selling enough new stuff to make a difference is if the company stops making new stuff.


Pfft, downvoted for putting your faces straight infront of your hypocrisy.


How do you know the entire company and the people working for it are responsible and not just one person?


the infighting is unreal


Slap them with a $100 Million fine, that will help them decide...


so bobby's monthly paycheck ?


That’s like a drop in the bucket.


I have a feeling that they can make that amount in half a year and it'll only cost a small fortune from their infinite coffers...




What's their costs though? Companies often have surprisingly slim profit margins. Also, we don't know how big any fine is. That number was pulled out of an ass.


Considering Bobby's bonus, I don't think profits are a problem for them


Oh, sure, they're not strapped for cash, but there's orders of magnitude between his bonus and their profits.


half a month


Get a few new cosmetics made in a few hours sold in their games and they'll cover that.


They need something worse so it will never happen again


It will happen again regardless.


Decide that it's meritless and silence anyone who say otherwise? I mean how do you thin Epstein got away with it for so long? How did the identity of all of his clientele still remain secret even now?


>$100 Million sad to say, that's literally nothing to them, they should be slapped with multiple billions worth of fine. But that won't happen.


I think at this point the fine should be a prelude to a BBB shakeup of the company. Too many people were too silent for too long, and now they can't be expected to fix their problems by themselves.


$100 million? They make that off one Hearthstone whale every week.


Read the whole article, there is nothing wrong with their internal communication, they are just saying it's disturbing to have that kind of behaviour since it doesn't reflect / align with their values. That being said it's political B/S that merely addresses and acknowledge the issue. If problem exists while having inclusive core values, it basically means those core values are not properly enforced or other conflicting values are allowed to exist in the workplace, which shows a lack of effort to eradicate such behaviors from those top executives in the first place.


Exactly. These executives are complicit either directly or indirectly. They’re responsible for the culture which allowed these actions to take place to the point where an employee killed themself and the state filed a lawsuit against them.. my intuition tells me that the leadership was well aware of everything that was going on and did nothing. I truly hope the leadership steps down and those that were responsible are prosecuted/fined/sued to the fullest extent.


If they truly had those core values then there’s no way they would have employed Furor as early as they did or for as long as they did. It was no secret what a toxic mess he and his guildmates in Everquest were like. There’s nothing surprising about any of this


Hah their company is literally surviving off of call of duty although that's not technically under Blizzard. Ow is basically dead at this point , especially after Kaplan left, one of the few respectable and noteworthy people in Blizzard in recent times imo. Wow can't seem to get anything right, diablo is basically a mobile franchise now, at least that's where they are taking it. I wouldn't be surprised if they suddenly one day decided they would relocate their hq to China and then started selling spyware disguised as mobile games. To think Blizzard was once the company every studio looked up to. BioWare, crytek and many more have fallen from grace, some killed by EA some like BioWare who just shot themselves in the foot but none as bad Blizzard. BioWare forgot how to make good games. Blizzard on the other hand went one step further to literally become a villain of human rights. Lol. Fking garbage ass company. Meanwhile CEO making the fat pay check on a sinking ship because why not! That's how the world works! And we are proud of it apparently.


They aren't dying for profits though. Their MAU is down but profits are way up (via mtx)


Nope Activision owns King and last I checked Candy Crush was the biggest earner they own. Ridiculous isn't it.


That crown of most respectable studio/publisher is ripe for the taking. I hope something good rises from the ashes. Looking forward to seeing the work that comes out of the studio the ex-Blizzard devs are starting.


Or… we should completely dismiss the notion of a “most respectable studio/publisher.” There is no such thing as true “respect” or “honor” with massive corporations. Their main goal is to maximize profits (regardless of whatever projected “values” they put forward). There’s a huge cultural problem where many people idolize/fanboy companies that do not give a shit about them. We need to start scrutinizing companies/corporations to the fullest and holding them accountable for EVERYTHING irrespective of the amazing games they’ve made before and whatever culture they seem to foster. Even small indie developers/publishers have issues and they only get worse as they grow. Obviously, support the companies that make things you like by buying their products, but it should only go that far. There should be no ascription of good, honorable, or respectable for any large institution/business. You also might bring up non-profit organizations/institutions as a counterpoint, but those are already inherently more ethical because they do not operate on the core principle of generating as much money as they possibly can for shareholders/the sake of profit itself (there are obviously exceptions like Susan G. Komen but that really only exemplifies my point of being weary of any large institution/corporation/studio/whatever). Just look at CDPR. Many saw them as being able to do no wrong and were the “good guys” of the gaming industry, but then they completely botched the release of CP2077. It’s probably a decent game (I can barely run it so I’ve held off on playing it), but they definitely overpromised and underdelivered on their product. Riddled with bugs, optimized terribly, underdeveloped open world mechanics, truncated customization options, etc. (and don’t even get me started on how they straight up lied to previous console gen players). My main point is that we need to stop holding these massive corporations to the same standards we hold individual people. We should stop looking for the “honorable” corporations because they probably don’t truly exist and, if we do find one, it will always inevitably lead to disappointment. Sure, individual human beings can disappoint, but they can also change. Those are also the actions of an individual person that we can judge separately and uniquely. Whenever it comes to questions of corporate culture… those issues are much more deep-rooted and take complete overhauls from top to bottom to truly change.


I think the reality is we need to stop putting corpos on a pedestal and accept that the bigger an organization gets the more likely it is that they pull shit like this.


Supergiant gets my vote for the moment, although they've only really done single player games so far.


"disturbing" and "Meritless" aren't things that are unable to be put on the same thing. An allegation of something can be disturbing, such as the content of the allegation and that it's been revealed. At the same time, it can also be without merit and be disproved. If that's the case with these allegations, I'm not here to decide.


It's funny to read Townsend talks about nothing she knows about LOL She just moved in and she was in the bush's staff, it's obv that she can't see anything about this except logs.


Blizzard is evil and wretched. It's leaders are examples of the worst in corporate leadership. Do not spend a penny or a second with their products. You'll sleep better knowing you're not enabling these grotesque animals.


I mean at this point you need to clear out the entire company or clear out the execs. This type of shit always starts at the top. I feel very bad for anyone who experienced any form of harassment at that company. I hope they get their retribution even if its just in compensation.


Disturbing and meritless are not mutually exclusive? What are you getting at here?


Disturbing implies truth in this context while meritless implies lack of truth or is just a flat out denial


What a useless comment. You can read the accusations and think it's disturbing, but would still be meritless if it isn't true.


Op was confused. I answered. The important part is implication. One side is saying it's disturbing (implying it's true and they stated they want to do better) the others are saying it's meritless, meaning they don't give a shit because they're denying it's true. Can't spell it out any clearer


How are they not mutually exclusive? If the claims are meritless then what is there to be disturbed about?


Invent a fake story that is also a bit wacky and insane. Bam, meritless because fake and disturbing because wacky and insane. Two things can be true at the same time, it isn't a zero sum game. Hyperbole: "He decapitated a child and played football with the bleeding head". Would you say this mental image could be disturbing to "weaker" people?


How are they mutually exclusive? I've heard tons of disturbing but meritless bullshit from ex's and lady friends.


What a useless comment. Did you bother to read the article or the emails from the twitter source? There were two whole memos written by two different executives, each with a very different tone. The headline summed up each memo's tone with single word each. The fact that those two words are not mutually exclusive *with zero context* means nothing. The memos are vastly different statements, and that was the entire point of the article. Your comment comes across as extremely ignorant to anyone who actually understands the context beyond the headline.


What a useless comment. You can read the accusations and think it's disturbing, but would still be meritless if it isn't true.


If I accuse you of raping a dolphin then jamming a jalapeno in it's blowhole that would be something both disturbing and meritless. That shit at Blizzard happened, not defending them by any means. But, I am taking exception to your inability to understand that meritless and disturbing are not mutually exclusive terms. It's quite possible for something to be both.


I find it funny they keep mentioning "training" and whatever for sexual harassment. I don't know why people need that. It comes off to me like their employees would shit on the floor if they weren't specifically told not to shit on the floor. It's not hard to not bring sex toys and lubes on company trips.


The victim blaming going on in here is frankly disgusting. Especially the incessant spam of "Well she was a woman so it *must* be extortion!" So extortion is now killing yourself for financial gain? The incelibate brain is truly the smoothest in all of the animal kingdom.


I was headhunted for a PR position with ActiBlizz as my main client yesterday, first call and discussion was positive but when I got off the phone and spoke to my partner he showed me the news. Rejected that shit immediately. I can’t represent a client that writes such hostile rubbish calling people ‘burecrats’ and ‘disgusting’ in response to such serious allegations. I can help repair an image but I can’t work miracles.


Wow, what a shock that a Bush administration DHS stooge is the first to attack victims of sexual assault & harassment 🙄


Oh man I was thinking the same thing and also why are my bias confirmed left and right about "conservative" politicians throughout the last decade? I feel like I'm in a bizarro world where its plain to see right in front of you but people dont care or are too ignorant to understand. I wasnt going to post the thought because it feels like a futule attempt at this point. Thanks for the sensation of confirmation at least lol


True = disturbing. Not True = meritless.


allegations and accusations can be both disturbing and meritless....


I'm sorry, I'm a bit out of the loop. What is this about?




Holy shit, this sucks


Lmao. Executives are often the worst kinds of people




I mean there’s been a ton of current and ex employees coming forward and sharing their stories. While I agree that people tend to hold the sentiment you mentioned I don’t think it applies to this lawsuit.


Yeah this is an awful take when it comes to this story, they have been under investigation for 2 years now. Ffs even a woman killed herself because of sexual abuse from a supervisor


Oh save it for something else, we live in a world where companies make billions of dollars even while they're doling out prepared attempts to brush their wrong-doings under the rug. This is a world where companies can force people to stay silent about shit with NDAs. This is a world where companies can force people into arbitration systems where everyone works and conspires to help the company with no recourse for those they send through it. This is a world where companies can employ child workers, poison communities, destroy environments, use monkeys as slaves, and worse without barely or no repurcussions whatsoever. This is a world where companies guilty when proven guilty can laugh off whatever trivial consequences come their way, where they already calculated and choose their path knowing the affordable consequences will still leave them profitible.


Accusations against an individual being unfounded is definitely a far too common occurrence, but I have yet to see a single instance where multiple allegations against a company turned out to be completely untrue. So for now I’m completely fine with labeling them guilty after just reading a single article


Except we don't, because the court of public opinion does not dictate the law. Your attempt to conflate popular opinion with a legal ruling is cute, I suppose, but maybe you should get off the internet if hearing people's thoughts on a matter shake you so much that you go, I assume, temporarily dumb.


[All of these](https://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/op1t7m/activision_blizzard_sued_by_california_over_frat/h62n78j/) past employees of Blizzard are surely lying! -Op, probably.


This isn't a random, unaccountable individual writing up an accusational screed on pastebin or twitlonger; it's some of the report from a 2 year investigation initiated by the state that they are pursuing (something that doesn't happen unless they're very confident they can win in a legal fight). On the spectrum of how believable this is, I'd say it's pretty high.


This is not one of those moments mate.


it's a 9500 employee strong company, of course there will be harassment, that's just true alone through the numbers and statistics. if these exact claims are true is a totally different story. some of those claims really smell of bullshit.




Nobody wants to risk going public with accusations and not being believed. Victims who go public first is a huge morale boost for other people that also want to take action against their abusers.


Don't you have apologies?


People throwing around "HR did this, HR did that..." HR is there to protect the company, not employees ... If you thinnothorwise you are deluded


I just hope that their not standing on the grave of this poor girl cos if the circumstances around her death are unrelated to the allegations and she is just being used as a club. that is truly immoral


I believe what will guide that decision is 'what will make us look better so that people keep buying stuff?'


Wait…. What?!? If they don’t think this is disturbing…


No no no, what they said was they're "out of context" and that the lawsuit is "meritless". So which one is it? Because if the claims are "out of context" that implies there's better context which would mean some part of it has merit.


It's the old say both and let people pick the response they want. Basically, being both is the easiest way to retain wallets, I mean paying customers.


At this fucking point, literally who cares. Fucking burn it to the ground.


Which means they're true.


I have determined that Activision Blizzard is both disturbing and meritless.


If they need a compliance and ethics officer, I know one.


I think is to early to just believe what's put out buy anyone let's just wait and see before we start judging who is guilty or innocent


They're not mutually exclusive if some have no merit but others do.