So... men have big dogs? Is that what it's trying to say?

So... men have big dogs? Is that what it's trying to say?


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Lol my brother in law used to refuse to have a little dog because he thought he would t like having a little dog, he got my sister a 6lb chihuahua and it became his best friend he even talked for it with a tiny little voice “oh Kewwy, I wuv you so much kewwy, I had so much fun today kewwy oh yes I did!” He even got it a life vest so it could go to the river with him and not die in the rapids


That is very cute


That's wonderful!


Yeah it’s pretty great


Haha, this kind of happened to my entire family. None of us like little dogs (we thought) and always had 60-80 pound dogs. Then about four years ago a little 10 pounder showed up andwe couldn't imagine not having him.


I love little dogs haha they are like big dogs but more portable XD


My dad who put his foot down on getting a dog. Pouted when the dog my friend was giving away was promised to someone else. This was after showing him one picture of her. Lucky for us the other people decided to go for an older dog.




My dad has a teacup chihuahua that he spoils. The dog is an absolute asshole to everyone except my dad


Nah, this is how a man shops with his dog https://imgur.com/gallery/ppPv8Ms


He looks so embarrassed


I have so many questions


Meme aside, my first thought was that the dog rules at my mall is you have to be able to carry it.


They let non-medical dogs in your mall?


I think it depends on local laws. Some places it's illegal to bring animals like dogs to a place that sells food. The exception being service animals (real service animals that have been trained for that work, like guide dogs, not emotional support animals which don't need a significant amount of special training.)




Lol you asked a question and got an answer. How on earth do you think the appropriate response is getting mad?




Um, did you read your response? Sounds like you’re mad.




Yep yep! Mostly see purse dogs, on rainy days the mall walkers bring bigger ones before open, cause no one enforces the rule. There was a pig in a stroller at Sephora once.


I was dog sitting a 40ln dog once and the liquor store told me he couldn’t come in and they only allowed dogs that could be carries. I carried that mutt with a 12 case cause that’s what they asked me to do.


I guess it's a shot at "purse dogs". No joke, in my city they're out of fashion and those pet people have moved on to putting their pampered pooch in a baby stroller.


my grandma has a 12-year-old little poodle and it is really convenient in size. Doesn't fit in a purse but is easy to just put under your arm. The Pampered Poodle Cries and whines if she doesn't see grandma, and likes to keep the whole group together. Refuses to eat or drink if we are split on a trip. I kinda get the joke the meme is trying to make, the photo is funny too, but it kinda sounds weird. "haha this man is acting like those rich wives carrying their pampered furbabies around". Of course, the man is carrying his furbaby!


Yeah, I think this is more a poorly-worded shot at purse dogs than it is pointlessly gendered… after all, a dude with a purse dog in the US would be (and is) *exceedingly* uncommon.


You sure the stroller-dogs aren’t old, sick or injured? Pretty much every stroller-dog I’ve ever met was dealing with health issues.


I know people who had dog strollers because their dogs have disability or old age that prevent them from being able to walk a lot. These pet owners are not often the over the top ones, they’re the kindest and most loving! They also don’t care about the judgement of people who don’t get that they’re being compassionate for their fur family member.


When my mom’s previous dog passed a little over four years ago, she almost got a purse with her bichon/shih tzu mix in mind. The only reason she didn’t is that she wasn’t sure if the dog would weigh too much. (Turns out that her current reason for existing/dog is around 25 lbs, which makes him a little large for the purse treatment.)


Dang, I’ve been doing it wrong all this time! So, tuck my 100-lb dog under one arm, and my 65-lb dog under the other? I can put the kitten in my purse, and the snake around my neck…? Right? Is that how you shop?!?!


I shop with my service dog, he's a rottie and an angel, their "logic" is flawed


rottweilers are so cute. What is his name?


Guinness, after my first dog Whiskey who passed 6 years ago :)


I really like those names =)


I mean, the dog is happy to be there either way!


My dad with a dachshund: 👁👄👁


How about you just don't shop with your dogs in stores regardless of your gender.


With the obvious exception of real service animals


And pet stores (assuming your pet is reasonably well trained).


I was in Kroger today and some woman had her filthy little yappy chihuahua in the shopping cart and had her kid carrying a hand basket while she put stuff in. Leave your pets at home.


Why not tho?


Because some people can inhibit serious allergic reactions, and I don't think that's fair when someone is going out shopping. Obvious exception, of course, are trained service animals.


If my dog could read this he would go “how dare you suggest I not be allowed in TJ Max, they love me there”!


Clearly never met a jack russell terrier ...


I don't think they have met any kind of dog, to be honest.


My grandmother and I carry her poodle like that, but it is strange that the meme is trying to say that men don't get conveniently sized dogs. I have seen men with dogs smaller than an old grass mower. ... and completely off topic, that dog is super cute. It is ADORABLE.


My dad was the one who wanted to get a single medium-sized dog... my mom was the one that convinced us to adopt two \~120lb ones


What's funny is, I've seen far, far more men with tiny little toy dogs they spoil like a princess than I have seen women with them. My roomate has a shitzu and I fucking hate that spoiled little shit.


I've never seen a man with a toy dog. Like, ever.


My dad has a pitpug who's tiny


I see a ton of them here in Arizona.


I work at a vet and I have seen many men with toy/small dogs.


Ngl I would absolutely shop with my dog, but he’s too big and scared of his own shadow lmao


It always comes down to a dog-measuring contest. smh


Welp, guess I have to tell my SIL that their lab is actually just my brother’s now. /s Honestly some people….


I shop with my pom like that I guess I need a sex change now


No, they’re saying that women walk around with large dogs under their arms.


Help I literally can’t read this


All of my aunts who own big dogs (adopted for extra points)


I like big dogs. Not because I'm a man, but because little dogs annoy me with them walking between your legs lol. Plenty of women prefer bigger dogs too.


We have big dogs because my mom insists upon it. I like a good medium dog, but all dogs are great and big ones make for bigger bed furnaces.


I don't rll get it tbh-


Here with my pitbull service dog.


I made the same post 8 hours ago and got 8 upvotes :c *sad noises of a reposter*


I don't actually get it. Is shopping with dogs a thing? It doesn't really happen in the UK, a lot of shops will have a no animals policy unless if the place is super chill like in Cornwall. I'm not sure what this meme is trying to say?


google "handbag dogs" or don't, maybe it's nicer not knowing lol


I can't take my dog anywhere.


I’m stuck at home, because I can’t carry my 85 pound lazy dog anywhere.


He is one but many men


I have a Yorkshire terrier tho and he’s the master of sneakiness and disobedience, ain’t nothing “girly” about little dogs, and I love the little guy too


Is nobody going to mention how impressive it is that he is holding a dog that big like its nothing, there isn't even a leash, how long has he been that way?


I have a good damn Pomeranian - my sister has a German shepherd.


I can’t help but think of Captain Holt holding those puppies for the whole episode.


Regardless of who has what dog, I wish this was possible on a daily basis! Dogs are the best!


I honestly have no idea what this is even supposed to be implying. Other than it’s vaguely sexist.


We all know dogs are boys and cats are girls