Curious about people's true perspectives

Curious about people's true perspectives


Charizard definitely deserves some attention, but not “2 megas and a g-max” attention. Let’s keep it to 2 forms max. Ya hear that? *You’re on thin* ***fuckin*** *ice, Gengar!*


And Meowth is jumping on that ice


Honestly, I would be fine with them giving Meowth a variant for each region like they have been doing so far. It makes sense in how Meowth is an iconic pokemon alongside Pikachu, in large part due to the anime.


and did you know that meowth was ment to be pikachu's counterpart. a cat-mouse type thing. In fact, pikachu and meowth's pokedex numbers are the inverted numbers of eachother's


Ohhhhh. Sensical.


I'd honestly prefer to get "meowth clones" instead of variant forms. Meowth is cool and all, but it's not so cool that I want a new Meowth every generation. We have new Pikachu clones most generations. Pichu (ok this one is a pre-evo, but it clearly was made just to be more Pikachu happening), Minun/Plusle, Emolga, Pachirisu, Dedenne, Togedemaru, Morpeko. They're cute designs that stand on their own, and they're a lot more exciting than "We made Pikachu but bigger." Similarly, I'd love to see more cat Pokemon like Skitty, Purrloin, and Glameow. While clone designs like that can be a little hit or miss, I think they're a lot more exciting than giving the same Pokemon new forms again and again and again.


I disagree. There is a cat like or inspired pokemon in almost ever generation. Delcatty, Glameow, liepard, Pyroar, Meowstic, luxray, and arguably even the Eevee line. I think it's overdown and would love to move away from the idea of clones entirely. Be way more interesting if we got more unique and different pokémon based off of more niche concepts. As opposed to more electric rodents and felines defined by a personality trait.


I’m not saying we shouldn’t have original Pokémon. Just that I’d prefer new cats over regionsl meowths.


Oh then I've misunderstood, I definitely agree with that! :D


Meowth’s fine, him and his Kanto G-Max, but he stays in the corner with Alolan Exeggutor.


What about his two regional forms?


I'm most bothered by it because we don't need to have a new Meowth to have a new regional cat. If anything, could we get a regional of a different kitty for some variation?


Next up on the list, Skitty with a cactus for a tail instead of flower


I would unironically love it


I would too ​ I actually want an entire pokemon game entirely based off of mexico


They’re not Meowths, they’re the things that evolve into Garfield and Purrsurker. The get in the OTHER corner with the regional variants no one cares about.


I see it differently, but not so much that I care to argue it.


Understandable. I just wasn’t a big fan of the new meowth forms, nor meowth in general, I was just making a bad joke.


I love Meowth and Persian. I liked Alolan Meowth and didn't hate Alolan Persian. I'm not a fan of Galarian Meowth, though. It doesn't look much like Meowth. It hardly even looks like a cat, but more like a Where the Wild Things Are creature. Perrserker replacing Persian is pretty disappointing.


Understandable, I personally like Galarian Meowth and Perrsurker the best because they have cool designs, and let’s be honest, Persian never had the best design, Kantonian or Alolan. But it’s nice to meet someone who likes them, who knows, maybe I just need to warm up to them.


Yeah, I know Persian looks pretty basic, but I'm a fan of both cats and simpler Pokemon designs. Also I had a Persian in blue version that kicked ass so that probably has something to do with it, too. Plus Giovanni has a Persian and Team Rocket is cool.


Wtf origibal persian is beautiful


I think this is what makes Meowth so much more universally well received though Alolan Persian and Purrzerker are so radically different from regular Meowth and Persian. They are practically brand new pokemon. All have different personalities, playstyles, typing, lore, etc Meanwhile with all the Charizard forms, they are all practically the same: just Charizard. It’s very same-y


Yeah, or very same-x, depending on the mega-stone you equipped.


While I wouldnt argue we needed Charizard X and Y, I think they do a reasonable job of differentiating. One is the "dragon" Charizard that everyone has always wanted, while the other is the pinnacle of a "Flying type" Charizard. And while X has a cool color scheme, I appreciate Charizsrd having a mega form that maintains its classic color scheme. Their different stat spreads and abilities even make them play dramatically different. Oh no. Am I becoming a mega Charizard apologist? What is this madness?




Purrsurker number one


The cat pokemon being the mascot for regional variants does make sense however so he is a nice mascot for it


To be fair, Gengar at least has had the historical competitive chops to deserve it. Man’s was a beast in OU for like, what, 5 generations straight? Also one of the sickest designs and backstories in all of Pokémon if you ask me


Meanwhile, Zard had to get two new forms to get into OU, and its placements before that were UUBL in gens 2 and 3, and NU in all others,


"Gamefreak should've never even thought of Stealth Rocks" -Charizard probably


>UUBL Under-Used-But-Liked?


Under Used Borderline, basically it was voted too strong to be UU, but not picked enough to be OU


I thought the BL stood for ban list.


essentially stands for both


I agree Gengar is awesome. I have three Gengars in HeartGold lol.


I don't even think "2 Megas a a G-Max" is the problem, but mostly "Only Kanto starter that gets these perks". It did take a DLC to be able to get the two others in Sword and Shield, while Charizard was there from the get go.


Although I do agree with you I must say I love both megas.


That's the problem, charizard doesn't deserve to get so much extra stuff, but it's megas were really good


I mean I always felt the Mega and GMax forms were exclusively to make up for how terrible the shiny is otherwise, when it comes to Gengar.


One thing that pisses me off about Charizard it's self is it's not a dragon type. I think everyone has said that at least once in their life.


It's a winged lizard that breaths fire, what's dragon about that?!


It's my second favourite starter (behind Blaziken) and I'm not afraid to admit it. But yes, there are plenty of other Pokemon that I wish could get a bit more attention instead of Charizard.


I love Charizard and always have. But yeah other Pokémon deserve the spotlight too.


Charizard is like greninja and pikachu, cool as fuck but forced down our throats so often I get sick of seeing them


Interestingly, Greninja is nowhere to be seen in SwSh (Water Shuriken is even technically Accelgor's signature move in gen 8) but Charizard was massively shoehorned in


Truth, I found it weird that was Leon’s signature Pokémon instead of you know a gen 8 Pokémon


I think were three big reasons behind it. A) Galar is based on England so they wanted a European style, fire-breathing dragon and Charizard fits the bill. Though they really could’ve just made a new, actual fire/dragon type that isn’t turnator for Leon. B) They wanted Leon to seem like just another kid who worked his way to the top so he’d seem relatable to the protagonist. Giving him a starter was an easy way to do this, but he should’ve just mained the starter strong against yours. C) Charizard is a nostalgia machine and nothing gets an idea finalized more than money.


This was probably the breaking straw that made me hate Charizard. The champion has always been like a showcase of the strongest and coolest new pokemon like Steven’s Metagross and Cynthia’s Garchomp. I honestly found it very ridiculous and I can say that I hate Charizard now


The funny thing is that Leon *does* have one of the strongest gen 8 pokemon with Dragapult. That one should've been his ace. The fact that Charizard was the only Legacy starter available on launch was such bullshit.


What about Lance and his 3 Dragonites? In fact, none of his team are Johto Pokemon. Gen 2 definitely has a problem with underutilizing the Pokémon from its own region in general, but I always hated how Lance’s team was all from Gen 1, and used the same Pokémon 3 times. Gen 2 should’ve gotten another Dragon type aside from Kingdra.


I used to love charizard but after 2 megas and constantly being given the choice of the 3 kanto starts I hated him. They need to give love to other starters. My first generation was gen 2. The gen 2 starters get nothing


gen 2 needs so much more love. They’re some of the most fun games to play through and the starters are pretty lackluster by today’s standards (competitively, not design-wise as theyre pretty cool). They could really use mega or regional forms to make them relevant


oh it's not just the gen 2 starters, most of gen 2 gets ignored iirc


That’s so true


*cries in Typholosion 3D sprite*


Laughs in Legends Arceus Cyndaquil.


Diantha had a Gardevoir as her main if I remember correctly.


Yup, but that's more of an issue that zero vanilla Kalos pokemon mega evolve.


This is when favoritism hit meme levels


Yea, but Greninja is still a little overexposed. The whole Ash-Greninja thing ( why didn't Delphox and Chesnaught get megas or forms xd ), Greninja got into Smash, Unite and the Detective Pikachu movie.


I think it was probably a combination of the anime and competitive that made Greninja so popular since his hidden ability made it genuinely very strong, and of course Ash having one always makes a pokemon at least slightly more popular


I never liked Greninja much. I loved Froakie when he was announced and followed the unveilings religiously. When Greninja got leaked, I was super disappointed. A tongue scarf?


I love the idea of a tongue scarf for a frog ninja lol. It fits so well.


Same. It's uncanny but it's like Pokemon type of uncanny. Like a flower frog or a samurai otter with shell swords.


I like the tongue scarf more than Sylveon's ribbon tentacles.


It's a nice concept. Edgy but wacky. But there's also more to it than that. Frogadier is a great example of gamefreak designing an animal. He looks like a blue version of the tree frogs I used to catch as a kid. I was gonna nickname my Froakie "Waldo" after a lake near where I live. Greninja is just so angular and abstract. Idk. Obviously my reaction to him is based on emotions, so take it with a grain of salt.


Meanwhile, I saw the tongue scarf and thought "This is the best way to make a final form of an already amazing Pokemon line"


I like Greninja, but I miss the frubbles


a tongue scarf is perfect


I mean Charizard is fine as a Pokemon but the thing is that I just hate the fact that it single handley is the most popular starter because of nostalgia. No offence but it's just a fire dragon (Except the megas and G-max, they make it look more interesting), especially in the 3D switch where it just looks really dopey in a sad way. And it doesn't help that they fan service it so much that I kinda just get tired of seeing it compared to the other Kanto starters, let alone Gens 2, 4, and 5 starters, which don't really get much love from Game freak.


I mean fire dragon is enough for me 😅 But I get what you're saying. And you're right, the 2, 4, and 5 Starters get done dirty way too much. Gen 2 is getting some attention right now with Meganium in Snap and Cyndaquil in Legends, though that's not much, and hopefully the Gen 4 trio will get some love thanks to the remakes, but we'll have to see. And yeah, the Gen 5 Starters don't get much love at all, from GameFreak or fans. Which sucks, because they rock. Serperior is one of my all-time favourites.


My only dislike about the Gen 5 starters are the final evolutions. I actually really like the starters in Gen 5 with Snivy being my least favourite. But I choose Snivy because of the three final evolutions it has the best looking one. Chose Tepig the first time around though.


Oshawott is also in Legends, but I completely agree!


Lowkey cringe to admit he’s my fave cause “Holographic 100k rare” fuckery


Well it’s a card worth 100k Who wouldn’t want 100k


How many times do I have to hear people have a boner for every different version tho? Not even just the 100k shadowless or 1st edition or anything. It’s become synonymous with Pokémon the brand and that’s cool I guess he’s kind of on par with Pikachu at this point which is fine but I recall a lot of people having a lot of different favorite Pokémon now it’s Charizard this and Charizard that


You might just not be looking in the right places. Every Pokemon really is someone's favourite, which I know is a very generic, "yeah, sure, pal" thing to say, but it's honestly true. I've heard people say Maractus, of all things, is their favourite Pokemon, and honestly, that's amazing


Hol the flip up, are you saying Maractus *isn't* an absolute top tier pokemon.


Most assuredly not, only that few can see the truth


Hell, one of my favorite Pokémon is qwilfish of all Pokémon, I mean who else likes qwilfish?


Hugh, if his hairstyle is anything to go by. All jokes aside, I love this aspect of Pokemon. That no matter how obscure a particular 'mon may be, someone loves it. It's just wholesome.


I’ll admit here I don’t hear that. When I see people chart every favorite type he’s not there all the time (but Typhlosion usually is and he is possibly my second fave and I love y’all for that). When I see a collab or when I talk to people in real life I do see the Charizard bias but here I don’t see much of that. You put the poll on her for a reason though right? It’s not like I’m making up the fact he’s EVERYWHERE.


He certainly is, though I was referring more to marketing than fandom presence. I find Charizard gets way less love from fans than it used to, but that could just be biased data based on who I talk to. I don't discuss Pokemon with non-fans that much, so I imagine I'd hear the ol' fire dragon brought up more often if I did


Marketing wise yes, but like the other people have mentioned it’s being crammed down your throat for nostalgia purposes and to get everyone to relive their childhood.


My dude is really getting mad at a card that is worth $100,000. I do not care at all what card it is, if it’s worth 100k, I’m going to be really happy


Pretty much a 100k dollar bill with a little extra steps


Pikachu is the mascot of pokemon, so it's exposure is warranted. I know Charizard is very popular but it just feels so odd that it gets exposed to the point of the other kanto starters feeling lame? Kinda goes against the individuality people have in their pokemon preferences. But do whatever sells I suppose.


Imagine being a fan of Golisopod and getting a single generation worth of fun before having your pokemon be forgotten by GF for the rest of eternity


It's interesting because the only different or rather additional thing Charizard has over Blastoise and Venusaur is a second mega, other than that, they've gotten the same treatment so far at least in mechanics, but not storywise, him being Leon's ace and all... I do feel it's unfair, I'm sure people would've loved to have a water/steel or water/ground Blastoise alternate mega, or a Grass/Ground or Grass/Fairy Venusaur, keeping balance between the 3... I admit he's in my top 3, but I hate all the overexposure because it makes people hate him, I felt excited af with megas because it finally made him relevant and useful again, but I don't care for his gmax form or all the exposure, I'd rather have megas back and call it a day.


Blastoise and Venusaur GMax is from a dlc and not the main game so Charizard had the lime light because he was the Champs Ace Pokémon.


Which just from a writing stand point, is somewhat damning of the Galarian region that the Champ's ace is from a different region entirely.


So is Diantha's though, he ain't the first.


True, but Diantha's Gardevoir is less egregious because, well, it's only a Gardevoir, it doesn't get much spotlight anyway. The only other major NPC who used a Gardevoir at that point was Wally, who got retconned into using a Gallade in the immediately following game.


Charizard was *literally* everywhere in Sw/Sh, while I'm not even sure if Venusaur or Blastoise were in the damn game before DLC came out


You're right, I stand corrected, I forgot about that, I honestly didn't get SwSh so that detail slipped my mind, but yeah, seems unfair to even give him a somewhat important part in the story. Even though I'm a Charizard lover, Blastoise and Venusaur deserve just as much love too


To be fair they do not get the same treatment charizard was a base game g-max the others were dlc, also charizard was the champions signature Pokémon the others didn’t get this kind of treatment


Yep, gotta give you that one, it's not fair, I wish it was, I'm a Charizard guy but I'm all for equal pokenon rights, they deserve better


Also tbh I am just tired of the 3 original starters, they are always given to us throughout the games over the years. It would be mighty lovely for the other generations in general to get more love


Agreed, specially when there are great starters in the rest of the gens, the 3 originals got done right by with megas, if only the 3 had gotten 2 megas each and gmax charizard wasn't a thing, balance would be restored


At least legends arcius is giving us 3 starts each from a different gen and none are from gen 1, my boy cyndaquil is back


Yeah! I'm excited about that one, though I'm likely getting rowlett, good thing all 3 Sinnoh Starters will be available, the 3 of them are amazing and I'll no longer suffer the dilemma of having to choose between the 3 because they're all so good


Charizard probably has a lot more fans because it got way more screen time and character development in the anime show and movies than the other two, since it was the only one Ash had. AFAIK he never evolved Bulbasaur or Squirtle and none of his companions ever had them either.


It's gotten a lot better but I wished Ash's pokemon evolved more. I know they are trying to go for more unevolved pokemon under the spotlight, and how evolution doesn't necessarily mean getting stronger. But for anyone who has played the games, getting your pokemon to evolve is like a visual milestone to how good of a trainer you are being. Also evolution does make pokemon stronger in every aspect. I get pikachu not wanting to evolve, it makes sense (more than marketably so) but does he really need 3 stage one pokemon on his team?? I think pokemon fans would connect a lot more if Ash always fully evolved his pokemon, and you could showcase more cool pokemon that way. Imagine how many more Venusaur and Blastoise fans we would have if ash just evolved his pokemon.


I think it’s fine, but just think the tiny arms and strange head make it dopey, but in a way that doesn’t work like it does for dragonite


Same but he looks chubby... Mega Charizard Y looks much less chubby and dopey.


This is why I absolutely LOVE Charizard Y.


As much as Charizard is overrated, Mega Charizard Y is pretty underrated.


Mega Charizard Y should've been the only Mega Charizard. If they wanted to still give Alain Mega Zard X they should've said something like "This is the result of an experiment on a Charizardite".


Dragonite has intense Dragon Tales dopey energy for sure!


Hey I remember that show.


Yeah, the 3D model doesn’t look nearly as good as the sprites... I mean just look at his gen 3/4/5 sprites, they’re awesome.


I’ve always felt the same way. It feels like Mega Charizard X was what I always wanted normal Charizard to look, though maybe slighty less edgy.


I think it's kinda ugly. Later illustrations try to make it smoother and enlargen the wings, but the [old pictures](https://i.pinimg.com/originals/57/e3/bc/57e3bc92969b65e08016c12ad209e9af.png) show how lumpy the body was, how unbalanced its head was, and how its wings are connected by a mere sliver. Plus that bizarre extra joint on its wings. What's that all about?


It’s just how the old art style was. They all look a little weird and soft. I mean look how fat OG Pikachu was.


He's cool. But he's no Blastoise.


My man. 🤜🏻💥🤛🏻


This guy knows


You have good tastes


Where's the "I don't really care about Charizard" option?


I thought about putting one, but decided not to since, y'know... If you don't care, why click on a post about it? But mainly what I'm looking to gauge are people's strong feelings, so including a neutral option wouldn't help much. If you'd like, I could officially declare an upvote on your comment as the "I don't really care" option, though


Well... to be fair, your thread title had nothing to do with Charizard, so I clicked to find out more.


My favorite is Bulbasaur, and I admit I think Charizard is a good design and I like it, I'm just dad my bulbous boi gets overshadowed, and called inferior when it is the opposite.


It's certainly not inferior in a Kanto playthrough, that's for sure. That said, I do enjoy picking Charmander for the "hard mode"


I picked Bulbasaur in Red for the toxic/leech seed glitch when I played it on virtual console.


How devious of you


Charizard is fine. There just are too many fire dragons as the protagonist's main ally in so many series, though, that I grow tired and irritated at the sight of dragons in fiction.


You say that, yet Charizard is not a dragon... type-wise, that is.


"A Pokemon doesn't need to be a dragon type to be a dragon." Lance in Pokemon Masters when explaining why he has a Gyarados.


Excuses from a bird-keeper masquerading as a dragon tamer!


Gotta love how the dragon master have 3 copies of the same dragon as the only dragon type and all 6 Pokemon of his team are flying type.


One of them is.


Having to have Charizard screams main character syndrome to me even though that is so stupid I'm sure people just like him because he's cool


I never really liked Charizard to begin with as I was a big Venusaur fan as a kid and wasn’t a huge fan of fire types. And to have a Pokémon you already don’t like be constantly forced into every facet of the franchise kinda killed any hope of me ever changing my mind since now I don’t like it AND I’m sick of seeing it. No hate to anyone who likes it, just personally I can’t stand it.


It's hard to say.... on one hand.... Charizard oversaturation does get annoying frequently on the other.. without it he wouldn't be viable in the recent generations without all his extra help so i guess as someone who wants a dragon to kill people i'll take it as an unnecessary evil with benefits Although Leon shouldn't have gotten one that much i agree with


Yeah, the increased viability is really nice, I have to admit. Damn, I miss the Megas. It wasn't fair that it got two, but... I can't be too mad about it because they're both so good in every way.


I don’t have an opinion on charizard. It just well. Exist. I personally like shiny umbreon ✨


As you should, Shiny Umbreon is gorgeous.


Honestly i think all the exposure is fine but my only gripe is that he was the Ace of a champion


I wouldn't call myself a huge fan of Charizard, but I'd say I at least like Charizard a little bit. I do think Charizard is extremely overrated (both in comparison to other Kanto starters and to other Fire starters) - not only because the games market Charizard quite heavily, but also because people in general just find fiery dragons cool. Fans aren't at fault for liking things, so no one's really "to blame" there, but I'm rather surprised (and probably a bit disappointed) that the other designs just don't resonate with people as strongly (I'm a big fan of Venusaur, personally). I also prefer Toa of Ice over Toa of Fire, but that's just IMO :)


At least compared to Pikachu, Charizard is underrated. In every poll I've ever seen, Charizard is the most popular pokémon. Charizard isn't even in my top ten favorite pokémon, but it would make more sense for Charizard to be the series mascot rather than Pikachu.


I just think it's a boring design, oh wow a dragon so cool and epic


That a how I feel. "He has such a cool design!" It's literally just a Dragon. His tail has a flame at the end, that's where the creativeness begins and ends. Blastoise at least has retractable cannons coming out of his shell. Venusaur is an animal/plant hybrid which is probably the coolest design of all 3 (And I say that as a Blastoise fan).


I mean Gen 1 Pokémon in general are somewhat generic and often just a two-tone color pallete.


i'm just sick of it. i never hated it but i never loved it. it just always existed to me, but i think around gen 6, gamefreak started doubling down on gen 1 nostalgia and was like "hey guys, remember that cool dragon looking starter from your childhood? BOOM, HE'S NOW A DRAGON AND COOLER AND THERE'S ANOTHER ONE TOO. WE MADE THEM ACTUALLY COMPETITIVE NOW" and because that worked, they've just been pushing it harder. but hey, it clearly works. i've had friends who've not played a pokemon game since gen 2 message me on facebook like "hey, what's a good moveset for charizard. i'm getting back into pokemon and i wanna use it" but i feel the downside with all this gen 1 nostalgia and charizard love is the people who ONLY want to use the pokemon they grew up using and not grow to love any others. often the easiest way to figure out if you like a mon imho is to use it. p.s. i'm saying this as someone who's been playing pokemon since gen 1 but kept up with the series.


Oh yeah, Gen 1 pandering in general has gone way too far. And you're right, it started in Gen 6. I honestly think it may have been the backlash from Gen 5. They took a risk and went for an "all-new" approach, and the Gen 5 hate was so bad that they haven't stopped overcorrecting since.


Goshdang (censored myself) the pokemon community sometimes...


Weirdly, the fact that Gen 5 was an all new approach is one of my favourite things about Gen 5. I always liked exploring the new pokemon on my first and if not later playthroughs anyway. Gen 7/8 was more of a chore in that regard though.


Same. Gens 6, 7, and 8 can be pretty tiresome to play through sometimes because you have to sift through so many old faces to find the much rarer new 'mons. I really miss smaller regional dexes that prioritize the new Pokemon


Yep. GF has a formula and they stick to it, since it will always work. This means they do end up shunning a huge part of their audience, but we're also mostly the ones that will come back anyway. It's a sad life...


so don't come back! play Showdown n ROMhacks (where the franchise's soul actually is) and don't buy games unless they show GF getting out of their lazy habits (really hoping Legends: Arceus will be this, but we don't know yet)


Yeah, I've decided that after the remakes and Arceus as Sinnoh is my favourite region, I probably won't come back to the main series games unless something massively changes. The main reason I got SwSH was because it's based in England and I have been underwhelmed by it. My main gripes in the direction of the games tend to be too much hand holding, the routes are much more simplified and the game is easier. And I don't buy the idea that these games are aimed at kids so they should be easy, I had Red way back when it came out in the UK and I loved it regardless of being a bit shit at it. But yeah, I'll probably stick to ROMhacks after Arceus and the remakes.


Showdown sustains my life force. National Dex keeps me going, man... ALSO! Drayano! Drayano is either a god, a genius, or both, I'm not sure, but that guy kept me entertained for the entirety of last year's quarantine.


I've never loved Charizard, not even in Red/Blue. There are lots of cool designs and interesting takes on existing wildlife, and then there's Charizard. Just the most basic vanilla looking dragon you could possibly plop down.


As well all know, Red and Blue are notorious for their mastered takes on real life animals such as Seel, Venomoth, and Goldeen


Oh Charizard is far from the only offender, don't get me wrong! There's a ton of early era duds, I just don't understand how something so plain became such a huge spotlight favorite.


I just like Charizard, let me enjoy him in peace


Very good, carry on.


It seems like they are using Charizard as a sort of sales point. I was a Blastoise fan and I think I wouldn't mind the overexposure as much if it wasn't obvious that Charizard was the only of the three getting into the spotlight. So at the end I like Charizard but had to choose the overexposure.


Day one I always loved Bulbasaur/Venusaur the most and was always disappointed that it was always shafted. At least it’s G-max form being a pollen volcano was cool, and it’s mega isn’t half bad being pretty bulky and eliminating 2 weaknesses with thick fat.


"I don't like Charizard, but he's worth money so I collect him anyway." You're forgetting the most used option I feel like🙂


Where is the “I like Charizard, but feel that Dragonite was slept on” option.


His design is boring, tbh most of the dragon types have a way cooler dragon design.


I mean, charizard is very cool. Big dragon, classic clean design, great pre-evolutions and cool megas/dyna max. Just a solid example of what makes Pokémon what it is. And I am fine with people clamoring over charizard while I look over here at bulbasaur and his evolutions.


charizard is cool its just that getting two megas and being the champions ace before the other two starters are in the game is a little much. thankfully the dlc directors actually had a logical story as to why the latter is. i don't mind zard getting exposure as it doesn't really hurt anybody but they should give other pokemon the spotlight as well


The implied story of how Leon got his Charmander on the Isle of Armour is the only thing I will admit is cool about Charizard being Leon's ace. But that is it.


i agree, i think that the original story directors just gave it to him for no reason, but the dlc directors made it logical


Eh. I wouldn't say logical. They gave it some history, and it is nice to have an explanation as to how 10-year-old Leon got his hands on what is supposed to be an extremely rare Pokemon, but an explanation that doubles down on a bad decision doesn't make that bad decision any better.


Frankly just do not care for Charizard. One of my least favorite fully evolved starters just cause his design is kinda generic. Not bad, just outclassed by the rest.


I like Charizard's simple base design as well as all its other forms. Definitely earned it's "title" as secondary Pkmn representative (with it probably being tied with Eevee) It is a little annoying that it was Leon's ace/got a Gmax before the other 2 tho. Buuuuuuut, it's funny seeing Pkmn fans complain over the smallest things, so I will gladly take another 50+ Charizard forms if it means more paragraphs of people getting made at a bunch of 1s and 0s


Me and you both man, Charizard was and still is my number one from the first gen.


I really started to dislike Charizard to all that exposure, its kinda annoying, havin only a few pokemon over and over again


Charizard is my favorite Pokémon too. Has been since the beginning. I do however understand why it gets hate. I have an apt comparison for Charizard, but it requires knowledge about pro wrestling. For years John Cena was the face of the WWE. John Cena would constantly get pushed to the top and was on ever show, every pro, or piece of merchandise that WWE could put his face on. He was shoved down people’s throats for over 10 years. The same as Charizard. At first Charizard was cool, but then as the Gen 1 and Gen 2 kids got older some left the Pokémon scene and anytime they were asked they usually just remembered liking Charizard or saying that it’s the best Pokémon. This got on the nerves of the newer fans and eventually they got so sick of Charizard they grew to hate the Pokémon. Same with Cena. All the kids that liked Cena stood by him and because kids are the driving force behind WWE essentially, the company kept pushing Cena and that caused fans of others to actively chant Cena sucks every time the guy came out to the ring. Eventually though Cena went away and WWE fans realized that while they didn’t like him being pushed to the moon he masked a lot of weaknesses that are present with today’s product and he’s been gone so long that when he came back today the fans universally cheered him. Now I don’t think that Charizard is going to be universally cheered after a long absence, but I think that if Charizard were to go away for a while in terms of being pushed, and then later down the line get a new ability or power up or something, fans might say “oh that’s cool it’s about time Charizard came back into the spot light.” Now this depends on how long Charizard stays dormant of course. I’d say that game freak could probably go 3 or 4 generations without giving Charizard any more support before starting to support it again and that’d probably be enough to quell the hate for it. Anyway to keep summarize this very long winded post. Charizard is the John Cena of Pokémon. Essentially proving the old saying of “we can’t miss you if you won’t go away.” True.


Charizard's cool and all but Bulbasaur is so much better


here you are! i'll sit by you


I love charizard. It's probably my most used playthrough memeber. However, the special treatment is somehow more obvious than greninja.


I was never the big of a fan of Charizard to begin with (Venusaur was always my favorite Gen 1 starter). His overexposure just made me dislike him instead of being in indifferent. The only places I tend to consider using him is when I'm playing a difficult fangame or romhack and know he will be a good choice. Otherwise, he just serves the purpose of filling the Pokedex for me. One thing that could make me like him is that if he received the treatment that Insurgence gave him: a regional variant. Otherwise, he's a no for me.


I really really love Charizard, it's been my favorite pokemon since forever and it makes me sad that I get hated for liking it. I know it had a lot focus compared to the other starters but I don't really care that much, I mean it's unfair with the other two but since Charizard is way more popular it would make sense Anyways I wouldn't give a good opinion anyway since I have this selfish feeling and emotional attachment towards Charizard


the way i think is getting more forms of my fav pokemon is a complete win XD btw my love for charizard was born from the anime and continued into the game. i mean the ep where charizard finally acknowledges ash is soo good


Indeed it is. One of my favourites is the episode where it battles Articuno. If I wasn't already a Charizard fan then, that episode would have made me one.


I’m not gonna let others’ dislike or over saturation of something make me stop liking it. Always been a charizard fan and seeing my boy be a poster child for the franchise is a W to me. Charizard gang baby. His gigantimax is hideous though as is the entire gimmick. But them megas are *chef’s kiss*.


I've always thought Charizard was over hyped, I think it's design is boring it gets too much love from game freak like there was no reason for it to get 2 megas and a dynamax form but the final nail in the coffin for me was when I was starting out to get into competitive I had a Charizard on my team because I knew Charizard Y was good and I megaed first turn because I was running a sun team and it died to a roggenrola using rock blast, and it killed in 2 hits so it would have killed regardless the number of hits


Roasted alive!? Charizard is sick dude!


Feel the same way. Just seeing it everywhere feels less special to have one, now that it's been made as Leon's ace. Since Charizard is also my ace, I feel more compelled to use a Shiny one in future playthroughs from now on.


No one is going to say anything about Pikachu?


Pikachu gets mascot privileges. It being everywhere is actually justified.


I'm fine with any poke'mon being a mascot honestly.


I don’t really like the word overrated. It implies that you should be ashamed of liking something just because it’s popular.


I used to like Charizard, I think it was the best designed Kanto starter. The last time I used a Charizard was during my run of Japanese Red. I was getting disillusioned after Alain beat Ash with that Mega Charizard, then the Kanto/Charizard pandering never stopped so I got sick of it. I played White, and my shell of ignorance was shattered and made me realize what has been happening with Pokemon. Charizard is the perfect representation of the Kanto pandering that makes it seem like Pokemon jumped the Sharpedo.


I dislike any Pokémon that gets special treatment beyond what it should get. Pikachu? It’s the mascot they’re going to give it much more exposure than any other I’ve accepted that. Charizard getting everything it could ever want? Why? I get it in the anime it was Ash’s best Pokémon but it didn’t have to leave the other two in the dust! Where’s the love for my boy Venosaur? Then there’s Greninja. Why does it get a special bond with Ash and the other two don’t? They’re the starters for Arceus sake give them all special forms that relate the the trainer that has them! Like you could’ve given delphox a cute contest form that could’ve first appeared during a contest that Serena was participating in. The people at Nintendo need to stop favoring Ash’s Pokémon or at the very least, give them all a unique form, similar to how you did in Galar where all the starters had their own unique gigantimax forms.


Been my favorite pokemon since the day I chose charmander 21 years ago.


Charizard is a cool pokemon, we get it. It's a dragon, he was the coolest (or hottest hehe) gen 1 starter to most of our prepubescent selves, Red was absolutely kickass with his Mega Charizard X, and so on. But SwSh was a pretty big disappointment to most of us, and Dexit was a pretty big downer. Now imagine this. You're a big fan of some niche but charming 'Mon- Golisopod, for example. Your favourite didn't even make it into the game, and yet Gamefreak has spent a solid chunk of their budget making yet another form for Charizard when the other Kanto starters don't even exist. It's pretty easy to understand why so many people are upset- it's like jealousy, but completely logical.


I personally think Charizard is pretty cool, not my favorite. The blatant favoritism with gen 1 in general is what really pisses me off. The Unite Roster for example, is 60% fucking kanto while gen 2 gets nothing, 7 gets electric furry and 5 gets crustle? You might as well have given us sigilyph to really rub it in (and I like sigilyph it would just be a really strange choice for the only gen 5 rep similar to crustle). I could go on and on about the options game freak had in giving these gens more pokemon, popular and not (scizor, quagsire, crobat, ampharos, zoroark, mienshao, reuniclus, volcorona, leavanny, chandelure, golisopod, lurantis, vikavolt, salazzle, etc.) Like, it isn't even hard to think of some of these choices yet they choose to give gen 1 over half the roster. And the thing is, charizard gets more attention than the other gen 1 starters too (bulbasaur all the way) which makes it even worse for me. Even though I was venting if you think differently, that's perfectly normal and fine. I can get over it as long as I enjoy the games. I just think gamfreak needs to acknowledge that there is money to be made on gens like 5 as the ds nostalgia is in full force right now. If the gen 5 remakes are good I can rest in peace.


I was about to do a poll similar to this with Charizard's overexposure but never had the courage to do it. Thanks to you I know how the community feels about Charizard.


Darmanitan is my personal favorite


i’m neutral. don’t love charizard but don’t hate it either it’s just there and i don’t mind it


I could give a rip about charizard, but don't mind that other people enjoy it


Me, I'm a fan of Duskull, my favourite pokemon. Pretty shiny. Funky noise and barely any exposure. Happy life lol


Love Charizard, hate his overexposure. He felt "rare" for so long but now it's just painful how he is everywhere. I loved the Kanto starters getting brought back for the megas (although Charizard and Mewtwo getting two was weird) but after that they should have left him be. The worst decision ever was giving Charizard to Leon. He's the champion of Galar can we not give him Galar pokemon to show off that region instead?!


Charizard Y was an absolute favorite of mine for battle. Just use it as a lead and let the carnage begin.