Alabama city leader who used n-word in council meeting says he won't apologize and might run for mayor

Alabama city leader who used n-word in council meeting says he won't apologize and might run for mayor


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Republicans: "We love this guy!" Also Republicans: "WhY do YOu kEeP CalLInG uS raCIsTs!?!?"


I think President Garrison may have a rival in 2024 after all.


Can you imagine the cartoons he’d draw in the primary, though?


Oh geez


This guy is definitely the GQP 2024 potus candidate


Mr. Slave?


Mr. Service


So much this!


The whole story of this is the most Alabama thing ever. He was confronted about his wife constantly dropping n-bombs at a city council meeting. He stood up and called a fellow council member who is a black woman *to her face* a hard-R house n*****. Then when asked if he was a racist, he said some straight up 1950s bullshit: > "It's according to what your definition of the word racist is. What a lot of the public's definition is, I might be a racist. But according to what the true definition of a racist is, absolutely not," he told WVTM. He's only a racist if you use the non-racist definition of racist. As long as you use his racist definition, he's not actually racist. I am afraid to ask how he would define racism. To the people saying this is what the country has become, I can tell you as someone who lived in Alabama for years that Alabama never stopped being this. The mindset in pretty much the entire state outside Birmingham has been stuck in DW Griffith's version of 1915 since 1915. The saddest part about this story is that it is completely, utterly unsurprising and I guarantee you he is not the only white dinosaur in local office in Alabama dropping n-bombs on the regular. He's just the one we reported on this time.


It’s important to note that those young children carrying racist signs in the 50s could definitely still be alive and working in government…….


Alive? Hell they aren't even that old. My parents and in-laws are in their late 60's early 70s and all 4 of them witnessed the (essentially forced) integration of their schools. One of my Dad's great Aunts lived well into the late 90s and found it HILARIOUS that her grand kids told her that at school they were taught "its not n****er anymore, its black". As if they'd been taught that pigs can fly. The terrifying thing is that this was taught with the same sweet tone as "Timmy we don't hit" at school. I do think its important to note that there is a spectrum of racism. And in the deep South, the old school versions were something along the lines that blacks were not of the same species as whites. A truly inferior creature in the way that humans are superior to bugs or fish. A friend of mine's dad (also now in his early 70s) tells a story of how they all "looked for his tail" the first time a black child came to their school because they had been taught they were truly different creatures. Doesn't excuse any of this a single bit, but I think for these old deep south types, they see a huge difference between modern day injustices and the fact that they and their families cheered lynching in the 50's and 60s.


"Mommy, today we learned that race is only skin deep and we're all the same on the inside!" "Oh my, what kind of claptrap are they teaching the youngins these days?"


Only the ones who haven't died of COVID yet.


Covid seems to only take the good people and leaves the shit ones asymptomatic


I assure you it kills indiscriminately. There are plenty of cases of "I thought it was a hoax" or "It's a hoax" as they're **literally** dying of it in a hospital.


A doctor was saying that some of his patients who were being admitted to the hospital were begging/demanding the vaccine. Sometimes it was the last thing the said before they were put on a breathing machine and later died


Haunting. And just more evidence that they never understood what a vaccine is in the first place.


I think it was a female doctor. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/jul/22/us-coronavirus-covid-unvaccinated-hospital-rates-vaccines Apparently when writing the article they simultaneously interviewed another dude who had been in hospital for ‘rona and said if he had to do it all again he still wouldn’t get the vaccine. As others noted he was saying this while in recovery.


Yeah. My morbid curiosity leads me into /r/LeopardsAteMyFace from time to time because of those posts.


Not true…my boss just got Covid and he is a complete piece of shit.


You just hear about and recall the good people. There are plenty of MAGAs begging for a vaccine shot as they are being intubated. But if they should happen to survive, they pretend they didn't beg and then refuse to get a vaccine shot.


Republicans will do anything they can to cover, lie and deny about cause of death if COVID was involved. As a Pharmacist in a red, MAGA area, I've seen many die and their families still refuse to acknowledge reality. There are probably more high-profile deaths (or at least severe illness and injuries) that we don't know about. I wish they put a fraction of the effort towards helping and protecting people.....


Could? Nah a lot of them are, and so are their children and their children's children. They pass that hatred down.


Live in Birmingham; can confirm.


As do I and can confirm 100%


[Alabama has lowest percentage of COVID-vaccinated residents in U.S. / Alabama’s new cases over the last two weeks have increased 80 percent.](https://www.alreporter.com/2021/07/09/alabama-has-lowest-percentage-of-covid-19-vaccinated-residents-in-u-s/?amp) We're #1 at being #2!


I hate it here. I’m vacced so good luck everybody else


Same. Plenty of my co-workers here are still not vaccinated.


I’m lucky enough to be doing remote work now, but all last year I was doing retail work and management kept the fact that some workers had covid with us knowing that we worked in close proximity with them


Wal-Mart unsurprisingly did the same. They told their workers they aren't allowed to discuss people in OGP (online grocery pickup) being sick in store with Covid. When somebody vanished without a word you would be right to assume they had it.


I'm glad I left in 2004. But, I went to Arizona... so it's not that much better. Less racist toward African-Americans, but still horrible COVID numbers and they did try and make it illegal to be Hispanic a few years back.


Slowly but surely turning the state blue through mortality. Bold strategy GQP.


Why do you think Fox has suddenly had its anchors do a 180° on getting vaccinated this last week? Oh right it was all their unvaccinated sheep suddenly getting sick and dying.


I just like to mention that, early this month, Biden's vaccination goal was missed, and in the short time since then, after rousing choruses of mockery, they suddenly support vaccination. I'm not saying there's any causation, but there sure as fuck is some correlation.


Texas has lost 9,000 GOP voters since February. These dimwits better hurry up and get the shot if they want a shot at the midterms.


...we can wait a bit longer.


So, good news then?


The meek and vaccinated shall inherit the earth. Or what’s left of it


And people still give me shit for wearing a mask while vaxxed. Ffs not a chance in hell I’m going without a mask unless I know for certain everyone I’m around has been vaxxed as well with our numbers as pitiful as they are. The worst part is I was in rehab when I got the shots and they were incentivizing it by finally allowing weekend passes and trips off site for the first time in over a year if you got vaxxed. Only about half of us got it even with that incentive, because of course backwoods hillbillies are gonna backwoods hillbilly.


Yeah me too, health care professional who works ecmo with COVID patients. Honestly worry I will infect someone, so always wear mask in public. Had a lady in Public’s ask me if I’d heard masks weren’t mandatory anymore. Just smiled and thanked her.


God is literally killing them for racism and they don't even see it.


Thank God for Mississippi!


From Cullman, lived in Dora/Sumiton, Huntsville, and now Birmingham. From my experience, yeah this is 100% accurate.


Yeah, I live in Mobile and hope there’s a sliver of sanity here as well while hoping in the same breath that I am not fooling myself. Recently met a guy from California that is moving here with his just retired wife as he is coming up on retirement. He is white while his wife is black. He told me he has not felt any kind of negative energy or a pushback on them being a mixed couple. I have told him to not be too naïve, that there are a whole lot of people that will be nice to their faces and not so nice otherwise.


Did you watch the city council video? Because if not, you missed the rambling gentleman from the town who is trying his level-best to sound reasonable, while repeatedly stating that racism is over because he has a black neighbor, his wife is hispanic, and Obama. We had a black president, so racism is over. For like half an hour. If there's racism, *he's* never seen it. Oh, and there's no white privilege either because he's had to work all of his life. No, really. 🤦🏻‍♀️


He grew up with Jim Crow, as did most of the people in power in the Deep South. They are comfortable with Jim Crow, and want it back.


People act like there weren’t schools still segregated in 1970. Hell, MS had one until 2016.


Yes. People think that this crazy racist Jim Crow stuff ended a long time ago. But it was pretty recent, and many of the remnants of Jim Crow were around recently. The Boomers were coming of age during the height of Jim Crow.


I’ve actually heard this argument before in the wild. Some people might phrase it like “I’m not racist, I’m *prejudice*”, meaning that the former (racism) is bad but the latter is not. This then gets followed up by something along the lines of “the radical left just calls everything racist these days” and “I don’t hate people because of their race”, “I’m just prejudice against gangster/ghetto/ culture”. The problem of course is racism is just a flavor of prejudice. In fact, the two words are synonyms. That’s right folks, all you need to do to debunk this one is literally consult a dictionary. Prejudice is *by definition* bad, and calling a black person a word used to refer to slaves, made up to imply that they were sub-human, is objectively racist.


As an Alabamian, thank you for explaining to others.


Grew up in Huntsville and it’s alright for the most part, but drive 30 minutes outside of town….


I grew up in Huntsville, too, and we all thought we were super not racist, but man, we sure didn't like, talk to black people, and everywhere we went or lived was pretty damn white for a town that was at least a third black.


That’s why I said alright. It definitely wasn’t great as far as racism goes, but was a lot better than the surrounding area.


For sure. But once I got away, I could see that "not as appallingly racist as Arab" isn't much.


Context for non-Alabamians: Arab is a city.


Not even a 30 minute drive...


The same district that re-elects Mo (Ron) Brooks. I’m from Mobile and we aren’t any better.


He’d use one of the dictionary definitions, “the belief that one race is superior to another.”


He'd say "believing God intended the races to be separate, and that they have different God given abilities is NOT the same as saying some races are "inferior", so I am not raciat" like, literally, "I think black people are violent, stupid, and need to be kept apart from decent white people, but I admit God Loves Them in His Own Way, so I'm not racist-racist" I wish I was joking.


Makes my head hurt


Roll Tide


This is just outside of Birmingham.


The guys response made me think of tucker Carlson’s response to racism. They are literally using his play book.


Almost like a propaganda network masquerading as news actually has a negative effect on people who watch it.


You can add most of the educated, populated areas to that. Huntsville, where I now live, and Auburn where I lived for 24 years are vastly different than much of Alabama. I am not saying you won’t find racist people in them, just that you would find a bunch of people who aren’t.


Hello fellow huntsvilleian. I moved away 10 years ago and recently moved back. Huntsville's culture seems to have shifted a good bit. The demographics used to be white,black and mexicans that migrated to and from florida to work in the fields. I see lots of hispanic and asians now. With all these larger companies coming it, it's bringing a lot of outside people in. I'm glad for the change.


You should talk to people about Orange county, California. One of the most affluent and racist places in the country


The mayor is the person he said it to... Literally the first Black mayor for that town as well.


The fact that that town elected a black person as mayor provides some hope that he will not become mayor. But it being Alabama means he has a very strong chance of achieving higher office.


As recent history has shown us, he can win the presidency


Recent history? America has been electing racist presidents for a pretty long time.


Yes but the commentary is more shocking when you realize it’s not a thing of the distant past


I knew a country that elected their first black president not too long ago. That too, gave me hope that the next guy wouldn't be a massive racist. ...


Tarrant is a majority black city. He wouldn’t win mayor. If he moved about 30 minutes up the highway to Blount County, he would win in a landslide.


Is this Blazing Saddles?


"The ~~sheriff~~ mayor is a ni***BONG***er!" "What'd he say?" "He said the ~~sheriff~~ mayor is near!"




His favorite holiday is Halloween, because he gets to pumpkin.


Oh my god! Hahaha


Hahaha! wow I saw what you did there.


*Roll tide*


Took me a second, that's funny shit righ there.


Remember when tik tokers bought all the Trump rally tickets and didn't show up, can they help do anything in this situation. They seem to know what to do


Racism is dead people! We had a black President, get over it! -- Republicans, *definitely*


My mom is a passive racist, in the sense that she's a boomer who doesn't grasp nuance or empathy across races...when she made that argument I had to restrain myself from headbutting the wall.


My mother-in-law complained about the season of the Bachelorette with the first black woman because she ended up with a white man. And said she wasn't going to watch the first black Bachelor because "reasons". But don't worry, she's not racist. Yeah, fucking _okay Debrah!_


My neighbors pulled up with their music too loud one day. My mother said “I wish they’d turn that cotton-pickin music down!”. I told her that that’s pretty fucking racist. She then proceeded to explain how she’s said that since she was a kid and her dad taught it to her so it’s not racist. “Grandad also called black people ‘Georgia wind chimes’, mom”


>“Grandad also called black people ‘Georgia wind chimes’, mom” Oh wow.


Took me a second


‘Strange fruit’ vibes


I didn't get it at first, then I did and wish I hadn't.


Same, and even then I was thinking "No, it can't be referring to racists lynching black people". But from the other comments, I'm guessing I was wrong and that's exactly what it means... That's some fucking DARK shit.


Oh yeah Grandad had quite the lexicon of slurs. He fought in Korea and Vietnam so you can only imagine the things he said about Asians


"Georgia wind chimes" ... god DAMN.


I’m sorry, I’m white and try not to associate with racists so this one is new to me. Background? Or is it some slave beating story that’s too messed up? Edit: NEVERMIND, GOT IT, DONT NEED IT IN WRITING


This took me a second to understand…DAMN


Your mom is really fucking racist. The sad part is many boomers don't realize how racist they are. It's engrained into their core. Which is why boomers should not be in politics anymore.


Don’t worry. The set of ppl not getting vaxxed and the set of racist boomers overlap. Nature will take care of them. It’s the only positive I’ve seen in the last 19mo that the bigots are losing.


Almost every single one of them believes n-words and African Americans are two different people and they'll give you personal stories about how they were 'attacked' by a few black people and thus shapes their viewpoint towards race as a whole.


OMG yes my mom said some racist shit (her usual anyway ugh) and she made an excuse that bad things happened to her and it's like what?? what happened ffs cause i've never heard a story about it...but I sure did hear quite a few about her mom beating the living shit out of her, stepping on her stomach to induce an abortion when she wasn't even pregnant and just barely a teenager. Those stories I heard plenty of, but never heard a story about why she's openly racist.


Nah, they know how fucking racist they are, they’re just entitled and can’t understand why for 50 years they were able to be a racist and not be held accountable, *but* now there’s consequences.


Honestly 5+ years ago there seemed to be more consequences, but recently ugh it seems like it's a badge of honor to be a racist POS.


You can always expect a rebellion [against social progression], when one class stands to lose their positioning if the oppressed are no longer disenfranchised. They honestly aren’t behaving *any differently* than their *parents, grandparents and great grandparents* during the end of slavery and segregation. It’s literally wash, rinse, repeat. As a black person, most of us are just ready for everyone to stop pretending to be so shocked and appalled that their Aunt Sally and Uncle Jo are racists. “No. None of those inappropriate comments at Thanksgiving were because your grandpa was old and senile. Your grandpa was just a racist.”


Boomers grew up with separate schools, washrooms, and drinking fountains ffs They know just how racist they are, but learned they have to hide it. Because of the problem is fixed on the surface, there’s no need to look any deeper, right?


>“Grandad also called black people ‘Georgia wind chimes’, mom” Holy forking shirtballs, that's horrifying.


Yikes. Similar experience here. My dad loves to call over-roasted nuts “n***** toes” at family gatherings, then get pissed at me when I call him out about it. He usually retorts with “well that’s what we always used to call them growing up. I obviously don’t say this in public.” THAT’S NOT A FUCKING DEFENSE, AND YOU APPARENTLY KNOW IT’S WRONG TO KEEP SAYING IT!


My southern Reagan/John Wayne worshipping stepdad called black music n****r noise. I was nine AND my mom was Japanese (he was one of those racists that married a subservient Asian maid/wife). That made me want to listen to their music MORE.


Oh yeah I definitely became so liberal as a direct response to my family being so conservative. Growing up it was common for rap to be referred to as “coon tunes”. I always find it funny how people are quick to downplay racism in the country and act like it’s blown out of proportion but I literally have first hand memories that tell me otherwise.


Ha my mom says shit like this all the time!


She can't be racist, she has a friend who poses as a black man on Twitter.


I bet she has one black friend she talks to at work sometimes too


I love how many people don't realize that their (insert category here) friend is a captive audience and not a friend. I love it more when I get to explain how ”no, Jeremy isn't your friend... you're his boss and when you ask him to eat lunch together he doesn't want to rock the 'work boat' " and the look on their face when they realize they MIGHT actually be racist.


Haha I’ve never gone this far with it, but I love that you do


Years ago I got roped into a conversation and had to explain to the guy "No, I'm not your friend. We work together. The only time we've hung out outside of the office was company sponsored events" when I realized he thought I was his not-a-racist passport. The look he had on his face is what I aim to recreate.


Please do. Forever and ever. Or until they stop. So...like...forever, probably. :(


"I'm not racist, I have a colored friend at work" - actual words out of my father in law's mouth a few months ago.


Every time I hear that (spoiler alert: I hear it too damn much), I reply with, "by that logic, Ted Bundy loved women and valued the sanctity of life because he had a girlfriend and volunteered at a suicide hotline."


Oooo I'll have to remember that one!


We need to call them out. I am not singling you out and you may very well have called her out before. I just know from my own experience, conservatives just bleat their politics (and racism) out to the world like loud obnoxious goats, to anyone who’ll listen. Meanwhile, liberals I know stay quiet and refrain from making a scene. It’s time we stop saving the sharp barbs and call outs for the internet and start removing their safe spaces in real life.


My mom said that I “only know good ones” when I called her out on her Islamophobia and reminded she doesn’t even know any Muslims. I also was warned that my friend from Libya would try to rape me... Just because he was born in Africa. Definitely not racist though, she voted for Obama don’t ya know. Her name is also Karen, for real.


"So mom, you'd say 100% of the Muslims you know are good, then right? Okay are 100% of the white folks you know good too? Because I'm pretty sure Debbie's husband has had 3 DUI's and went to jail for a while...."


It's always the same damn thing. Some old white guy between 50-60 or so years old says/does some racist shit then doubles down. What the fuck is wrong with people.... Just don't be fucking racist. It's not that difficult.


I'm sure his grandaddy was a card carrying member of the local KKK. Just good American values.


Ah yes, chump has given all the bigots the green light to be unapologetic assholes now. I am sure he is proud.


White supremacist are pulling the trigger on their plan to try to take over the government. I hope it doesn’t work. THIS is how the GQP really feels


This is the state of the country now... they are proud racists.


They always were


True, they just get very sensitive when you call them on it.


You're the racist for pointing out my racism! - GOP


"I'm not racist I just hate n-"


At least we had a few decades where they felt the appropriate level of shame about it.


That's fair


State of certain *states* in the country now. If he were in a more progressive state he’d be fired and ostracized on the spot.


If he was in a more urban area. Rural areas around the country are a hotbed of racism. You could probably find similar behavior in Minnesota somewhere. Also, as a liberal Alabamian: Fuck this guy with a stainless steel pineapple.


>You could probably find similar behavior in Minnesota somewhere. We're never going to live down Michelle Bachman.


If it makes you feel any better, every state has them. Y'all have Bachman. California has Nunes. Trump and Guiliani are New York natives. And then there's my state... (sigh)


Always has been


Racist is as racist does. Lowlife white supremacist.


The same people who don’t think him saying the N word is a big deal. Are the same ppl who lose their mind if someone says “happy holidays”


Whenever I regret living in Louisiana, I remember that at least I'm not in Alabama.


There's a joke we tell in Georgia. Know the best thing to come out of Alabama? I-20


“Daddy, get off of me...you’re crushing my cigarettes!”


There is a depressing misappropriation of ass-whoopings in this world of ours


I was going to say that this dude needs his ass beat.


He'll be in Congress eventually


Dude looks like Mitch McConnell had a baby with Edward Norton


If you haven't seen the full video, I recommend watching it from about 1:40 (hour and forty) onwards. It's hilariously messy. The mayor himself gets on his phone to read facebook posts written by this guy's wife, which are of course racist as fuck. Then the guy gets mad and says the slur toward another councilwoman, because apparently the mayor called her that in the first place. The whole sequence is so breathtakingly ridiculous, I couldn't take my eyes off it.


How do you find this full video? Seems amazingly trashy. Nvm, [found it!](https://youtu.be/Pjc7112bn8w)


I like how right after he says it, you can clearly hear a “what the fuck” in the background.


I wonder if I can guess who he voted for in 2020.


Attempting performative outrage is the new fad for racist hacks. "HOW DARE YOU QUESTION ME FOR MY BLATANT RACISM!"


Using the word more is one of his campaign promises.


These people have become more bold than ever, and it's entirely because Trump was president. They're pushing to normalize racism, and to intimidate those who don't agree. They are fascist to the core, and if we don't stand up and say it, if we don't do something to stop it, it'll never, *never*, stop.


I have got to get my gay ass the fuck out of this state pls send help


Junk ass human.


2011 GOP: "We will use dog-whistles and take the overtly racists votes, but we won't say the n-word in public. They are the periphery, the margins of the GOP." 2021 GOP: "We will say the n-word in public, and more openly embrace overt racists. A few of us will mildly object to their using the n-word, but we won't take any real steps to kick those people out of the party and we will still elect them. They are the core of the GOP now, and are not marginalized in our party."


Mayor? These kind of actions should get him all the way up to House Representative! As Trump would say, "Watch this guy; he's a comer!"


“Let’s get to the n-word.” “It depends on what your definition of a racist is.” I mean Jesus Christ, does he not hear himself speak?


Hopefully these racists will fall victim to their own ignorance sooner rather than later. Lookin’ at you Covid19.


I don’t recognize him without his hood on.


Trump politics. Never apologize and double down. If you get caught fucking your wife's sister fuck her guinea pig too.


If that ain’t the most American headline I ever did see. Fuck this hellhole.


This is a direct result of Trumpism. People like this had kept their hate bottled in until Trump came along and showed them it was okay to let your hate fly proudly, and all of a sudden all the hateful, racist people in this country had a free pass.


I'm waiting for some apologies from all the people that said I was too hard on the south.


Hell, in the GOP, dropping N-bombs in a council meeting is his main *qualification* for mayor.


I’ll bet his wife is a real gem.


As someone in my late 30’s, it’s quite interesting to watch them all loudly proclaim to be who we always knew they were. They used to at least try to hide or deny it. Now they shout it from the roof tops. It’s sad; but at least maybe the honesty can help advance us towards the eventual solution.


He looks like that old man who shot a guy at the movie theater because he was texting during the previews. They both have this justified look on their face like they are 100% right and fuck you for disagreeing. I hate old shits like that and can’t wait for them to die off.


Ahh, the good ole "double-down" - straight out of the tRump playbook.


When people ask: "what happened to America?" I will tell them it was a conservative inside job in the name of psychopaths and money


Tarrant is a majority black city with majority black city leadership. Dude isn't even popular in Tarrant, but you know... Good luck with that, asshole.


Wearing his racism like a badge of honor.


This guy makes turd look good. Racist POS


This guy thinks he's not racist because his grand-daddy was hanging people, and his daddy was burning crosses, and he doesn't do any of that.


These people should be vilified and shunned by society


If this man is part of the system, then of course systematic racism exists.


You know what FUCK that guy.


As a non America from the outside looking in. This is what most of us view the general majority of your folks are like. We know it’s not true. But you continue to prove otherwise by promoting garbage humans like this.


Yeah….systemic racism doesn’t exist…lol. This is every state in the Union. Some are more verbal than others. Alabama is proud of its southern Racist heritage. Being Black in America is a burden I wouldn’t wish on anyone.


It's OK, I'm sure he'll die of Covid first. The Venn diagram of these secessionists and Covid denial is pretty overlapping. The South shall rise again, if they can get out of the prone position they're finding themselves in.


Nazi vibes


Nah this is good ol fashioned american vibes. the Nazis actually learned a lot from Jim Crow and the KKK


These pricks are getting bolder; it's only going to keep getting worse as more and more follow suit. They have zero shame and are only emboldened by the attention.


That sound bite of him saying the n word should be constantly replayed in his face and used in ads against him until he finally dies.


He was wrong and there is no justification for this.


What the fuck is happening? My god


And if he runs, he will win BECAUSE of his comment.


He's not fit for office.


If he plays his cards right, he could be president!


Good to see he’s looking after himself after his run on ALF


Lol fucking looks like that dad doesn’t it hahaha. Minus the racism of course. Alf don’t play that shit. Cats though.. look out.


Alabama city leader who used n-word in council meeting, is a piece of shit who needs to be voted out.


Never vote GOP.


Racist POS. And he’s somehow better than non-whites why?


Of course... it's Alabama. Expect people to vote for him because of this too.


Trumpism and basically using race baitjng to get all of the white supremacists votes.


He’s apparently proud to be a racist and knowing how people are, he’ll probably win in a run for mayor. I just can’t believe how ignorant people are, but everyday there’s proof


Could he just, like, have a massive stroke or something? That would be great.


They've reached peak giving no fucks. They'd rather end up in a pointless war or something than just not be racist. Not like this didn't happen in our past though.