Was anyone really underwhelmed this runway challenge??

Was anyone really underwhelmed this runway challenge??


Someone else said it in another thread but most of the looks read gothIC instead of goth so probably another mix up between the prompt they’re given and the one we’re given. But I agree, nothing great, though I did like TKB and Jan’s looks.


Willam spoiled this runway last week and he used the prompt ‘Goth Girl’ so who knows? I think Gothic makes a ton more sense to how they all went.


seeing as Jiggly’s unused look looked like the Penguin from Batman (who lives in Gotham City) i would also bet the theme given to them was GothIC or Goth-adjacent


Oh that’s a very good observation!!


Its also possible that a lot of them tried to stick out from everyone else in the same way, a la Kimonogate, etc.


what is the difference?


Goth is like a dark look, kind of like [this.](https://pin.it/HUCFaJF) Gothic is similar but more historical / Victorian, I would say. Like [this](https://gemmaschiebefineart.wordpress.com/tag/gothic-literature/) - in fact, this article does a way better job of explaining it than I am haha.


Yea I’m also under the impression they told the girls one thing and rephrase it on the show as another.


I wanted mall goth strappy jnco realness


Jan and Kylie served the theme but everyone else was more gothic. Like Victorian horror gothic. Was hoping someone would come out with the platform heels and the Siouxsie Sioux hair so bad.


Oh my god, you’re right. Not a single platform was seen on the runway and now I’m :||


Not really Victorian horror goth. That's my goth subculture.


i thought it was good, but i would have loved if one of them did like a 90s The Craft vibe with some school girl uniform. But maybe they didn’t want to look like they were ripping off Dela’s girl group look….


(Almost) everyone looked stunning tonight but I agree. I feel like when the queens get an opportunity to be dark, they don’t take it all the way there (don’t get me started on that disappointing Monster Ball episode). I wanted something to blow me away like Crystal Methyd’s corpse bride look but nobody really gave it to me…


I think black really hides a lot of details on the runway so something like Trinity’s look came off more underwhelming than it actually was.


To me Jan was the only one who looked gothic. I was underwhelmed as well!


Exactly! Jan did it for me. It was a good runway IMO but I was expecting the level that Jan shows.


Almost none of these drag queens have any aspect of goth in their brand so I felt the need to lower my expectations. Everyone did the Victorian mourning widow route and only Kylie had a different interpretation (ugh we love a fetish goth). The lack of fishnets, ripped stockings, and platforms is def the underwhelming part.


I think they all did well, but I wish they did more kawaii, school girl, modern type goth looks. They all went for the same eras for the most part.


I really wanted a drag mall goth.


As soon as the category was announced, I was honestly expecting at least one Queen doing drag mall goth in black and purple striped tights


i was thinking the same thing. i love and live for goth style and this runway just missed the mark for me. except for kylie, trinity, jan and a’keria. overall it looked more like a color themed runway than a goth one. i was hoping for something like dragula season 2 gothic wedding.


Exactly! Disasterina wore purple, James wore pink, Biqtch wore white. Goth doesn't always have to be black!


I might be oversimplifying the category, but I would've believed if someone told me they were redoing the Black Wedding theme from S12.


Yes. I was expecting the Boulet Brothers aesthetic and instead it was... meh


I noticed none of the remaining contestants are known to be huge lewk queens really. Except Eureka but she's more elevated pageant looks. It looked like it could've been the black wedding challenge again.


I'd argue tkb is a look queen. And don't forget about the glamour toad! /s


I consider her more of a dancer than a bringer of looks but she has had some stunners for sure. Ribbit ribbit


Ummm wtf pls review s6 and get back to us. TKB is a top level look queen even if she can do other stuff too.


She does amazing looks, no doubt! She also does crossing guard khakis which levels things out for me. 🤷🏻‍♀️


Yeah, that was a choice. But it was also a hilarious take ー unintentionally so, I'm sure.


I loved it for all the wrong reasons. I'm still puzzled by how it wasn't acknowledged at all on the show. I'd be very interested in seeing a realness challenge inspired by miss TKB in the future!


It bugged me when Michelle said Jans was too costumey, i'm sorry but i've see plenty of day to day goths walking around just like that, then they pop those spooky contacts in to rave at rock night. Then Ra'jahs... Michelle raved about being goth! Pretty sure those were brown(?) velvet boot cut pants... and straight perfect hair.. where was the grit. It was nice don't get me wrong, but didn't read goth at all to me. They must have definitely been given 'gothic' and not 'goth' as the key.


Ra’Jah’s was by far the weakest runway of the category. It was incredibly basic and not on theme at all. Getting passes hmmm…


The “costumey” comment was so annoying, they *clearly* dont want to have Jan around a lot longer.


It must be hard to decide whether to go eleganza.. realness or elevated/kooky drag for a little theme prompt they get aye.


It was not goffik, they're all preps !!


I absolutely loved A’Keria’s look. That was a shoot for me


Kylie’s was so sickening I didn’t even notice anyone else. (Ok, Jan looked really cool too)


I loved it tbh


I loved Kylie’s look because it was actually goth. The rest gave me evil/dark. TKB looked stunning but didn’t think it fit the category as good as Kylie did. Jan looked good but overdid it with too many accessories. The rest were just black dresses and it was hard to see any detail


michelle raving over how goth rajah's look was when it literally. wasnt.


I just did not get her comments. The look was fine. Elevated even. Goth? Fuck outta here girl.


I mean these are the same judges that thought a fursuit was reinventing fashion.




The problem with this is the stage lighting is not meant for black on black clothing. Everything blends together and you don't see any details. As soon as they said "goth" i knew we were not going so see any of the damn looks on that stage well.


I agree. Pandora's gown was a lovely shade of dark green, but I only noticed in Untucked. Stage lights are homophobic!


A lot made me sad. I'm a goth. I have a cupboard full of Victorian goth clothing. Kylie looked like a cybergoth with a rock edge. Ould have been slightly more amped but Loved it (honestly she could wear a bin bag and I'd be squealing so I'm not the best judge). Jan's outfit was ok. My beloved glamour toad was close to babydoll/kawaii goth. But there are so many subcultures and fashions to explore with goth (and gothic). For the most part it felt like "hey, this gown is black- or got black on it - throw on a cross and it'll do". Felt like cop out.


Agreed. There are so many ways to go with goth, and I think they only went a couple ways with it. TKB was the only one who I thought really brought it.


There were a few I liked: TKB, jan etc. Some of others were good too but weren’t really goth enough for me.


Did Yara post her look? This really woulda been her runway to serve


If this were a DRUK runway, Bimini would have absolutely destroyed this


Seriously, none of them except Jan looked goth. Wearing black =/= goth.


you could tell that most queens mixed up goth and gothic. jan and kylie were the only ones that were actually goth


I wanted to see a Lydia Deetz inspired look so bad 😭


I would have loved to have seen a cyber goth look as well


That’s an opinion!


Kylie and TKB were shoots


I think TKB and Jan did the closest to Goth looks. Kylie was more Idina in the rent movie when she wears the cat costume scene for me. Pandora was a Spaniard woman in grief, A'keria was the opposite of Monet's pope look and Ginger looked like Thursday Addams. Raja was very beautiful but goth it was not. Eureka was fun with her whole lingerie and her face was painted so nicely that it made the red hair pop, but can we also take into consideration what Rupaul wore? She was wearing "Drag is not a contact sport" head band in but in black...so let's not say the girls didn't try.


Idk, It was simple but Kylie’s look actually murdered me and made up for that 3 hour acting challenge


I think a bunch of the queens went the Victorian gothic route thinking they would stand out from the rest of the more modern goth looks. But then almost no one did a more modern take so it all kind of fell flat. I would've loved to see someone do a modern kawaii goth kind of look.


yara would have killed this ala as1


Really Queen?


Hated Jan's outfit. I agreed it looked like a cheap costume. That's a shame because she had the best concept IMO. My favorite was... Ginger. I like Kylie and TKB too. I fully expected Ra'Jah to be read for filth by every judge for her outfit, which was beautiful, but not goth at all (and also purple??). Thank God though because she would have risked getting sent home