Someone left a really awful comment about Neil on one of my videos, instead of deleting it I decided to fire back. (No hard feelings to my religious friends, I just draw the line at that kind of rhetoric)

Someone left a really awful comment about Neil on one of my videos, instead of deleting it I decided to fire back. (No hard feelings to my religious friends, I just draw the line at that kind of rhetoric)


In Neil's own words: "I can worship Nature, and that fulfills my need for miracles and beauty. Art gives a spiritual depth to existence -- I can find worlds bigger and deeper than my own in music, paintings, and books. And from my friends and family I receive the highest benediction, emotional contact, and personal affirmation. I can bow before the works of Man, from buildings to babies, and that fulfills my need for wonder. I can believe in the sanctity of Life, and that becomes the Revealed Word, to live my life as I believe it should be, not as I'm told to by self-appointed guides."


isn’t that just like an in depth paraphrasing of Freewill?


You can spend years trying to comprehend neitzsche or literally just reading this quote in one minute to achieve a similar result. So well said


I don't have faith in faith I don't believe in belief You can call me faithless You can call me faithless And I still cling to hope And I believe in love And that's faith enough for me And that's faith enough for me


Exactly what I thought, too. <3 One of my favorites.


I never understood why people like her feel the need to post stuff like that. It's simply mean-spirited and of no value to anyone. Does it make her feel superior?


Yeah. That’s the sad thing. They think they’re holier than thou because they’re “saving” people


It’s a certain type of person who wants to troll for a reaction. Usually desperate for attention and/or power. In this case they chose a religion based attack. I just feel sad for people like this. To myself it’s a reflection of how weak and alone they are feeling inside to project that way.


It's a sick kind of virtue signaling.


The brainwashed part doesn’t help. Not so much the religious part, but their perceived green light to preach it down people’s throats.


Reminds me of Hitchens saying something along the lines of “You’d think they’d be happy having found the one true religion, but they’re not. Not until they get everyone else to believe it, too.”


I grew up in a extremist religious group, and can frankly attest to this also. The sheer condescension on the rest of humanity who chooses to think/believe differently, would amaze you.


I too grew up in an intolerant closed minded born-again high school. Fortunately I had the wisdom of folks like Neil to help keep me grounded.


By scaring you with their hell.


I miss ol’ Hitch. Even when he went a little right-wing for my tastes in his later years, I loved how he could distil something complicated into a bite-sized quote.


Agreed. I think ever since Jack T. Chick died this sort of thing has taken over via vigilante evangelism. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Chick


As a die-hard Rush fan who happens to be Christian, I am always so frustrated and ashamed by people like this Felacia. Maybe it’s just because of my more liberal leaning viewpoint, but I don’t understand how people with such hate in their hearts can claim to follow a man who preached nothing but love for others. People like that don’t speak for all of us! But for what it’s worth, I loved your response, 10/10.


Thank you you're a good sport to be able to appreciate a rant like that and not let it get to you. I have plenty of specific problems within specific religions when they cross over being a detriment to innocent bystanders, but I will always support freedom of religion and open conversation about it too. Also, I definitely don't think any significant portion of Christians would support a comment like that. I know plenty that would be disgusted by it.


Of course! I agree 100%, there are certain individuals in every group of people that are quite frankly awful. Call it my inner hippie, but I don’t see why it’s so difficult for some people to just love one another, and let them simply be. I appreciate you calling this particular person out!


I'm not even liberal leaning, and I can confirm that the comment this person posted was decidedly un-Christian. It's bad theology, it's uncharitable and it's scandalous. Hate to see it.


Amen to that. It really benefits no one to say it out loud.


> Felacia *Fellatia


I’m also a Christian Rush fan and while I may disagree with some of their philosophy, I just don’t see any need to spread hate. It makes no sense. If you believe that Neil is in Hell, why spread that negativity so publicly on the internet?


As a Christian myself, I don’t get this whole “if you’re not a Christian, you’re going to hell” business. Not even Christianity can reach a consensus on the afterlife. Go into any church and you’ll likely find something different. Besides that, anyone who uses their religion as a club to beat someone over the head with is wrong.


I’m Greek Orthodox. Long time ago I asked my Priest just what happens to someone never heard of Christianity, never even heard of God. What if that person lived a basically good life. Would that person still go to hell since the person isn’t Christian? His response is that’s how the grace of God works. God may allow anyone in to heaven regardless of what that person did on Earth. In that particular case, the person is probably going to heaven. But we don’t know for sure. To claim knowledge of such is to claim you know what God is thinking. An arrogant claim at best. Blasphemous at worst.


I knew a guy who went on a mission trip to some foreign nation, teaching native tribes about Jesus. I asked him almost the same thing as you. He said that people who never had a chance to learn about Christ but were people will automatically be received into heaven but that those who had a chance to accept Him but didn’t will go to hell. I asked, “so why are you going on mission trip to these tribal lands, basically screwing their chances at that golden ticket?” He didn’t ever give a clear answer but he was pretty mad. The way I see it, God is fair and just. Any wrongs will be made right and all will be dealt with fairly. If you were a good person, that won’t go unnoticed. If you were a douchebag, especially calling on His name in doing so, you’ll get your comeuppance.


Oh man I had a discussion about mission trips and “saving” others with my first serious girlfriend. She was a Baptist. About as far from being an Orthodox Christian and still be in Christianity. She said gotta believe in God and accept Christ as your savior or you’re going to hell. Period. Their mission is to convert as many as they can and save their souls. Because if you save a lot you’ll get rewarded in heaven. My comment was like “oh, VIP seating or you fly first class if you rack up 100 souls?” I just couldn’t reach common ground with her. We spent 3 years together. Should have split after 1 because I knew deep down there wouldn’t be common ground.


Thank you. And God bless you.


Quality response! Too bad you didn't end with, "Bye, Felacia."


Came here to say this. https://youtu.be/bT90D0GKZRM




That comment is absolutely appalling. You gave the right response though


Neil's religion was music and a high priest of the temple of Syrinx.


Our great cumputor


Awesome response, mine would’ve been a lot more offensive.


Six months ago I probably would have done as such. I guess I've been listening to too much Sam Harris lately, just thinking about freewill and the fact that we do not author our own personalities makes me more likely to pity people like that for being brainwashed from a young age, rather than get angry at them. I can't imagine anyone decides they want to grow up to be an insufferable cunt like that lol.


Wow, how unusual to encounter another Rush + Sam Harris fan. Cheers mate.


There are dozens of us!


She will never dine on honey dew or drink the milk of paradise!!


Ha! Can I join Peartism? :P


I feel my username is finally relevant hahaha


Musicism, like Hinduism, has many branches and deities. Peart is god, Clapton is god, etc. None is better than the other, they just are.


I'm not saying Neil was perfect, but I don't believe that I've ever heard anything truly disparaging about Neil (besides the whole Objectivism rhetoric which was basically benign), but this was way beyond left field. You handled it quite well and thank you for leaving it up for ~~prosperity~~ *posterity*.


Hey, just for future reference, the word you wanted is “posterity”, rather than prosperity.


Dang, how did that get past me. Thank you, good catch!!


No worries, it happens to the best of us 👍


> I'm not saying Neil was perfect, but I don't believe that I've ever heard anything truly disparaging about Neil I mean, let's be fair, Neil was fully capable of being kind of an ass, as we all are. I occasionally read old interviews of him reposted on Twitter, he was perfectly happy to shit all over pop music that he didn't personally find any value in, and I was was pretty grossed out by the way he talked about fat people in Ghost Rider


Yeah, there was a couple of things in that book that took me aback a bit not completely knowing the man. I don't know, his perspective of ~~real~~ everyday life was through a filter of a life that was far from ordinary. But still, to say that the he was going to hell, we know of ordinary people who are certainly more deserving of the trip.


You can choose a ready guide in some celestial voice...


“All that you can do, is wish them well”


if you're going through hell, don't stop there, keep on going


Nice, Neil was the best, his choice is just that, *his choice!*


Don't feed the trolls.


[I always liked this column Neil wrote to the “Daily Texan”.](http://www.2112.net/powerwindows/transcripts/19810719dailytexan.htm) Through the filter of their beliefs, that person may genuinely think that those not in their faith are doomed to hell and suffering. Perhaps they are truly sad for what they perceive as Neil’s fate. It’s hard to tell (especially in text only) if they are well meaning or just a self righteous dick. Regardless, it always comes across as arrogant and condescending. The response was well stated, though it will likely be lost on them if they even read it.


Bro I’m a Catholic Christain and that is everything we’re against. Mean spirited and unrelated.


Westboro Baptist Trump supporting Trolls like Felacia don't even deserve a response. These same kind of people said the same things about Lennon, Dimebag, Jeff Hanneman , Peter Steele, John Bonham and every other Rock legend that has passed on. Just block them after a quick "go Fuck yourself Felacia, have a great day, may Neil have mercy on your sad little soul"


I actually think it's an almost...secret taboo among Rock 'n' Roll fans that in reality, many of the top creators have been unbelievers...Lennon, Morrison, countless Metal and heavy Rock players... I think I get that religious leaning fans can separate the 'art from the artist' (I think many of us do that at some level for many public things/figures we enjoy) - but just being real, in Beyond the Lighted Stage doc (the extras), we see Alex reading Christopher Hitchens' 'God is not Great'


I don't put much stock in what any adult who believes in a sky daddy has to say. I on the other hand have complete respect to the man who lived life on his terms and would ask himself at the start of each day, "What is the most excellent thing I can do today?"


I’ve got my own moral compass to steer by . A guiding star beats a spirit in the sky .


I was raised Catholic but identity as an atheist. At 60 years old I’d concede that Peartism has been part of my spiritual underpinnings. I think your response was spot on. It reminded me of an article I read shortly after Neil’s death that summarizes the arc of his beliefs as shown in his lyrics-> [Rush drummer marched to his own beat of faith.](https://bccatholic.ca/voices/c-s-morrissey/rush-drummer-marched-to-his-own-beat-of-faith)


cheers mate . I needed to read that today


You are very welcome. When I read the article I linked I started thinking I was going to get angry. Instead, the Catholic person (clearly a Rush fan) who wrote it nicely stated that they were disappointed Neil was critical of Christianity but demonstrated through his life that he was deeply spiritual. Aside from his worldly intelligence, he was supremely kind to the core…much like the message you wrote indicates about you. Cheers back!


I consider it a weakness of human mind to cling to superstition as a way to cope with reality. It’s always better to deal with reality than a comfortable fantasy.


Yes exactly. And over the year trying to do a lot of work on myself mentally I'm finding that reality without religion is a lot less scary than people like to think.


Great response, friend. If god exists and he sends such beautiful souls as Neil’s to hell for the simple crime of unbelief, he is not a god worth acknowledging, let alone worshipping.


YES, I made a longer comment and mentioned this as well. For some people the idea of a God is something their brain simply cannot believe in and that’s not fair to punish them for it. As long as you try to live a decent life I would imagine you’re ok


"Never wrestle with a pig. You just get dirty and the pig enjoys it"


Dont feed the troll


Are you kidding me folks? Neil Peart has assumed control of the heavenly Percussion system❤️


I think he'd probably sit in from time to time in between visits to other beautiful places in the universe. Lucky bastard probably knows what's in a black hole now.


I was a teen trapped in a christian family when John Lennon died. My mom says "the sad thing is he's probably floating around hell right now" Yeah, you sound really *sad* about that. BTW , include me in Peartism. :) Praise the Solar Federation!


Comments like that irritate me the most. As a fellow believer in Peartism myself, You handled the situation with great class and I commend you on that.


Well I guess I just joined a new religion today. Praise Neil.


I dont blame you a bit.


Great retort to that close minded, religious zealot. As an agnostic, I agree with you 100%. I'm assuming that the video you're referring to is on YouTube. What video is it? I'd love to see it. Can you post a link please?


I’ll probably get downvoted but she seems literally bummed out about what she thinks is happening to Neil. It’s not like she said he got what he deserved or anything. I consider myself a Christian but in probably the loosest terms. Basically I don’t think a loving God would roast someone in Hell for eternity just because their brain isn’t capable of believing in a higher power, even though they lived a decent life. ALSO since we were created with free will (no pun intended) I believe that on Earth, shit just happens. God deserves none of the credit or the blame because I simply refuse to believe God would make a light turn green for someone barely on time for work so they aren’t late but also allows child sex trafficking. I would just ignore people like that, or ask if she could elaborate. He didn’t like being a rock star anyway so she doesn’t really make sense. I hope you don’t take this comment the wrong way, I’m just naturally a person who gives people the benefit of the doubt unless they’re being obviously nasty


Yes, I actually feel sorry for Felaecia here... assuming she isn't merely trolling.


Great response.


Is she implying Neil did a deal with the devil? Some epic drum solo dueling ?


I'm a faithful Catholic who falls way short of the grace of God, as we all do as imperfect humans. This diatribe by Felacia is disgusting. Judge not lest ye be judged. Mr. Peart stands atop his rightful spot on Jacob's Ladder ready to enter the glories of Heaven. Felacia--not so much. Nothing Mr. Peart did over the course of his legendary career could have been accomplished in his absence. The lyrics could not have written themselves without Mr. Peart. The masterful drum parts for every piece of music he ever collaborated on could not have composed themselves. Each was unique to HIM alone, and the drum sticks could not have picked themselves up and played his music without him. It was all Neil and only Neil. I am faithful in God because I look at the universe in precisely the same way. For the universe to have created itself out of nothing is an impossibility from where I sit. With every human that's ever lived, and every creature that has ever drawn breath. Each one unique. Each one with a Grand Design--each with a Free Will. We simply could not have been created from nothing any more than the lyrics to Entre Nous could have materialized out of thin air. We all have purpose and are here for higher reasons. I cannot believe that each person on the face of the earth, and all who have walked before us, are nothing more than cosmic anomalies here for a few fleeting years only to disappear into irrelevance for all eternity. Faithfulness is therefore easy for me. It's easier for me to look at everyone I encounter--each one of YOU in this subreddit--as a miracle of creation for which there is a Creator, because the alternative is unthinkable to me. The alternative--we're all here by a fluke of nature/science-- is nihilistic, cynical and wholly devoid of hope, purpose or meaning, in my opinion. Not bashing others' beliefs...that's just the way I see it. I'm not here to preach--I just thought I'd share my views, and wish each and every one of you all the very best in your own personal spiritual journeys...


...But if I may (and obviously, this is a random place for an in-depth religious discussion) - How do you know those are the only alternatives? I.e, it's "either Jesus" or "either total conceptualized randomness" without any other option? Maybe we just don't know enough. Eastern religion also offers many other points of view.


I have faith, and I am always questioning my faith. I'll never get to a point where I can pin my faith down and say "that's it." What I understand of a religion is based on where I'm perceiving it from. As I shift my beliefs, different things are revealed. Consider this image - 5 people of 5 faiths are seeing their perspectives of reality; none are wrong, but none are completely correct. https://i.redd.it/tvncvruhdq651.jpg


I'm a perspectivist all the way so I generally agree; but I think the tough thing with specific faiths is that they \*often\* have very specific (mutually contradictory) 'truth claims'. Eg - It doesn't seem like it can be the case that Jesus Christ "made" everything (whatever the "making" process is, we don't know....) and any number of other faiths' version of events, including aboriginal tribes, Krishna cults, innumerable others. It sure doesn't seem rational to say they're all true and just whatever one believes is true, either.


I am also Catholic and I pray for Neil's soul daily. There are many, (including Pope Francis) who believe atheists can go to heaven, if they were introduced to a false Christ through Church members who falsely represent him, who reverse the golden rule. I think about the parable of the sheep and goats and Neil's corporal works of mercy. This is the prayer I use. I modified it from a prayer of St. Francis Xavier. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FKhretjoRHP8UT5wFQOrZH3p_nvCnheS/view?usp=drivesdk


Preach brother, preach.


I couldn’t have responsed any better.


I love you, dude


First of all, is she really your friend in RL or is she some rando " Friend" on your FB page? Second, either way you should dump her fast. Thirdly, Who cares what she says, she sounds stupid AF to me.


Well done. Inspiring, even.


Ha!! I guess person doesn’t realize that other religions exist. Idiot.


If there is a god, that person is going straight on the VIP bullet train to hell.


It’s just really bizarre to feel the need to say something like that about a person who passed away.


It ain't up to them anyway.


Please satan signed him up years ago. Gotta have that beat for all time, down there with all the other best people like lemmy, hitch, sagan, einstein, Galileo....the list keeps going


Trash. And how does she know he "gave up on Christianity?" - know one knows what his last days were like. Your response was perfect.


Peartism. I love it. I am part of that religion too. Probably more popular than evangelical christianity. Makes a whole lot more sense


Fucking Tight. Well put. In Neil we Trust.


Felacia? That's a Fallacious troll handle right? Either that or they are really proud of their Fellatio skills.


“He knows of horrors worse than your hell.”


People like this are the bane of humanity


Christians:"We must be kind to all and help others as if they were our own" Also Christians: Side note: no hate. Worship whatever you want. I just hate the mentality that this person and many others have.


Beautiful words my friend. Said with class, wisdom and benevolence. Outstanding!!!!




Did you consider the comment can be simply a troll?


Daaaaaaayum, I might not have gone that hard. Sick sick burn there.


As a rush fan and a Christian, this kind of behavior absolutely repulses me. Like you’re making a public comment relishing in the possibility of someone dying in hell, what is wrong with you?


That dude is a pretty bad example of a Christian, IMO.


Speak it bro! Religion is and always had been about control. It should be universally outlawed.


I'm personally a Christian, but I don't see what the point is of making comments like that. It's not the way to bring people to your side


open your fuckin eyes felicia


Well you’re wrong about religion, and that was a vile comment for them to leave, but you weren’t any more sympathetic.