The Times: Ryan Giggs head butted his girlfriend and threw her naked out of their hotel room, a court was told today

The Times: Ryan Giggs head butted his girlfriend and threw her naked out of their hotel room, a court was told today


Just when you think he can't be more of a cunt


It’s weird to think now, but only a few years ago this man was considered a shining role model of professionalism, skill, longevity, and an all round good egg. A true legend of the game. It’s amazing how wrong we all were about him. Not sure I remember a player who has fallen from grace so spectacularly.


He was always a calm player on and off the pitch, softly spoken and far better on camera than most footballers are. It's easy to think someone is a good person when they're well spoken and polite. Turns out he's an utter prick and violent piece of domestic battery shit but there you go. Hope he gets everything coming to him.


So the opposite of Roy Keane


I hope Roy Keane in private is a lot like Roy Kent in private.


His instagram is pretty cool - its about stuff like riding a bike around town and hanging out with his grand kids. You wouldnt think "this guy boxed in the streets of Cork and two-footed people on a pitch" if you didnt know.


It’s like Roy and phoebe


The guy in Ted Lasso is definitely based off him.


Ive got to watch that. Its good apparently


It is, nice wholesome feel-good show. It's very obviously made by the Yanks, for the Yanks but if that doesn't bother you, it's a good show. Doesn't have too much footballing stuff in it unfortunately, but it's light-hearted and fun. Hoping the next season will have more football related stuff


There are a lot of quick little jokes for the football fans if you pay attention. Stuff like 'Harry Redknapp has called three times this week' when Lasso's job is supposedly under pressure.


It’s not really meant to be a show about football. It’s meant to be a show about life that happens to be centered on a football coach.


I have my gripes but its definitely a worth a watch


It's not good it's great. DEFINITELY watch it. Season 2, Episode 1 just dropped last night so you can binge-watch Season 1 and get caught up.


He even looks like him a fair bit!


It was confirmed by the creator in The Lowe Post podcast that its based on him.


He has grand kids? What is he? Early 50s max I guess.


I’m 42 and one of my best friends became a grandfather a few months ago. My friend’s grandparents (well 3/4) are still alive so there’s 5 generations living.


Damn, that's grand af


It’s nuts and definitely makes me feel old. His daughter was conceived at the end of high school and his daughter is 23 or 24 now.


I once knew a guy who became grandfather at 32. Don't do that.


Fuuuck that. I still don’t have kids at 42.


Oh jeez, people from poor backgrounds often have different experiences. I lived down the road from my great-grandparents who died when I was 15, and I had older cousins with kids my age… so they were great-great grandparents when they died and damn near a broken condom from g^3. Fucking crazy.


He's just David Mitchell in disguise.


I always thought it was funny that they very clearly based Roy Kent's character on Roy Keane, and just changed 2 letters in the last name.


All this nansense going around about public and private personas… honestly give me a break. Players these days should be the same on and off the pitch. Focus on yourself. That’s their job. Nansense I tell ya (In Keane’s voice)


I do enjoy it when Roy says 'nansns' without moving or opening his mouth. It's total nansns. If you're a pler at this level you have to pfarm.


He quite recently bought ice creams for a bunch of kids at the beach! [I'm awful at naming links](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.breakingnews.ie/amp/ireland/a-great-fella-roy-keane-treats-young-fans-to-ice-cream-on-cork-beach-1161110.html) He also does great charity work with guide dogs!


Sometimes you gotta sit down and appreciate Roy Keane. When you watch him commentate, he’s always more sincere than the other commentators.


Plus he [absolutely](https://www.balls.ie/football/11-photos-prove-roy-keane-worlds-biggest-dog-lover-131585) [loves](https://extra.ie/2021/03/20/must-see/roy-keane-issues-brilliant-ruff-guide-to-managing-dogs) [dogs](https://www.independent.ie/sport/soccer/international-soccer/roy-keane-id-be-lost-without-my-dogs-they-are-a-massive-part-of-our-lives-31159696.html). I'm not saying that automatically makes him a good person, but it's so funny that such a hardass on the pitch is like a little boy when it comes to dogs. Makes him really endearing.


For sure. He walks his dogs round the Bollin river near me. A buddy of mine has got to know him quite well walking his dog with him and he's never seen him happier.


Haha so good. I just love the idea that the only time Keane smiles is when he's with his dogs. His kids? stone faced. His wife? stone faced. His dogs? :D


On a podcast called undr the cosh that has players guest on that played under him, they say that on a pre season trip Keane took them all to a water park and apparently he was running around having the best time going on all the slides trying to get the players to go on. So he likes dogs and water slides apparently.


Hahaha fuckin hell that's such a funny image. Why is the man so stone faced and cynical when it comes to football, but acts like a little kid when he's not on tv/on the pitch?


His dogs were the only ones who could make him smile.... until Micah came bursting onto the scene


Because Micah is basically like a loveable labrador made human


"That smile... that [damn smile](https://talksport.com/football/803066/roy-keane-micah-richards-brilliant-exchange-footballers-smiling/)".


Friend worked with him and said he was the best celeb he worked with, easy going and nothing g like the persona he has Also I may be biased as I’m from cork and got a birthday card off him - long story but a relative of his was mates with my father


Really nice gesture from him to do that for you. Every story makes him out ot be a top guy. It's funny to learn because when I watched him as a kid he actually scared me. His tackles and his no nonsense attitude intimdated the shit out of me.


How someone treats their pets says a lot about them.


Yep he's also the ambassador for guide dogs for the blind over here. Raised 56k himself for that brilliant charity. A very decent bloke


Dags man, dags.




It's safe to say we really don't know *anything* about professional athletes since everything we see/hear of them is through the lens of the media.


totally, imagine how many scandals fergie helped to cover up in the 90s.


Lol covering scandals from the boyz like he works for the mafia.


Walking into the hotel room like he's Mike from Breaking Bad.


Prince Andrew, for one


Exactly, we can’t sit here assume stuff without having the full picture.


If he plays for the prison football team does he stop being a one club man?


Excellent point, he is now even more of your responsibility.


Beware of false idols. People look up to celebrities only knowing a tiny fraction of who they really are, and are constantly shocked pikachu when the ‘hero’ falls from grace.


> He was always a calm player on and off the pitch You think he's gonna fight with other men the same size as him? Ryan prefers fighting women. 😉


Okay so I swear this is true. Back in the early 90s when Giggs and the class of 92 were just coming through, he used to go out to a load of clubs and bars in Manchester. My aunty is the same age as him roughly, and one night she was out in town with her mates, and who comes up trying to dance with her other than Ryan Giggs. Wouldn't leave her alone, kept asking her out. She called him a dog and told him to fuck off. My dad was gutted cos he would have had a free season ticket, but in hindsight, good thing she turned down the prick.


There were always rumours of him being a bit of a party animal, but like you said his on field persona of longevity overshadowed it. Juan Mata is a class act, that I can bet my mortgage on


Mata is just a lovely, clean-cut, straight-laced guy. Kind of like Gylfi Sigurdsson.


Aye, which is why the whole potential nonce thing has blown people away. What a way to potentially ruin your career if true


I always thought he was terrible on camera, just devoid of charisma and personality and dead behind the eyes.


The epitome of “watch out for the quiet ones”


There's a clip of him giving the team talk during one of his 4 interim manager games at United and he comes across as the least inspiring person in the room. It's crazy to think someone who had the career he had would be so bland in such a position.


You saw his yoga DVD then


Giggs was never a role model. He definitely had a reputation for "enjoying" the nightlife in the 90s. He was a regular in nightclubs frequented by people with ties to the underworld. He liked the preferential treatment and respect he got from "hardmen". There were also always stories about him slapping women around. He got involved in a few incidents outside nightclubs and was accused of paying of (former) girlfriends to make stories go away. Apperently SAF even sat him down in an effort to keep things out of the tabloids.


one can never fully know another human being - much less a stranger we watch from the stands or through a TV screen


>It’s weird to think now, but only a few years ago this man was considered a shining role model of professionalism, skill, longevity, and an all round good egg. A true legend of the game. > >It’s amazing how wrong we all were about him. Not sure I remember a player who has fallen from grace so spectacularly. By a few you mean a decade ago when it all came out what he did with his brothers missus


People have a terrible sense of time. Which means they still see events that happened in 2011 as being 'a few years ago', rather than a decade ago.


When you get older, ten years are just a few 😬


He’s obviously a POS. But he was also professional, skilled and defiantly managed to keep his body healthy enough to play at the highest level for a very long time. I learned from him that yoga is one of the best things you can do for yourself as an athlete. Never looked up to him as a person though.


All these child porners... Metzelder https://www.euronews.com/2021/04/29/christoph-metzelder-former-german-footballer-given-suspended-sentence-for-sharing-child-po and the Iceland guy Bruno ex flamengo... He was even scouted for Europe


>He was even scouted for Europe The rock band?




We're leavin' together


>It’s weird to think now, but only a few years ago this man was considered a shining role model of professionalism, skill, longevity, and an all round good egg. A true legend of the game. He still is all of that in regards to the game - just his life and qualities away from the public eye is clearly messed up


Yeah but watch the reactions from people any time his name comes up now. That's not exactly what hes known as now. His professional career barely ever gets a mention.


Probably because this and related news are the context in which his name has been brought up recently. If there was a discussion thread about 'all time premier league greats', we'd be talking about his ability.


Br that's the point, after all this external stuff, the footballing side isn't what springs to mind when his name comes up anymore. He isn't considered a role model/footballing great etc anymore, hes the brothers wife fucking womam beater.


This happened with Karl Malone in the NBA. He was basically viewed as the perfect citizen until some really dark stuff about him came to light.


He is still the player he was it just turns out hes a major dick in everyday life


Is there a trophy out there that cunts are trying to win?


There’s that award Katie Hopkins got


"now his ex-girlfriend" Thank God for that.


Until he finds another victim.


i hope he is in jail before that but i don't have much faith in the justice system penalizing rich people for their actions


He won't do jail time.


If he's convicted there's a fairly decent chance of him serving some jail time based on the offence he's charge with.


What a Cunt.


Hey, hey, now. He's a United leg-. Actually, no. You are right. What a cunt, indeed...


Surely playing for United only adds to it/s




Pure scum


Hopefully Wales Football Association finally realise he's a PoS


He hasn't been involved at all since the allegations


Pretty sure they know that, but they can’t fire him unless he gets found guilty


Bruh, Giggs is why I sometimes question humanity. He broke his brothers trust by cheating with his wife. Then his family discarded the brother even though he did not do anything wrong. Giggs was a great player,but is a terrible role model.


Not really. Ryan was married and had an affair. Then Rhodri (Ryan's brother) started dating Ryan's affaire and then they married. Rhodri was discarded for siding with their father, who was so bad, that his kids changed their last name to their mothers maiden name. But I agree with you. My fav football player, but a terrible role model nonetheless.


What in the actual fuck 😳


I’ve never heard that. Do you’ve a source for it?


I see these “Actually this is how it really happened...” all the time and very rarely with a source. Notice how many of the replies take it as an immediate truth. Not trying to be a dick, yet it’s worrisome how the majority usually takes these claims as true without a source. Good on you for asking. I was thinking the same thing.


I think we rely on the wisdom of crowds which is both good and bad. For example I assume that many people on this sub especially are well versed in Ryan Giggs’ story and when a claim like OPs stays upvoted with no one seemingly countering it you just assume it passed the fact check.


So Ryan was shagging his brothers future wife before Rhodri even met her? Rhodri knew he had an affair with her and married her anyway? That's weird as fuck - little bit more understandable now. Either way the abuse thing is separate and hope Ryan goes to jail.


>So Ryan was shagging his brothers future wife before Rhodri even met her? Rhodri knew he had an affair with her and married her anyway? That's weird as fuck - little bit more understandable now. Yeah the media definietly made out his brother was unaware from what I remember reading. News to me all that.


Don't let unsourced shit be news to you. It's how absolute bullshit like this spreads.


How is that little bit more understandable? He was still sleeping with his brothers wife for 8 years. Having previous affair doesn't make it any more understandable.


I turns it from a Ryan sucks situation to an everybody sucks situation. Ryan still sucks in that situation, but so does the brother and the brother's wife


I mean Rhodri should have been more aware of Ryan's previous actions and relationship with her if this is true. If your brother was fucking someone behind his wifes back, then you marry the girl hes been cheating with - you have to have some understanding that Ryan might do it again ffs. I'm not saying it's less scummy or anything, just stupid from Rhodri to even want her.


This whole thread is going by the assumption that Ryan and his brother had a normal brotherly relationship, which is far from the truth. That family is all kinds of fucked up, i think Ryan took the mothers side and Rhodri the fathers and there is supposed to have been animosity between them. Not justifying but it surely adds a little bit nuance to the whole thing, this is no normal family.


Lol ikr some braindead reasoning going on here


Ryan was banging Natasha before she got married to Rhodri and Rhodri knew it but married her anyway? What the fuck lmaooo


He probably didn’t know it. Ryan should not have let him marry her anyways.


My bruv, is ok, no?


Wasn't it more that their family was fucked up due to abusive father and this split?


I was a bit annoyed when he won Sports Personality of the year in 2009 over the likes of Jenson Button and Jessica Ennis. Now even more so lol.


Quite a bit off-topic, but does Ennis still have a stand named after her? I remember her writing to Sheffield Utd(?) asking to have her name removed from the stand when they were rumoured to sign Ched Evans


They renamed it with a sponsor. Fans started a petition previously to rename it because they didn’t like her speaking up in the press. Bunch of weirdos that side of the city.


Yensen was robbed.


I've never seen the word cunt so often in one thread. Expresses it perfectly.


It brings me joy


Is there a fucking worse person than him in football other than that Brazilian GK who butchered his pregnant girlfriend and fed her to his dogs ?


Robinho is scum as well, to say the least


Are you by any chance talking about convicted rapist Robinho?


Robinho is a whole different level.


>that Brazilian GK who butchered his pregnant girlfriend and fed her to his dogs Just in case you missed this.


meant in relation to giggs, obviously


Robinho has being sentenced to 9 years in jail in Italy for gang rape. His defense? "Laughable, she was drunk!". So, yeah...


And to think the man was once considered one of the players to carry the football torch back in the day


Is he currently serving his sentence then?


Of course not, fled to Brazil before he even got sentenced.


Wtf is the story behind this. Never heard of it




"What happened, happened" what a disgusting thing to say about a premeditated murder you committed.


"I made a mistake, a serious one, but mistakes happen in life -- I'm not a bad guy. People tried to bury my dreams because of one mistake" He's talking about it as if he messed up some paper work in an office


So true. It's the statement you'd expect if someone forgot to submit the payroll details that month. He's talking about him murdering someone like it happened to him and he's the victim. I really don't understand murdering your partner, much less your pregnant partner. How can people do this shit.


>I’m not a bad guy. Safe to say his short prison stay didn’t reform this guy even a tiny bit. Cases like this are the best defense for a death penalty. Also, how fucking corrupt are football clubs in Brazil that he received multiple offers after being released jfc


Very. Also, he was really good (First Division level of good), was broke and would play for basically minimum wage. He wasn't approached by any big club, just State level clubs. Really shit in their part, but I honestly get it. Dude is a good First Division level player available for basically free and no wages. For comparison, it would be like having Lloris available to a League Two side on like £2k a week. But he's just out of jail for killing his wife.


wtf are u talking about? jesus edit: Bruno Fernandes das Dores de Souza (born 23 December 1984), known as Bruno, is a Brazilian convicted murderer and professional footballer who last played for Rio Branco. In 2010, he was charged with the assault, torture and murder of his extramarital girlfriend and mother of his youngest child. holy shit


> Bruno Fernandes Nearly shit a brick


Just imagine the footballers who haven't been outed yet


Adam Johnson


Robinho is worse.


Still embarrassed by it. Sure, innocent until proven guilty, but the fact he was accused of noncing... never sat right that he was still allowed to play by our club...


Deserves to be locked up and shunned from the footballing community if true.


He deserved the latter for fucking his brothers wife. How the fuck you gonna have selfish cunt like that manage a team. Wouldnt trust the bastard nor take him serious if he was my coach


That’s exactly what Jose said when Man U wanted him to retain Giggs as his assistant. How can you trust a man like that.


Respect for Jose has risen for me, didn’t know he said that up until now.


Can you give a source pls?


A [source](https://www.balls.ie/football/mourinho-ryan-giggs-403232) that's paraphrasing The Times.


Remember a report about Mourinho not wanting Giggs as assistant because he can't trust a man who fucked his own brother's wife. Between that and calling Ozil's ex a hoe, Jose's wildin.


Jose just spits out mad truths. He's 2 for 2 right there.


Anyone got a quick recap on Mrs. Ozil’s hoe activity?


Not Mrs. Ozil, an old flame of his when he was in Madrid.


it's not about Mrs. Ozil, it's about Aida Yespica or something like that. Some model that liked footballers.


I mean Jose is 100% right in both cases.


It’s wild that we was given the national team job when he didn’t really take it seriously as a player.


The football community from the BBC to the clubs continues to pull the chair out for convicted felon Joey Barton. Why would they not do the same for a much better player like Giggs!


Would never be us


Of course they do He’s one of the boys, Class of 92 and all that He’s gets the Jimmy Saville treatment from the media. They’d have all known he was a scumbag for a very long time


Okay. Find a 16 year old in our academy and let him play 38 games every season for his career. Don’t want that cunt as our record appearance holder. Let him have nothing to do with the club.


Yup. Going to take someone exceptional to beat 963 games...


Unlikely it’ll ever happen but we can dream


Mason with at least 45 games a season for 20 years will leave him with 1005 appearances atop the 105 he already has. So it's doable.


Rooney was 17 when he went to United and is over 400 games behind him for perspective. Basically you need two Wayne Rooney back to back careers.


Wow that’s crazy perspective


rooney also dropped incredibly at like 28 years od


>https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11667/2309487/rooney-signs-for-united >The 18-year-old asked for a transfer last Friday He was 18 but yeah.


Doable but there will definitely be injuries and such that will lower those numbers


I’ll do it


Would it be too harsh for the club to sorta disown him and never mention him among their record holders?


It must be really annoying that Giggs’ success in terms of trophies and appearances will almost certainly never be equalled, let alone beaten. You’ll never truly bury him regardless of what he does from this point in his life.


Give it 20 years and they'll all love him again. Best was another woman beating scumbag and he's still adored by them.


That’s actually a very plausible scenario. As mentioned, Giggs records will stand pretty much forever at this point. History will eventually forget a case of infidelity (even though it was pretty extreme in itself) and even these allegations, but his name will always top every reasonable record that United have.


I’ve always had a problem with the ‘go on the piss with Georgie Best’ chant. Yes, let’s glorify the abusive alcoholic who got a liver transplant basically because he was famous (when it potentially could have gone to someone more deserving) and he pissed that one away, too. I think it’s partly my disdain for drinking culture/abusive alcoholics (for personal reasons) and the fact that I never really had any connection to Best, but the chant pisses me right off.


Hm, maybe it’s possible then that history may not look back at Giggs as fondly, even with his undisputed sporting accomplishments. I don’t wanna sound like a sympathiser to someone like Best in any way, but (and I’m only 30 so I don’t speak with first hand experience) but the general vibe I get is that Best came from a era where a football drinking culture was just engrained in the players. It also feels that a domestic abuse allegation today carries a thousand times more weight than it would’ve back then. Maybe it was easier for people to forget that Best was a shit head when most who witnessed him probably were, at best, ambivalent to his issues. We live in a world that is increasingly willing to hold people accountable for their actions, maybe Giggs will find that out.


Yup, I'm pretty sure people didn't judge Best nearly as harshly when all of this was happening as we are currently judging Giggs. We might not like it, but people used to be far more forgiving of domestic abuse. For example, [Sean Connery](https://www.irishtimes.com/culture/sean-connery-often-said-it-was-okay-to-hit-a-woman-the-obits-barely-mentioned-it-1.4401030) regularly said it was OK to hit your partner, and it only really started to get any attention in the last few years (though it wasn't in his obits).


Greenwood’s your best bet atm


He’s already on 100 like but doubt he’ll be around when he’s 40


I did some rough maths and Greenwood would have to average aroung 57 appearances a season for the next 16 seasons, at which point he would be 35. So basically no injuries and no dropoff when he gets older.


RemindMe! 15 years


Jesus fucking christ. At least she left him but what a total bastard Giggs continues to be.




Flat out cunt.


Wonder how this works. There's one witness for each offence, but they're each witnesses to the other witness's assault. An eye witness would often be enough to get a conviction but not sure how that works when the lawyers would obviously point out their bias.


It also mentions he sent her loads of texts, and showed up at her gym and workplace. It should be relatively easy to prove most of the claims.


He’s also charged with ABH, and CPS guidelines are that they’ll only pursue an ABH charge if the complainant required medical treatment. So presumably there will be medical evidence too.


Sweet baby jesus he def not getting statue now


fuck off giggs


What a headline, had to read twice thinking I misread.


This guy still hasn’t been sacked by Wales. Shocking.


How the mighty has fallen. He had an almost spotless reputation (from what I knew) until the revelations about what he did to his brother. And now? Quite frankly, he should never be given any sort of spotlight again. He's just an utter, utter scumbag. I know he's not been found guilty yet, but this just adds fuel to the fire. Hope Wales sack him, at least.


No statue for you then Ryan


They should built a statue & place a plaque saying, "Avoid becoming him"


What the actual fuck


Sadly he has history of abusing women he beat up Davinia Murphy years ago, seems like he is an unbelievable piece of shit


As a side note it shows the grip that Man Utd had over the media (and how they lost it) that Giggs character came to light after the Fergie era. I heard there was an incident in a nightclub in Leeds in the late 90's involving Giggs and a girl but compared to others there was next to none press coverage. Guarantee if there was, that paper would have been banned from Old Trafford.


The girl apparently wore sunglasses when she was out and about for a while after the assault so that people wouldn't see the bruises around her eyes




We’ve known for years what a class guy he is. This just reinforces that knowledge


Just gets worse and worse


Luckily United did not appoint him as a manager full-time & Mourinho did not fancy him to keep him around as one of his coach staffs. Granted Giggs would forever be embedded in our history but I do hope United would have nothing to do with him going forward. Screw it, I hope football would have nothing to do with him going forward.


You can dislike a person for whatever reasons, that's your choice. But to throw that person out of a room naked? imho, that speaks volumes about Gigg's characters and morals.


head butting her says a bit too...


almost like he gets some kind of thrill from humiliating people