Olympic hammer thrower Gwen Berry responds to backlash after she turns away from U.S. flag during national anthem

Olympic hammer thrower Gwen Berry responds to backlash after she turns away from U.S. flag during national anthem


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Wow a whole article about a third place finisher in women's hammer throw at US Trials, not the Olympics. That has to be some type of record.


I change tires at Wal-Mart and my wife is a pro hammer thrower. Our budget is $1.2 million.


And by next week we will never hear from her again.


Think she qualified for the Olympics. So will be hearing about her for a few months at least.


maybe the hammer throw will actually be televised this time instead of wall to wall swimming and gymnastics


please, NBC needs to show 8hrs of swimmer/gymnast back story before they actually compete. I think I will try and watch the olympic on the BBC this year, might see some different events.


If you can get it CBC also shows a greater variety than NBC does.


CBC is great with showing the less “prized” Olympic sports. I’ve used a VPN when I’m out of country to see random sports, other than swimming and whatever other competition the USA is supposed to dominate in.


The CBC website also stores (at least it did last Olympics I was out of country for) events you can watch later.


Maybe, like Dewey Cox, they need to think about their entire lives before they compete.


> wall to wall swimming swimswimswim. wallflip swimswimswim. wallflip swimswimswim. wallflip


No, a short 20 minute doc of how the hammer throw athlete feels about competing for yet being upset at the US will play, then they will show 30 seconds of footage of her competing, and then back to swimming and gymnastics.


Well more like the last week of July and first week of August. People's attention span moves from sport to sport at the Olympics and the Track and Field events are at the end if Olympic games.


Since she was third place in America, I doubt she'll make the podium in Tokyo.


She's currently third on the world list so its possible.


just like all the other hammer throwers we hear about!


But aren’t you outraged?! This shit matters!! /s


I'm outraged that I wasted my time with this.


Right? I'm looking at this story and a bunch of people talking about how the IOC has banned political protest in the Tokyo Olympic Games but this event happened in Oregon. Also, this is not the 1st time she has used her position as an athlete for the purposes of protest. She raised a fist in the Pan American games in 2019, which caused her to lose a bunch of sponsors and get hit with A year long ban from participating in Olympic events. It's just outrage porn at this point.


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This kind of stuff always brings me back to system of a downs "sugar" music video. https://youtu.be/5vBGOrI6yBk


>The Kombucha mushroom people, sitting around all day


They've got you running in circles 9 to 5 , but then 5 to 9 you're mine"


Hey. Make this happen. DeAnna Price, the girl at the top of the stands, broke the American women’s hammer record *3 times that day*.


any time an American isnt being American enough for America its news worthy.


Don't mistaken American Media reporting something as the American people actually caring about it.


Thank you


Ironically, just about the most American thing you can do is complain about the government. It's actually a protected civil right.


I would expect other countries to have a pretty similar response tbh. I doubt many country’s would straight up ignore it Edit: lol damn y’all got SUPER sensitive about this comment. Pretty embarrassing


I'm almost certain there would be outrage from just about every country in the world if their participant blatantly ignored the flag. But that's just me


Absolutely, obviously the US has a history to be taken into context for this but to pretend like it’s an unusual response is just fucking stupid


I tend to agree. Australians would be pretty shitty that an athlete took the tax payers dollar to train and compete but then responded like this. I’d imagine that countries like China might respond a little more harshly?


Straight to the salt mines if it was China. If they can put a billionaire in jail they can do anything. US is powerless against that money and protesters.


Everyone made a big deal about a 3rd string QB too.


Outrage machine go brrrr


Nearly %50 of posts today in r/con, the other half is raging out at crt.


I’m kinda confused by the article, if she truly believes she was setup why did she have an “activist athlete” shirt ready to put on while on the podium? If she planned on wearing that on the podium wouldn’t she put it on prior to the national anthem being played? Does it seem like she was planning on this to happen to anybody else?




WHAT?! A media-focused activist is inauthentic when the cameras are on? As if it were for the exposure and not really what goals the ~~victim~~ activist is purportedly working towards? My god someone alert the... media? HOW FAR DOES THIS GO?!


I’m not trying to defend Gwen’s actions, but she’s been wearing “activist athlete” shirts all year during her warm ups. I saw her at the meet at Houston and she handed a few out to fellow athletes. I don’t know if this is her brand, but it’s not unusual that she would have that shirt with her.


Yeah, I have no clue what’s going on in the story overall, but it seems pretty standard for an activist to wear activism-related apparel at what may be one of the biggest events of their lives. Sure, you can say it’s suspicious that she wore it and then came in third and turned away from the flag, but what if she got first or second? The exact same thing could have happened and it would still make sense. She can turn away from the flag and it will make perfect sense. If she didn’t place, then no one cares what she’s wearing. Edit: Read into this a bit more and it sounds like Berry got in trouble in 2019 for raising a fist during the national anthem (absolutely unbelievable you can still get in trouble for that). I have no idea what actually happened, but I can see why she’d think it was a setup. She was told the anthem would happen when she wasn’t on the field, then it started playing while she was on the podium, plus she’s had previous experience with US Olympic Committee fucking her over for making statements on the podium. This should feel like a setup. Doesn’t mean it is, but I don’t think it’s crazy for her to have some suspicions.


Her making a political statement is within her rights, but acting like a victim is hilarious and this is probably the most attention 3rd place at US Trials anyone should ever get.


I thought it was a bit self centered to believe that the anthem was being played as a setup. It’s the most played song at sporting events.


Main character syndrome


I think 7 nation army could contend with most played song


Very accurate.😂


I can see her objecting to it, and certain reactions like taking a knee or the power sign should be an acceptable response, even if it's something I wouldn't do, because it's a way to show we actually believe in free speech. But this seems more about her and getting attention for herself than standing up for justice. Hiding under the tshirt and insisting she, personally, was being disrespected by playing the anthem. Her teammates handled it in a classy and respectful way. Saying they respected her and her right to protest. Too bad she couldn't show them the same by acknowledging their accomplishments, even if she disagreed with the anthem. She was trying to make it all about the person who placed third. I don't think the degree of backlash is merited though, and I'd be surprised if she wasn't getting death threats from MAGA supporters by now. Which is wrong and should be prosecuted.


It is her right, but from my understanding the IOC banned any and all political demonstrations in the games.


And this person has already been scolded for raising her fist at the PanAm games in 2019.


Making a political statement at the Olympics or trials is not OK. You are supposed to represent your NATION. If you have a problem then you shouldn't be on the team. Period. I hate America but Im gonna be on the Olympics team and be an asshole. Hopefully the dont allow her on the team.


Exactly. It’s a free country, she’s allowed to do whatever she wants. She shouldn’t be penalized for expressing herself. Doesn’t mean I’m going to suddenly care about third place women’s hammer throwing either though, especially considering it’s roots in the mid 1800’s BC Ireland. I saw a guy break the shot put world record recently…nobody cares. Can’t wait for the speed cube kids to follow suit. EDIT: this CBS article sucks, read this one with all her quotes about feeling like it was a “set up.” I was wrong, this woman is out of her fucking mind. She should be disqualified, removed, and banned per Rule 50-2. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/gwen-berry-who-turned-flag-says-she-felt-set-anthem-n1272554 I’m also seeing reports that the White House came out in support of her? I consider myself a liberal that hates the government in general, but F this.


"It’s a free country, she’s allowed to do whatever she wants." That's not how that works.


Yes but the IOC already has rules against stuff like this. [“No kind of demonstration or political, religious or racial propaganda is permitted in any Olympic sites, venues or other areas.”](https://stillmed.olympic.org/media/Document%20Library/OlympicOrg/General/EN-Olympic-Charter.pdf) (it’s on page 90)


THANK YOU. A clear violation of Rule 50 - 2: “No kind of demonstration or political, religious or racial propaganda is permitted in any Olympic sites, venues or other areas” This is what we need more of, clear regulations that can be cited. Thank you Edit: “Any violation of this Bye-law 1 and the guidelines adopted hereunder may result in disqualification of the person or delegation concerned, or withdrawal of the accreditation of the person or delegation concerned, without prejudice to further measures and sanctions which may be pronounced by the IOC Executive Board or Session.” Rules are rules


>She shouldn’t be penalized for expressing herself. Isn't this the whole argument against Republicans who are saying cancelling them off of social media is unfair? Everyone tells them freedom of speech is not speech without consequences. If you want to go to try out for an international event where you wear your country colors and represent your country, then have some respect for that country you are competing for. If not, there's plenty of sports where you can compete for yourself and not under your countries flag. Should kick her off the team


The issue is that she was "pissed off" that the anthem was played and felt like it was a "set-up" to attack her personally. She's going to lose her mind at the actual Olympics every time USA wins gold and the national anthem is played to attack her personally.


Exactly. If playing the anthem is 'setting you up' because everyone apparently knows that you hate it and that it doesn't represent you, why are you even representing the country that the anthem and flag represents?


But why was she pissed off? What's the deal with the anthem playing?


Well there is one simple way for her to avoid not having to be on the podium while the anthem is played.


We won’t be hearing the anthem when she’s competing. She’s the third place finisher for the US trials, not third in the world. She’s not getting a gold.


She shouldn't worry about this happening, she won't make it to the actual Olympics... Unless she gets pissed off watching it on NBC


Does she not have the standard?


You don't want to face the flag, who cares? You think they played the anthem at that time to piss you off personally? Copernicus called, you are not the center of the universe.


Galileo approved this statement.


This perspective is the most humorous to me. Imagine having the mindset of 'they planned it to trigger me' in other real life situations. People would think you were self centered and tunnel visioned. Besides, wtf is a hammer throw amirite?


It's the Olympics, you're playing for a spot on TEAM U.S.A, and you're triggered by the American flag and anthem. I'm reminded of the saying, if you smell shit all day, check your shoes first.


Isn't there an IOC team she can play for if she really feels that upset about her country?


Ya, if she's really that mad she can go as an independent athlete playing under the IOC flag.


This is my thought. If you feel so strongly negative about the US then maybe don't represent the US? We certainly have room to grow and improve and its valid to be vocal about those things. I'll even say it's fair for her to be angry about the state of current race relations. But there's a time and place and a right way and a wrong way. If you behave like this at work you won't keep your job long. If you air the dirty laundry in your relationship, you're unlikely to be in it long.


Yeah, I’m kinda in this camp on this one. If you’re playing for the 49ers do whatever the fuck you want. I don’t care about your protest but if you do, do you. I agree with the point that our country shouldn’t be filled with racist assholes. She’s competing to make team USA. Don’t show up to the olympics if you’re that ashamed of this country. You can’t bend the knee to make the team and then get mad when your jersey is going to be the flag.


Don't sign a contract with the Redskins and then be mad at the name. Don't take a job from someone you disagree with.


I went from "no shit conservatives are angry, their whole schtick is being outraged and pretending the left hates America" to "you're a fucking idiot if you think they deliberately played the anthem to piss you off." She's really not helping herself here.


I saw this person not even walk up to congratulate DeAnna Price after she broke her meet record twice! That isn't a person you want to be around to attempt to get medals with....


Why did she victimize her self? She makes it seem like the organizers were out for her.


Main character syndrome




> So, now she has to play a victim to stay relevant *seems legit*


Because in the last year, becoming the victim and not taking any personal responsibility has become the norm. It's a really weird switch in the population's mentality. People are now looking to become a victim just to have the ability to tell others about it. It's not going to be good in the future for society.


...just in the last year?


last 20 or so years


It’s not such a new thing.


Because she's stupid... those few sentences of the interview completely ruined any point she was trying to make and allowed the discussion to be about her being a 'victim' instead of her message.


This olympics is about to be a dumpster fire.


Do what you want. Look where you want. Feel free. Free country. Stop acting like a victim here though, this isn't some elaborate setup to piss you off.


Well said. It seems like people love playing the victim and then make demands how to be compensated or awarded something because they consider themselves entitled to it.


It’s important to remember that we as human beings don’t bare ALL the responsibility for our current situation in life, but we also don’t bare NONE of that responsibility either.


I agree completely. I didnt say the pledge of allegiance in school for a few years, nobody gave a shit. People can, and should, protest what they want, but just protesting doesnt mean jack shit if youre not gonna go to elections to vote, and most people dont especially when it comes to mayoral elections, or even governor elections


Imagine being so self-centered and unaware that you honestly think the people who schedule the music at an Olympic Trials event did it for the sole, singular purpose of pissing YOU off. No one else, not another soul amongst the hundreds that are there. Nope, they did it to ONLY you. /s Something tells me Miss Angry Bronze Medalist needs to get over herself.


Right. Does she really think the people who decided to play the national anthem once per day at roughly the same time were in cahoots with the people who decided when to award the medals for her event with the sole intention of pissing her off? I would bet every dime I have on the fact that the organizers of trials had absolutely no idea that she is an "activist". She can fuck right off and good luck with the fall out of your completely absurd actions. I hope she pays for her own flight to Tokyo and takes no money from the very country that afforded her the opportunities to be successful in the sport.


You don't get any moral credit for turning away from the American flag/ anthem right after you competed for the privilege to compete under that same flag and receive all the credit/glory that comes with it. Either live by your values or shut the fuck up.


I assume she had years of extensive training in her sport that was also majorly subsidied by her own country as well, that's got to be a bit of a kick in the balls to her trainers and sponsors etc


i can understand NFL athletes kneeling because why the hell are we playing the national anthem in a football game this girl is literally competing to represent her country of course they are going to play the national anthem i support her right to protest, but come on it wasn't a setup no one is out there trying to get her


The Olympic commitee doesn’t support her right to protest. So she’s going to be mentaly angry the whole time.




Is there a route for athletes to compete as individuals, rather than as part of a country? I know that was an option for the Russian athletes at the last Olympics but that was a bit of a unique situation.


You can compete as independent under the IOC flag regardless of how you qualify to the olympic games.


Thanks! Seems like the more appropriate route for this athlete to go, although doesn’t sound like that would really solve her issues here since the anthem would be played for the winner of the event anyway.


How good is she at catching hammers though?


She should take a page from Usain Bolt... [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DM6MQL4hHEI](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DM6MQL4hHEI)




I read this as Olympic hamster thrower lmao


This girl is a fucking loser...


Well....she did come in 3rd place so you're not wrong.


If she wanted to make a political statement by not recognizing the anthem, good for her. She’s well within her rights to do so. But her temper tantrum at thinking it’s a personal slight toward her, a “setup”, is idiotic. The anthem is always played during medal ceremonies, she had nothing to do with it.


She's only within her rights to do it at the American trials, in Japan under Olympic rules it would cost her the medal.


Sorry Im not sure I completely understand, which part would cost her the medal?


The olympics has a “no political statements,” rule which Im pretty sure turning away from the flag would count as.


This is just trials, they don't play the anthem at every medal ceremony here.


I stand corrected on that part, but I’d still argue you would have to be a moron to ever be shocked that the anthem was played at any point during anything to do with the Olympics. Nationalism is sort of the point of the games.


At the trials it isn't played during medal ceremonies, but it is played at or near the beginning of a session. Apparently they had been playing the anthem each day right around 5:20pm. This was played at 5:25pm. For her to think this was a setup, she had to think a.) they really timed the ceremony for the same time as the anthem and that she'd turn her back and cause a controversy and b.) The USOC wants a huge distraction over politics and wants to be in the middle of a battle over race in America. The truth? She made a political statement, which is well within her right. The anthem started to play and she could have done anything she wanted. She chose to continue with her statement - again, she's totally free to do that - and later realized that she may not have looked so great doing that. At the very least, it opened her to the question: if this country bothers you so much, why are you trying to represent this country at the Olympics? Why not petition the IOC to complete as an independent? She might have perfectly fine answers to those questions, but it's probably going to be uncomfortable for her to answer them. Or maybe it won't. Point stands though: there's almost no chance that this was a setup.


this is the winning comment


>Nationalism is sort of the point of the games. I mean, I guess, if you are a nationalist. Patriotism might be a more appropriate term for most people.


The anthem is scheduled daily, it is far from personal. It's just a timing issue, there's no spotlight on her. No one cares about her specifically as much as she thinks they might.


Hammer throwing is an Olympic sport?


I mean, isn’t she competing to represent the US?


After reading her statements it seems like she cares more about activism then her sport and overall doesn’t want to be there. And thats fine, but she shouldn’t be going to the olympics if that’s the case.


I wonder why she didn’t turn her back on her funding?


i bet truly oppressed people are looking at this and saying "huh???"


Uyghurs in China couldn’t even imagine.




She’s the second loser. Couldn’t even make it at first loser.


Imagine actually thinking someone played the NATIONAL ANTHEM at a sporting event to specifically trigger you. Protest all you want--I am so down with athlete protesting--but holy shit have some self-awareness.


It’s because she’s a supreme narcissist with in extremely inflated sense of entitlement.


If you go to the Olympic to represent your country in a world stage you definitely shouldn’t act like a spoiled salty little brat who came in third place. Fuck her


Activism attempt that didnt gain the right traction she wanted it seems like. Anyways it would be absolutely mad to do activism about politics in your country in the olympics. Like.. why would the other 195 care to see that?


Who the hell cares, most people don’t know what the hell hammer throwing is.. this is the most attention she’ll ever get in her life and it’s for being a douce bag. she’s not worth knowing


It's a privilege, not a right to represent your country. You should act as such.


This. If shes going to disrespect the country shes supposedly trying to represent, then she can go to hell.


Personal opinion that Reddit will hate: I don't mind activism. Activism is often good, necessary, vital. But sometimes, activism is really "lookatmelookatmelookatme", thinly veiled. This feels a little like the latter.


Correct take


I’m all for making public statements showing your desire for change and equality in your country (including kneeling and/or turning away from the flag at a sporting event you are participating in). However, I have to question the priorities of it as an Olympic athlete. You want to make a statement about the shit state your country is and has been in, but at the same time, you want to represent that flawed country in a competition between other countries?


She says she “felt set-up” that they played the anthem. What?! This is what they do for every podium award! She is trying to make a brand that will stick because no one gives a crap about track and field especially one specific event. This was to get her name in print. Anyone wants to say I’m wrong tell me the last time you heard about the women’s hammer throw winner ( let alone the third place finisher).


"I was set up" Because they never play the anthem at sporting events ever. LOL Next quote: "The anthem doesn't speak for me, it never has." So were you set up? Or sending a message that you hate America? Pretty clear a planned event wasn't a setup.


Bad look by the athlete. Doesn’t sound like a person who can take responsibility for their own decisions. Very much a narcissistic feeling I get from this person and how they reacted to being called out...




Honestly, if you hate this country this much, then go live elsewhere, compete for another country. Fake ass activist bullshit


Who gives a fuck. Honestly.


There's a time and place for protest. Kneel during a football game? Go for it. But if you can't be patriotic at the Olympics, you probably shouldn't go to the Olympics. The entire event is predicated on patriotism.


They're so self important they think other countries care about their cause. Most are laughing at them


Why compete in a sport that has you representing the US if you have no respect for the US?


Just kick her of the national team then.


“I hate my country so much that I’ll represent them in the olympics”


As an American, I support her right to freedom of expression. Do I wish her or any athlete wouldn’t do this in today’s environment on a global stage? Yes. I may be extrapolating this too far but: I’ve always been of the general belief that you keep problems “in house” and project strength and unity publicly. At a time where countries like Russia/China will use social media armies to further sew discontent and bitterness within the US to promote us tearing ourselves apart even faster, I feel like these athletes should just compete and then use their platform once back home to promote their message. However, I do understand those who would disagree and prefer that they use the most visible moment they have to protest, because protests aren’t necessarily supposed to be convenient. As others have pointed out, if she really is this displeased and upset by the US anthem, she could compete as an Independent or even could have gotten acceptance to compete under a flag she feels is a better representation of her values, while still remaining a US citizen and having a platform to advocate for change after competing in the games. As


Why is she there representing America if she doesn’t like America


Wouldn’t it have been easier to just throw the hammer further?


If you hate your country so much then don't participate in the event as a member of the USA. You don't have to represent a country. Good luck funding your way to the olympics, but there are choices.


Just wanting attention.


Why even bother going if you aren’t even gonna represent the USA, if she wanted to make a statement do it on her on time somewhere better


This is what I don’t understand. The entire point of the olympics is to represent your country. It’s your entire identity at the games. Is her issue entirely with the anthem?


Just eyeballing the 2016 Rio results and her 2021 US Trials results tells me that she shouldn't have to worry about standing on a podium when the medals are handed out in Tokyo. In other news, Tommie Smith and John Carlos both raised the Black Power salute at the 1968 Olympics. The world did not end.


> A setup? Playing the US’ National Anthem at the US trials for the Olympics?! A setup?! Seriously, c’mon. I’m liberal as fuck and am all for police reform/defunding the police. But calling this a setup is like walking into a hospital and being alarmed at all the medicine everywhere. This is peak exceptionalism.


Remove her from the team.


I love sorting by controversial in posts like these because it’s such a mixed bag. This same comment was mercilessly downvoted in another thread.




Common sense is a lost art


Yes, the USOC cares so much about the 3rd place hammer thrower that they played the national anthem (it is the same time every day btw) and held the medal ceremony at the same time just to set her up. Even though the winner set the US record for the event. She can fuck off. What an entitled moron, to think the world revolves around her. She thinks she is a walking talking victim since everything must be someone elses fault.


Oh Lord... No it wasn't a 'set up', you're just angling for those oppression points. Besides, you're aiming to represent your country in the Olympics. The Olympics, honey. You're going to have to get use to the whole flag thing.


God you guys love to hate the country that gave you everything! Same people that hate their parents for spoiling them to much.. Fucking losers..


She claims it’s a fascist nation, yet if someone in China did that during the anthem they’d get executed. She has no awareness whatsoever. Narcissism is a hell of a drug.


So true, people are so delusional to reality, we are so fucking lucky to be able to say something, and we got idiot's literally trying to fight against what makes our fucking society great... Ungratefulness, delusion, narcissism, nihilism, our generations got it all in spades!


So I'm actually torn on "protests" against your country at the Olympics. On the one hand yes, freedom of speech. But on the other hand, you are expressly representing your country so it seems proper to show respect to the country even if you disagree with how it's being run. Correct me if I am wrong but athletes can compete under the Olympic flag, not affiliated with their country right? I think that'd be a bigger and better protest.


Nike will probably do a shoe for her now...


Can always defect


You don't want to represent the US? You ain't got to! Step off and let someone else have a chance.


If you openly hate our country you shouldn’t be allowed to represent it on the world stage


Openly hating our country would be flying the Confederate flag.


Both can be true




If you don't support the right to protest, then you don't love this country.


I absolutely support her right to protest. She could literally come out and say fuck the US and I would defend her right to do so to my grave. But the team can also just kick her off for being an asshole lol. So weird that the woke left on Reddit (before you go on a tirade I’m a democrat that voted Biden) is all like “freedom of speech isn’t freedom from consequences” and then has a come apart about this shit. She’s just a whiner who wanted attention because she isn’t good enough to make it in the spotlight any other way


Patriotism is speaking up when your country doesn’t do things you believe it should. Nationalism is blindly supporting your country no matter what. That’s what the Nazis did. I can both love America and be embarrassed to be American right now (which is true). I’m embarrassed to be an American because of all the people like you incapable of critical thinking and having original ideas


Demanding your country does better isn’t hating your country.


Yo, if you don't want to represent America, if you don't feel like America represents you, then why are you going to compete in a competition where you represent America? I don't get it. Don't just go out there are turn your back, have some real fortitude and stay the fuck off the team. Don't go participate.


She's welcome to take her ass to some other country where they'll imprison or kill her for disrespecting their flag or showing national dissention.


If she has a problem with the anthem, she can skip the award ceremonies.


If she finished third in the USA she won't be on the podium in Tokyo. Thankfully.


It’s always the athletes that are total shit compared to the others that have so much to say. Like Kaepernik


Looks like a spoiled child who's mad she didn't get her way.


Throwing a ball attached to a piece of string isn't really a skill I'd spend my life trying to be the best. It's as useless as she is.


Attention whore.


This was about her own ego, not social justice


I don’t have a problem if she’s excersizing her freedom of speech but she shouldn’t be representing America


Lmfao what a clown


What would you like to do? “I want to compete In the Olympic for my country!!” Makes it to the podium, turns back “fuck you country”


She hates America and doesn’t want to face the flag, but she’ll take that Nike sponsorship money though. Ironically, money generated from the slave labor of an oppressed people. Oh the irony.


The woman who came in first, Deanna Price, broke several records. That should be the focus of the article. Berry, like anyone, is free to protest in any way she chooses, whenever she wishes. I don't think that was the right moment, and I dislike how this is being made out to be all about her, whether that was her intent or not, that is what happened.


She's playing for the US team but protesting... the US team???? Seems weird. She could have started her protest by not supporting the US team.


Look at me dammit!


> Hammer thrower and activist Thanks for saving me from finishing the article.


"After *her* award ceremony" She got third. Ain't her anything other than bronze medal.


The quote the immortal Peter Griffin: **OH MY GOD! Who. The Hell. Cares!?**


She deserves to be disqualified.


Big deal, she’s a 3rd place hammer thrower, not really news obviously she can’t get attention at her craft so she knows how to play the strings of the culture war.


Narcissist - an extremely self-centered person who has an exaggerated sense of self-importance See Gwen Berry.


Racial card is ad nauseam