Looking for hard drive

Looking for hard drive




You already posted about it on the subreddit: https://reddit.com/comments/ovebde


And someone answered them saying exactly the same thing that was said in this thread…


Is that an M.2 wifi card in a miniPCIe slot?


Hard drive is missing from both pics.


The laptop is a Toshiba Satellite CL45-C4330 When I turned the laptop on I had to press F12 to get to the boot menu, I clicked enter setup it sent me to Toshiba setup utility. There’s a drop menu i clicked ‘Advanced’ and system configuration. The boot mode is greyed out/not a drop down option. I need to swap it out for legacy/CSM. My secure boot is disabled which would prevent it from changing anything in the first place so it’s not that. So I thought, it must be the hard drive right? So how has my computer been working this entire 4-5 years without one?


It has a 32gb soldered on chip. Pretty sure it is black chip above the two silver ports on the bottom. Very possible the chip has fried


So I don’t need a hard drive? I was going to buy one to “ replace” the one I thought I had, so do I replace the chip? Or do I just get a new laptop? Cause it turns on just not getting past the booting part since it doesn’t boot.


Instead of a hard drive, you have that chip, which is known as an eMMC SSD. It is soldered onto the motherboard. It is possible that the chip is ok and you've just suffered a sudden partition loss or something, but more likely the chip has died. You can try booting from an OS installation USB to see if the storage is accessible. If it is, a reinstall will get you up and running again though your data will be gone, so you may want to attempt recovery first using bootable USB tools. If the storage is not accessible, your chip is dead. Replacing just the chip is possible but rather labor intensive and requires precise soldering, so it may make more sense to replace the motherboard or just get a new computer.


its proably under that sheild on the lower right of image 1 or its soldered to the borad


For what it's worth, that open rectangular area on the bottom half of the left half of the machine (w/PCB) is probably where a hard drive would go if there was one. And it doesn't look like the connector footprint is populated, so there probably there either isn't a conventional SATA/IDE controller or you have some kind of onboard flash storage (mSATA, M.2, NVMe, eMMC, etc) somewhere else that is occupying the drve controller's I/O channels. It may be that chip to the right of the heatsink/heatpipes that looks sort of like a ram chip, but clearly isn't part of the system RAM.