TIL US Airways kicked a blind and and his dog off a plane in 2013 after the Dog repositioned itself during a two hour delay. They cancelled the flight after passengers disembarked in protest saying the flight attendant responsible be kicked off instead of the man and his service dog.

TIL US Airways kicked a blind and and his dog off a plane in 2013 after the Dog repositioned itself during a two hour delay. They cancelled the flight after passengers disembarked in protest saying the flight attendant responsible be kicked off instead of the man and his service dog.




I had to read the whole article to understand what “dog repositioning” meant. It’s a really awkward way to describe it. Your title is much better


Context for those who haven't clicked through to the article... >Although he was first to arrive on the tarmac for the flight from Philadelphia International Airport to MacArthur Airport on Long Island, Rizzi said he and his dog were the last to be seated on the small plane. He was seated in the middle of the back row looking onto the aisle with no seat in front of him for Doxy to lie under. >Shortly after boarding, Rizzi said a flight attendant told him the dog would need to go under a seat for safety reasons. >Several passengers in Rizzi’s row offered to have the dog lay under their seats, and he was placed under the seat of the woman to his left, according to Rizzi. >The plane was then delayed nearly two hours. While the plane was sitting on the runway, Doxy got up to reposition himself a few times, ending up under Rizzi’s seat against the back of the plane, Rizzi said. >The flight attendant asked Rizzi to control his dog and keep him underneath his neighbor’s seat, according to Rizzi. After a heated exchange between Rizzi and the flight attendant, the pilot announced the plane would be returning to the gate, Rizzi said. >Rizzi and his dog were then escorted off the plane by airport security, according to Rizzi.


How is he supposed to stop a dog doing something he cant even see it doing


I would think that factored into his argument, while the flight attendant's was mostly shouting, "SIR!" at him aggressively and ordering him to calm down. (Because that works when you're being a bitch to someone)


Why couldn't he be under his owner's seat in the first place? edit: [Best explanation so far.](https://www.reddit.com/r/todayilearned/comments/nkq9pb/til_us_airways_kicked_a_blind_and_and_his_dog_off/gzg1s17)


I think the first question should be 'why didn't they seat the blind man and his service dog first to seats that could accomodate them?'


Because that would be good service and clever, and, well. you know airlines...


Common sense unfortunately is not everyone’s first go to.


This guy flies.


It's funny how flying quickly determines who has common sense and who doesn't. Those who don't have common sense are the ones we see on vIrAL viDEos


I was going to agree with you, but then I realized that's not always the case, and I realized I need to check my first reaction. There are plenty of videos where context is vital, and we shouldn't encourage these kinds of generalizations because it feeds some people's egos unnecessarily. Also, while I agree that recordings in public places are fair game, and can actually be useful in holding people accountable, we should be wary of spreading people's vulnerabilities for our own entertainment. ESPECIALLY if we are unaware of the context. Also, and this is purely my opinion, we should never share others' children on social media for their safety from abusive parents, kidnappers, etc. You never know which of your neighbors may be in witness protection, for example. Not to mention, children cannot consent, and shouldn't be burdened with a lifetime of footage they'd rather keep private when they're adults. I'm not saying that dangerous situations shouldn't be documented, but the purpose of the recording should be used exclusively as evidence and presented to the proper authorities to find a solution. Not for mob justice, not for entertainment, not for likes and karma. So this was a bit longer than I thought it would be, and I wasn't trying to criticize you personally. It was more of an internal criticism that I decided to share.


*This guy humans


*And we're going to frame you for murder!*




*You're gonna go to jail for 40 years!!*


SAY IT! Say 'I'm a little fat girl.'


And also 'why does it matter what the dog is doing if they're just stuck on the tarmac and the other passengers don't care?'


if this is back when I think it was this was when airlines were kicking people off for just PEEING during 2-3 hour holds, and more than 1 flight hit 5+ hours waiting causing actual revolts. The Fed had to step in and make it illegal for airlines to delay flights for longer than a set number of hours without having to go back to the gate along with a whole host of punishments towards airlines for basically shoving people in, then canceling flights after hours with no recourses. Yet another example of give a private company a chance to regulate themselves and they wont even try.


From my perspective, the issue is actually an outdated regulatory framework that immunized airlines from most tort claims as well as giving them too much dictatorial power over passengers. There is no good reason why airlines should have limited liability for losing your baggage on international or domestic flights or for wasting your time. There is no good reason you should be legally required to listen to flight attendants demands when they are unreasonable. Absent a root and branch rethinking of the airline’s regulatory structure, the band aid solution would be some sort of “Bill of rights” like they have for Europe. Ticket prices would probably go up if the regulatory framework airlines operated under were substantially revised, but I think that’s ok.


Shit, I would pay extra to have a golden under my seat during flights. Give me that!


Not a guide dog, though. That would be torture. The dogs right there, but I'm not supposed to touch it? Torture.


You can with the owner’s permission. The reason for that unwritten rule is so that you don’t distract the dog during its duties which is first and foremost the disabled person the dog is escorting.


Unwritten? It's literally written onto the harness of every guide dog. It's a very written rule.


10/10 problem solving skills here. Like holy fuck, this wasn't a rubix cube of a situation to figure out.


"Our competent staff were solving a more pressing issue." *On the tarmac* "I uh....I got my dick stuck in the luggage again. This one looks like a bleeder for sure."


> rubix Rubik's


Small planes are a lot less accommodating since the flights are short. Overall it just seems like the flight attendant was being a bitch.


All I needed to read was the first paragraph to know exactly what happened on this plane bc I worked for that terminal pre-2013 (my time ended in 2011. Totally wish I coulda seen the passenger revolt) The "small plane" here is called a [Dash-8](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/De_Havilland_Canada_Dash_8) and it holds either 35 or 50 passengers depending on which model. The 35-seater has a back row with three seats (hence it being an odd-numbered seated plane). **EDIT: my dumbass can't remember the seating arrangement is 5 seats across the back in lieu of 4. I defaulted over to 3 since I knew it was odd. Idk how to cross things out, so here's.my bolded edit. Thanks to u/hochizo for showing a diagram of the plane's seating arrangement** So it'd appear our special needs passenger who should have had the opportunity to pre-board was placed in a seat with no seat in front of him. If you were standing at the front of the plane looking down the aisle, he'd be directly in front of you, just at the back of the plane. If there was a crash landing or what have you, the dog would have become a projectile. If he was under the seat in front of the passenger, there's a bar to brace him. The gate agent dropped the ball having him in that particular seat with a service animal. When you have a passenger (pax from now on) with a service animal, they can't go in the middle back row seat as obviously their service animal cannot be under the seat in front of them (hence the dog trying to return to his owner after he adjusted himself). Also, when you have a pax with a special need, it pops up in the flight manifest so that you can be prepared. There's also a team called CARS that prints out flights with inbound/outbound special needs pax. When the pax bought the ticket there's an opportunity to state special needs, when checking in it can be adjusted in their records and then more than likely a cart took him to the gate as well. There's absolutely no way that this man was "accidentally" put in the middle seat. That was just plain negligence on the airline's behalf (I've got plenty of other stories, but that's for another day). The FA's who worked for US Airways Express (bc that was an express flight from PHL to ISP) were just miserable. The Dash was notorious for getting hot as balls and barely able to cool down without over taxing the engines (I'm sure American Express Airlines suffers the same problems. New name, same BS problems and ppl) and to have a two hour delay on the tarmac and all you have is warm bottles of water and little bags of cookies, you're gonna have some irritable pax along with a single flight attendant. Shit gets hostile, fast. To be waiting to take off means everyone is seated and doesn't move until you're airborne. Having a dog get up and move was probably the straw that broke that FA's back and it was a hill they were ready to die on just to GTF off that plane. It was in our training that even if a pax is deathly allergic to animals, if said animal was a service animal, you remove the pax with the allergy before the service animal, so this FA had HAD IT. Again...would have loved to have seen the pax revolt...


https://www.seatmaestro.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Air_Canada_Bombardier_Dash_8_100.png In case anyone wants a visual. Our protagonist was seated in the seat with the 10 on this diagram.


Thank you!! I totally spaced and it's 5 seats across the back not three. My bad!


Wow. Great write-up! Yeah, that's bullshit. I would be pissed too if I were pretty much anybody in that situation.


Thanks! I wore many hats in that terminal. I was very proactive (something they drilled us on, anyway) and probably would have checked his seat as soon as I became aware of him so I could let the FA know a service animal was coming on to the plane (just FYI, you have a blind pax with service dog, he'll be sitting in 3F). I personally would have switched his seat the second I saw it. The only other seat that would have been worse was if he was in the exit row...altho, no seat in front for your service animal is about the worst...they both suck tbh lol


No problem! I linked your comment on my original one. Sounds like that gate agent really dicked the flight attendant by boarding the blind guy last.


For sure. It's already hard enough to believe that he was seated in *that* particular seat, but the fact that he was seated last is even harder to believe! There's a whole scripted thing the agents have to say. First part of it is (paraphrasing) "any passenger who needs extra time or assistance getting to/on the aircraft, please come to the gate now" The Dashes in PHL don't have a jet way or air stairs. You tether the prop to the railing of the steps that are attached to the door that drops down. So this guy had to walk outside, maybe 20-50ft to his aircraft and then board it. Considering he's blind and the dog is there just to lead him, it really surprises me (and sadly kinda doesn't) that he was left to get on the plane on his own. I once lead a guy and his dog to their next gate by talking directly to the dog. The pax said he was new at the whole guide dog thing and to just keep saying "Max, left. Left, Max" to keep him near me until we could get to the next gate. The tarmac is a loud, wide open space with a lot of smells and stuff. Yeah the dog can handle distractions, but we used to have to corral ppl back onto the right path to their aircraft, and they weren't visually impaired! Ugh, the whole thing just makes me angry for that passenger and his dog.


Couldn’t the attendant have just asked one of the other passengers to switch with the blind guy? They ask people in the exit rows if they’re capable of operating the doors during an emergency which to me implies that a passenger could be switched with another passenger if they don’t feel capable of doing so. Like I get that it might be a bit inconvenient but it seems like a better alternative to losing your shit because the dog moved a seat over.


The stories I could tell travelling in a wheelchair. I’m an experienced traveller and always make sure my ticket lists I’m in a wheelchair and need a boarding chair. Basically I can only count on Air Canada getting it right 95% of the time and often going out of their way to be accommodating and helpful. Any US airline, I can count on a terrible, often degrading and occasionally embarrassing experience. Many smaller European airlines can be annoying to travel with, the worst, while not a smaller airline, was Alitalia. Quantas has always been good, with the exception when travelling from Australia they make me sign a waiver that exempts my crated wheelchair from damage, which is BS as landing in Canada means they’ll have to play by our rules when it comes to medical equipment and responsibilities.


Long time pilot but when we flew blind or otherwise challenged pax was preboarded. Seeing eye dogs were delightful. Don't understand why the problems. Bad FA? Poor CSR's?


Little bit of both coupled with a two hour tarmac delay. Worst ever blind side for me was finding out I had two armed LEO's on board escorting a criminal. No one told me, there were no special notes, nothing at all out of the ordinary. The FA gave me shit for not telling her, but I had no idea myself. I gave them a little flak and they apologized, but after that I was very aware of who was getting on my flight. ETA: armed LEO's are supposed to show the gate agents and FA's their credentials in the event they need to use their weapons


Plane negligence


I struggle to fit my feet under those seats, let alone a dog.


He was seated in the middle of the back row. On small planes, there usually isn't an empty space under the rear center seat.


Usually the middle seat has a plastic bin underneath the storage seat for safety supplies so there's almost no space for storage, let alone a dog. Might've been the case here.


How naive, have you never flown US Airlines? United once cancelled my first flight of a 3 leg journey. I was traveling with a 1 & 4 year old. I had even paid for a seat for my 1 year old. So we went from having 4 seats together to none. United automatically re-booked us, but with 4 middle seats, I could see that on the app. I went to the counter at the gate to get new seats with my kids in tow. I told the lady I needed new seats. She looked me straight in the eye and told me she couldn't help me, as the new flight was full. I long stopped believing the airlines care about their customers.


There used to be a tv show about how airlines would push (crazy and or understandably upset) people to the limit and how they didnt give a shit... but the airlines were the heroes of the show


What was this show?


Airport or Airline on A&E https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqwaMsuwHr8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlBb2BVGER8


IIRC it was just Southwest PR. It was entertaining because of the schadenfreude


Entertaining, but even more entertaining (though not aviation related) was the Parking Wars show about how meter maids would ticket or tow cars in busy urban cities and cause people to lose their damn minds.


Oh man, that show was (at least in part) filmed in Philly, my hometown. There are few organizations out there more fucking asinine and corrupt than the Philly parking authority. My uncles all drove trucks in the Philadelphia area and had run ins with the PPA all the fucking time. I get that parking enforcement is a big deal but the lengths they would go through to harass delivery drivers just trying to do their fuckin jobs was unreal.


Fuck PPA


I was once parked outside of my homie's apartment unloading his groceries with him as his car shit the bed. The owners/city were okay with 4-ways next to the curb as long as you had a reason to be sitting there and weren't camping out in front of the building all day. We're two adult men so we only had to make one trip and I was in a hurry to get home so I spent maybe 5 minutes tops in his apartment after some closing bullshitting. There is a 0% chance more than 10 minutes total elapsed and by the time I got back out to my car there was 2 meter maids and a fucking tow truck already starting to assume the position. I was pretty upset but I calmly asked what the fuck these two goons were doing with my car considering I was allowed to be temporarily parked there and was only there for 10 minutes and got the answer "You were illegally parked, you can get your car back from the lot". I tried to reason with it for a while but realized I was talking to an inanimate impersonal policy and not a person so I just hopped in my car and peeled the fuck out before they got it hooked up to the tow truck. To this day I have no idea if that was illegal considering it was a meter maid and I wasn't being held or questioned. I never even received a ticket in the mail for my "illegal" parkjob. The city used a private towing company and they made quite the profit off of swiping people's cars(I had to pay them $800 from actually illegally parking at one point, whoops) so I can only imagine the kickbacks that were occurring.


This is not directly related but the story amuses me so much still. After Airtran merged with Southwest I had some weirdly booked connecting flight from Atlanta to Omaha as a business trip. Because it was weirdly booked under Airtran and the airlines had merged so it was now Southwest, they couldn't check me in. But there were plenty of seats on the first segment so they just let me board and said they'd sort it out while I was in the air. Apparently, how they sorted it out was by canceling my ticket, claiming that I was a 'no show' for the first leg as I hadn't checked in. I was on a 90 minute layover and my continuing ticket was canceled. I had to argue at length over the fact that yes, I really did take the flight, and I needed to get on my connection. Eventually I got on, but getting back home was equally stupid.


you should have seen the shitshow we nearly went through during the Texas freeze. They were outright going to make us pay for the full flight because 1 of the legs wasnt canceled so we could still go even though our connecting flights WERE canceled. By sheer luck the leg was canceled a hour later and they gave us credit to fly again but then refused to refund 1 of the tickets since we only needed to fly 3 people moving forward not 4, since I had to leave by car to Austin anyway so couldnt wait. Airlines know they got you fucked.


somebody needs to post a pic of the bizarro seat layout of this small plane, because I am just not comprehending why a dog can't sit under any seat. If there's the blind man is in a seat with equipmaent stored below it, just use literally any other nearby seat! finally, how do some seats on an airplane "face" the aisle? is it like [this arrangement on a city bus](https://dcist.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2020/01/metro-seat-ranks.jpg)??


Re: "face the aisle"--I *think* it's saying that the very back row of the plane had seats all the way across, and he was in the middle, looking down the length of the aisle. Not sure about the rest. There clearly *was* space under the seat, since that's where the dog wound up. My only guess is that maybe you're not supposed to store stuff (or animals) under that center seat so they can't go sliding straight down the aisle if there's turbulence. But I dunno.


If the plane encountered turbulence, the dog could become a projectile in the plane, hence why he was suppose to be under the seat in front. The blind man should have been given a different seat.


He had a bulkhead seat from what I remember


Huh. I've never really considered where the service dog goes during flight. I'm a little surprised the dog fits under the seat. It's neat that they've been trained to stay in that small space.


Service dogs are neat in general. My aunt's boyfriend has a service dog because he gets random amnesia to where he forgets who he is, where he is, et cetera and it causes him to just plant wherever he is, so the dog is trained to stay by him unless he loses consciousness, then the dog is supposed to find help. I guess it's saved his life a number of times.


Wtf. What a wild ride this comment turned out to be


I have flown with a hearing dog many times. My hearing dogs have been small and would likely fit under the seat but I was never asked to kennel or put the dog under the seat. They did once offer to put my "coat" in the overhead bin. I was mostly in the bulkhead with the dog on the floor.


That makes me wonder if the airline used that as an excuse to not compensate the passengers for their delayed flight. Blame it on unruly passengers instead.


Airlines don't normally compensate passengers for a delayed flight. Edit: I know that long delays and cancellations are usually reimbursed. This situation was a 2 hour delay, an airline would not compensate you for that.


He just wanted to be under his boy's seat; instead, whole flight was cancelled.


Flight attendant was one of those ego maniacs, just love to have the tiniest bit of power. Among the worst people to deal with in society. They tend to be manipulative, vindictive, and quite stupid.


Had one scold me for not wearing my seatbelt. I pointed to the seat belt that I was absolutely wearing and asked what more she wanted me to do. She just furrowed her eye brows and glared at me whenever she passed me by. Some people get crazy with their power trips.


I was a courier, I was literally handcuffed to a briefcase and lead on the plane by state troopers (this was pre-9/11 and I was carrying voting modules for the old clockwork machines). She was going on about not putting the case in the overhead bin, and actually got the pilot involved. He looked at me, and then he and called her an idiot. I got dirty looks the rest of the flight, and skipped when it came to drinks.


There was one Delta flight I was on, and we were landing. An old lady and her dog were heading back to their seat, but the old lady couldn’t walk very fast. The flight attendant did nothing to help her. She just stood there demanding the lady move faster. Luckily someone stood up and helped the lady into a nearby empty seat.


Delta's the worst. I was in the aisle seat and attendant came by to collect trash and I handed her mine and she continued to the next row. Guy sitting on window was late getting his trash and handed to me to give to her. I gently tapped her on the shoulder to get her attention since she was couldn't hear me say "excuse me" and she yanked her shoulder way like acid spilled on her and glared at me and said something to the affect of "don't touch me!" or something like that. I gave her this go to hell look and shoved the trash at her, which she took and continued with her pissy look and threw away. Dude next to me apologized for making me have to go through that. Yep, good attitude for someone in customer service. One of several bad experiences I had but that was the last - hadn't flown Delta since and that was like 20 years ago and I was flying constantly at the time.


Isn't it a bit in a John Mulaney stand-up where he says "Because we're Delta, and we fucking hate you."?


I've experienced bad flight attendants too but let's be honest they aren't all the same. I fly Southwest a lot and 9/10 times I've had nothing but positive experiences with them.


Southwest ones are SO nice in my experience. They’re either just not memorable or really really lovely.


Agreed. Last 4 times I've flown they were super positive and upbeat though (all within the last month). Cracking jokes while going through the safety procedures/etc., checking on injured passengers (the guy in the front row had a broken leg and they checked on him several times throughout our 5 hour flight to make sure he was fine). ​ No they aren't all like that but I've only had 1 or 2 bad experiences with SW flight attendants (which account for 90% of the 40 or so flights I've taken in the last 13 years). In a world where attendants get plenty of bad press they stand out to me for their positive attitude and coming across like they want to be there.


10% of experiences being bad is still abysmal though. Imagine if 10% of flights had a safety incident, or 10% of meals in a restaurant were wrong or undercooked. Imagine if an accounting firm fucked up 10% of its clients taxes. That's way too high. The fact of the matter is airlines, even ones that promote themselves on the basis of customer service like Southwest, no they can get away with a hell of a lot and that attitude tends to bleed down to the flight attendants either just because of the culture of the airline or because of the pressure it puts them under.


A Karen of the sky.


isn't repositioning a very, very common term for when you're uncomfortable and move? I didn't know that could be confusing for others, that's all i've ever heard it be called


The entire title is just a clusterfuck that could have been written far more concisely.


But what does it mean in this context? I reposition all the time as I’m lying in bed, but the dog did a bit more than that. It can means lot, doesn’t really tell the extent of it.


I thought "a blind" had a certain charm tho..


I was gonna say, I've never heard anyone refer to a blind person as 'a blind', it almost sounds derogatory lol


>"A blind and and his dog" Pretty sure "man" got autocorrected into that first "and"


I totally missed the double and; reading is weird.


Same. Curiously, this has been experimented before a lot, google "repeated word illusion", specially look at images. However, do it to your friends, it won't work in you because you already are ready to perceive it. Also, I suggest you try the "count the f" illusion, it's amazing.


"You damn blinds." Ya it kinda does.


It’s astonishing how much it changes the tone of a sentence. - “The blind person over there has the cutest service animal.” - “I hate those fucking blinds with their smelly animals.” It a subtle, but important difference.


It's like the Louis CK bit where he points out that Jew is both the derogatory term and proper term for a Jewish person depending on the inflection with which you say it.


I have a feeling it was that kind of typo where they accidentally a word, rather than a conscious decision to call him "a blind" :P


> it almost sounds derogatory lol For sure; "person-first language" as it's called ~~is a core tenet of respectful language~~ [edit for more accuracy] is one linguistic line of thought, to make the individual the focus, not their one trait. Many preferred terms/phrases follow that pattern: - "Black people" instead of "blacks" - "People with diabetes" instead of "diabetics" - "Someone suffering from alcohol abuse" instead of "alcoholic" - "Redditor" instead of "pedantic asshole" That said, it's not a hard and fast rule. Someone may prefer being called Blind and not "a person without sight". If you wanted to read a bit more, [here's a PDF factsheet about it](https://www.resourcesforintegratedcare.com/sites/default/files/Using_Person_Centered_Language_Tip_Sheet.pdf) from Resources for Integrated Care, an advisory organization focused on medical practices.


I'm a diabetic and have never once heard of anyone who prefers being called a person with diabetes.


I'm totally living up to the pedantic asshole thing here, but that's not person first language. Person first language is literally when you put "person" ahead of the descriptive identifier - for example, "person with autism" instead of "autistic person" or "person with a disability" instead of "disabled person". It's super clunky and awkward. From your PDF it looks like "blind person" and "person with blindness" would both be considered person *centred* language, but the first is identity-first and the second is person-first. As long as you're not calling someone "a blind" or "an autistic" or whatever I don't think there's any point in mangling your sentences unnaturally just to put the word person at the beginning.


> “Redditor” instead of “pedantic asshole” Have an upvote.


Yeah. You *would* say that you pedantic asshole.


I was just hoping someone would correct me that "redditor" still isn't person-first.


I prefer “asshole of pedantic bent”.


“Someone suffering from reddit use”




I prefer the more gender-neutral "person with no life who frequents site full of people with no life" thank you.


>"Black people" instead of "blacks" Actually by this reasoning "black people" isn't following the convention. What would be appropriate would actually be "people who are black", or "people who happen to be black". "People of color" exists but that's not a term that specifically refers to black people, and normal people aren't gonna adopt BIPOC. Personally I think putting the race after the person noun does sound a little better.


Do some people actually want to be called "a person without sight"?


As a blind, disabled person, most of us prefer identity first language. Person first is for people who want to minimize their link to the identity, ie person with diabetes who doesn't consider it a large part of who they are vs Diabetic person who believes it's a large part of who they are.


"A blind"


I hate it when we don't get the full story of what happened after. U.S. Airways totally botched the response and pointed a finger back at Rizzi more or less accusing him of being an "activist" and the dog was running around the aisle. The passengers refuted U.S. Airways' claims. [https://news.orvis.com/dogs/us-airways-responds-to-story-of-passenger-and-service-dog-who-were-removed-from-flight](https://news.orvis.com/dogs/us-airways-responds-to-story-of-passenger-and-service-dog-who-were-removed-from-flight) Rizzi sued U.S. Airways and they settled out of court. The statement on the settlement: "JOINT STATEMENT OF ALBERT J. RIZZI AND US AIRWAYS, INC. Albert Rizzi and US Airways have amicably settled a lawsuit regarding a Nov. 2013 incident involving Mr. Rizzi and his service dog, Doxy. Acknowledging the airline could have done a better job to accommodate Mr. Rizzi and his dog on the aircraft, both parties plan to meet together in the future to discuss accessibility issues with the intention of improving airline accessibility for all individuals with disabilities.""JOINT STATEMENT OF ALBERT J. RIZZI AND US AIRWAYS, INC. Albert Rizzi and US Airways have amicably settled a lawsuit regarding a Nov. 2013 incident involving Mr. Rizzi and his service dog, Doxy. Acknowledging the airline could have done a better job to accommodate Mr. Rizzi and his dog on the aircraft, both parties plan to meet together in the future to discuss accessibility issues with the intention of improving airline accessibility for all individuals with disabilities." [https://www.facebook.com/okcounciloftheblind/posts/1085639751462673](https://www.facebook.com/okcounciloftheblind/posts/1085639751462673)


[Looks like Rizzi started a non-profit with the settlement](https://myblindspot.org/tag/albert-rizzi/)


What a genuinely good soul


I'm so glad the other passengers stood up for this guy and his dog. I had to fly once with my cats (not service animals) and the under the seat rule for animals makes no sense. Like in theory, sure you want them to be secure, but in reality there is hardly any space under those seats. Let alone enough space for a small animal, like my cats. We had soft carriers and even when I squished them down, they still only fit half way. And they expected a medium sized DOG to sit under there and STAY THERE for over two hours plus the length of the flight without moving at all or getting uncomfortable? Was the flight attendant aware that dogs are sentient creatures and not luggage?


A lot of flight attendants are just plain assholes. I used to be a flight attendant and for the most part hated my coworkers. On my first trip, a passenger asked if she could pump her breast milk in the galley at the back of the plane so she wouldn’t have to do it in front of the entire plane. Fine with me since we were done with service. Suddenly a male flight attendant ripped the curtain back and started screaming at the woman to get out of his galley. He literally chased the poor woman all the way up the aisle while she had two breast pumps hanging from her chest and was fully exposed. It was horrible and he absolutely did it in a way to draw as much attention as possible to the woman and humiliate her. I suspect the woman sued the airline or complained because not terribly long after that the airline started printing in all caps on each flight manifest a reminder that women were permitted to breastfeed and pump at any time and in the open on the aircraft.


What an absolute piece of shit.


That’s just cruel misogynistic behavior. I hope he was properly dealt with and embarrassing since 75% of HR is women.


I never reported the guy and thankfully never worked another flight with him. I was brand new so still on my probationary period and scared to speak up. I later made a sexual harassment complaint against another male flight attendant who assaulted me during a trip. HR seriously raked me over the coals. At least they transferred me to a different base away from that guy, but I was constantly scared that I would run into him in a flight attendant lounge or at one of the layover hotels. Working for that airline was honestly a nightmare.


i flew with my cats once, korean air. the stewardess put their carriers on the seats next to me and buckled them in. i got a bunch of drinks and she got to stare at my cats. edit, for clarification the airline let me buy seats for them instead of the traditional cargo transportation. the lovely staff also helped me transport them to the taxi. really a great experience from them.


think the reason they want 'm under the seat is so to try to prevent them from becoming projectiles during heavy turbulence or other emergency situations


A blind


And and


the Dog repositioned




The plane? Albert Airbus.


"A blind" sounds like my grandma whispering something extremely bigoted.


"This was a nice neighborhood, until all those blinds started moving in..." Your grandma, probably


More like, "Jessica seemed like a decent girl, but then she married *^(a blind)*". And then we would have to explain how blind people are normal people who just can't see, and she changes the subject.


The way it's phrased makes it sound very derogatory. "Those damn blinds coming over here taking our dogs!!"


They tooker dergs!


Derker doo!


The blinds need to team up with the poors and the fats.


I think I had a stroke reading this


What if these headlines are written by bots/learning algos scanning articles and success is measured by upvotes?


I have a feeling most of front page is karma bots since 40-60% of daily posts are just recycled from months or years ago


Why do that when you could repost what worked a few months ago verbatim?


This is a very real tactic that contract workers use to increase SEO on their sites. In college I built a bot for a lawyer that would scrape police reports and other legal postings and automatically generate and publish a fake "blog post". These blog posts would be almost completely useless word vomit, but they were designed to use specific keywords to rise to the top of Google searches.


Really the only problem is that OP’s autocorrect turned “man” into “and”, the rest of the title is mostly fine if you fix that


The plane was Philly to Long Island I think the fact that flying there isn't even that much faster than taking the bus or driving was enough for people to call bullshit. The airline industry is a lot like the internet service provider industry they intentionally designed it to be anti-competitive. They can abuse their customers and be huge dicks with impunity because either you are going to pay them or go fuck yourself and them arent even a little afraid to let everyone know it.


I flew from Germany to Philly some years back and then had to fly from there to Long Island. It was the oddest thing going from a big 777 on a 9-hour flight to a tiny twin-prop on a 45-minute flight. After going through Customs, Immigration, and then re-checking my bags for that short flight, it sure seemed like catching a bus would have been much easier.


Funny story from about 10 years ago. I live and work in San Francisco. I had a meeting with a customer in a town in the border of Oregon and California. It was a small town but had a minor airport that had direct flights from San Jose airport by regional airlines. Since I was going on a long vacation after our meeting, I decided I was going to drive to the meeting so I wouldn’t have to fly back. Dropped my coworker off at the airport in the morning then started the drive. I stopped a few times for food and to enjoy some of the sights. Basically just took it easy since I had all day. I got to the hotel at our destination about 30 minutes after my coworker who spent the entire day dealing with security, airline delays, getting a taxi/uber, baggage claim, and general all around airline unpleasantness. I feel like I made the right choice.


I found it is faster to drive from Chicago to st Louis than to fly once you factor in the time spent doing the airport rigmarole


You can also take Amtrak on that route.


You can also take a horse


Finally, a voice of reason


You can also crawl on your belly


Joe, shouldn't you be running the country not posting on reddit?


A few years back I was flying from Los Angeles to a small town in Pennsylvania, with a layover in Newark NJ. After landing in Newark late afternoon, the 2nd flight to PA got continually delayed an hour at a time, multiple times, til they finally cancelled it at 11pm. They told us that they could try to rebook us but it might be a few days and we had to pay for our own hotels. So me and a few other people chipped in and got a rental car and drove home together, only about a 2 hour drive. Should also note that we spoke to an airline rep who told us that it wouldn’t be an issue. When I showed up at the airport a week later to fly back to LA, they told me that I was no longer booked on the return flight. Since I had round trip tickets, and I “missed” one leg of my initial flight, I was no longer eligible for my return seat, so I had to rebook for a few days later. Also I had to pay again and got no refund for the initial flight. I can’t tell you how many hours I spent angrily explaining to airline employees that I didn’t “skip” the last leg of my flight since it was cancelled and never rebooked and because they told us it was Ok to drive the last leg. Never did get my refund.


Shit, I used to drive from Raleigh-Durham to/from my home in New Jersey because it was typically faster and less frustrating than dealing with driving an hour+ to Newark Airport, parking and getting through security, only to routinely face a multi-hour delay before takeoff. And then dealing with worse on the return. The flight that put me over the edge into "fuck it, I'll drive" territory was when I showed up at RDU early for a 1 PM departure and they offered to put me on the 12PM flight. Great, home an hour earlier - in theory. Flight got delayed because of equipment issues, 1PM flight I was supposed to be on departs on time. Wonderful. Now, the crew has timed out. Get another crew. Now weather and more weather. The flight wound up boarding over 12 hours after it was supposed to leave and actually took off at 2AM. We land at Newark around 4AM to find that the tram that takes you to the parking lot was running on a limited schedule for maintenance. Next tram? One hour. Fuck it - I'm walking. Walk to the car, drive the hour or so home and roll into bed almost 16 hours after my plane was due to leave. I could have driven there and back in the meantime. These days, if it's less than 8 hours, no thanks, I'll drive.


I'll do up to 12. But same.


> They can abuse their customers and be huge dicks with impunity because either you are going to pay them or go fuck yourself and them arent even a little afraid to let everyone know it. Part of the challenge that airlines face is that, to the majority of the flying public, NOTHING matters more than the cheapest fare. Not legroom. Not free meals and free drinks. Not a free checked bag. Not pillows and blankets. Not charming service. Nothing. Airline after airline has attempted to offer a few perks for a slightly higher fare, and the passengers have all fled to the competition with the fare that is $50 less. American and JetBlue tried more leg room. Continental tried meals. United spent millions on improved customer service. It didn't matter. No additional customers came their way, so they rolled it all back. The most famous example is Ryanair - They are almost customer-hostile. But their planes are full, because they have the lowest fares. Until customers start to take their business elsewhere - Even if it costs a little bit more - Nothing will change.


Yep Just a reality that for the vast majority of non-business travelers the cost of the flight is one of the largest parts of the cost of an entire trip, rivaled only sometimes by the cost of a hotel if one is used. Most people in the US barely have enough disposable income to afford a domestic round-trip flight. If you increase the price for any reason they'll find a cheaper competitor or they'll stay home. Personally I'll pay an extra hundred or so dollars for more leg room on my flights, but nearly everyone I know would rather be treated like cargo and save the money.


> Personally I'll pay an extra hundred or so dollars for more leg room on my flights Yes - This is the sweet spot United has nailed with Economy Plus.


I’m pretty sure that if a blind guy got told off because the dog that helps him live wanted to be under his seat (I don’t understand why a neighbor’s seat was better) and clearly better accommodations could have been attempted that any verbal abuse he levied was most likely justified and reasonable behavior for someone not being treated with common courtesy or his dog being treated like a pet. I probably would have gotten “abusive” too.


Yeah, that sounds like definition of an ADA (the disabilities one, not the dentist one) violation. There was a very reasonable accommodation that could have been made and they didn't.


Also if they didn't have a 2 hour wait on the tarmac this would never have been a problem.


He didn’t have a seat for the dog to be under. He was in the back row middle seat which just has aisle in front of it on small planes. His dog was at the feet of the person next to him who did have a seat in front of her for the dog to lay under. Why they didn’t put him in a seat that could accommodate his dog I have no idea.


Because fuck him, that’s why. -US Airways


> a blind guy a blind *and :)


>we are looking into the situation to see if it was handled properly,” US Airways spokeswoman Liz Landau said This is the first thing they teach anyone working for US Air to say since they have to say it so often.


These airlines need a plan B if the takeoff is delayed. This isn't even reasonable to expect passengers to be held up without food water exercise and by now everyone has to use the John. It isn't consumer friendly to say the least but can cause a lot of health problems for certain passengers. I think people have acted with decorum and kindness with this situation and the airlines need to do something better.


> use the John. Well, that capitalization radically changes the meaning… lol


When I was in college I was one of the few pilots who chose not to get a degree in airline management, instead going for engineering and HVAC. I can’t think of a single pilot who took airline management who was capable of even basic responsibility. It’s a degree for people who wanted something easy to have on their resume. And as a result, the airline industry is a disaster.




Tit, leg, or E.


Anal bum cover?


Turd Ferguson. It’s a funny name.


It's a big hat. It's funny


Wait... Wait... Wait... Are you selling Penis Mightiers?


Disem-"barked" in protest. They done really well with the pun in this


"The blinds" won't be happy to read about this


Damn, they kicked a blind. Edit: those rascals


Found This: JOINT STATEMENT OF ALBERT J. RIZZI AND US AIRWAYS, INC. Albert Rizzi and US Airways have amicably settled a lawsuit regarding a Nov. 2013 incident involving Mr. Rizzi and his service dog, Doxy. Acknowledging the airline could have done a better job to accommodate Mr. Rizzi and his dog on the aircraft, both parties plan to meet together in the future to discuss accessibility issues with the intention of improving airline accessibility for all individuals with disabilities.


I understand its a stressful job but a lot of flight attendants are power-tripping psychos who seem like they are ready to bite passengers' heads off at any moment.


In their defense, have you *seen* people? They're awful.


Passengers are people. Flight attendants are people. People are awful. Everyone is awful.


Logic checks out.


I’m not really the most optimistic person but I find the vast majority of people I meet are pretty good people. Sometimes I feel like I live in a different world than redditors.


I wonder if it has to do with the type of person to be heavily involved in online forums. I use to think it’s because the average age of Reddit is young and therefore didn’t have “real world” experience, but the average user age on Nextdoor is probably 30-40yr and you see similar if not worse hyperbolic generalizations on there. Maybe if someone primarily or mostly gets information about the outside world through the internet they have a negatively skewed view of the world. I too was guilty, I was heavy on Reddit back in 2015-2016 when I started to Uber/Lyft and I was apprehensive to talk to people because of the elections but I was pleasantly surprised that most people just had pleasant small talk or had pleasant conversations. I think I had 2 people express strong political emotions but they weren’t unpleasant either. TL/DR too much internet is bad for real world interactions.


Agreed. I had a strong presence on a different site for hours a day, every day, for years and it absolutely fucked me up. Took years to undo some of that damage.


No, no, I am sure you're right. I was just saying that for the joke; I do believe the vast majority of individuals are good people the vast majority of the time too.


Assholes are like food coloring, it only takes a few drops to have a big effect.


People. What a load of bastards!


The best flight attendant I've had recently was a 6'4"ish man in his 60s who was built like an NFL middle linebacker. Had tattoos barely visible at the bottom of his shirt sleeves. Definitely not your typical flight attendant. He was super chill and helpful. Actually went out of his way to move passengers around to empty seats to make everyone more comfortable.


honestly most flight attendants Ive had were pretty good, at least I have never had a shitty one.


35 people listened to the arguement and still decided to side with the blind dude. So yeahhh....


A Yellow Lab??? The most notoriously evil , unpredictable and vicious monster known to the world of beasts?


You never know when they're going to fart and smile at you


So par for the course with airplane seatmates


lol they kicked a blind off a plane huh


>didn’t feel that it was safe Bullshit corporate speak. A dog moves a little bit and jackasses pretend like its K9/11.


Flight attendant: Can't you see that your dog is moving?! Blind guy: I'M A BLIND!


Damn those blinds!!! /s shitty title


“a blind”


I.. uh... I don't think you can call people that.


I'm blind. I don't use a guide dog but I use cane. Everytime I flew I'd always be one of the first people to be seated. That's how it's supposed to be. Anyone with a disability is supposed to be accommodated first. Then they're supposed to seat you in an area appropriate towards your disability. Obviously this didn't happen. And they did not follow ADA guidelines. No wonder they got sued and he won his case.


I don’t think it’s polite to call a person who is blind “a blind”


Those damn blinds think they are better than us sights. Serves him right.


TIL somebody kicked a blind


A blind what? Edit: also, what the fuck is this title, OP




Heh heh heh disemBARK


The title is so bad it gave me a positive opinion about my English skills.


Kicked a blind?


Those damn blinds


I like that he's cool with being called "a blind"