TIL about the Seattle band The Gits, who were gaining popularity until their lead singer, Mia Zapata, was raped and murdered in 1993 at the age of 27. Despite bands like Nirvana hiting a Private Investigator, her killer wasn't caught for another decade.

TIL about the Seattle band The Gits, who were gaining popularity until their lead singer, Mia Zapata, was raped and murdered in 1993 at the age of 27. Despite bands like Nirvana hiting a Private Investigator, her killer wasn't caught for another decade.


He was convicted and sentenced to 37 years. He won his appeal and his sentence was shortened... To 36 years


He also died rotting in jail! Thanks covid(?)


Thanks karma.


Thanks okarma


Well except for all the people that also died while in prison for petty crimes.


I've heard people really suffer though that. I hope that's true in his case.


can you appeal again even if you won? I feel this was out of spite (and I fully agree with those in charge)


He won due to new SCOTUS case law between original sentence and appeal which requires the aggravating factors of 'heinous murder' or whatever WA calls it be found by jury, not judge. (Blakely). So the new sentence had to use only facts jury found for the sentence enhancements which must have still been quite a lot. It's the very last two paragraphs in his appeal here if interested https://caselaw.findlaw.com/wa-court-of-appeals/1329872.html


For the lazy: > EXCEPTIONAL SENTENCE >¶ 48 Mezquia argues that under Blakely v. Washington, 542 U.S. 296, 124 S.Ct. 2531, 159 L.Ed.2d 403 (2004), the trial court's imposition of an exceptional sentence, without submission to a jury, violates his Sixth Amendment right to a jury trial.   In Blakely, the Supreme Court held that “ ‘[o]ther than the fact of a prior conviction, any fact that increases the penalty for a crime beyond the prescribed statutory maximum must be submitted to a jury, and proved beyond a reasonable doubt.’ ”  Blakely, 124 S.Ct. at 2536 (quoting Apprendi v. New Jersey, 530 U.S. 466, 490, 120 S.Ct. 2348, 147 L.Ed.2d 435 (2000)). >¶ 49 The jury did not determine whether the State proved the factual basis for Mezquia's exceptional sentence beyond a reasonable doubt.   The sentence therefore, violated his Sixth Amendment rights.  Blakely, 124 S.Ct. at 2538.   Failure to submit aggravating factors to the jury is not susceptible to harmless error analysis.  State v. Hughes, 154 Wash.2d 118, 148, 110 P.3d 192 (2005).


To answer your question about can you appeal again, even if you won: IANAL but in general when you appeal, you can't simply appeal because you are unhappy with the verdict, you have to have some legal grounds for it. Such as a lawyer or judge made a mistake in procedure, or a judge abusing their discretion, or new evidence coming to light.


In reality, a clever lawyer can continue filing appeals virtually indefinitely, extending the case forever. My personal experience is that after several appeals court victories, a state supreme court victory, and a disbarment, they'll let the fucker continue to run up your legal fees. In theory, the individual should be declared a vexatious litigant, but courts are very hesitant to do so because of constitutional rights to speech and trial. Edit: That's for a civil trial, in a criminal trial I would guess the standard is much higher for denying the right to file an appeal. On the bright side, the other side of a criminal trial is the government, so it's not as easy to drown them in legal fees via appeals.


killer was a totally random person and crime of opportunity- scared the shit out of me. glad he was caught finally.


I saw this case on Forensic Files. I was obsessed with that show a few years ago. I still appreciate it ... but I have to limit my viewing. There are a high number of crimes of opportunity that they depict and almost all of them are against women.


I listened to the Podcast My Favorite Murder and they went over the killer that touched on Mia. I googled it last month and it blew my mind. So sad...


Same, it got really disheartening sometimes when you saw so many women killed and murdered for similar motives.


Yet men will argue that gendered violence isn't really a phenomenon and you'll hear that old 'People just suck' idiom when its clearly one sided by an astronomical percentage.


It’s not that they don’t suck, but you’re more likely to get maimed by a Rottweiler than a Chihuahua. And people wouldn’t think Rottweiler did anything wrong until they have all the evidence and even then sometimes it’s not enough


I watched every episode recently. Peter Thomas had the best voice and the nostalgia I got from the reenactments was fantastic. Plus they (almost) always catch the perp in the end of each episode.


I have to limit my intake of similar shows too. The story about Mia haunted me. It was so heartbreaking and could happen to any of us.


i used to binge the collections on netflix but it got to the point where i would only watch the medical mystery episodes. same reason i stopped watching almost all crime shows, fictional or documentaries....


Yeah. Brutally murdering men is A LOT riskier, and these killers are almost always huge cowards.


Lord, I never watch that kind of stuff and I still find myself randomly worrying about fem-friends. At least most every gal I know is packing pepper spray and/or tasers and/or brass knuckles shaped like a cat's head with blade-ears...


Suspect had a long history of violence against women. This is a good reminder not to wear noise-blocking headphones if you're in an environment in which there's any chance of danger. Too many people think of headphones as "protecting" them from (interacting with) the world, when they really do the opposite. (Hopefully we can learn lessons from these crimes without being called "victim-blamers.") ETA: Judging by responses, apparently we can't. Oh well; I guess preventing murders is less important than being political correct after all. Seriously, though, when you do something wrong because you don't know better, you're not to "blame" for anything, let alone the violence that befalls you. But when you chide people for pointing out it's wrong to inform others so they don't suffer a similar fate? All so that no one might misinterpret and dare even *think* ill of someone who's been dead for 20-some years? That's just messed up.


This is true. And exactly how I got hit by a car. I didnt hear a damn thing until it was too late.


Driving in to work this morning saw three different people wearing headphones while walking in the road in the same direction as me. At least walk towards the traffic so you can see what's coming!


I picked up some new noise cancelling ear buds that have a mode that allows in the ambient sound. It's great, I guess because the mic is in the ear you don't even lose your directional hearing (honestly I think it kind of enhances it for me).


I'm a man and sometimes when I'm running at the park I try to verbally let people know I'm coming from behind if we're going in the same direction. So many people have their headphones in and can't hear me, so even when I try getting all the way over as I pass them, I scare the shit out of them. When it happens to women it just gives me a sick feeling that if it wasn't me but some sicko they could have taken advantage of it


Thank you for giving a verbal heads up! I (F) walk in the morning and can get spooked just existing. I appreciate the people that make their presence known. I feel bad when I sometimes change direction.


I appreciate this very much!


As a dude I intentially buy loose fitting earphones to be able to hear my surrounding with music. Sadly the ones I've bought for over a decade (kept washing them) were discontinued.


One women who had her headphones on walked into an active shooting in the street over by 24hr fitness downtown. Everyone on the corner was yelling and cars were honking to get her attention. She didn't notice until halfway, and saw the police with their guns out.


So obviously a bad situation, but that's a cartoon/comedy sketch.


Came here to mention the headphones, but too chicken. Guy who was attacked by a mountain lion will hiking is another sad, but "good" example of keeping safe and your eyes (phone) and ears open!


Is it still victim blaming if the perpetrator is a mountain lion


The victim admitted that the earbuds cost him early warning. Bad victim, bad!


Depends on how the mountain lion dressed


The fact that so many people willfully discard situational awareness in public has always astounded me. Even if we ignore crime, there's a lot of reasons you'd want to be tuned into what's happening around you.


people tend to equate "be careful" with victim blaming which is fucking stupid and a big reason why shit like this happens. like yeah of course it's not her fault she got raped and murdered but wearing huge-ass noise cancelling headphones in the middle of the night in a major city certainly didn't help save you, right?


Honestly, not just in public. Knowing what’s happening at home is important too.


Yep, I use bone conducting headphones when I I'm listening to music in public. I highly recommend them.


>bone conducting headphones I had never heard of that. Thanks for that.


One thing, personally I listen to all kinds of music on them even music with heavy bass, and I think it's fine, but obviously the bass it's going to be lacking with these headphones because of the type of headphones they are, but again I think it's far more than adequate. I'd highly recommend to purchase these from somewhere where it would be really easy for you to return them if they're not good enough for you. As far as I know there's only one only one company doing them and it's Trekz. I went with the higher-end model which cost me about $160 USD.


I have been using the Aftershocks Aeropex for nearly a year now. Absolutely love them. Don't leave the house without them anymore. Have replaced my in ear headphones completely, I prefer listening to them. Feels easier and more comfortable, and like you are less bunged up. It is also nice being able to hear cars sneaking up on me while cycling, or the beeping from my cycle computer/radar which is more often quicker to pick up a car behind me.


>bone conducting headphones Thought you were joking but they really are a thing. wow


First thing we learn in self-defence is pay attention to your environment. Earphones can seriously hinder you, and not let you recognize when someone is approaching you until it’s too late.


I like your use of a semi-colon in your edit.


Better than an entire colon. That would stink.


I mean, they used it incorrectly (an interjection like “Oh well” should be set off with a comma not a semicolon), but you can still like if you want.


I put headphones in with no music on in dangerous areas. Best of both worlds.


I've been doing the same since puberty. Last week, I had to walk *two blocks* from a store to the train station in the middle of the day, so I figured it wasn't worth digging my headphones out of my bag. A pair of guys tried to talk to me on the bridge, then a guy at the station. I'm in my forties, wearing a wedding ring, half my hair has gone gray, and I don't wear makeup. Yet it's still as bad as when I was a teenager. Maybe I'll try the no-headphones experiment again in a few decades, when I'm a grandma.


Yeah, I'm a guy, but the headphones in but off thing is used extensively by my female friends in Seattle. Especially those who work late downtown. I can't remember how I started doing it, but I may well have learned it from them.


I learned this in Oakland early. Makes them think you're not aware and distracted when in actuality im fully aware n ready to defend myself if someone runs up.


I'm a firm believer that everyone of every race/sex/etc who hasn't committed a violent crime should walk around with a handgun. Criminals will nearly always have a gun already, but if every random person was loaded there'd be a lot less assaults like this. Same as what another comment said, these criminals are cowards and look for victims who can't defend themselves. Guns are the best friend of women, minorities, and people who are otherwise less able to defend themselves as it makes them a less easy target.


I remember seeing her story on Unsolved Mysteries when I was a child. I'm glad her killer was eventually caught.


It was an episode of Forensic Files for me. Edit a word


Heard about it on My Favorite Murder podcast


Heard about it from this reddit post


I still haven't heard about it


Seattle band The Gits, who were gaining popularity until their lead singer, Mia Zapata, was raped and murdered in 1993 at the age of 27. Despite bands like Nirvana hiring a Private Investigator, her killer wasn't caught for another decade.


Wow, thanks!


Thanks for fixing the headline typo, too.


That's interesting. Someone should post this in TIL!


Her segment was especially creepy. Even more so because it was obvious this had been a random attack. It’s like the boogeyman was out there, roaming Seattle at night.


Her murder saw many girls pull out the string from their hooded sweatshirts to avoid being choked with it by attackers.


Oh shit. I do this with my hoodies cause I work on cars and the last thing ya need is it to catch a moving part and merc ya. But I never considered it’d be used to kill people intentionally


Ya, this is mostly just par for the course with anyone doing work around machinery I think. Figured it out the hard way when I was going through hvac training and leaned over a condenser unit with the string loose. Damned things will take loose clothes in an instant.


Your hair too, if you have long hair. Met a guy in a wheel chair that had had his neck broken when his ponytail was caught in the belt and pulley of some machine he was working on.


Yup, pretty much the truth. To anyone reading this that may end up working around machinery, if it’s long enough for someone to grasp and pull, it’s long enough for a machine to grab and rip.


Yep, and a belt will take things with it, into pulleys. I learned that the head way on an older VW bug I owned in the 1980s. Reached to adjust something and touched the belt with my thumb. Just like that my thumb went into the pulley wheel under the belt. It really did not hurt me more than a bruised thumbnail but it scared me enough to respect anything like that.


True. There was some print advertisement going around a few months ago that showed a father and his teenage daughter working on a car engine together. She had pigtail braids, one of which was hanging down toward the engine. My mind always captioned it, “Dave treasured this time with his daughter, even after she got scalped.”


My hoodies are all like this from the psych ward. It always annoyed me but I guess there’s a positive.


I lived in Norway and everyone pulled the string out. I used to think it was just a fashion thing.


I guess for many it is, or because they are sometimes annoying.


Alternatively: the string came out while in the laundry and they could never get it all the way back in.


I do it because if I don't, I can't leave them alone. I'm always having to fiddle with them around my fingers. Probably some sort of I pulse reaction or something. If I remove them, I'll sometimes grab for them, even if they're not there.


They're annoying and get in my way. I'll oftentimes rip the tags out of t-shirts too.


Oh my god, I remember my mom making me do this with all my sweatshirts when I was in first grade! I never understood why, and now it makes so much more sense!


Damn. I had never heard of that before.


This was absolutely the style in Seattle in the 90's.


I wanna go watch fraiser.


🎵 *Tossed salads and scrambled eggs* 🎵




**Her body was not initially identified as she had no identification on her when she was found. An episode of the cable television show Forensic Files revealed that she was identified after the medical examiner, who was a fan of the Gits and had been to their concerts, recognized her.** Fucking hell of a trauma to endure right there.


Medical Examiner: I wanted to see you up-close. But not like this.




Yes, But I'd still argue harder for her than the ME.


I think you need to be alive to be traumatized... That poor woman never even got the chance to heal, her final moments were just pain and terror.


Maybe I'm missing something but that does sound traumatic.


this such a classic Reddit comment. Like no fucking shit it was harder for her.


The collective IQ on reddit is potato


In 1994 The Seattle band 7 Year Bitch named an album '¡Viva_Zapata!' in tribute to her. One of the songs advocates vigilante justice for her killer.


And then in 1995 Joan Jett got together with the remaining members of “The Gits” to form the band “Evil Stig” and put on a series of benefit concerts to fund the investigation into Zapata’s murder. They also put out an album titled under the name of the band. I found the gits and evil stig through Pandora a few years ago and love most of the tracks they put out. I was sad to hear about what happened to Mia.


>Evil Stig Gits Live?


Yes, it’s “Gits Live” reversed. I think it’s because the album they put out was a live album, but I’m not 100% sure on that.


7 Year Bitch was awesome live.


I put that album on couple days ago.. it still rips.


The bastard who raped and murdered her [recently died in prison](https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/mia-zapata-murderer-dead-1170206/). Good riddance.


> Her headset covered her ears so she would have been unaware of any danger until he grabbed her and dragged her to his car Be careful when wearing headphones, seriously. The first thing an attacker looks for is a mark who is confused, lost, or impaired, and headphones definitely count as a hearing impairment.


I got attacked years ago by two guys this way. Thank god they only wanted to beat me up (hold me up at gunpoint) and mug me. I was “lucky” in that sense.


I had a semi deaf cousin. She always wore headphones. Decided to walk down the train tracks to a friend's house one day and didn't notice the damn train coming.. 17 years old, beautiful minded, and happy as can be. Pay attention


Jeez I can't imagine being the conductor of the train. Obviously you would have seen her well in advance and the thought of what would go through your mind as you're desperately trying to get their attention with the horn, getting closer and closer to her back...


The poor old man retired afterwards. There was nothing he could do. Applied the emergency brakes and looked away at the last sec.


A terrible situation for all involved for sure. Who knows how many times he had to go through that as well. Teach your kids to not walk or play around train tracks everyone! Active, inactive, it's just not worth it.


On average, about half of train operators will hit someone in their career. https://www.inquirer.com/transportation/a/septa-suicide-trespassing-engineers-subway-regional-rail-20191119.html


That was a hell of a read, thanks for sharing "One study of suicide attempts on urban metros found them to be fatal just 60 percent of the time." Fuuuuuuuck that, I would not wanna be one of the 40% of people that get hit by a train and survive


Even in the fatalities, I highly doubt many of the deaths are quick or painless. It's remarkably difficult to make a person lose consciousness compared to what movies like to tell us. Like a whole lot harder than most people would think.


My grandfather drove a train for 45 years. He saw some absolutely heartbreaking things. It takes an average transporter train 1 mile to full stop. ONE MILE. Stay the fuck off the train tracks.


There was a recent incident in sweden where a mom put herself and her two young children in front of the train. All was killed. Apperently her abusive ex-husband that had a restraining order had gotten part time custody of the kids. How can you carry on with your life being the train coductor witnessing that?


I'm sorry for your loss, may she rest in peace


Thank you


>. All of his ex-girlfriends, and his wife, had filed reports against him Then why was this dude walking free?


It's very sad. The more podcasts I hear about true crime, the more I see that as the rule and not the exception. A lot of them just give out all the red flags and danger alerts for years before turning into actual murderers.


Abusers usually do.


Wouldn't be surprised if he was doing that stuff back home in Cuba as well. Castro used the Mariel Boatlift as an opportunity to get rid of his country's 'undersirables'.


Because you're on your own in this world, doubly so for women. I watched cops laugh with my dad as paramedics loaded my mom into an ambulance after the he beat her unconscious. Again. My dad never served a day of time. To her credit, my mom can seriously take a punch though. Tough little woman.


Goddamn! May they all rot in hell!


Remember who America just had for president, and almost re-elected


We've gotten much better as a society about this in the past 30 years, so much so that it seems absurd. But back in the day it was more "put this asshole on a bus to another town" sorta solution at best.


Too lazy to look it up but a lot of deaths (in the US) of women are after they broke up and the ex (usually male) is who kills them. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, it has been forever since I saw the statistic


I remember when this happened, reading about it Spin magazine. There was a fundraiser/benefit CD made called Home Alive: the Art of Self Defense. So many amazing, moving tributes on that album. It was on constant rotation in my CD player as a teen.


Home Alive has some great stuff on it. I recently uploaded a the cds to me Apple Music account


Home Alive introduced me to so many bands..I was a great tribute


Second skin and Another Shot of Whiskey are two of their best songs in my opinion. Check out Evil Stig (Gits Live), it’s the remaining members with Joan Jett as the singer (if I remember correctly)


Frenching The Bully is an amazing album.


I remember this. The cops basically blamed her too for walking alone and night and wearing a hoodie. I met one of the other band members after he shared his story about getting sober. Just a sad story all around.


>The cops basically blamed her too for walking alone and night and wearing a hoodie. Yup, sounds like Seattle PD to me lol.


Flash a pink umbrella at them, and watch how they lose their minds.


How come?




Thank you!


Your mileage may vary if you try this with he King County Sheriff's Office. The county cops seem to be a little more professional and laid back. I was going to Tats for a Philly and wasn't paying attention to the random drug dog that walked right up and alerted on me. His handler walked around the corner and called him back but not before making a joke about the dog smelling something on me. Hand to God, I had a crushed milkbone in my backpack for my dog and their labrador went right to it.


I really really enjoy The Gits music and I discovered them when I was getting into other grunge bands. I found them long after she died but I didn't know about her murder until I looked them up one day. RIP


"Mezquia was convicted in 2004 and initially sentenced to 37 years, which he appealed. He was then sentenced to 36 years." Haha get rekt. Also, he died in prison so fuck him.


If you're a musician and you're either famous or on the road to becoming famous by your 27th birthday, you should probably just stay at home and lock the door until you hit 28.


Considering how many of the 27 Club died from overdoses or drug-related issues, make sure you clear your home of any narcotics, firearms, or sharp instruments first.


Seriously, wtf is up with that


Nothing, [no more famous musicians have died at 27 than 26 or 28](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/27_Club). For those living a life of misadventure since their teens, the cumulative number of risky events eventually pays off in death.


I've seen this before disproving the myth that 27 is such a dangerous age for musicians, I wonder if the reason people associate 27 with celebrity death so much is more about the level of fame of those who died at that age. I mean you got Hendrix, Joplin, Morrison, Cobain, and Winehouse all dead at 27


Bingo, I'm sure there's a name for this kind of phenomenon besides confirmation bias, but basically it boils down to "it's easy to find what you're looking for"


*Keith Richards chuckles softly as he injects the blood of young donors into his vein.*


Selection bias.


[Home Alive](http://www.teachhomealive.org/) was founded in response to Mia Zapata's death; they've been teaching free & low cost self-defense classes in and around Seattle for nearly 30 years now.


They were such a great band. Mia's death and the death of Andrew Wood of Mother Love Bone a few years earlier really cast a sad shadow on the Seattle scene. I still jam to The Gits to this day. They fuckin rock.


Yea, my friend was a fan and it really soured her outlook on the scene for a long while. She couldn’t even go to The Comet afterwards for fear of the fucking guy. And this came from a woman who was on a first name basis with guys from Soundgarden and Pearl Jam so this was pretty devastating. She really dug the Gits and I think had a mad crush on Mia as a young girl who hadn’t figured out everything regarding her choice in the sexes yet so I think it really dimmed her outlook. She eventually got better and had some great stories about the emerging Grunge scene and being in it, but sometimes when we are sitting up at her place in Hollywood, you can tell it still haunts her while we sit there listening to old records. But happy ending..she met a great girl, they got married and now have a cool little squirt who digs her Moms old albums and CD’s and wants to be ‘the female Flea or Les Claypool’. Kid does a damn good slap base, so she might just be it.


For anyone interested in the story in audio form, Casefile did a podcast about it. https://casefilepodcast.com/case-77-mia-zapata/


Thanks for posting that… Mia and family lived nearby when they lived in Louisville. I used to run with her big brother, and my little sister hung with Mia and her sister (the “cool” and “preppy” siblings mentioned in the podcast. For the record, I was neither cool nor preppy). Mia was the little kid sister at that point to us, but as we all got into our mid-teens, she grew into hanging with us a little more. She did have a very distinctive voice and free spirit… even back then. Lost touch with most of them after high school, though I heard about her success in the punk/grunge scene. She had a sweet and kind heart, with a little bit of a mischievous side. I’m glad for some of the good things that have come as a result of her death, but she can never be replaced. RIP, Mia~ the world is a poorer place without you.


Thanks for sharing this story. I grew up in Seattle seeing the Gits, Gas Huffer, Christ on a Crutch and a lot of other amazing bands and Mia's death was a horrible loss for the community. She used to work at the Piecoras Pizza on Madison and getting a slice from her was a bright spot in an otherwise very tough time for me in those days. RIP Mia, I still have and play your 7" discs 30 years later.


Amazon has a documentary about the Gits if you would like to learn more.


Never heard of them. Just started listening to them on Spotify. Incredible music. We were robbed.


Listen to the song Second Skin if you haven’t already.


That puts her in the 27 club, artists who died at the age of 27. Including Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, along with Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, and Amy Winehouse.


Also Brian Jones from the Rolling Stones.


And the OG of the 27 club Robert Johnson.


Ron “Pigpen” McKernan


Tragic loss for the seattle music scene at the time. Their album Frenching the bully is fantastic from front to back.


I asked my mother why she wasn’t a hippy in the late 60s, and she said it was because she didn’t come from money. Only the kids of rich parents were hippies.


I saw her story on Forensic Files.


A shockingly sad story, which TIL about myself. Had to learn a bit more, and found the murderer is also dead. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/mia-zapata-murderer-dead-1170206/




hiring may have seen better results.




*Have you found her killer yet???* No... not yet, leads are drying up and I **SMACK SMACK** *I don't want excuses, I want results! Get the fuck back to work!!*


In memory of her, a great organization called Home Alive does low cost self defense training for women. They did free monthly trainings for the homeless women I was helping when I worked in Seattle. You know, if you've got money to throw.


The Punk Band 7 year Bitch ( friends with Mia) produced a song “ dead men don’t rape” inspired by Mia Zapata’s death.


Wasn’t the guy a cab driver that happened to see her while driving by? I remember listening to this one on True Crime Garage. So sad, their music was great.


The medical examiner was the person who identified her because he was a fan of the band.


Well maybe if they hired the private investigator instead of hitting him he might have worked harder. /s


The fact that nirvana had to hire someone to try and find this guy is pretty sad. So many murders just never get investigated...


That's crazy that you literally end the life of someone and you only get prison for 36 years.


Thankfully he died in Prison. It's nice to know there's one-less scumbag walking the Earth.


> That's crazy that you literally end the life of someone and you only get prison for 36 years. The murderer was about 60 at the time of sentencing, so it was essentially a life sentence. Which, as it turned out, ultimately was a life sentence as he died a few months ago.




No kidding... have you seen Reefer Madness? It leads to delinquency such as playing the piano faster than you're supposed to.


jazz cabbage




Unnecessary grace notes!!


Or, even worse, stealing from a multi billion dollar corporation!


Man her killer is a scary looking fucking guy. Looks big too. That must have been beyond terrifying.


Their set with “Second Skin” in HYPE! was one of the best performances of the film.


crime is easy if not dumb or too large- police dont have will, time , or resources to investigate things that are not easy crazy when realise that actually live in society where if you know rules of the game can do whatever you want


They were a tremendous band.


Netflix used to have a really good documentary about The Gits. I recommend checking it out if they still have it.


There's an episode of Forensic Files about this case, called The Day the Music Died. Can only find crappy versions on youtube atm, but putting the name in here in case anyone wants to look for it. Damn sad case.


Distinctly remember seeing the forensic file episode on this case, truly sad.


TIL she's from the city where I live (Louisville) and is buried in Cave Hill Cemetery where the most famous people from Louisville are buried including Muhamad Ali.


After Mia’s death, the band reformed for a few years as the Dancing French Liberals of ‘48. I was lucky enough to see them play and they were great, but never saw the Gits.


If I remember correctly, her killer died this year. r/ForensicFiles


Always 27 year olds.


What is it with musicians dying at age 27 ?


I met her a couple times- she was cool…. Rest In Peace Mia


Remember that well. We used to go to the Comet bar all the time. Very sad and scary.


We were all buddies, she was found outside of my local bar, The Comet Tavern. That was a really bad year, I think 1989 or 90.


Second Skin is an amazing song and I think about her when I listen to it


My high school English teacher was friends with her!!


Thanks for remembering Mia.


The Gits were one of the opening bands at the first show I ever went to. I still remember it


Im from Washington not far from Seattle and i never knew This i thought it was gonna be about mother love bones singer


Git is such a good insult and you rarely hear it used outside England. I believe it means the illegitimate offspring of a prostitute.


I lived in her neighborhood. Some people started a women's/queer people self-defense group in response which was a pretty cool community