TIL that 11 years before Kanye West infamously crashed Taylor Swift's award acceptance speech, Ol Dirty Bastard had done the same to Shawn Colvin at the 1998 Grammys, declaring "Wu Tang is for the children". ODB apologized and sent her flowers the next day.

TIL that 11 years before Kanye West infamously crashed Taylor Swift's award acceptance speech, Ol Dirty Bastard had done the same to Shawn Colvin at the 1998 Grammys, declaring "Wu Tang is for the children". ODB apologized and sent her flowers the next day.


In Kanye's case though, the situation is made even more cringe by the knee-jerk decision. His exact words were: > Yo Taylor, I'm really happy for you. I'm going to let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time! One of the best videos of all time! He interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech for Best Female Video. Not to be confused with the more prestigious award, Video of the Year, which Beyonce would go on to win just minutes later.


I thought it was >Imma let you finish. Beyonce did invite Taylor on the stage to give her a redo, to her credit. https://youtu.be/t_25IN7lAYU


ODB was one of the original "outrageous" rappers. But that was just who he was, he wasnt doing it for media attention. Like the time he saved a child by lifting a car off of them, and then visited her multiple times in the hospital under an assumed name to make sure she was ok. Eventually the parents recognized him, and told the media.


This thread made me go read his Wikipedia entry and, according to that, the car accident happened just the day before the Grammy


Yeah. Kanye is the guy posting pics of himself of "humans being bros". ODB is the dude on "oddly terrifying" and then cross posted to "humans being bros" by some random.


He went on Howard Stern the day after the Grammys. To me anyway he gives the impression that it wasn't a premeditated stunt - he just lost control of himself and was embarrassed the next day. https://youtu.be/anfPXUrmqPY


Great video. I agree that it looks like a lot of sincerity on his part


If ODB was ever fully in control of himself, that would have been news.


And then Sunny came home with a vengeance


Wu Tang will forever be better then Puffy,then and now.


I'll always remember Kanye for "George Bush doesn't care about black people"


I love that Kanye !! Mike Myers expression is hilarious !!! So obvious he had no clue and was shocked.


Nathanial Hornblower [did it first](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2M6rC3z7JXo)


Name checks out


Kanye the Kunt


The Kayne thing was scripted though. Crew knew "something" was gonna happen and after he went on stage where all like "ah there it is". Like c'mon guys. Taylor Swift and Beyoncé did a little number wearing the same fucking dress afterwards. It was clearly scripted


Hm. I was actually in the audience at that VMAs - it was pandemonium when he did that. I don't think it was scripted.


It was. Not everyone was told about it Taylor Swift and Beyoncé were wearing matching fucking dresses and did a little number at the end Can i buy some of your pot? It was scripted


I had never heard of Taylor Swift before that.




Yes, my point was that she wasn't very well known outside of America before the Kanye thing. I can see how this could cause offence. I'm going to shoot up a school to set the balance straight.


And like Kanye he provided a brief moment of entertainment to what had been a void.


Wasn't ODB a crackhead? Not to say I don't love his music but crackheads aren't known to be rational people.


ODB was a strange one. He’s known for his antics, but then he also saved a little girl from a car wreck and anonymously visited her in the hospital until someone recognized him, which brought in the media (and the only reason we know about it).


ODB fucking loved crack


IDK why you get downvoted, he was a drugaddict, and he was always high and drunk.


ngl I thought the op called Kanye an "ol' dirty bastard" and Kanye had form for this shit


What a prick.


These rappers only get these kind of balls with female artists. They wouldn't dare step like that on a man.


His problem was with Puffy, not the woman receiving the award. He was upset about an off screen award that went to Puffy instead of Wu Tang Clan. ODB said he didn’t realize they were giving someone an award until Howard Stern told him the next day. It’s plausible since he was very often obliterated on drugs. He wasn’t “stepping” to her.


Everybody knows who Wu Tang is, who the hell is Shawn Colvin? Some folk singer no one cares about? Just shows awards are crap.


I guess Wu Tang really is for children.


She was pretty popular in the 90s. Most people who were around then, and old enough, knew who she was.


I knew he was a narcissistic asshole, but then I saw his brain stuttering endlessly on the JRE for 2 hours straight and I realized hes also an absolutely delusional moron.


You didn't know shit and you don't know shit, cause ODB was on joe rogan yeah hahahaha


Pull Kanye's dick out of your mouth you sycophantic mouth breather


ODB you weirdo who cares about Kanye west haha