the bar is... so low. but yet...

the bar is... so low. but yet...


My $1400/mo 2nd floor condo doesn't have a balcony and I absolutely hate it. Cheap though, compared to other units in the city.


Honestly I could even forgo the balcony and store in exchange for decent internet.


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Good bot




The bar is on the ground and apartments dig a hole


that honestly sounds like a dream


As someone who hates large space, this actually sounds like a dream. Last house we lived in had HUGE rooms. We could fit two wardrobes, two desks, a queen sized bed, a stationary cycle, a washing machine and another cupboard for blankets and a bookshelf and a bean bag and a large dog bed in that room and I still had plenty of room to move around. Like, we could have fit another queen sized bed in that room if we wanted. Rooms shouldn't be that big. It's a horrible. I used to drag the bean bag behind the bed and sit in that small space all day. Fuck large houses. I'm very happy we're middle class so the house we bought was actually tiny ❤️


I thought the bad was kinda high idk where the fuck I would find a balcony and good WiFi in this god forsaken town Comcast has a monopoly on internet and Balco had a monopoly on balconies