The worst possible number input method

The worst possible number input method


This is from a competition to design the worst possible user interface for phone number input. My favorite was a button that randomly generated a 10 digit number. https://www.reddit.com/r/badUIbattles/


Oh! Makes sense! Thank you kind sir for bringing back a bit of hope in humanity. I mean I know it was malice (the implementation is non trivial) but I thought it was actually inflicted on others.


How about this: 2 colour wheels the first 5 numbers of the hex code of the first colour and the last 5 numbers of the hex code of the second colour is combined for the phone number


And every time you select a color the entire wheel rotates a random amount.


Drop down menu with all possible combinations…in a random order.


I finally get to use this https://m.imgur.com/a/4f3XB


Made me laugh out loud. Thank you!


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Good bot


Ha, they ain’t getting my number then. Any number will do. Sheesh.


It gets worse