Languages in a nutshell

Languages in a nutshell


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Just wanted to point out that the first two German ones are not really accurate. Regarding the first: Squirrel in German is Eichhörnchen. Hörnchen refers to both a type of animal and a type of pastry (not a croissant by the way - we call those Croissants - though the shape is similar). The translator chose the wrong homonym for comedic effect. Regarding the second: Helicopter in German is Hubschrauber. The lifting part is translated correctly, but ‟-schrauber” doesn’t refer to a screwdriver (‟Schraubendreher”). Rather, ‟schrauben” literally means ‟to screw”, i.e. it refers to the rotating motion of the blades. It basically corresponds directly to the ‟helico” part of the English word, so presenting one as normal and the other as weird is.... questionable.


english: of course! lithuanian, laughing maniacally: english, completely done: pls don’t lithuanian: IT IS KNOWN


Spanish for bowl is bol. Also in regards to "that which walks by itself", wouldn't that just be... an automobile?


You could argue that English's _automobile_ also means "that which walks itself" (or perhaps "that which moves itself")




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I said it once, and I'll say it again. Russian ladybugs are just a baby version of Indian cows.




i love language


Ladybug in Danish: Marie’s hen


In french, the ladybug is also known as *la bête de Dieu*, lit. "God's beast" (although that saying is more an epithet, and hardly ever used).


A lot of these are wrong. Papillon is just butterfly. Dunno where the fuck buerremouche comes from Edit: beurre = butter, mouche = fly. Butterfly. Beurremouche. Weird.


They turn it around here, papillon is an ordinary word while butterfly is made up of the words butter and fly, which is pretty weird. My french is not great, but I assume buerre mouche is the literal translation of butter fly from english to french.


Fuck, you’re right. It is. I’m learning French and I didn’t pick that up, damn Thanks for pointing that out