I've not been to a doctor for it yet but I'm fairly certain I like dick, at least more than the average bloke.

I've not been to a doctor for it yet but I'm fairly certain I like dick, at least more than the average bloke.


I'm pretty sure the Tumblr OP is confusing asexuality with hyposexuality. They can seeem very similar but only the latter is a medical issue.




Take my words with a grain of salt, as im not a doctor, but hyposexuality is having little to no sexual attention or interest in sexual activities, while causing some amount of distress to the person. It can stem from experiencing some sort of trauma or be a symptom for another mental health issue like depression or drug abuse. In contrast, asexuality is no interest in sex, but the person feels perfectly comfortable like that.


Asexuality actually is little to no sexual attraction. Asexual people can have interest in sex, and some do. It just means that they feel little to no attraction to the person they’re doing it with.


"John, we did some tests, and..... this may come as a shock, but... you're gay." "What? How should i tell my husband? My two childen? Are you sure there wasn't a mixup, sure you didn't do a mistake?" "No. We already informed your husband Sam, he's on his way. He will take you Home."


I read that as 'he will take you Homo'.


why not both?


Give it to me straight, Doc! I'm sorry, I'm afraid I can't do that.


This is wrong on so many levels. Abject homophobia aside, self-diagnoseses can help people.


"Man I hope it comes back gay, I dont want to go back to sleeping with women" "Sir, it says here that you're 100% straight, so you better stop being aroused this second!"


business idea: become a doctor, go to gay clubs, diagnose people at the door for a fee.


Is this person seriously under the impression that you need a doctor to tell you if you want to bang or not lmao


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Well, if 64bitwar is still stuck in the 20th century, then indeed any non-heteronormative behavior would be classified as a mental illness, and therefore they would actually need a diagnostic from a doctor since it is an official illness. Thanks God that we moved past it and classified those doctors as homophobic.


Ive had three doctors diagnose me with gender dysphoria and all agree I'm trans. There's still people in my life who tell me I'm not properly diagnosed and might me making a mistake transitioning. The cishets are never satisfied.


Guys talk to professional middle schoolers are readily available for diagnosis


Someone on tumblr is so pissed someone doesn't want to fuck them that they turned it into mental health discourse


Let me guess: It was Josh?


What the comments don’t understand as this man was referring to yourself as reproducing asexually, as it’s makes those who can’t seem weak


What? Could you rephrase that? I have absolutely no idea what you're saying lol


I was joking that the OG guy was referring to asexual reporoductuon like some animals instead of being asexual


Asexuality isn't a mental disorder.