i-am-a-fish is best boi

i-am-a-fish is best boi


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Good bot


whats a bi prson


Straight and gay/lesbian at the same time, the bi part of bisexual refers to two types of attraction a bi person experiences aka hetero and homo


Bisexual, they are attracted to all genders


No, that's pansexual. Bisexual is attracted to males and females.


Bi is actually just attraction to 2 or more genders.


Pansexual is attraction regardless of gender, bisexual is attraction to multiple genders. A pansexual person doesn't care if they're eating a cake, donut, muffin, or pie. A bisexual person might like cake, donuts, and muffins, but not pie, or they might be more in the mood for cake today and donuts tomorrow, or they might like all of them but prefer cake, or they might like muffins for the texture and pie for the taste... but it doesn't necessarily mean they only like two of them.


Nope! It’s someone attracted to people of their own gender and other genders. iirc Pan is when gender isn’t a factor in attraction


Someone who is born attracted to people of their own gender and other genders


somon who is attractd to popl of gndrs lik and unlik thir own


Ok but *imagine if titties were detachable*


I could never thank you enough. Bi and pan peeps, lend me your strength **Gun**


Oh no! They've bcome too powerful!




And my axe!


holy crap i did *not* expect that ending.