Government admits Boris Johnson's flat refurb originally paid for by Tory donors

Government admits Boris Johnson's flat refurb originally paid for by Tory donors

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Prediction when he’s questioned on this: “Look, people aren’t interested in who paid for some wallpaper, they’re interested in our amazing vaccination program, where we’re spending all day every day getting Jabs In Arms.” Or some such bollocks.


Let's not bicker and argue about who accepted illegal contributions.


This is meant to be a happy occasion


Is there a fridge around here?


Laws are for poors


...whilst we declaw the electoral commission.


"I consider the matter closed." One day I hope we see him try to say that in front of a judge.


I wish I could break the law and say that. Amazing


Technically you can. It's not going to work, but nothing is sopping you giving it a go


Why won't HobGoblin877 get soaking wet if they try breaking the law? If they steal a boat and it sinks they will.


Sounds very like the same family as "I take no responsibility" to me... So the lied about it repeatedly, covered it up and now they admit it they do it in a filing cabinet in the basement with a beware of the leopard sign on it It's almost like they know they were doing something wrong.




Unlike Patel I really don't believe in capital punishment.


Don’t forget his favourite line. “We vaccinate, they vacillate” he’d get that in there somewhere


The other week in PMQs he said "we vaccinate, they're invertebrates" prick. PMQs really winds me up with his pompous distraction. The thing that annoys me most though is that the majority of people are happy to have entitled Eton mess "running" the cuntry [sic]


That's why on Wednesday Starmer upped his game and left the last of his questions to change the tone to a sad one so Boris wouldn't be able to finish with his pre-prepared statement. His first 5 questions were on racism in football but he saved the last one for the NI prosecution amnesty and about why he was refusing to prosecute terrorists.


"People vacillate, we vaccinate."


He'd be right. People don't really give a shit who paid for his wallpaper outside of Joylon and online anxiousbois. Still think this whole thing was massively mishandled - the angle that would have damaged Boris was the John Lewis mocking. 90%+ of the public would have felt sneered at. Instead we get into some snooze fest story about rules around political donations


>Instead we get into some snooze fest story about rules around political donations Because you know just as well as I that this loophole allows for our PM to accept bribes. It's only a 'snooze fest' for some because there's no evidence that Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson actually provided any favours for the donors.. yet. However for many of us that follow British politics, it's another worrying symptom of the ongoing failure of the checks and balances that are meant to keep our democracy (relatively) free. Edit: grammar


> there's no evidence that Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson actually provided any favours for the donors. It could, of course, be considered a marker capable of being redeemed in the future for later favours.


Yeah exactly. Boris has at least three more years of premiership unless the Conservatives decide he's not the best party leader anymore. That's plenty of time for him to make good on any ~~bribes~~ donations.


>It could, of course, be considered a marker capable of being redeemed in the future for later favours. It doesn't even have to be something so obvious as a direct favour to be called in. Johnson could be influenced in terms of what general policy he pursues simply by the fact he feels gratitude towards the people who paid for his flat so he may not want to anger them. It's insidious and when it comes down to things like climate change or pandemic response it's particularly dangerous.


They really are desperate for it to be nothing. Refurbishment? What's a furb anyway? Who cares about what someone does with a furb?


[no figure was given for the costs, which are reported to have been up to £200,000](https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/may/28/boris-johnson-acted-unwisely-over-flat-refurbishment-report-finds) It doesn't matter what the money is for, it's about accepting a £200,000 (or £100,000 whatever) gift, whether it's a house, car or watch.


But… Isn’t 200 grand chicken feed?


Some chicken!


Knowing Johnson he has hundreds of chickens we don’t know about. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2009/jul/14/boris-johnson-telegraph-chicken-feed


The "bribe" is doing up a PM bedroom he will vacate in 3 years time.


There are ethical boundaries which we expect those in trusted positions to adhere to as I'm sure you're aware. Why is it that you're so keen to give the PM a completely free pass on behaviour which would result in job losses amongst the "little people"?


Plenty of people certainly give a shit. Not because of the wallpaper, but because someone is doing it with an expectation of payback later on. I expect them to be held to an ethical standard.


The only reason I don't shop at John Lewis is because I can't afford to. The downside of being an excellent employer with A++ customer care is that it tends to price out the rather less well off. The answer is having more employers like John Lewis. Sadly, most businesses prefer the 'easier' answer of cheaping out. 'So what if our staff get deployed on the floor with zero knowledge about the job, we can hire them in the millions!', rather than 'let's focus on looking after our staff so that they in turn can focus on looking after the customer'


While you’re snoozing, they’re enjoying corruption. It’s boring to keep a tab on government officials, I know, but you could at least not sneer at those who take the time to see what those in charge of our public affairs are doing with our money. Especially when they’ve got such a track record of corruption and incompetence as the members of this government.


I think people would care if they saw it. Looks like it has been paint by a colourblind hedgehog in a paper bag


It's not just that our PM can be bought, it's that his price is so fucking low.




100% agree, Starmer had a chance to highlight blatant corruption and somehow fudged it so badly to make it sound like "hey, Boris (a person we all assume is rich) has expensive wallpaper".


I had such high hopes for someone with a legal background to actually bring up the standards in the house. Denied.


"No10 has consistently refused to reveal the original source of funds for the refurb - stating opaquely that Mr Johnson had “covered the cost” and “settled the full amount” for the work." He only covered the cost after being caught.


Exactly - it was never meant to be a loan.


> The bizarre funding chain was finally confirmed in the fourth footnote on the 208th page of the Cabinet Office’s annual report, which the Government quietly published on Thursday ... > No10 has consistently refused to reveal the original source of funds for the refurb - stating opaquely that Mr Johnson had “covered the cost” and “settled the full amount” for the work. > But the Electoral Commission is investigating whether the original donation broke the law. > Politicians and parties are required to publish details of donations and loans. > The Commission, which has the power to issue fines of up to £20,000, said: “There are reasonable grounds to suspect that an offence or offences may have occurred." Fines of up to £20,000. My oh my.


[https://www.ft.com/content/672b5cf7-fdda-42fc-a0f4-8d6e0dd17e0e](https://www.ft.com/content/672b5cf7-fdda-42fc-a0f4-8d6e0dd17e0e) Haha, haha. Oh my. HAD the power. Johnson moves to strip the commission of power. For investigating him. But no worries, the next body surely won't be scared to investigate him after this example, right? [https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/boris-johnson-bullingdon-club-appointment-b1885184.html](https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/boris-johnson-bullingdon-club-appointment-b1885184.html) Well, it turns out that doesn't matter if you appoint your jolly school chum to the independent - (You appoint people to an INDEPENDENT .... never mind, nothing to see here) Committee on Standards in Public Life Prosecute the Leakers. Hobble the oversight. De-power the watchdogs. It's the classic Tory response to sleaze. A 'everyone is corrupt, might as well be us' campaign comes next. Starmer buys expensive pen, The Greens once owned a diesel van, etc etc incoming.


Banana republic level shit. This is the kind of thing Zuma did in South Africa ten years ago.


[More importantly someone called Donald Trump did it very recently](https://i.redd.it/q5hvs3yuuzz41.jpg)


Donald who?


Still struggling to understand why [he became a Fascist and took the Republicans with him](https://i.redd.it/f9ibjptbdz541.jpg) Hah ! That picture's quite reflective of the UK


> Fines of up to £20,000. My oh my I'm sure they can find a donor to pay that for them.


You'd find that in spare change down the back of the old John Lewis sofa.


What should really cost him is the loss of trust from such lying. But it won't.


What trust?


Paid for by not the guilty.


20k is nothing to be sniffed at, why you could buy 1 or 2 Jenricks for that…


This will surely be the end of Johnson .... in a country where corruption by the elite was not celebrated.


Isn't this just wallpaper 2.0?


No - this is 1.0. This is why people were concerned in the first place.


Yes but I've boiled it down to a boring word that bypasses the meat of the story so that I can pretend nothing important happened. Likewise, Bloody Sunday was just people complaining about what some soldiers did on their day off. Don't they have anything better to do?


Sometimes I just think, Sunday bloody Sunday...


They really captured the moment with that song, kids running round screaming...


Dere’s more t’Ireland..: dun dis


Sausages in ireland, bendy bananas….




Pahahaha you're clueless


Admitted when the economic sanctions against France are the main story (or the 'amber-plus' quarantine requirement as it is officially known). So little coverage.


So this is the time for us to publicise it to make it common knowledge. The media are vultures, they’ll jump on it when it gains enough traction. Just because they’re subservant to the tories and won’t give this the time of day, doesn’t mean it’s not worthy.




Presumably they mean the UK making a special new COVID category just for France at the last minute. Basically no summer holiday £ for the French economy. Is it due to science, or is it politics? I honestly don't know.


Of course it's science-based. France have an infection rate an astronomical 10% of our own. Travel there cannot be considered anything but extremely dangerous.


Really amazing when you [look at the respective countries](https://ourworldindata.org/explorers/coronavirus-data-explorer?zoomToSelection=true&time=2020-03-01..latest&pickerSort=desc&pickerMetric=new_cases_per_million&Metric=Confirmed+cases&Interval=7-day+rolling+average&Relative+to+Population=true&Align+outbreaks=false&country=FRA~GBR). The only countries with a higher rate than ours presently are Seychelles, Fiji and Cyprus.


Time to open up and party!


Do not atribe callousness where incompetence is the cause


For someone like Matt Hancock yes, but for Johnson, Patel, Gove, etc. callousness and cheap political point scoring is usually the right answer.


Those who have family or property in France are unlikely to be diehard Brexiteers and less likely to support Mr Johnson than in general, which of course is purely coicidental.


Oh look, blatant corruption that doesn't matter to his fans


Press seem to ignore the tax implications of this all the time. This is a similar sort of thing Trump is facing in USA where he used his own company items without paying tax. Boris should too.


What are the tax implications?


There was an article about it at the time that I can't find, basically because it was paid for by someone else it would count as additional income attracting 45% income tax. So in theory at least HMRC could go after him for tax evasion.


But Downing Street isn’t his property.


If I gave you a "loan" of £50k, the tax man would see that as you having an additional £50k of income it doesn't matter if you stuck the money in the bank or bought a shit ton of penny sweets it would still be income.


But was it given to him, or to the office? The answer is that we don’t really know, but also that these people are not idiots and will have thought about all these things.


> The answer is that we don’t really know Expect, yes we do. Mostly because the money can't be given to the "office", at the time the story broke CCHQ was wheeling out the likes of Grant to peddle the idea that the flats above 10 & 11 Downing Street should be put in some sort of conservatorship with refurbishments paid for by a charity, that wasn't just a way to bribe the PM honest guv. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9317619/Ex-standards-chief-blasts-Boriss-quite-inappropriate-plan-charity-fund-No10-flat-revamp.html Which tells us that there isn't a way to give money to the office. Also it's been a longstanding policy that PM's get a yearly budget to look after the flat, anything above that they pay for themselves or in this case get others to pay on their behalf; which would still be a loan to, and therefore income for, the PM. Now stop grasping at those straws. >these people are not idiots and will have thought about all these things. You mustn't have seen yesterday's story about Javid testing positive for covid then.


Will starmer raise this next pmu? He's got him bang to rights on this one surely?


I wonder if there is a case to make about misleading parliament based on previous questions and answers.


He's already asked about this and as far as I remember Johnson lied.


Iirc it was the laying of the trap. Yeah BJ lied. But now there is concrete evidence which Starmer can link to, to evidence that it was misleading parliament.




Seems telling the truth certainly isn't one of the rules so asking the same question 5 times shouldn't be ruled out. I used to follow pmqs quite a bit actually looked forward to it. It's just awful now I can't be bothered with it.


He could just say that on whatever date it was BJ emphatically confirmed he had paid the cost and now it has been confirmed he didn't. Does he want to correct the record or something about misleading parliament and checking the rules. BJ won't answer, but then it's not going to be about that


It happens from time to time, Boris is notorious for getting past it by rambling fucking nonsense.


If I had my way, having to ask the same question again because you weren't given an answer wouldn't count as an extra question.


How the country found that this guy would be a suitable pm still astounds me.


So that would make Johnson an aide to money laundering. Which is a crime.


It's corruption for sure but definitely not money laundering.


Obscuring the source of funds for a project as a Public Officer is a crime. That is one of the definitions of Money Laundering.


UK legislation defines it as "the process by which the proceeds of a crime are converted into assets which appear to have legitimate origin, so they can be retained permanently or recycled into further criminal enterprises." The money in question here does not come from an illegal source as far as I'm aware, so there might be some sort of corruption, mishandling of funds but not ML.


You’re right, there is a requirement for a *predicate crime*. As defined in the Proceeds Of Crime Act. The money isn’t the proceeds of crime, so no laundering can occur. Source: ICA student


Yeah, I am also a criminologist specializing on AML.


Ah cool stuff. I’m from the IT side trying to learn where my requirements actually come from hah. Glad we agree on this topic then!


The crime is bribery, and the money is the proceeds of that crime (from the point of view of the recipient). Disguising bribe money as something else in order to make it look legitimate is a second separate crime of money laundering.


If he was guilty of Bribery and then disguised/converted the criminal proceeds, then yes you're correct. So take a look at this and see if any of the definitions of Bribery have been met as per the [Bribery Act 2010.](https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2010/23/section/2)


Cases 4 and 6 are the ones most likely to apply, which would make it irrelevant whether or not Johnson *believes* there to be no impropriety.


So who has bribed Johnson in this case? Who agreed to give an asset to Johnson, so that he would not perform properly in his role as PM.


In this case, the individual who directly paid Johnson as part of his refurbishment at that heart of this matter, I would argue.


But they weren’t obscured, it was known to them where the money came from. It was obscured from the public, which might go as far as to be Misconduct but the bar on that is very very high.


Only in a limited and specific way!


“They thrift, we grift.”


Oh boy, I bet a scandal like this will affect the Torys' popularity with their core voters! /s


Guys a lying scumbag I wouldn't expect anything else from him


Johnson broke the law "in a limited and specific way" and "considers the matter closed" In other news, it's good to be the king


He is a dodgy fucker. His missus is running this shit show, he needs to go, even the hateful dodgy dave Cameron is probably wincing and the stunts he is pulling, probably while he is laughing at someone in a wheel chair living in abject poverty


Now bow down and recite the [Narcissist's prayer](https://www.thelifedoctor.org/the-narcissist-s-prayer).


Is that mask upside down?


No. But his face is pretty wonky looking.


my dad, then me, then me with some help from company I worked for (paid moving costs & some other costs) then me along with my other half. Easy not a fucking difficult question to answer, above are my answers to who paid for the decorating. First house my dad helped me with the kitchen costs, moved house with work they paid some of the costs actually bought a Scalextric, but my boss threw that receipt out. This goes deeper than some lies about the flat, what can I trust this government to tell the truth about? thats leading. to bigger issues, do I believe levelling up. Do I believe the rules or lack of rules around covid, there is no trust. We should have some sort of social contract with government, some level of understanding that they will in the most part do what they say and tell us (the public) about what matters. Currently zero trust, and this will filter down to local politics the game is fucked and so are we.


And Boris will come out with some bumbling bullshit and a majority of the country will lap it up.


At this point an trying to think of something morally corrupt this government hasn’t done.


Can we just trebuchet Boris Johnson into the North Sea already!


Its pretty gross that working in finance a low level person must report & refuse all gifts over £50 and ensure that they accept nothing that could be considered a bribe and go through training to show they understand that. But politicians get a free pass. I couldn't accept a gift basket at Christmas a few years ago as appreciation for my work with a client but bojo gets his accommodation redecorated at the cost of hundreds of thousands £££££s and that's fine, thems some dodgy standards.


Like anyones going to do anything about it. They treat us with disdain


It's okay because a Tory donor appointed by Boris said it's okay


Thought this was already common knowledge?


"Common knowledge" and "admitted to by the Tories" are two very different things.




Nope, it was common supposition. As the article says: > No10 has consistently refused to reveal the original source of funds for the refurb - stating opaquely that Mr Johnson had “covered the cost” and “settled the full amount” for the work. It was only confirmed yesterday "without fanfare" in a footnote 200 pages into the accounts statement from the cabinet office.


This was already revealed in the report by Lord Geidt https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-57280418


Very interesting.


As ever! “One ☝️law for one section of society”...




"he doesn't own the house so how is it a problem, it's taxpayer property" Yes which he benefits exclusively from, even if he doesn't own it. It's like suggesting that if boris was bought a stay at the ritz carlton by party donors instead of the government paid for Travelodge, he wouldn't gain any benefit from that and wouldn't have any kind of expectation of payment in kind for it...


Im sure the more outrage about this the electorate will certainly change their minds! Any minute now!


Bring out your bad news! Freedom Day on Monday, that’s all anyone will be talking about. This, and any other embarrassing revelations, will be old news in a couple days.


Tory (-)


CON (+5)


This attack line is definitely working, keep it up guys!


Yes, we all know red-blooded Tory voters do not care about the going-ons of their rulers. Rank hath its privileges after all. Why are people virtue signalling about corruption when the important thing is on which Atlantic island we will be dumping illegal immigrants?


Dumping illegal immigrants - does that count as virtue signalling? Show how shittily you’ll treat the poor to get the love of weird bitter old people and the odd incel on Reddit?


> Dumping illegal immigrants - does that count as virtue signalling Given that it would likely cost 10x what it costs to house people here, certainly.


That is actually quite an important question. Do we still own Bermuda?


Why would we use a tropical island when we can use some god-forsaken rock in the middle of nowhere?


Well it’s pretty far


So is Bermuda


That’s what I said...


You realise the reason that people are concerned about this is because we don't think that having corruption in our government is a good thing, it's not some random attack line that's been made up for a TV advert.


The kind of corruption where Tory donors pay to refurbish a government owned flat instead of the taxpayer? That sounds like something people would like to see happen or at least it sounds totally acceptable.


Tory donors secretly doing favours for the PM I'm sure were just doing it out of the goodness of their hearts and the fact they're bidding on government contracts is neither here nor there. The PM gets a budget to refurb his flat, he doesn't need to take bribes to do so, and he certainly doesn't need to stand up in parliament and try to mislead everyone about it.


Tory donors already donate to the Tory party, hence the name: "Tory donor." Corruption would be Boris personally gaining in exchange for favours. Boris has not personally gained, this flat is government owned. And you need evidence of these favours before you claim something is corruption, otherwise you are just spinning libel.


Hahaha, I love it when you guys threaten me with libel for pointing out corruption. Also I'm enjoying "it's not a bribe, it's a donation and he's done it before!" Like it's a defence.


Yeah it’s about winning the argument, not elections. And it’s been very successful


No, its about genuinely held beliefs that government should be held to a high standard of behaviour.


Well that’s good, because it isn’t helping in the slightest to make anyone vote Labour. They’re almost under 30%


Good. Is this supposed to be an argument or are you just assuming I'm a labour supporter and trying to bait?


Who’s trying to bait? I’m just stating facts: the polls suggest the Tories would win an election today with almost the same majority as 2019. Nobody cares about these stories in the real world.


Fucking finally. Now wait for the tsunami of media consumers not giving a fuck


Another day and another moment by government that will barely register. The news will be too busy reporting on how many cornetos were sold this weekend to likely even mention this


Did you happen to find out how many? Surely Britons have realise Magnum and Solero shit all over Cornettos by now?


Is the UK so poor nowadays it cannot even pay itself for the maintenance and refurbishment of the official PM living quarters?