BBC News: Health Secretary tests positive for Covid

BBC News: Health Secretary tests positive for Covid


"Earlier this week, Mr Javid made his first visit to a care home as health secretary at Aashna Care in Streatham, south London." Oof.


So the Health Sec. is a super spreader. Wonderful.


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They will all have been vaccinated for literally months


Everyone in the care home should be fully vaccinated, so I guess soon we will see how safe the vulnerable are, even after vaccination.


Are you even officially a member or boris’ cabinets if you haven’t tested positive yet?


Boris Johnson requires at least 1 positive covid test, a mistress and at least 2 STD's before he considers you "one of the boys".


It’s like the Defence Against the Dark Arts job at this point


Presumably he’s been working quite closely with a lot of the cabinet. Will they all be going into a 10 days quarantine?


Will they bollocks.


Remember last time when people started questioning the effectiveness of track and trace and all of a sudden a load of MPs reported they had received texts and how wonderfully it was working?


Do we think he actually has covid? Or could this be a convenient distraction from all the outrage around test and trace?


Yes I think he has covid, it is not a convenient distraction, it's a fuck up, there's a moderate chance that as the PM spoke to him in person yesterday, he should also be self-isolating for their 'freedom day'. This is not a cunning wheeze, it's hubris coming back to bite them. They do not play 4d chess.


Unfortunately, they think they are playing 5D chess.


You're saying that about the same party that did the £350 bottle of champagne and Boris making little buses, all within the same week.


Alternatively, if I were to wear a tin-foil hat I might think the "I've caught it and I'm FINE" angle would be a good one to swing on-the-fence Tories into supporting "Freedom" Day. Especially as the line many are using is "it's just like flu." I don't often buy into conspiracies but I don't even know what to think any more.


I think this is a completely fair assessment of the situation. Especially seeing as he’s only just stepped into the role.


Today as predicted the PM and Chancellor of the Exchequer were pinged, somehow got themselves onto a trial scheme to avoid having to self-isolate, sent 'honest' Bob Jenrick out to defend them on the chat show circuit, and within 2h 15m were forced into a u-turn and now are self-isolating. The idea that they're really cunning, rather than utterly incompetent doesn't match the available evidence.


Well, yes. The more I reflect on what I said, the more I realise I was giving far too much credit to these giant manbabies to assume they might have even begun to think about tactics like that


Track and Trace is Royal Mail.


He's leading by example and following his own policy of making sure everyone in the country gets infected.


Covid is a little fucker of a virus. Unlike many other virus's were you get progressively worse, many people with covid appear to be getting better and then bang, suddenly they are in a very serious condition. This happened to my Uncle who died this week. He was feeling quite rough, got tested and was positive (he was double jabbed). He was taken to A&E where over the next few days he got a bit worse but only needed supplemental oxygen (not CPAP). He then appeared to have gotten over the worse of it, he was talkative, was eating, didn't require the supplemental oxygen. 48 hours later he was dead. I've heard this story time and again from so many people who have losted family and friends to covid-19. It makes the loss worse as you genuinely believe the person is getting better. ***edit*** I just want to say thankyou for all of your kind words, you have no idea how much they have meant to me. Over this last 12 months I have to admit my faith in people, well its been pushed to its limits. The replies you guys have posted has gone a long long way in restoring that faith and for that I am eternally grateful. I wish all well and again, many thanks


> many people with covid appear to be getting better and then bang, suddenly they are in a very serious condition Happened to me. Messaged someone "I seem to be through the worst of it" after about a week of (unpleasant but not particularly serious) symptoms, two days later I'm in the ICU. I still _felt_ fine, but my O2 sats had dropped to 78% and barely rose with supplemental oxygen (canula, 15l/minute IIRC). Even CPAP with 100% oxygen was _just_ keeping me at 90% for the first few days.


I've heard people that have this are called "happy hypoxics". How did you know you needed admitting to hospital?


Not OP - oxygen monitors are only £15. I bought one for a family member as soon as they tested positive for this reason - it's difficult to know how oxygen saturated your blood is


How easy are these things to use?


Just clips over the end of your finger like a clothes peg and reading is almost instant.


They're easy to use with one caveat. A friend of mine called out an ambulance as hers was reading 60% saturation...paramedics figured out this was because her hands were cold!


Extremely easy. Get one. Easier than an armpit thermometer


These are fantastic everybody should have one It is important however that people understand their individual baseline readings with the device.. like an average person might sit passively at 99-100 where as someone managing long term health (COPD for example) might hover between 90-95 and so on


[Pulse oximeter](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pulse_oximetry) - I happened to have one in the house (cheap thing from Amazon, <£10), so had been keeping a check on it just in case. I kept monitoring it over a few hours (in hindsight, not my best decision - I doubt the hypoxia was helping) as it had dropped so quickly and without symptoms that I suspected the meter was faulty. When it continued to drop, and after testing the batteries and checking the meter on other people, I called 111. About twenty minutes later, paramedics got exactly the same reading (and seemed quite surprised given my apparent condition) and blue-lighted me to the nearest hospital. I've looked up the readings I took, and it was a pretty sharp drop: * Typical: 97-98% * 01:28am: 90% (random check - I'd mostly stopped bothering due to the symptoms passing; really I should have sought medical help at this point) * 05:07am: 84% (last reading before seeking help) * (no time recorded - not long after the last one, whilst waiting for the ambulance): 78% I've no idea if/when I'd've noticed otherwise, as I never had any obvious symptoms - no shortness of breath or difficulties breathing, and I seemed lucid to other people.


Thanks for replying in such detail- wow! Thank goodness you had one!


> Even CPAP with 100% oxygen was just keeping me at 90% for the first few days. Wow, that's terrifying. Glad you pulled through.


Apparently I was right on the borderline of needing mechanical ventilation, which I'm glad I avoided. There was an alarm that went off every time I dipped to 89%, which was mildly terrifying, but fortunately that was going less and less over time.


My colleague's mum was the same way. Blood oxygen levels through the floor and dropping, 100% oxygen only slowing it down, but fully conscious, talkative even. This was before COVID really hit, so the doctors didn't know what was happening, they'd never seen anything like it. Then she just... died. My colleague's fine, by the way.


> I still felt fine, but my O2 sats had dropped to 78% Are you like half cyborg or something?


My friends gran was the same as this. Seemed to be getting better and then all of a sudden she died. I mean she was in her 80’s so death can happen anytime I suppose but it was still really sad


Same here with someone I knew late 50s. She was in a couple weeks, bad at first but then improved greatly. We heard one day she was doing great and doctors were super positive about her. That evening she was on a vent and next day she was gone. Crazy and very sad.


Same with my dad although it happened in feb before people were offered vaccines where I’m originally from. He was having fever for like one hour a day but a lot of doctors were saying he’s ok. Then we took him to the hospital so he can have a ventilator on and literally one hour after being on the phone with him and telling him what he should watch on Netflix, he had a stroke and died in 2 seconds


What you describe is shocking - one moment everything is fine and then suddenly everything has changed without warning. There is nothing anybody can say but I am so sorry for your loss.


It really is. It’s been months and I don’t think it’s hit me clearly how suddenly it happened. He just looked so fine and well so it was an absolute shock




I’m so sorry for your loss. My mother-in-law got it last year in May. We had to force her to go to hospital (she thought she just had food poisoning). A week later she was in a coma. Thankfully she made it out. But from that point we knew exactly how serious it was. We’re both double jabbed but we still wear masks whenever we’re out. We’re incredibly fortunate that we both have fully remote jobs now as there’s no way I’d want to return to an office any time soon.


I read earlier this week about a study saying that severe covid is not viral pneumonia, but a post-viral autoimmune attack on the lungs. That’s why people seemingly recover only to then go down with it. I can believe it as my long covid definitely has some autoimmune elements to it. Sorry for your loss x https://twitter.com/DaveLeeERMD/status/1413816137570205697


This sounds like it would be really bad for people with compromised immune systems like Lupus


It's never lupus.


Thanks for link, it certainly helps provide some light on what is happening


Really great insight thanks


I am so incredibly sorry, what an awful thing to happen to your uncle.


Sorry for your loss. Covid is a horrible virus, and we are managing it so badly. 😔


Condolences. I've heard the same story a few times now, recovery before getting much worse.


Cheers mate much appreciated


Sorry for your loss. Same thing happened with my dad. When the hospital updated me to say he was looking better now and they'd changed his oxygen to supplemental and he might get booked out soon I was incredibly suspiciously pessimistic having read plenty about it. Sure enough 3 days later I was saying goodbye.


I've heard of severe symptoms, mild symptoms, no symptoms and long Covid symptoms but this the first I've heard of this and it sounds horrible. Keep well


Sorry for your loss.


It's such a strange... quirk (maybe not the right word, but can't think of another) of so many animals. Get very ill, then start to get noticeable better, then a sudden, sharp decline.


Sorry to hear about your uncle. Hope you and your family are holding up okay.


Health Secretary confirms what a lot of people, doctors and scientists have been saying, it’s still possible to catch and spread Covid even when vaccinated. So it would still be prudent to remain masked, keep distanced and isolate when necessary.


Don’t be fooled: he was quick to add that he’s ‘suffering very mild symptoms’. Just like when Boris considered being infected to show people it’s not a big deal, that’s exactly what they’re doing here: “see, it’s nothing to worry about, stop complaining and get back to Pret”.


“We’ve made promises to our wealthy donors that their office space is going to be full again and we won’t backtrack.”


pissed me off completely that. The whole "people should go back to the office" comment bojo made during his thing last week. Absolutely backward as fuck the thick cunt


Then the next day telling everyone they need to get an electric car to save the planet. How about not fucking driving to work? How much carbon dioxide will that save?


Make public transport as fast efficient and cheap as driving and I’d happily make the change till then it’s not viable for me and many millions here


Exactly. It's simply not in the same league.


“I will make more ethical choices when they inconvenience me in no way whatsoever.” And this is why it doesn’t work if we just make public transport better. Public transport cannot, ever, achieve all the advantages of cars. So we also need to make driving a car more expensive and more inconvenient.


This is a terrible take. Public transport in this country is slow, expensive, and frequently delayed or overcrowded. We should be looking to improve that so that people are more inclined to switch to it, not punish people who just need to get to work or the shops.


It’s the only take that works. You need both the stick and the carrot to cause modal shift. If you make it convenient to take public transport, but also convenient to drive, people will drive. Public transport absolutely needs huge improvement, especially the reliability of buses, but you also have to apply negative factors to driving.


Give everyone a pet unicorn while you're at it.


Didn’t know they had pet unicorns in Japan but they have the rest.


You realise not everyone lives in the middle of a big city. Even in Japan.


When it comes to getting people out of their cars for the environment, it’s enough to get quality alternatives where they would be most effective; in cities where people are mostly concentrated, and it doesn’t need to be a big one for this go be true, and on travel paths between them. We’re not getting rid of cars and roads here, we’re moving people that “can” or “might” from one transport to another.


It's saved me a fucking fortune in petrol since March 2020. Have gone from topping up every fortnight to once every six to eight weeks.


Most of the other stuff (except for removal of mask mandates on public transport) I can get behind. There will be no GOOD time to unlock. But pushing people back into the office is such a bad idea. Even then, a lot of people are extremely happy to work from home or hybrid work. I wish he'd stop pushing that people should go back to the office. Johnson should, if anything, be encouraging people to continue working from home. After all, if I don't have to pay London rents to work for a London company, I can spend my money in Sunderland, where the economy needs it. Would help with his 'levelling up' agenda if anything!


I'm assuming Parliament will be full from Monday?


Wealthy donors would like nothing better than to shut the offices to be honest. Office running costs transferred to the employees, levelling out of regional salaries (Why have a London premium if your employees don't need to pay London living costs?) and also a much larger pool of workers which will be a downward pressure on salaries as well.


Hmm. You’re talking about business owners though. Not the super rich London landlords.


I dont understand the drive for office workers to he driven back to work in an office. Seems like they would save money on rent, or could rent a smaller area for when in person stuff is necessary/to have a "home base". Surely theres more to it than just a power fantasy.


Boris nearly died though. Not sure how well that worked out for him.


Before he did get it for real though they were literally considering [injecting him with it to show the public that we shouldn’t introduce measures](https://www.reuters.com/world/uk/uk-pm-johnson-considered-being-injected-with-coronavirus-cummings-says-2021-05-26/), according to Cummings anyway.


Yeah, I read that. One of the stupidest ideas that moron has ever had. And stupid ideas is what he does best.


I'm convinced he deliberately got himself infected though. Injecting it on TV would obviously be dumb but catching it "naturally" wouldn't.


He [bragged about shaking hands with Covid patients](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3NAx3tsy-k).


To be honest, I wonder how true it was. Cummings is pretty much screeching like an ex. that is desperate for attention...


If he told me the sky was blue I’d still look out the window to double-check, but some of the stuff he’s said wouldn’t surprise me if it was true - if America had a leader who asked if we could just inject bleach to kill the virus then it’s entirely believable we had Boris ask about getting infected to keep shops from having to close for a bit.




> that helped to overshadow Cameron's ACTUAL political flaws. we should remember that it wasn't Hancock's utter inability to do his job that sunk him, or that he lied, or that he interfered with the testing framework to achieve his pointless 100k figure. It because we caught him kissing someone. The media/electorate response especially well to certain stimuli and while its exasperating and sad we shouldn't begrudge it.


He narrowly missed out on getting a Darwin award.


He has several kids, I'm not sure the Darwin award is applicable here.


I find it incredible that he apparently nearly died, was on a ventilator, suffered the effects first-hand and *still* wants to go ahead. Is he a psychopath or just as thick as pig shit?


Why not both? I mean look how he treats his children. He doesn’t even know how many he has.


Suffering mild symptoms, but now happily carrying and spreading the disease to those who may not suffer mild symptoms, but hey fuck it who cares about others right? Gotta keep commercial property rents flowing! Fucking landlords


And no doubt won't be cancelling those insipid meet and greets of vulnerable and elderly people.


> Suffering mild symptoms, but now happily carrying and spreading the disease to those who may not suffer mild symptoms, Are you spreading misinformation? The article clearly states: > He said he is now self-isolating until he gets the results of a PCR test.


So the goal of the govt message is that with the vaccine the disease is no longer a Biggie and we should carry on as normal. His story is intended to enforce this rather simplistic view of the message and spread a false sense of security amongst the populace who will happily stop taking precaut6 or worrying about loved ones. My post was aimed at pointing out that even if you are vaccinated and suffer "mild" symptoms you will still be carrying and spreading the disease unless you take precautions which most people won't because they stupidly think vaccine = magic shield. But I think you know that and are just trying to be a nitpick. The govt is selling our health down the river to appease the rich corporate landlords of the nation and you're focusong on attacking me and defending them.


Yeah, when can these cunts get some seriously bad symptoms? I still says spaffle didn't have it, just used it as a way to get out of answering hard questions at the time as he didn't have a fridge nearby.


It’s not that deep


But how will people demonstrate that they're not one of the normal fools, they can see what's *really* going on. Despite all evidence that the obvious fuck-up is just an obvious fuck-up, let's sound really clever and worldly by claiming it's all part of dastardly plan to distract us from something else or whatever.


Should he have lied about the severity of his illness? Or not mentioned it? It seems like a pretty immediately relevant detail to mention to be honest. If he has severe symptoms and is lying then i will agree with you about his intentions here but atm this just reads like an excuse to hate on an admittedly thunderous cunt for no reason


I mentioned it because it’s literally part of their playbook, which I provided an example of, so is perfectly possible. The smart thing would have been to not release to the media that he’s been infected at all and if anyone asked just said he felt under the weather if his symptoms are very mild - you should question why the government releases something that people will immediately think makes them look bad, as the person I replied to mentioned this causes some PR damage to their “we’re ready for freedom day” message, instead you should consider that they’ve released it and said it’s a non issue to try and spin that there’s nothing to be afraid of. Everything they do in the media is for a reason, making Cummings leave out of the front door, for example.


I think the parent comment is suggesting he might have deliberately allowed himself to be infected _so that_ they could get headline news showing that someone vaccinated getting infected has very little to worry about health wise.


Or maybe it’s because most people suffer mild symptoms? Also what’s wrong with reinforcing that although you can still catch Covid while vaccinated the symptoms will be milder than otherwise?


Ok, why make a media story out of it? If what quinn_drummer is saying is the case and all this does is damage the narrative that it’s ok to drop all precautions then why get the BBC to report it’s happened? If his symptoms are mild they could have just has easily pretended nothings happened. I’m not screaming ‘conspiracy’ but I’m saying it’s not a bad thing to question things sometimes, especially when there’s prior accounts of them doing it. Edit to address yours: >Also what’s wrong with reinforcing that although you can still catch Covid while vaccinated the symptoms will be milder than otherwise? That’s what I’m saying, they’ve not released this story to make themselves look bad, they’re doing it to help vindicate their decision to remove all restrictions


If he was tested positive - with mild or even zero symptoms - and carried on as usual, he would be breaching self-isolation rules which could turn into another scandal if it was discovered. If he quietly went into self isolation without saying anything, a two week absence of the new health secretary would be noticed and reported on. Then people would end up asking *why* they tried to keep his infection secret. The only rational option here is for them to make the statement they have made.


The Boris Varient is a friend to the elite ! *“ We Get it !”* Conservative Slogan 2022


Dulce et decorum est, pro Pret A Manger mori.


Fucks sake man, other countries health secretaries were getting covid in April 2020. We are still having this shit happen?


New health secretary, we can't leave him outa the covid club.


It feels like reality is giving us a heavy handed metaphor for the Johnson Government


Starting to feel like the health secretary position is similar to defence against the dark arts


At least he's not leading HSBC's asian derivatives division and sparking a global economic meltdown anymore.


Following in Matt Hancock's footsteps as a Health Secretary who got COVID. Only a matter of time before he's shagging an 'aide'.


Speed running Health Secretary


i hope it's the 100% category and not the any% one


If you sit on the corner of the front bench in Parliament just right during the swearing in you can fall through the floor and clip straight into the affair scene and get sacked almost instantly


The key is to not even pretend that you're not corrupt when handing out government jobs and contracts to your mates/ relatives/ mistress.


and then they'll only be Gove remaining


'super spreader'?


Could be a bit of a crossroad moment. If it stays mild we carry on, if it doesn't the media narrative could change things.


The fact that a media narative is needed is fucking criminal.


I’d had two jabs when I got it. I avoided hospital but it was anything but mild. Seven weeks later and I’m still not right.


How long after your second jab was it when you caught it?


7 weeks


Shit. You'd could reasonably expect it within 2 or 3 weeks, but 7 should be as safe as it gets. Hope you get better soon, mate.


I know several people who've gotten it with 2 jabs, the vaccine increases your likelihood of having reduced/no symptoms but it will not stop you from getting it. The explosion of cases is going to be huge in the coming weeks.


What do you mean "going to be"? I reckon it'll be roughly a week before we're breaking the highest daily infections records we set back in January.


The messaging about vaccines has been worse than atrocious, it has been dangerous. It should have been a very simple, scientific explanation of how vaccines work. That you can (and may well) still get infected just as easily as an unvaccinated person, but that the vaccine will have taught your body how to fight that infection so you are a lot less likely to get seriously ill or even show symptoms. You are however, still a spreader, though perhaps not as much of one if you show no symptoms. ​ Instead it has been all about how 'life will get back to normal'.


I just checked – it was six weeks and two days. I know this because I know exactly the situation I was in when I caught Covid


The virus is such a pain in the arse, I'm 22 and had it very mild (despite no jabs) but 6 months later I'm still not right


Can I ask what symptoms you have? Long covid seems to be going under the radar for... pretty much everyone


Absolutely fucked sense of smell and taste that only seems to be getting worse is the main one and it drives me nuts. I also seem to get worn out easier than before and will have odd days where I have barely any energy at all but that doesn't bother me too much.


If you or your loved one is among the 740 new admissions to hospital reported today, remember that your Government knew this would happen, and effectively chose it for you. It's time for urgent political change.


This government have fucked up at every turn.


true but lets keep voting for them - im sure with enough chances they will eventually do the right thing - also they are not corbyn - the uk voters


Which vaccine? I've heard concerning reports that AZ is a bit crap.


Israel has just downgraded the efficacy of the Pfizer from the 90s to 60 something% effective. It appears of Delta variant is proving to be quite a challenge in the UK, as it is in Israel at Holland


Fuck sake. Really? Do you have a source?


https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.ft.com/content/0b3da41e-6390-4f4b-866c-da5c6aec7f5 From 94 to 64% effective


Ah shit. I'm in Spain and in my 30s so only just got my 1st shot. I've been masking up and being careful anyway, but my company is talking about opening the office up again in September and people are desperate for life to go back to normal. Quite concerned about new variants popping up, people here are acting as if covid is over


If Pfizer is down to 60% then AZ will presumably be even worse, perhaps sub-50% which is less than what would be needed to approve it if it was coming from the usual phased trials approach rather than already having been approved.


Id guess the likelihood is they're pretty much all the same effectiveness as each other, the (initial) publish figures where just based on jab & wild exposure. I.e. anyone who was jabbed & then had zero contact with anyone carrying it was classed as protected even though they never came into contact with the virus. I do remember some trails for jab & purposely expose at the back end of last year (maybe start of this year) but can't remember seeing any results. These would actually provide the real effectiveness of the vaccines.


Couldn't AZ still be better with regards to the Delta variant?


Theoretically why not, but I’m basing my comment on the initial reports that were showing a drop from around 90% to 80% for Pfizer and from about 75% to 30% for AZ 1 dose and to about 60% 2 doses.


One UK originated idea that has been taken on in Germany is to give an mRNA second vaccination (Moderna or Pfizer) to people who received an AZ first vaccine. It is supposedly better than two of the same.


He'll have extra time to read Ayn Rand as he recovers. Fud.


Hmm, so I had my 2nd dose in January, and I've tested positive along with my fiance and 3 kids. I def don't have it mild, I'm just as bad as the rest of my family. But yes, let's open up everything again cause that's really sensible with the numbers right now


never forget this govt allowed hundreds of planes from india - bringing in the indian variant to uk and europe They are responsible for this wave


But think of the investors in office space and pret !


Not rhe office space!! I just happen to work in health care so work from home is impossible for me.


Thank you for everything you do, take care and feel better. It was meant to be a joke really.


I know, it's hard to get snark over text lmao


My girlfriend is double jabbed and she still managed to get it and was really rough for a week. I haven't had any jabs and tested negative and felt fine all 10 days of isolation. Doesn't make sense


Did you have what felt like a very bad and unusually long-lasting cough / cold around Christmas 2019?


Not OP, but I did have a cold/cough throughout October and again end of Nov-mid Dec. Since then I've not been ill once, no covid (at least not with symptoms). This is the longest period I've ever had without catching cold or stuff, I normally get it if someone who sits 100m away from me sneezes.


I nearly drowned in my own fluids around that time, it was awful. Every attempt to clear my throat took 3 or 4 tries before I could breathe again. Best bit was being told by my boss, 'thanks for not bringing it into the office, but we're starting down the disciplinary route because you took sick leave.' Ah, good times.


2nd jab in January.... were you oart of a trial?


No, I work in dementia and end of life care so we got to have it early.


I've heard it said "mild illness" in medical terms means anything not requiring hospitalisation. You may still feel like absolute shite but you're still considered a mild case due to not needing hospital treatment.


Wasn't Boris 'experiencing mild symptoms' until he was in an ICU suddenly? Hope he recovers quick, not least because no matter how incompetent he may be the country NEEDS a Health Sec at present, to be scrutinized and provide leadership next week more than at possibly any other point so far. But I can't help but wonder what on earth this does to the calculations to open up IF he were to worsen?




Wow, wouldn't expect Javid's physician to be on reddit.


You'd be surprised at the amount of apparent immunologists and epidemiologists that are on reddit in the last year or so


Yeah, almost certainly. My question was hypothetical, rather tha based on what I think might happen.


To be fair it seems Javid is in much better shape than Johnson, which makes a difference. Plus the viral load Johnson received having shaken people's hands in hospital might be higher (not sure if this makes a difference though)


Great timing this! What more encouragement does the public need than the health secretary getting Covid but being fine cause he’s vaccinated right before the unlocking of the UK. If Carlsberg did coincidences!


This is the boris Johnson yes man that's ignoring doctor and scientist advice to keep indoor face coverings legally required as they are now.


Let’s see if he gives an update on his health in 2 days time


On basis they tell a lot of lies , has he actually got it ? Let’s see the data If he goes through this with not even a drop of sweat then we should all be suspicious 🤨


Ironic. He could save others from covid but not himself.


Hopefully his symptoms stay very mild and he recovers quickly. Both for his personal wellbeing, but also, if he doesn't, it's a disaster for the vaccine rollout given that he's double jabbed.


It’s not a disaster. I suspect the remaining people know better than the early people what it means when something highly unlikely actually happens - very little.


It will give some ammunition to the antivaxxers, we all know its rubbish. But for them its something.


Just because you've had 2 doses, doesn't mean you can't get it or that it can't kill you. It's just supposed to make the symptoms less life threatening. But like with anything, there is no guarantee.


Israel have downgraded thrift view on my the double Pfizer vaccination from 90% effective to somewhere in the 60s AP JERUSALEM, July 5 (Reuters) - Israel reported on Monday a decrease in the effectiveness of the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine in preventing infections and symptomatic illness but said it remained highly effective in preventing serious illness. The decline coincided with the spread of the Delta variant and the end of social distancing restrictions in Israel. Vaccine effectiveness in preventing both infection and symptomatic disease fell to 64% since June 6, the Health Ministry said. At the same time the vaccine was 93% effective in preventing hospitalizations and serious illness from the coronavirus.


This is just not true stop repeating it everywhere you misunderdtanding a poorly explained piece if data in the FT is not the same thing


Hopefully because he's presumably double jabbed it's asymptomatic and picked up as part of the twice weekly testing that, again presumably, they're undertaking. A good high profile case to show how good the benefits of being double jabbed are. Fingers crossed it's a mild cold at worst and he's not impacted too much by it.


According to the media, at the moment it's mildly symptomatic, which is why he took the test.


Also unfortunately allows for the suggestion that our own Health Sec isn’t participating in the twice weekly tests currently encouraged by his own department, or following the advice that you should get a PCR test for even mild symptoms.. I don’t think it’s necessarily wrong of him to use a LFT for mild symptoms (I’ve sometimes done a test on some mornings where I’ve been paranoid my hayfever is something different but it never is, don’t think puffy eyes are a symptom yet) but the messages from this government are always so mixed


Exactly what I thought. He specifically said he took a LFT because he felt groggy, which was positive and then followed by a positive PCR. He's openly going against his/the government's own advice.




Yeah should have read the article, typical Redditor. Just feeling a bit groggy is a good start then, hopefully continues to be mild for a few days then he's over it.


Please remember it is against the rules to say you wish someone died.