Businesses face Brexit chaos despite Rees-Mogg 'great success' claim

Businesses face Brexit chaos despite Rees-Mogg 'great success' claim


I own a business that facilitates customs declarations for goods moving to and from Europe. We haven’t even begun to see the chaos that will come when we introduce live customs/defra/port health checks. Buckle in, because it is going to be very very crazy. I genuinely expect supermarket shelves to be empty. Exporters have been feeling the pain as live border checks were introduced from day one in the EU. Importers (which is by far the largest proportion of movements) have had it easy. Jan 2022 genuinely terrifies me


I hope you're already buckled in because if Reddit is to be believed, supermarket shelves are already empty.


They are in certain places. Northern Ireland has been hit directly by brexit issues, currently in England we are having issues due to driver shortages


My local co op is about half empty right now man. It's pish. I would imagine it's building up to the big supermarkets.


Havent the media also been covering the shortages?


So, you don't like a story on Reddit which allows you to discount any other legitimate concerns raised by some one with direct knowledge of how this will impact society. You utter fucking arsehole.


[more like Rees-Mogg business unaffected by brexit by moving to Dublin](https://www.politicshome.com/news/article/jacob-reesmogg-defends-own-firm-after-it-moved-to-dublin-amid-hard-brexit-fears) “Brexit is a total success for me and mine”


Brexit has been a great success for disaster capitalists.


“I was simply acting within the rules” (That we wrote for ourselves)


You don't know how true that is. His father authored a book called *Blood in the Streets: Investment Profits in a World Gone Mad* https://www.amazon.co.uk/Blood-Streets-Investment-Profits-World/dp/067162735X


He did indeed. His Dad literally wrote the book on how to make millions on crashing economies


And if there's no handy crashing economy nearby just create one with the help of the ERG.


But probably never loved little Jacob and here we are


The reality is there for everyone to see. We can't do much when when many choose choose stay wilfully blind and deaf. So many vocal Brexit figures openly acknowledge their businesses and interests would not be affected as they were based outside the UK, yet they were STILL given a mouthpiece.


Ahh yes. Another liar


Boris [email protected] Business Johnson doesn’t care he moved onto more important subject of stacking dead bodies.


Let's hope that the nation of small business owners remembers this whole mess at the next election...(spoiler: they won't)


the memory of blojo being a lovable numbly character is everlasting though


we need to start calling his alexander johnson. he used boris to create the friendly buffoon lad character that got him voted in.


And Ian Duncan Smith using his middle name to sound posh


He's another fucker who has an [invented name and back story. ](https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/contradictory-world-iain-duncan-smith-9153284.html)


Never going to happen outside of places like this, he wants to be called Boris, so press call him that. Even if it's probably as you say, to create an image of a buffoon, respecting his choice is what people do over here, just as we called Gordon Brown "Gordon", rather than James, as he prefers his middle name. It's the same as people trying to call Osborne "Gideon" rather than George to paint him as posh, didn't catch on then either. Constantly calling him a liar and so on is more likely to stick


he doesn't respect my choice of him not being a raging twat who leads a cabal of corrupt mps spaffing billions of our pounds on dodgy dealings with their mates, so i will continue to call him alexander. though you are right, his boris the affable rogue with the funny hair image is well ingrained in the media and therefore what the majority of the public will accept.


I agree that it's not going to happen, but it's worth noting the difference here. It's not simply a case of someone who prefers to go by their middle name. Johnson's friends and family supposedly call him "Al", but the issue isn't simply that "Boris" is the name used for his public persona. It's not even that he's managed to bolster his supposedly "likeable" image by normalising the use of his (pretend) first name even in relatively formal situations (whereas it would have sounded weird and unprofessional with his predecessors May, Cameron, Brown or Blair). It's that the fakery and contrived chumminess of the "Boris" name is consistent with and part of the fakery and contrived chumminess of his entire "ha ha funny posh man" public persona with the [calculated and put-on buffoonery](https://reaction.life/jeremy-vine-my-boris-story/), manufactured "gaffes" like the [fake zipwire incident](https://www.reddit.com/r/unitedkingdom/comments/ndrcek/am_i_the_only_one_that_thinks_the_new_inflatable/gyd8rl3/) and so on. Calling him a liar means nothing. It was obvious by the time of the 2019 general election that he was a disreputable, untrustworthy liar and voters in England^* gave him and his party a landslide victory regardless. It's not that they didn't know he was a liar back then; they knew very well and voted for him regardless. ^* *Specifically; nowhere else returned a Tory or Tory-allied majority (particularly not Scotland, where we rejected them by a large margin). However, they got 345 seats in England alone- 19 more than required for a UK-wide majority, making the former point moot.*


Gud old bowjoh 'es wanna us huh huh!


It'll be spun as nice-but-dim Boris standing up to the Huns and their Paddy minions and he'll get another landslide win.


> the Huns and their Paddy minions What the fuck are you on about , lad? Who?


What bit don't you understand?


Who are the "Huns"?


The Germans.


If I've learnt anything if Rees-Mogg says it then the contrary is likely true.


He has no shame, shame is not known to him, shame he trucks not with. I thought that 'happy British fish' was beyond parody, then I found out about him defending the use of concentration camps. https://theconversation.com/concentration-camps-in-the-south-african-war-here-are-the-real-facts-112006


Oh well.. the haunted, novelty pepper shaker says it then it must be true! What an out of touch wanker.


Brexit the people that voted for this crap I hope you are happy because if you are you won't be soon give it time things about to get really messed up


The ones I know aren’t happy, and regret their decision. And honestly I don’t blame them as much as I blame the people that lied to them, or even as much as the people who wanted to remain but didn’t bother to vote as it was ‘never going to happen’.


It’s hard to have sympathy for people who looked at Farage and Johnson and thought “yeah, they’ve got the best interests of me and the country at heart”.


Some people are gullible. Some people are too lazy to question. Some people are looking for confirmation bias. And some people are just not that interested in politics so vote for whatever seems to be the most popular. In the case of Brexit, the Leave campaign was far more vigorous than the Remain campaign.


One of my older friends voted out even though she wanted to stay in because she thought remain would win and she wanted to send a message to the politicians in London that they couldn't always get their own way. So there.


Sooooo stupid.


Christ, I've heard that one a couple of times. Then there's the guy at my old local who earnestly, 'Just wanted to shake things up a bit'. I was polite enough not to reply, 'You dumb fucking motherfucker'.


Maybe you should have asked him if it's ok to punch him in the face just because you "want to shake things up a bit".


"Not been in custody for a while"


"I just feel like a broken nose would suit you."


That must be the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard


Better reason than because we lose at Eurovision


I know somebody who voted out because she hated Farage and: 'he's always going on about the EU'.


But many did get their way by her voting to leave. Did she not realise this?


A few of the ones I know are pivoting towards martyrdom. 'they never put a timescale on the magical unicorns we were promised. I voted out so my great-great-great grandchildren could reap the benefits'


Would be the first fucking thing they’ve ever done to benefit future generations and not just themselves.


As an eu citizen, f them


The twats I know who voted for it absolutely love it still and would laugh about you blaming the weather on brexit.


> The ones I know aren’t happy, and regret their decision. Good. It would be nice to think that they're suffering regret, which is pretty much the least they deserve. (It'd be nicer to see them suffer the consequences of their own actions "*I never thought leopards would eat MY face*"-style). But I don't think that the majority of Leave voters *do* regret it. >And honestly I don’t blame them as much as I blame the people that lied to them I have no time for the "*poor, feckless Leave voters only did so because they were lied to*" line, nor the implied sympathy attached to it. The lying was endless and blatant, that much is true- it's pretty much what the entire Leave campaign was about. However, the arguments and evidence making clear that they were lies were also out there, widespread and obvious for anyone not wilfully ignoring what they didn't want to hear (assuming they weren't outright mocking it, see "remoaners"). > or even as much as the people who wanted to remain but didn’t bother to vote as it was ‘never going to happen’ There's a special place in hell for that group too. But let's not pull all that "*they* were the true villains" nonsense to shift the responsibility away from Leave voters either.


The Brexit creep over the next decade will be horrendous. First, import issues that will be laughed off. But then we'll start seeing the impact of the combination of foreign private equity firms gobbling up UK based business coupled with lower food and product standards. Then we'll see that the decade of negligible interest rates has wound the coil back for the most dramatic spring off the back of Brexit/Covid inflation. Basically, unless you own your home outright (no mortgage) and have a few hundred thousand invested in inflation proof assets, you will be absolutely fucked. Mortgage/rent no longer anywhere near affordable as interest rates hit double figures, savings will accrue interest, but this is all but wiped out by high inflation. Sterling will plummet further and wage growth will be larger than it has been, but relatively insignificant compared to what else is going on. A national debt crisis will lead to the selling off and privatisation of anything possible: schools, hospitals, public buildings. As the UK is bought up for pennies on the dollar. And as everything goes tits up, deeper dives into nationalism and populism will be used to try to keep the public on side. Of course, I hope I'm wrong (I probably am) and it's actually not so bad.


I know we Americans are nuts sometimes, but Brexit just boggles my mind. I can't comprehend how anyone would think it would go well.


It's no different to how people thought electing Trump would be a good idea.


Worse : Trump was a short-term infection, Brexit is a terminal illness




Brexit is a very complicated topic. You're voting for an idea, not a person. Unfortunately the idea is hard for people to wrap their heads around because customs is not something most people are familiar with, particularly in the EU. Most EU citizens haven't had to deal with customs in decades. People forget what it's like to be outside of a customs union. The EU in particular is a really protectionist customs union and the UK has never had to deal with its protectionism before. It has always been on the inside and never on the outside. This is unfortunately not something most people are going to understand. It's far too complicated.


> “Brexit has already proved to be a great success,” Again he doe not state for *whom*.


Generic comment about how I hope those that voted leave are now happy even though they were lied to


If only someone had told them that they were being lied to. Oh wait, they were. But the chose instead to believe the liars, because they were pandering to their prejudices.


As lots of people don't want to face uncomfortable facts, they'd rather go along with such lies and hope that the following results are not as bad as some make them out to be. Seriously.....people have a way of not dealing with real issues because of a sense of incompetence. They know damned well about their own deficiencies, but the lack backbone and character. There will always be a large percentage of them and they pose a danger as they can easily be persuaded to just join certain unworthy causes.


EU red tape has been cut, to be replaced by Brexit red, white and blue tape.


Brexit has been a 100% success for the smooth brain community.


> Now he says he will have to consider relocating the business to the EU unless the situation improves. I have some sympathy in that he has to go to the trouble of setting up in the EU. This has been well predictable, so when they say; "Now he says he..."...




> It’s impressive the level of shitty unheard of news outlets Europhiles are getting excited about now that it turns out they were full of shit all along! It may be a regional paper, but it’s older than *The Times*.


The state of this post and the sub overall is just damming indictment of people's inability to hold a grasp on reality. https://ec.europa.eu/info/relations-united-kingdom/eu-uk-trade-and-cooperation-agreement_en


The reality is we now have a 'thin' deal for goods, and the consequences particularly for SMEs are substantial. From your own link: >**While it will by no means match the level of economic integration that existed while the UK was an EU Member State**, the Trade and Cooperation Agreement goes beyond traditional free trade agreements and provides a solid basis for preserving our longstanding friendship and cooperation. >In addition, the Trade and Cooperation Agreement **does not cover any decisions relating to equivalences for financial services, the adequacy of the UK data protection regime, or the assessment of the UK’s sanitary and phytosanitary regime for the purpose of listing it as a third country allowed to export food products to the EU.** Indeed, these are unilateral decisions of the EU and are not subject to negotiation.


What's that got to do with FedEx - TNT, a multinational global company, shipping goods from China to the EU or for that matter UK to the EU.


>What's that got to do with FedEx - TNT, a multinational global company, shipping goods from China to the EU or for that matter UK to the EU. Are you posting in the wrong thread?


Do you understand what you are saying?


You realise the paperwork headaches Brexit creates for selling goods to the EU fall on the exporting company, not the haulier...?


Correction the haulier does the paperwork for the goods in the van in the port, the exporter provides the details. The exporter may need to provide supplementary declarations based on the types of goods being imported. This happens all around the world. This is a bottle gin not nuclear torpedoes.


Lmfao you are so clueless it’s painful. I’m one of the people that makes these customs declarations and I am intimately aware of the whole cross border process. To ship for example some lettuce from the U.K. to France the exporter needs to have the following completed: A phytosanitary certificate from Defra A certificate of conformity A U.K. export customs declaration A French ENS declaration A French CHED cert A French import customs declaration Each of these things can range from 20-60 GBP This immediately makes a U.K. seller uncompetitive. And you say Gin isn’t like torpedos, that just shows how little you know. To ship excise goods like alcohol or tobacco, it’s actually more in depth and there is more paperwork than shipping class 1 goods (weapons and ammo) So please stfu


I was France a few years ago and I could only buy goods that had been made in the EU. Oh yeah that never happened did it. stfu? You get back to filling those forms in, do it properly and pack the trucks correctly and our Gin man would be having all these issues because of your incompetence


Wtf are you even talking about? No one said you couldn’t export goods to the EU? Stop talking about shit you have zero clue about


> Correction the haulier does the paperwork for the goods in the van in the port, the exporter provides the details. The exporter may need to provide supplementary declarations based on the types of goods being imported. Yes - the exporting UK company has the ultimate burden of supplying all relevant data and certifications. Brexit causes all this extra paperwork which UK exporters now have to comply with, as well as associated checks on reaching the EU.


As does a company in China that is shipping fidget spinners to my kids and that still gets here in 5 days but I don't see them packing up their business and moving to the UK cause they had to fill in a form


A fidget spinner is not for human consumption. Most of Brexit's border frictions come from checks on those goods. And for fresh goods, 5 days is too long. Exporting to the EU was previously frictionless, and the HGV could be in Germany or Italy within *hours* not days. And that's not the end of the paperwork. Soon UK workers will encounter the EU/ EEA visa system if they want to work on the continent, finding it isn't so easy for many roles, while their qualifications are no longer automatically recognized.


>"The state of this... " Typical alt-right edgelord catchphrase.


As my old mate Roy Castle would say on catchphrase "say what you see" I see a bigot. Move along son, your words have no power here


You looking in a mirror?


>Roy Castle Roy *Walker* presented Catchphrase. I wonder what other mistakes underpin your worldview...




> I see a bigot. Or the Leave campaign, as they are also known.


Er no. I believe in equal rights for everyone, more recently trans rights, I support immigration, I don't tolerate racism, I support the ongoing push to support women in business despite so much change because I know this is not the end and I fully respect the environment. I voted to leave Europe because it's an unelected, unaccountable bureaucracy. Keep telling yourself whatever you want.


> I voted to leave Europe because it's an unelected, unaccountable bureaucracy. You're still in Europe. People vote every 5 years for the EU. Further, as someone working in container shipping, please stop with the remarks about shipping. You're so hilariously wrong it's almost sad.