Calling Bezos, Branson, or Musk "astronauts" is an insult to actual astronauts.

Calling Bezos, Branson, or Musk "astronauts" is an insult to actual astronauts.


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Astronaut literally just means someone who is trained to fly in a spacecraft. They were trained to fly in a spacecraft. That’s like saying it’s wrong to call someone driving a personal car a driver because they aren’t getting paid to do it.


*literally* astronaut is derived from the greek meaning star sailor. So even astronauts are overselling themselves.


How did you come up with that username?


long time ago... a portmanteau of CallMeIshmael (opening line of Moby Dick), [ChampionTheWonderHorse](https://youtu.be/qsQwBNMFWfI), and fainting goats, is my best guess. :)


Good question lol


Didn’t realize they were trained to fly that’s pretty cool! From what I know it’s very extensive training


It really just goes to show how far we’ve come that we can send everyday people to go to space.


Not to be an asshole: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/astronaut It is merely what we call those who have been beyond the earths atmosphere.


cant wait for this topic be dead in some days


I give it hours honestly


False: Astronaut, by definition, means a person who has been to space.


Knowing that objects fall down due to gravity used to be the sign of a true intellect, that required years of study and research to discover. Now it's the sign of someone reaching public education system early high school. Things evolve and change and most of the time, the bar gets lowered. Those astronauts you refer to will be remembered as the OGs, that out the most effort in doing it without the easy bars. But that doesn't mean that the term astronaut cant grow and become easier.


This topic is like comparing a Captain of a modern ship [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS\_Zumwalt](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Zumwalt) to the Captain of a 1700's ship. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS\_Royal\_Sovereign\_(1701)](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Royal_Sovereign_(1701)) . The Captain of the Zumwalt doesn't have to know half as much as the Captain of the Royal Sovereign because the computers now do 99% of the actual navigation. But they are still both considered Captains.


more like astro nutz


Deez nuts!!!


They are by definition, astronauts.


I think Musk has studied space and space travel pretty thoroughly


Nope. Musk is really good at pretending he knows what he is talking about so people would give him money. He sells dreams, mostly things that won't work if you crunch the numbers or things that can't yet be built with our current technology. In other words, he is a confidence man.


Fun thing about words is that they mean what you want them to mean. Authorities claim to be... well... the authority on language but language adapts to the speakers all the time.


That's some post modernism right there. If I call a table a stapler, it doesn't change the fact that it's a table, it doesn't magically become a stapler. If it walks like a duck...


nobody calls musk or bezos astronauts lol. i bet you anything they don't even consider themselves astronauts.


Just look at some of the comments in here. In shocked to see people jumping to defend billionaires, when redditors are usually chomping at the bit to tear them down. And I've heard several newscasters refer to bezos as such this morning.


its not jumping to defend billionaires its just what the word means. and this is just pointless semantics anyways who cares if they are called astronauts or not. its like saying you cant call bezos bald because hes a billionaire like what that makes no sense.


newscaster are paid hype machines. calling bezos an \~astronaut\~ gets views. that's it. you'd be hard pressed irl to find a single person that would call bezos an astronaut.


not every astronaut is trained to fly spacecraft in the past. there are lots of astronauts that are just scientists


I think high fliers would be a good name. greekify it to ψηλά φυλλάδια, psila fylladia then reanglicize to siflydia or something, to make them feel special.


Most astronauts agree. My dad was texting an astronaut while watching the Richard Branson livestream and he was shocked when Chris Hadfield appeared on screen.




My pop always says: Money talks, and bullshit walks.


George Bush Sr: Was captain of college baseball team George Bush Jr: (Buys stake in professional baseball team) Me too!


I would say the same thing. The principle is the same. I'm not a fan of those who just buy their way into a position which others worked hard to get to. Although one could potentially make the argument of "well, they had to work hard to make that money to begin with" which is true.