What’s your opinion about vegan equipment in restaurants

What’s your opinion about vegan equipment in restaurants


I don't consider cross contamination to be a vegan issue. No animals are dying because my vegan food touched some leftover trace from someone else's meal.


I agree with you, I also consider cross contamination a non issue, for me personally, but I can see how others might think differently




You two are like my two me in my head 😅


For me, it depends how much contamination we’re talking. My SO isn’t vegan so we often cook vegan and non-vegan food at the same time. Generally we use totally different utensils or cut/serve the vegan food first, but if we’re barbecuing sausages and one of his sausages accidentally rolls into mine, it’s not a huge issue. That being said, if he put my sausages onto the same baking tray as his and the fat and juices from his sausages were going onto mine then definitely not cool. If we were eating out, I would sort of expect the vegan food to be prepped separately or with the vegetables and cooked at least on a clean part of a chargrill or whatever, not chucked into a puddle of meat grease.


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You're free to think it's gross, but it's not a vegan issue, it's a personal issue. Veganism is about saving animals.




That’s a good point, I never thought of it like that


The bigger issue is the metaphorical cross-contamination that occurs because money is fungible. If I pay for a veggie burrito, that money still goes into the pool of money that’s spent on meat and cheese. So I could only go to purely vegan restaurants, but even then, they’re getting a lot of their products from the same distributors that supply the non-vegan restaurants. I’d be happy to hear anyone else’s take on this, but I don’t feel like there is a reasonable way for me to cut out anything that tangentially supports animal agriculture. Anyway. I just don’t worry about cross-contamination. I don’t have a point!


This is such a complex issue, whoch seems to require expertise in both economics and consequentialist ethics. I really hope the papers are out there, or someone's working on it.


Yep, I 100% agree.


this. this is the one.


I try not to think about possible cross contamination but I understand and respect how it can be an issue for some


I dont go to any omni restaurants. I dont want to be around an environment with the sight and smell of dead animals or have animal products contaminate my food. A question I ask people that are ok with this is would they be fine with buying food from a primarily dog meat restaurant? Would they have issues walking in and smelling cooked dog and the sight of people chomping down on dog burgers? Would they be ok with their food sharing the same equipment and possibly transfering some of the taste?


Seafood restaurants make me gag before entering from the miasma wafting out. Same with steak houses. My kids know I can’t do it and never suggest those restaurants. They look for vegan places when we go out together. If it’s a larger not-just-family group, they insist on a place with good vegan options on my behalf. They’re good kids, including limiting their own animal intake. Spouses complicate things, but I appreciate them.


This is how I feel as well. No one is saving animals by eating vegan meals at an Omni restaurant. The animals were saved by us being vegan. Going to a restaurant is just something that can also happen and Id rather not financially support those that profit from the exploitation of animals.


I love it, but I am also hella allergic to mammals (AGS). It's also a health and safety concern, most foods should have their own boards (pork, poultry, veg, fruit, ect.), and I mildly doubt most vegan meals are held at high enough temps for long enough to be safe if they came into contact with raw meat. I sure as hell don't. Also, grooosss. I pretty much only go to veggie resturants though as to not mildly die 2 to 8 hours later.


Some people are heavily allergic to animal protein. It's not just about the fuzzy feels.


I don’t care about cross contamination. My tofu touching the cutting bored of deli meat doesn’t harm animals. And demanding that restaurants clean everything contributes to vegans being seen as high maintenance, whether we want to admit it or not.


As someone who has worked at many omni restaurants, I can attest that demanding new cutting boards and gloves and prep utensils (and sometimes prep location altogether) is extremely inconvenient during a rush. The last place I worked did fry gluten free/vegan items in a separate fryer, but the entrees were all prepared on the same line. I didn't mind changing things up here and there for severe allergies, but if you're behind in the midst of getting your ass kicked by a dinner rush and multiple vegans in the same night request that you change your gloves, knife, and cutting board (god forbid you dont have a spare clean one) while they diligently stare you down to make sure your hand doesn't accidentally touch something with diary in it... It's enough to make you want to scream. I do get where people are coming from, but my non-vegan coworkers often lost their shit.


Cross contamination doesn't bother me. If the choice is between cross-contaminated food and going back to all restaurants only having a nothing-but-vegetables salad, then I'll take cross contaminated food.


I draw the line at what I consume, not what it touches on the way. Not saying other people have to do this. Everyone draws the line where it makes sense to them.


I couldn't give one single solitary shit about cross contamination. If I'm eating out, it's just something that's going to happen. Someone's chicken nuggets being done in the same fryer as my fries, or my veggie burger being prepared on the same grill as a beef burger isn't going to change anything one way or another.


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