School weigh-ins to return amid fears of post-lockdown child obesity crisis

School weigh-ins to return amid fears of post-lockdown child obesity crisis


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That sounds like a nightmare to me


It was to me


Perhaps schools can dig out historical images of when children actually had "recess' where they played outside, where running and jumping were ok. Much better than marching around in a gym


I agree it seems pretty awful, but first you have to know how bad the problem is. It's not feasible to launch multi-million pound intiatives on the strength of anecdotal evidence. There are many people working in child health who care very deeply and want to tackle the problem. Plus I guarantee those kids feel shitty already, for a variety of reasons. You can weigh kids in a way that doesn't shame them. Before anyone jumps on me, ***OF COURSE*** we need an integrated, holistic, plan to tackle childhood (and adult) obesity. First and foremost we need to tackle poverty. Then we need to take on the food industry, which pumps out ultra-processed shit and calls it food. We need to tax sugary drinks and snacks, and encourage healthier alternatives. We need to reduce working hours and the working week so that people have time to cook real food. And have enough leisure time for walking, etc. We need to increase the amount of physical activity children and young people have, both in and out of school. That means more parks and free activities for kids. More leisure centres and classes for all. We need to have support and incentives for people to lead healthier lives, full stop. Or we can carry on as we are, and have societies full of obese children and adults, with all the unhappiness, poor health outcomes and associated strain on the healthcare system that entails. Measure it and you begin to understand the problem.


I think the Best way to reduce Child obessity is super easy. Tell a Child how many calories must eat per day. Eg: a 14 yr old kid must eat between 2k and 2.5k calories everyday, if he eats more than that he gains weight. Then just put in every child product a BIG RED sticker saying how many calories this product gives. Then is just maths and Will see how "chocochips" that is supposed to be "healthy for your Child" gives more calories than having pizza for breakfast.


That depends heavily on height and gender though. I'm a short adult woman and only need roughly 1500 calories in a day to not gain weight. I was shorter and skinnier at 14, and likely only needed the same amount. That also doesn't help the fact that kids don't usually buy their own food. That's on their parents who don't necessarily have the time, money, or knowledge to buy/cook the healthier food.


Yeah i know, but it can help, it's not the fault of the parents if not the cashgrabing companies. They Say things like "healthy for your kid" and are more like sugar bomba


It's either this or we give the kids access to actual health care; and we all know that cant happen because (insert random neoliberal/republican argument that makes no sense)


This is in the UK.........


America isn't the only country in the world big man...


Let’s start weighing teachers, how can you properly carry out your duties carry extra weight!


Cops first.


Isn't there a surge in daily new cases? Looking at the data, Covid-19 seems to be winding up for a fastball. I would focus more on the potential "Lockdown Reloaded" then any post-lockdown worries.


How is this going to affect them psychologically and why is it the schools responsibility to check them for obesity?


It’s common sense that schools should teach you life skills, especially if it seems like your parents are not doing a good job