Merkel calls for climate change action as she surveys flood damage

Merkel calls for climate change action as she surveys flood damage


She and her party had 16 fucking years to do something. Every German knows what the CDU's position is on climate protection. Even though I am absolutely convinced that her grief over what happened is genuine, this call is just PR blala.


Usually it’s retired politicians who “take a stand”. She’s half way out the door, so getting warmed up for her moral soapbox after she retires


Meanwhile, her likely successor Armin Laschet says "we don't change politics because of a bad day" and "we have to get used to it".


I live in the state that.. guy... is the prime minsiter of. I qoute the ministy of interior affair ON THE DAY OF THE FLOOD. "A centralised crisis team is not necessary, as this is only a local phenomenon." 2/3 of the state are under water...


Yeah they all do this. Hardline and uncompromising when in power, but all of sudden really altruistic once they're out of the game. Don't believe it for a second.


Indeed, just like they suddenly have an opinion *against the war on drugs* as soon as they stop being a politician.


This and before Merkel got elected as chancellor she was environmental minister...


Its only when her country goes to shit does she suddenly care to make changes. Its basic human nature to postpone and wait till last moment to make changes.


Truly one of the biggest reasons I see for why our species is doomed


Maybe, but this is not the attitude we should have. As long as there is something to be done, we ~~should~~ must do something


It’s going to take a miracle to combat climate change. But one small (infinitesimal) hope I do have is that humanity, for all its many many faults, is really fucking good at staying alive in the clutch. History (and prehistory) is full of cataclysmic events (including fucking Lake Toba) and humanity still managing to survive.


She did [something](https://datacommons.org/tools/timeline#statsVar=eia%2FINTL.4008-8-MMTCD.A&place=country%2FDEU), keeping that slope negative while taking nuclear baseload offline (and while other countries climbed, some nearly doubling) is worth noting.


But wouldn't it have been more negative if they had kept zero-emission nuclear plants online? It still seems like a dumb thing to do. [Compare to their neighbor France, which produces most of its power from nuclear energy ](https://datacommons.org/tools/timeline#statsVar=eia%2FINTL.4008-8-MMTCD.A&place=country%2FDEU%2Ccountry%2FFRA) Obviously, it does not seem to account for population, So taking the most recent year. Germany: 9.6 tonnes CO2 per capita France: 5.4 tonnes CO2 per capita Or by GDP Germany: 238.23 megatonnes CO2 per Trillion $ France: 135.13 megatonnes CO2 per Trillion $ Sorry, not very impressed. They could have done a lot better. Any way you slice it Germany is far far worse than their similarly developed European neighbor.


>But wouldn't it have been more negative if they had kept zero-emission nuclear plants online? It absolutely would have which is why Merkel spent 10 whole years trying to change public opinion and reversing her predecessor’s decision from the year 2000 to shut down the German nuclear energy program in it’s entirety. In the fall of 2010, she finally got a new nuclear bill passed to keep the existing nuclear reactors running longer (and potentially even to approve new ones), against heavy resistance in both the electorate and inside her own party. Unfortunately, only a few months later, the Fukushima accident happened and the German public went nuts: Huge protests erupted in every major city calling for the immediate shutdown of all reactors and even her personal resignation as the most publicly pro-nuclear politician in Germany. So Merkel had two choices: Step down and let her successor shut down nuclear completely, knowing full well that most of her potential successors also didn’t have any intention of phasing out brown coal or push through heavy investment in renewables any time soon … … or try to stay in office (not a given at that moment), push for a delayed shut down of nuclear with a timeframe that’s actually reasonable (as far as such things go) and at least save the other aspects of her energy policy to try and shift further away from fossil fuels. As someone who’s pretty pro-nuclear, Merkel did the best she could with the political reality at the time. All alternatives open to her would very likely have turned out worse for environmentally oriented energy policy in Germany than what we have today. Sorry for the rant, but it’s always a bit galling to see Merkel getting the blame for the nuclear exit when she was the one (almost the only one) who actually fought against it and almost succeeded, had the stupid Tsunami not thrown her a public opinion curveball in the worst possible moment. Edit: My autocorrect doesn’t like English.




The UK is similar to France, they have the same per capita output as France and have reduced C02 emissions by a rate twice that of Germany during the period which Merkel has held office. Germany has an awful record in climate matters. All relevant data can be found here: https://ourworldindata.org/co2-emissions


Bare in mind that while investment in wind energy has been very important to this (almost.30% of electricity and rising), the main difference had been a complete switch to natural gas from coal. Which is simply unsustainable in the long run, barring the success of the oxycombustion + storage plant that they are starting to develop.




We the British are doing much better. That should tell you that the Germans aren't doing well enough.


"The German language hardly knows any words for the devastation that has been caused here," I hardly believe that. Can't they just string a few existing words together?


Omg I feel so bad vor laughing


They have a word for that in Germany: "Ifeelsobadforlaughingspritz".




Lachschuld 😔


I don't know if that v was on purpose but it sure does make it funnier.




Nicht schlecht Herr Specht


So something procrastination results in English


Coal exit procrastination result


Hmmm lets try Umweltshutzvermeidungsnachwirkung.


It's called "erwartbare Konsequenzen aufgrund der Ignoranz und Unfähigkeit regierender Politiker". Danke CDU




Stop calling start doing. Edit: I know this isn’t a very nuanced comment, we’ve been saying this for years, and I’m just another piece of text on your screen stating the obvious. Personally the reality of what’s going on recently set in after reading about the floods. I, like many people probably, regret that I did not understand or internalize the severity of climate change sooner. However, I’ve also been taught that once you make a mistake you can either sulk about it or change so that you don’t make it again. This past week I’ve started working towards that second option. I’m shutting off my AC as much as possible, planning my drives, reusing those plastic produce bags and unplugging things around the house that aren’t being used. It’s really made me think about what I really need to function daily or be happy, and what I’ve gotten comfortable with. I wish I could know all the nuances of the lives of everyone reading this because I know my living or financial situation is different from some of y’all’s. My hope is just to encourage everyone to take a moment to reflect on their lifestyles and set goals on what you want to do differently. Edit II: Drop links for suggestions on cutting plastic, and of course don’t hesitate to voice your opinion through voting, product reviews, and idk. Here’s a cool thread I found https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/sustainability/comments/luinow/50_ways_to_reduce_plastic_use_megathread/


Yeap... Everyone talks about it, but money is always first. I'm listening to this kind of thing for more than 30 years.


Property will cost us the earth.




This is a quote from "How to Blow Up a Pipeline" (Andreas Malm). Great read.


Why change a winning strategy after 16 years? It worked out fine so far...


16? Try 40. Only now are we feeling the climate impacts from all of our fossil fuel addiction since 1980s. The next 20-30 years are going to be a messssss.


I think they meant that is all Merkel has been doing for 16 years.


It was her party for the last 40 years. With a short break when other parties actually tried to do stuff (and fairly successful considering their effort was followed by 16 years of sabotaging). Same old shit. Vote conservatives and get another 20 years of nothing. She was environment minister in 1998 and only got more influential. They don't care enough to act. There are interviews when Merkel called for action in 1998 as well.


40 years? This goes back way further than that. London used to have yellow smog like china’s criticized for today, but it was so long ago people have forgotten. We’ve been wrecking the environment since the beginning of industrialization. In fact, the issue of capitalism and it’s inherent destruction of nature was a political talking point in the early 20th century and a part of the nazi platform.


She did close down Nuclear power, you know, the one energy source that has such a small carbon footprint, in favor of coal....yeah....that happened.


It hurts that she has a scientific education.


and not just any scientific education, a PhD in physics


She has a PhD in Quantum Chemistry


Yeah, but she had to win that election. So, who is more important? The planet, or the people you are lying to who will vote for you in the end? fuck CDU btw her husband is a chemistry prof at the University of Berlin... you would think that a couple with such a background WOULD DO SOMETHING... nope


Germany has invested heavily in renewables, they're approaching more than half of all electricity generated from renewables and their c02 emissions have drastically fallen since 2017. https://www.statista.com/statistics/449701/co2-emissions-germany/


Tbh closing down nuclear was because of a popular movement after Fukushima and with *heavy* support of the Green Party who has been lobbying against nuclear energy for literal decades here. You can blame Merkel for this but literally the only party in Germany that is pro-nuclear is the far right AfD. Green has been mobilizing against nuclear since the 70s, SPD wants not only to stop nuclear but also lobby other EU countries to stop using it, Linke wants to put the end of nuclear in the „constitution“.


Merkel never did anything. Is not one month before she is gone that she will start.


She closed the nuclear plant and worked on assuring a second gaz pipeline with Russia. I'd say she's done plenty.


Continued coal plants and opened new coal plants.


Nuclear is the cleanest energy yes?


It's way better than gaz and coal CO2 wise


Coal kills more people per year than nuclear has ever killed.


nuclear is actually the safest energy source per twh produced.


Puts out *way, way* more radiation too. EDIT: I should clarify I mean the coal plants. Those put out way more radiation than nuclear power plants.


Nuclear is the cleanest for baseload, although some would argue for hydro in suitable areas. For variable loads, solar and wind are close or better in terms of environmental impacts.


That's why a combination of different types is the best. Nuclear power as the base, with wind/hydro plant where it is efficient, then finally solar panels can be put in most places. But then there are group of "progressive" energy activists that refuse to consider anything that isn't "green" enough. Some people don't want to use science when talking about science, just the exact "proofs" they like


I'd agree largely, although hydro is exceptional for baseload as well. It comes down to concerns regarding habitat change, which is just a fact of life with hydro really. Well, that and transmission losses, although we are doing well on that front. What we can all agree on is that coal, gas and diesel are fucking terrible and it isn't even close. The worst nuclear, hydro, solar, wind, tidal, geothermal or whatever are all orders of magnitude better than those.


It's literally the safest as well. Deaths/TWH is the lowest.


enabling RWE to cut down ancient forests for coal and licking the assholes of the weapons and automobile oligarchs, yeah shes done plenty




No, fuck that! >In the year 2020 **renewable energy sources** produced more electricity than all fossil fuels (coal, gas, oil) together and now **provides 45.4 percent of German electricity demand** https://www.umweltbundesamt.de/en/topics/climate-energy/renewable-energies/renewable-energies-in-figures#:~:text=In%20the%20year%202020%20renewable,percent%20of%20German%20electricity%20demand. 45%! and that is thanks to Angela's policies. Meanwhile **in the US, renewables accnt for a measly 12% of total energy** https://www.eia.gov/tools/faqs/faq.php?id=92&t=4#:~:text=How%20much%20of%20U.S.%20energy,about%2020%25%20of%20electricity%20generation. 12.... That is pathetic. Angela did great as far as pumping up renewables. Make no mistake about that.


Germany is also the world leader in recycling, with the [best recycling rate at 56.1%](https://www.nspackaging.com/analysis/best-recycling-countries/) in 2019. In the same year the US barely reached [35%](https://resource-recycling.com/recycling/2019/11/20/epa-reports-slight-increase-in-us-recycling-rate/). Recycling is one of the dirtiest secrets of the modern world. We fucking suck at it, and even if people are sorting their plastics and disposing of it properly, there's almost no actual recycling capacity in most nations. For the last 40 years, the majority of all the recyclable waste produced worldwide was shipped to China where it was just recycled improperly or just straight up dumped due to the lax environmental laws. The Chinese waste trade was a multi-billion dollar industry that was outlawed virtually overnight in 2018 after decades of Western dependence. With China banning low quality waste imports, no country is capable or willing to fill the hole left behind. [This triggered a global recycling crisis](https://e360.yale.edu/features/piling-up-how-chinas-ban-on-importing-waste-has-stalled-global-recycling) that is still backed up 3 years later, compounded by the Covid-19 pandemic. There's a good chance that your recycling is just taken to a landfill or even burned just like other regular trash.


Holy shit. Thanks for these sources. Gonna check those out.


The problem about climate is: It doesn't negotiate. It doesn't care about any nationalistic comparisons. Germany doesn't do good because the US does even worse. Without a change in policies Germany won't even make the Paris Agreement. That's fucking horrible.


She's trying to save some votes for Laschet after his disastrous appearance.


And he had said in the past that he doesn't understand why climate change is suddenly such a big topic. What an absolutely fucking horrible candidate.


Haven't followed German internal politics for a while, let me see what did he do wrong... Oh he laughed, what's wrong with.... Oh god no. No way omg. Even Bush didn't Laugh during Katrina. He literally looks like he's just straight up laughing at the people who lost their homes. Wow. Fucking psychopath. And he's the leading Christian Democrat!? What the fuck.


Jep. But it's not the laughing itself, he's also been flipflopping the day before. from stalling with the eu climate pact at the morning of the floods (to save the car/coal industries), a little later calling for climate urgency on a press conference and in the evening telling a tv presenter that "one day shouldn't change the course of politics". The next day laughing so inappropriately just was a rare moment of showing that he's not interested in anything more than power. (since he's know for being down to earth and close to the folks. fun fact, his autobiography is literally called "Der Machtmenschliche" - "the power humane")


its even worse...as the story goes he used DICE to dice out the grades his student will get..THAT FUCKING CLOWN is the "best" the CDU has to offer...the other Candidate was F.Merz ( made MILLIONS lobbying for blackrock \*look them up its vile ) and thinks the middle class in germany has at least 1 million in the bank. Absolutly disgusting


To clarify, he wasn't just rolling the grades because he felt like it, he lost the exams and tried to cover it up by giving random marks. That's when he got busted, some students received results without ever taking the exam.




Merkel should put her money where her mouth is and give up coal cosying and nuclear alarmism


Absolutely aggravating propaganda on her part. The CDU are such a bunch of lying sacks of shit, it's absolutely mind blowing that they're still the strongest party.


It's great that you're doing these things, don't get me wrong, but real political action against corporate offenders is needed, with teeth, for a significant change in our prospects with climate change.


Oh I totally agree. My post cannot come close to covering the whole complexity of this issue and my actions only make a small dent. Political action is one of the next steps I plan to take. Especially when the 2022 comes around.


There are bad actors on the world stage. They are conglomerates. Not individuals. Corporations. Our individual responses might well shift the balance by a few percent. Thinking this is the solution is a potentiality fatal mistake. We need to stop the massive corporate pollution that's still going on. Even as we see these awful repurcussions in real time. Demand to know what those corporations are spending right now, today. They've profited, and now we are expected to pay for this downward spiral. There are a lot more of us than there are of them. I don't mean to be rude, but fuck the idea that we're individually responsible for this. That's been the default response for decades. We're to blame if we don't start holding the money people behind it responsible though.


Wtf Merkel, your party is the embodiment of non-action on climate change. We're one of the leading nations, if not THE leading nation in the EU and you have done nothing in 16 years to push for serious action on climate change. For fucks sake, you're a scientist and I'm 100% certain you know climate change is the worst danger humanity is facing currently and yet you did nothing in 16 years.


No quite true, they took a strong anti nuclear stance and switched back to fossil fuels...


Sadly that was on us voters. We overwhelmingly demanded that we exit nuclear energy after Fukushima and renewables weren't prevalent enough yet.


The majority is sometimes dumb. I hated that hysteria.


The majority is always dumb, because on any specific issue, the majority knows very little. Many many people are experts in specific field, but very few people know enough about many fields. Even very intelligent people can have almost no understanding about how a nuclear power plant works, and so can become a part of anti-nuclear hysteria.


This is unrelated but reading your comment it summed up exactly how I (British) feel about brexit as well.


Technocracy when lmfao Democracy got us the paris agreement, we can switch back after we save the planet and listening to what is most popular instead of what is correct isnt going to lead to extinction.


Never voted for her, but must point out: even though she is and always was in the CDU you cannot say she was acting like it all the time. Most of her party refused to let ANY (significantly higher amount of) asylum seekers into Germany. She opened the borders. So as you point out: she is a scientist. I am very convinced she knows how crucial it is to do something about it but her speciality as a politician mostly was to compromise. Also: it's not like a chancellor can just decide all the time what he/she wants. In the end the majority of German politicians have to agree on it. With lobbies in the car industry...meh...


2030: Germany’s been hit with the most severe heatwave ever. “Guys, do you think we should do something about that climate change thing everyone’s talking about?”


> 2030: Germany’s been hit with the most severe heatwave ever **again**. FTFY




Das Wetter arbeitet bei der hessischen Polizei?


FPÖ betritt den Chat.




Was hat das damit zu tun?


I never new Germany was quite so hot. A few years ago I was in Berlin and it was hotter than SE Asia.


we had multiple summers in the last decade that were well above average


Alot of older folks died from the heat because the houses aren't built for it. Plus, there is virtually no AC's here


As much as I love having AC, it is not at all a solution for this. I'm not implying that's what you are saying. But having talked to HVAC guys on the coolants they use, they are awful for the environment and cause CO2 emissions to operate.


It's not just the coolant, it's the principle. Like with a refrigerator, you're making the inside cooler by making the outside hotter. Sure, there's lots of environments in which that's the only way to go to make them bearable for humans. But in the long run we have to wonder whether there should be large human settlements in such environments. Good thing then that large scale human migration has never caused conflict.


AC's could actually play a crucial part in fighting climate change. Not by cooling buildings down but by heating them up. AC's are really just heat pumps and it is trivial to make them work in both directions. Instead of burning fossil fuels or converting electricity directly into heat when we need to warm up a building. We can just use electricity to pump heat from the outside into the building when needed. Any energy lost as heat in the process isn't really lost since heating was the main goal to begin with. And unless the region experiences really really cold winters AC's could easily suck enough heat from outside to warm up a building even when outside much much colder than the building itself. Regions with more moderate or colder climates could safe enormous amounts on energy if they used heat pumps to just pull heat from the outside instead creating even more heat and wasting way more energy.


I believe the current R32 is not bad for the environment and the old R410 is only bad if not properly disposed of, which is why you'll lose your hvac cert if you get busted just bleeding a sealed system into open air.


It’s mainly hot because it doesn’t get wind from the ocean. It’s like the weather difference between Lisbon and Madrid, but in a European level ;)


The problem is the humidity. It makes German summers feel a lot hotter than in some regions with higher temperature.


Are you implying Germany is overly humid? Even more humid than SE Asia? I might be biased because I'm from the south of Germany (so not the coast) where we basically have a continental climate but I have my fair share of doubts about your statement.


I'm from the north and I would also doubt that. We do have some humidity up here sometimes around 60% at most, but I was in Japan once. That there was real humidity - 70-80% with at least 30°C+, you come out of the door and all your clothes stick to your body. It rains, but that water comes down warm and makes the air even thicker, tropical. That kind of humidity doesn't happen here. There are days where the air feels stuffy or muggy, "schwül" I would call it - humid, thick, uncomfortable. But that's rarely the case (basically only when wet air from the northwest coast meets hot air drawn in from the east). Mostly it's really that eastern continental heat where the sun heats up and dries out the whole place, very little wind so that hot and spent air stagnates on the ground and in the houses, which aren't built with such temperatures in mind. Basically no buildings here have AC and houses are built to trap heat, because of colder winters. That's the kind of heat in Northern Germany.


"Guys I have an idea, what if we pretend to make energy efficient engines and let the Chinese and Japanese figure out how to actually do it!"


Please, Germany will quit lignite in 2038. It’s only ~8 years too late to meet the Paris Agreement! It just screams **urgency**.


"After careful considerations we have decided to build nord-stream 3"






Sooo, about those coal power plants...




Yup! That was flat out, pants on head, pencils in ears mental policy making.


Tbf, it's the people that demanded it. And now they need to do some serious thinking. What's been worse, nuclear power or climate change?


And now the Netherlands (their neighbors) are talking about potentially wanting nuclear energy, but the biggest con is how long it takes to build a plant and get the energy. The lack of international collaboration on these global issues is infuriating. There already is nuclear waste, there already needs to be invented or developed a way to deal with that real problem. Letting a nuclear power plant run for 15 more years while you build windmills or solar cells is not gonna make the difference between handling and not being able to handle that nuclear waste.


I forget which country it was, but they've been working on a massive underground storage bunker for nuclear waste. We do have a way of handling it, it's just that our current solution is to let it decay somewhere it can't hurt anything. I totally agree we need better solutions or recycling methods. I think that should apply to everything, producing usable waste in general. Unfortunately I also believe it would require a global coordinated effort so it's all a pipe dream. Edit: it was Finland


The US has a massive underground storage bunker for nuclear waste. It’s called Yucca Mountain. And it’s not being used at all thanks to former senator Harry Reid, the cocksucker.


There's quite a few [deep geological repositories](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deep_geological_repository) in use or under construction. One that I've been hearing about is [Onkalo](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Onkalo_spent_nuclear_fuel_repository) (probably because I'm from Finland). It's not ready yet but it is planned to be used for 100 years and then eventually sealed. The stored waste capsules should then be fine in there for 100 000 years (although some research is showing that it might only be 1000 years).


There are really interesting TED talks about this topic (I'm French so I saw French ones, but you get the idea). The geological sites are thoroughly select by an amout of criterias beyond reason. The tectonic plaques have to have been stable for 10 million years, and the burying must be deep enough and under a rock dense enough so that the most active particles of waste are completely inactive by the time it reaches near-surface and/or water tables. The first prerequisite for such sites are that if human came to totally forget about these sites, there's no way it could surface under any circumstance. It's both insane, and very interesting.


That is both insane and interesting! I wasn't aware of the requirements, and I have to say I'm impressed and awestruck by the project.


It takes time to build a nuclear plant, but climate change is not going to get solved in 30 years either, so it's still a viable solution. Also, the CO2 in the air has already been decided for now, every step we take is for at least 25 years later.


Ah you served in the Sudan I see.


I was almost maimed by a pigmy wielding an enormous grapefruit.


The whole world has been calling for this since the 90s?


I remember being a kid in the early 80s and talking about the ozone layer depletion.


The ozone layer is, amazingly, one of the few international environmental issues that were actually properly dealt with. The layer will take time to heal, and every now and then there are worries that China or someone releases more of the ozone-breaking gases, but for now, it seems the layer will slowly get better.


That one is actually a success, most of the world banned cfcs (a chemical usually used in refridgerators) and the ozone layer has largely recovered. Not fully there but we mobilized, passed legislation to phase out the thing causing the damage and it worked.


China still pumping out CFCs.


The people in China producing CFCs are doing it illegally and the government is cracking down on them. The global ban was mostly well adhered to and then ozone layer is recovering. It really is just a rare success story.


There are industrial areas in china that are still using them illegally yes. There is plenty of china bad to go around but in this case its specific shady companies doing it against the rules rather than policy.


I remember early 90s learning in school about holes in the ozone and rising CO2 levels.


I remember learning in the early 2000s about CO2 levels, melting ice caps, the 400ppm CO2 level of no return, and watching The Day After Tomorrow in class one day which was pretty rad


[We just hit 420 ppm co2!](https://research.noaa.gov/article/ArtMID/587/ArticleID/2764/Coronavirus-response-barely-slows-rising-carbon-dioxide) Time to blaze up... the forests.


I learned about climate change shortly after high school, from Al Gore's documentary An Inconvenient Truth. It was an eye opener for a lot of people. I wish that if it wouldn't have been made by a politician, maybe the issue of climate change wouldn't have been such a partisan issue for these last 15 years.


I don't think it mattered who produced or promoted that documentary. It was always going to become partisan because of money.


Yes, it was around that time in the late end of elementary school, I realised we(humanity)’re fucked. So many issues in the world could’ve been solved, or at least made better. Time since has only confirmed my feelings were correct (even if I try to do what I can, which is still nothing on the global scale).


i have seen german television programms from the late 70s warning about climate change. THE LATE FUCKING 70s!!!! THEY KNEW! And in 50 years they did NOTHING. I fucking hate my country so much.


The Montreal Protocol is an absolutely amazing feat of international cooperation. The world has changed a lot since then, I don't think something like that will happen again in the next decades.


Ozone layer depletion isn't to do with climate change - it was CFCs - the stuff used in fridges and freezers at the time to keep things cool. When they were dumped, they'd go up into the atmosphere and start reacting with the ozone, which was letting through dangerous ultra violet light. They're similar in that they were both man-made damage to the environment, and CFCs are greenhouse gasses, but the ozone being depleted isn't directly related to climate change.


TBF we did sort of fix the ozone hole problem by banning CFCs.


and she and her party have been successfully skirting the issue for the last 16 years while in power Germany has elections this year, this is nothing but campaign lipservice


Ya, if she actually cared she wouldn't be phasing out nuclear power.


Not really. People have been consistently voting against radical action to slow climate change since the 90s. People say they want action, but not if it will economically impact them even 1%


This is how it goes, nothing meaningful will be attempted until the effects become impossible to ignore, and of course by then it’ll be too late.


It seems as though seeing the destruction that climate change is capable of has a really motivating effect on politicians. If only the years of data collected and scientists issuing warnings was as effective maybe we would have started to have a discussion whether now is an appropriate time to worry.


World leaders: "we won't address climate change until it affects us" And by "us" we mean "personally". ^^^Sent ^^^from ^^^my ^^^comfortable ^^^Doomsday ^^^Bunker


Floods like that have been plaguing Europe for at least a decade. She is just reflecting the real question - why are the prevention mechanisms not in place. Climate change is a thing, ffs, it's about time politicians stopped pushing the ball down the road and placing the cost on the poor by signing meaningless, feel-good laws and start investing in some actual prevention mechanisms.


Merkel before becoming chancellor: we need to do something about climate change Merkel: is chancellor for 16 years, does next to nothing So yeah…


the dishornesty is bejond words. being councelor of germany and front woman of the party which has done everything in its power to stop reneweables and keep the tar coal mines running, she now calls for actions she helped to sabotage for 16 years now.


She calls for action now *that she's about to not be chancellor anymore*


she calls for action now because she is at formost a leading member of a pupulistic party. germany has elections this year and she knows that there are enough idiots without political memory to keep her party in power.


On top of that: at least she's calling for action, however low bar that is, some others are on TV saying that one rainy day won't change policy and laughing during the president's eulogy...


If only she had a way to exert influence somehow.These last 16 years, if only there were some lever she could have used to green things up. Oh well.


Just wait for the nex WEF. The moneybags will as always make sure that absolutely nothing will happen except a little lip service. It's only the peasants who suffer, after all.


**It's always when the worst happens that change comes, by then it's already too little too late.**


The same with Covid. The current: “Let’s learn to live with Covid…” until our health systems collapse. Nobody could’ve seen it coming!


I mean they didn't outright collapse, but were under incredible strain


In some countries they pretty much did.


Why are world leaders “calling” for it? Dumbasses you’re the ones *making the calls* for fucks sake. We are fucked because we’ve had too many people that don’t care in power for too long.


"Woman in charge of national policy for the last 20 years claims no responsibility for damage caused by aforesaid policy,"


Climate change has the worst case of diffusion of responsibility in human history. Perhaps deliberately so




There's a phrase in my language which describes this situation: trying to build a toilet when you have to take a shit.


What language is that? It’s a incredible phrase.


Good, then we can cancel that pipeline now?


No, no, no. It's the other, poorer countries that need to cut down on fossil fuels. There's a new EU legislation around the corner to make it happen.




I can't believe you'd hurt Putin's feelings like that.


Maybe stop burning fossil fuels?


Now that it effects her money its a problem to be dealt with. Time for Merkel to announce that poor countries should stop trying to grow in order to save the rest. Because remember folks, A lot of countries are still in the development phase and will continue to rise in their emissions.


So buy more Gazprom?


"Our horses have run off down the road." "We should really fix the door on that barn."


It's finally starting to hit their pockets 🙄 Boomers will go down as a terrible generation.


Correction - Boomers will go down as the worst generation. The ‘me’ generation indeed.


Lol I love how its only an issue now.


Would’ve been nice if you did a bit more during the last what 15 years?


Merkel? The chancellor of Germany? Germany, the place with a huge auto industry? The auto industry that has put hundreds of billions into to petroleum engine research over the last two decades? Petroleum, the stuff that we burn and releases compounds into the air which we believe contributes to global warming? Will she do something?


We've been talking about this for about four decades, maybe it's time for some action? I propose we build 100 nuclear power plants in the next five years, and for every megawatt of nuclear that goes on the grid, one megawatt of fossil power comes off the grid.


Germany I hate to say it but waiting until it directly affects you isn't the answer. I mean come on it hasn't even been a week since you refused to cancel a pipeline (you know...fossil fuel is one of the big contributors) ​ Now is the time to show you mean it rather than having hollow words.


Unfortunately they don't mean it. Source: I'm German. The CDU couldn't care less about climate change or anything else that mainly affects the younger generations for that matter. They ruined everyone's future for 16 years now and will continue if we let them.


This this this. Across all Europe.


it seems to be the theme around the world. Boomers manage to be the greediest generation and seem to think the entire world was theres forever. So they had it better than their parents...and their kids. Then the neverending nonsense advice 'boots on the ground and demand to speak to the manager' ...yeah that hasn't worked in literal decades to get a job, sure maybe it works at the local diner that somehow still exists, but for the vast majority of jobs there is this thing called 'the internet' where we are competing with literally anyone else who applies from around the world


Oh? Then why is Germany is phasing out their nuclear power plants in favor of coal plants?


Merkel all talk no action. The rich rule german society. Its collapsing.


Something tells me those calls won't turn into reversing the shutdown of nuclear energy and its replacement with coal.


Oh good another call for action.


Those in power won't live to see the worst of it. They don't actually give a fuck.


Until a world dictator takes over and forces people to change, nothing will change in time. We are doomed. Vote for Leto II


They always do this, they've been calling and promising for 20 years. It's just stalling to pass the buck so their corporate masters don't get disturbed


It's too late to take action now. It should've started 80 years ago. Now we prepare on how we are going to adapt to the change. There's no reversal, maybe a slow down, but the planet is going to change regardless.


Most countries will not do anything until they experience their own unnatural natural disaster, and even then if their Conservative party is in power they will deny that it’s a problem.


"Now that I'm no longer responsible for anything, it is imperative that the government take responsibility for this critical emergency that we've known about since the 80's."


Translation: government is going to take more of your money


The same person destroying the climate is calling for climate change action...worst timeline


That is rich coming from someone that shut down all the nuclear power plants in Germany and had to spend the last decade replacing this lost power instead of replacing coal power plants which are gonna be taken care of a lot later.