Season 4 Portrayals

Season 4 Portrayals


I didn't get to see a lot of S4 (I live in Europe) but didn't it get said that the garden was abandoned after the whole Adam and Eve utopia experiment went tits up? Hence why it's a wasteland. It was also implied, I think, that Eve wasn't as innocent as all that and she actually wanted to break out of Eden and have the naughty knowledge or whatever. It's a bit of an ancient tragedy riff really for God to be like "right eve, you've fucked this up royally by wanting to know the things I was hiding so now you can just live in the place you wanted to leave without anything goodbye". God was feeling like a petty queen that day I guess. Also Julien and Canadian Ron Dunn were supposed to flipping keep an eye on Eve but they were like nah I wanna drink Ouzo and act brooding/mysterious around total strangers instead. Leaving her plenty of space to plot an exit. Waverly existing and getting dragged in there was just an unexpectedly helpful event. In terms of the wings thing, I'm interpreting here because as I say I couldn't watch much of s4, but I think it's to do with waverly being half human. Humans are selfish, corruptable little horny gremlins compared to angels and she's half human so it makes sense she'd have a wobble. "The Ring passed to Isildur, who had this one chance to destroy evil forever, but the hearts of men are easily corrupted"... That kind of thing. Black wings are just film language short hand for "this character is bad" like Crowley/Aziraphale in bad omens etc


Cause waverly angle side isn't waverly its more a guardian of the garden its also a mix of waverly an jolene its meant to be a being capable of commanding the ghost River triangle and protecting the garden so as it's a mix of the two she isn't pure waverly hense her wings arent white like Julians